Comrades – If I suddenly ‘disappear’ or get beaten into a coma…

You get what you see.


I’ve been in the media and politics scene since I was 18, that’s almost 3 decades. Over that time I’ve had plenty of threats made against me and have always thought that if you aren’t getting threats, you aren’t doing your job as a critic properly.

The biggest threats I’ve had (but never made public) were made during the Dirty Politics time and when I was leading the anti-mass surveillance campaign in NZ.

That culminated in the Police breaching my civil rights.

So I’ve had my fair share of attempts at intimidation, and normally you just shrug them off, and of course, Women, women of colour, LGBTQI, the disabled and people of colour all face far worse threats and intimidation online every week but over the last couple of days, we’ve had an odd escalation and in the wake of Alt-Right nutters becoming more and more emboldened, I felt it was prudent to repost some of the correspondence we’ve had, just in case, as sunlight tends to be the best way to get rid of this nonsense…

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I have not felt hate like I currently feel for MB for many a long year.
This will not end well.
We reap what we sow so there will come a day or reckoning.
Cop’s don’t bother me a bit, I’m an old bikie you stupid idiots & I’ve been on the bad end of many a confrontation with them. 
You & your wanky liberal middle class do nothing wanna be revolutionaries are now firmly in the political enemy camp.
This is a fight that has nothing to do with cops, this is revolutionary warfare in a country where it’s long overdue.
All your doing is fueling my resolve to do my utmost to sweep NZ clean of your poisonous old/new prog/liberal hegemony.
Yes it’s war brother & bad shit happens, so man you closet pseudo radicals & prepare to tough time ahead.


…So if I ‘disappear’ suddenly, you will all know where to look.

Kia kaha.

PS – If that Dolly Parton Challenge doesn’t scare them off, I’m not sure what will.


  1. I doubt that a low-IQ, low-level criminal who can barely write a sentence, is capable of making anyone disappear. Silly old codger could be a nuisance though.

    • “low-IQ, low-level criminal who can barely write a sentence”….I wouldn’t have thought that was a very accurate description..and I also suspect its those sorts of stereotypes that are the problem..angry, confused, disturbed, misguided, absolutely..

      here’s a small clip of inspiration on dealing with ‘moronic nutters’..

      • “Take our country back” from Siobhan’s link sounds a lot like “Sweep NZ Clean” from Martyn’s sweet-lil-thang messenger.

  2. Threats of physical harm by intimidation , direct or implied is not on , and is very illegal.

    Deal with this individual and take it to the cops. Even though you may feel cynical about them doing anything about it. Its good you have made this public,… it makes it that much less likely they can squirm out of taking action. And whats good for the right wing is good for the left wing in a law abiding society.

    We don’t take kindly to politically motivated violence here in New Zealand, that is just not our way of settling differences . So ,… use the law and have this individual looked into by that same law.

    Just do it.

    • No Whanau. Katipo brother, you have to be able to match the aggression. So if someone is barreling down the street in there American muscle car trying to run people over who are just protesting then you have to get dynamic and move Yknow? Just don’t match aggression with amazement and bewilderment.

      No other movement has been able to mobilise the millions that the anti-nazi and civil rights movement did. So any debate if it goes on long enough devolves into accusation of the other being as bad as Hitler. Nothing more. If a political party is acting in ways that can be said to be analogous to Nazis then pointing that out doesn’t mean one has won the debate. If someone is accusing the other side of being like the nazis then you have to argue why that is not the case, and point out that perhaps the accuser has lost their mind and is being hysterical if that is the case. But that is not an example of punching Nazis in action.

      We’ve got a situation where any conservative speak can drum up violence from with in the left. So okay people say dumb stuff online but if they show up with pacific island teke-torches to protest coloured people then these people ought to be pitied, not confronted. But if they show up with Nazi memorabilia, a flag, a patch, what ever, that’s when the Internet hits the road, that’s when conservative speak turns into proto-fascism. In this situation free-speech doesn’t cover up symbols of hate and any normal person are well with in there rights to demand those symbols of hate be removed and probably destroyed, by force if necessary. Just don’t fall back and most importantly get dynamic if you can’t fight, don’t just stand there, ask for help, there are many sane people out there.

      What is often left out when analysing the rise of fascism is how it is brought force by the proceeding failures of freemarket-capitalism and by the inability of the state to effectively regulate itself. The rise of the Nazi Party is directly related to the failure of capitalism, the cultural shock that followed from mass-industrialization, the failure to reorganize debt, and from capitalisms failure to regulate the various colonies around the world.

      So rather than critiquing the failures of free-market-globalization today, the proto-fascist doubles down on the solutions that still exist in the capitalist horizon. This is why French Philosopher Allen Badiou describes fascism as inter-capitalists because he claims and quote; “fascism provides no other structure of the world.”

      It’s not that we should punch a Nazi or strip the Nazi of its symbols it’s that under capitalism Nazis and the State become untied under a single banner. If anything the basic drivers of capitalism become even more pathological with in fascism.

  3. We know who that one is, or who he claims to be, …by the words and phrasing.

    Since his first aggro posts here, I’ve had the thought that it may not be the person who’s name he has taken, or not the one who stood for Mayor of Wellywood. Maybe it’s another guy of the same name. Or, someone pretending to be him.

    However, it’s time for this to become a police matter, or to at very least get some input from them, to sort this out. There are children involved for pity’s sake!

    So, if no-one has specifically given me reason to not do so before then, I’m calling in to our local blokes in about a week or so, for a wee chat and some advice at least. (I cannot easily get to town before then, or I would do so.)

    Whoever that main creep is, his time of freely acting in that way is coming to an end.

  4. I’m not an old bikie but I also couldn’t give two fucks about some gutless illiterate whose only way to get back at the world is through violent threats. The days of the big tough standover man, thief, rapist, racist, murderer are over. Get with the program or ride your little bike at 160km/hr into a milk tanker.

  5. Unfortunately not everyone who posts online is stable or even sane.
    Best to register it with the cops to be on the safe side.
    Although I don’t agree with you on everything I admire your courage.
    Kia Kaha

    • Apparently, they’re so superior they have no need to pay attention during high school English class. All that spelling and grammar stuff is for dirty Lefties.

  6. Take it to the cops. Nobody should have to put up with that crap. I don’t know… tell them you suspect he may be armed?

  7. It seems to me that this person would have been more accurate sending the threat to the Spinoff, quite frankly… I think comrade is a real stretch, to be honest.

  8. ” I don’t know… tell them you suspect he may be armed ”

    That is the only way you can get them too turn up !!

    They will be there with bells on.

    It took them six weeks too visit me after i was the victim of some low life thieves who genuinely believe that anything i own they can take.

    Bomber if i was you i would report anything you think is a threat , cover your bases.

    Whoever this chugnut is they are deranged and they are among us everywhere and it is easy too just write it off but keep the police aware of anything like this.

    I would bet that it is politically motivated and i wouldn’t put it past certain parties too engage in this type of behaviour just too encourage some attention.

    Keep us informed of this type of crap and don’t forget you have our support.

  9. Might be better to notify Oranga Tamariki – they will be around with a signed Court Order, 14 Armed Defenders, Police with Dogs and horror of all horrors three of the Dreaded Oranga Tamariki Social workers.

    Just kidding – and it is not funny at all.

  10. You have received intimidating communication from a person who comes across as unstable, extremely angry, proving themselves likely to have the potential to act with violence. Go to the police Martyn. Take someone you trust with you. It’s your right as a member of society to seek protection from the law against this sort of distubing behaviour. Cover yourself and your family.
    Kia Kaha

  11. Call the cops.
    If you think you’re in danger, call the cops. It’s that simple.
    We’ve all had rough dealings with our cops but all in all they do a fucking awful job quite well.
    And believe it or not but by majority the cops are on our side. Not theirs.

    “Cop’s don’t bother me a bit, I’m an old bikie you stupid idiots & I’ve been on the bad end of many a confrontation with them. ”

    And yet he stills walks upright. See? Our cops can’t be so bad.
    An old bikie. What bull fucking shit. Grow up. And shut your fucking mouth son.

  12. Go to the police. Lay a complaint. Do it for your own safety and for the safety of all the others that this person objects to.

  13. Yes, of course you must go to the police. They will know him, and he needs to know that bullying, threatening, and trying to intimidate warrant a response, and require explanation. Kia kaha.

  14. If a Māori nationalist or unionist or political activist had written in the tone of the twisted crap that Martyn quotes they would likely have been visited by the authorities already!

    Sure notify the cops about such threats so there is an info trail for what it is worth. But the cops are rarely the answer for problems created by society itself. Particularly for people previously badly treated by the NZ Police, they tend to hold a grudge. Some cops may act reasonably to show “we are not all like that” but don’t rely on that happening.

    Be vigilant with personal and family security and in public. Expose the nasty bastards to the public gaze from their lairs and peer groups as appropriate–it does work and they don’t like it–as per some of the Christchurch nazis post the Mosque Massacre.

    Some of my union and activist friends could have wall papered a house with all the vile messages they received over the years, though how do you quantify and make some sense of todays version of hate mail–all those bytes of online ravings? There is a sump of very dark New Zealanders indeed lurking out there muttering into their cans and pipes and fighting the good fight is the best way to minimise and neutralise them in the long run.

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