Gerry Brownlee’s astounding antisemitism hypocrisy


National are desperately attempting to turn NZ’s nonappearance at the Holocaust memorial into a Corbyn antisemitism moment and it’s sick as well as obscenely hypocritical.

Let’s be clear, the Holocaust was a horrific moment in human history that stains us to the bones. It is a moment the planet should collectively commemorate so that such evil may never poison our species again and it is genuinely sad that we were unable to send representatives, but what Gerry Brownlee is trying to do here is make it a political issue by attempting to do what every hard right arsehole does, and that is purposely misinterpret anti-zionism on the Left as antisemitism.

To which I say, ‘Fuck you Gerry Brownlee’.

Where the hell do you get off painting this as antisemitism when YOU and YOUR leader are gleefully meeting a fucking Nazi apologist you sanctimonious prick!

Here you are…

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…with THIS Nazi apologist…

…so Gerry can take his insinuations of left wing antisemitism and stick it where the sun don’t shine. We aren’t meeting with Nazi sympathisers and calling it a privilege you spiteful clown.


  1. Methinks Brownlee has eaten too many pies that his logic and intelligence has decreased considerably as a result.

    Where has National ever been when the Israelis have been regularly breaching the human rights of the Palestinians or invading the West Bank?

    Where has National ever been considering that Israel probably has more nuclear weapons than does say the United States?

    Where has National been when China persecutes the followers of the Falun Gong.

    Seriously where has National ever been other than behaving like a bunch of hypocrites who spout how perfect they are when in actual fact they are nothing short of a bunch of arrogant rotten scoundrels who obey whomever is their Master eg China; and gives them enough money in donations to the NZ National Party.

    I am more than fed up with the Pie Man and the Barking Dog(Bridges).

    • Either your memory is poor or selective . In 2017 Murry McCully (National) put forward a resolution at UN demanding Isrealhalt build on Palestine land . it was past 14 – 0 and for awhile Isreal withdrew their ambassador.
      Has the COL done anythink regarding China and their human rights since taking power 2 years ago

      • Has the COL done anything regarding China and their human rights since taking power 2 years ago

        Hi Trev, A good question.

        On 8th July last year we (NZ) became joint signatories to a letter presented to the UN Human Rights Council, specifically “condemning China’s mistreatment of the Uyghurs as well as its mistreatment of other minority groups, urging the Chinese government to close the Xinjiang re-education camps”.

        You can read about it here at The Diplomat and you can download a pdf copy of that letter, with all 22 signatures, at this link

        The signatories express concern about “credible reports of arbitrary detention” in Xinjiang and “widespread surveillance and restrictions” particularly targeting Uyghurs and other minorities. The signatories call on China to uphold its national laws and international commitments, including as a member of the Human Rights Council, and “refrain from the arbitrary detention and restrictions on freedom of movement of Uighurs, and other Muslim and minority communities in Xinjiang.”

        • 22 signed a letter expressing that China uphold human rights.
          But 37 countries signed a letter in defense of China’s policies.

          “Signing the second letter, in defense of China’s policies, were: Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Kuwait, Laos, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

          Immediately noticeable is the geographic divergence between each list. The first is dominated by Western states, mostly in Europe, and the second stuffed with African and Middle Eastern nations. Importantly, the first letter does not include a single signature from a Muslim-majority state while the second features many, including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. ”

          There is a lot of condemnation of China that is formulated from US sources. A few allegations and photos mean little. US propaganda is rife.

          • Please clarify:

            Are you suggesting that what I am saying, is the result of US propaganda?

            I do really want your answer to this.


            • No Kheala, but the source you have quoted lays out much more to consider.
              Also try and find balanced information on Hui and Uyghurs that is not processed through western channels and has some credibility.
              Hui have about 8 million Muslim followers but generally live in harmony with Han and Uyghurs. The Uyghur population have some who have not established similar harmony with Han but many Uyghur live side by side with Han and a growing number are a part of the Chinese public service.
              Most of the propaganda about treatment of Uyghurs is based on bullshit from US sponsored sources.
              Always check and double check sources and look for real evidence not hearsay.

              • Several of my own close family are from there, and continue to go home to family in different parts of China.

                Some of the ‘references’ I have are painfully real and some of the perceived dangers are too close for comfort.

          • Mate, If you wish go and live in China, or to go and live in any one of those countries which were obliging signatories for the continuation of China’s “re-education camps”, – then please, go right ahead!

            I’m for the country and the party who signed up against those policies! And right here is where I’m very thankful to be living… Even though we somehow have ended up with one of their govt/ espionage and security forces trainers here in our own parliament. Kiwis desperately need to wake up!!!!

        • The country with the highest incarceration rate in the world is the USA. Racism is rife and police shoot Whites, Hispanics and Blacks but Blacks are 3.5 times more liable to be shot than whites.
          Also more poor are shot than wealthy.
          Yet the US criticises others.

  2. Locsin seems to be suggesting that the haulocaust victims were the wrong people for the Nazies to have killed; which doesn’t seem an antisemitic thing to say. However he does seem to be saying that either their invasion of Russia, or that the fascist form of government is OK. One might take issue with these notions.

  3. However he does seem to be saying that either their invasion of Russia, or that the fascist form of government is OK.

    I doubt the former, but perhaps the latter. Locsin has clarified his comments here:

    The point is made in the context of the war on drugs in the Phillipines. From the article:

    In the interview with ARD journalist Arnd Henze, Locsin responded to a question about Duterte’s 2016 remarks, in which the head of state appeared to compare himself to Hitler, and said he would be “happy to slaughter” millions of drug addicts in the Philippines, like the Nazis did to millions of Jews.
    “I said the same thing,” Locsin told Henze. “I myself said the same thing before he even said it.”

    The war on drugs in the Phillipines is a democratic one supported by the overwhelming majority of the population. NZ, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, has no right to tell the Phillipines, a poor country, how to run their own affairs.

    Unlike many rich spoilt Westerners whoe prioritise things like cannabis legalisation etc, most normal people in the world hate drug pushers and drug addicts (many of the latter are weak-minded).

    The fact is Locsin, is a high ranking official in the Phillipines govt. He is the type of guy visiting politicians tend to meet.

    Love this quote from Duterte: ‘Your Concern Is Human Rights, Mine Is Human Lives’

    • “hate drug pushers and drug addicts” unless it is their favorite alcohol. While there appears to be widespread support for the anti drug policies in the Philippines there is a lack of context in the statement which would help to explain the local acceptance of a policy that many people here would reject.

    • OK, Twisted Sister , – sing us another tune, and btw, – ‘Your Concern Is Human Rights, Mine Is Human Lives’ … seems a tad convoluted and illogical, dontcha’ think?… as does :

      … ‘ he would be “happy to slaughter” millions of drug addicts ‘….

      Over here we have rehab centers, as we do with alcohol addictions. Is your favorite Filipino politician gonna start executing those addicted to computer games next ?

      Why don’t you live there?… you could hold swank dinner party’s every time another drug addicted human being is executed , hell , – you could even lead a drunken victory march down main-street there waving images on placards, – just go easy on the drunken bit because you might get arrested for being an addict yourself.

      Me? ,… I’d personally live here in NZ where we did away with the death penalty,… I’m sure Arthur Alan Thomas feels the same way after being cleared and pardoned of any charges of murder.

      What I’d really like to know is,… why have so many states in the USA legalized cannabis and only imprison harder drug pushers , – not execute them ,- while turning a blind eye to the human rights abuse in the Philippine’s?

      Is it because they have trade links there and use the Philippines as a ‘friendly’ in its cat and mouse game with China?

      I think so.

      ‘But, uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that
      And this is not our fate
      So let us stop talkin’ falsely now
      The hour’s getting late, hey ”…

  4. it does not alter the fact that i understand we were the only country out of 47 invites not to send a delegate. It seems Peters is so removed from his office that he only found out about the whole thing a week ago. Now he is trying to cover up the mistake.Perhaps he was too busy trying to score of big payout for his nondisclosure error.

    • As big a payout as Bridges $100,000 foreign payment?
      The reality is this is about human rights/lives, keep on topic.

        • And Peters payout was a mistake and since corrected. Please keep up. For fuck sake Trevor, if it was about lives why were Brownlee and Bridges sympathizing with this man? For National it will only ever be about votes!

  5. Another disgusting diatribe in which you cannot make a valid point without resorting to obscenities. It is egregious that we had no representative there for the Holocaust commemoration. Oh, and by the way, antizionism IS antisemitism, the newly-mutated form of it.

    • so to be anti fascist( Zionism is a fascist creed) is to be antisemitic? Warped thinking there Gaby. But racism is ok by you then as long as it not Israelis being called on theirs? WTF?????

    • ^
      Defo a lot of ignorance in this one.

      Zionism is a political movement that even the Rabbi’s in Israel , the USA and other parts of the globe oppose. In some cases Zionism even includes world domination among its most ardent fanatics. Most Israelis don’t want a bar of it.

      ‘Semitic ‘, … is a term covering a broad group of races, – not necessarily Jewish people.

      It would be interesting to know how many of the National party sent representatives. Good on them if they did. However, we do know they went to the Philippine’s and met with Nazi sympathizers…

      Which would strike one as kind of odd and schizophrenic to then send their people off to the Holocaust memorial , doesn’t it ?

      What were they doing there if they were present?… gloating?

  6. As a Catholic boy, from what used to be a leading Catholic secondary school, Brownlee’s antics here are both inexcusable, and unforgivable.

    The Catholic Church has apologised for historically muddying the waters of antisemitism to a sometimes horrendous extent, and although Brownlee is not the brightest, and likely has his own psychopathology to contend with, deliberately confusing Jewish issues to score political points could be a waste of the fat boy’s time because this is one issue which Kiwis do know more about than he may assume – ops – than he may have been advised – by the sewer rats who are paid to do his thinking for him.

  7. Brownlee is a non achieving has been who never was. This useless fart in the wind has done nothing of benefit to NZ. In fact everything he gets involved ends in disaster. He embodies everything that is wrong with our political system.
    Sooner this opinionated meathead retires or has a coronary attack the better.

    • Oh c’mon,… he provides plenty of comedic diversions,… and hes a go getter too,- barging his way through airport security doors like Arnold Schwarzenegger in an action film, ”Screw da security , wheres my M16 , I’m after da terminator!”

      ”No Sir, – we meant ”Go through the terminals”…

  8. From what I have read on the internet, International Holocaust Remembrance Day services will be held at thousands of places all over the world.
    So is Gerry Brownlee complaining that no-one from the government front bench is travelling all the way to (I assume) Europe to attend?
    I am assuming that our ambassadors and consuls in different countries will attend.
    Our politicians will certainly attend services held in New Zealand.
    Will Gerry Brownlee, or Simon Bridges or anyone else from the opposition be going to Europe?
    He doesn’t say does he?
    I would say that that Gerry has been watching too many You Tube videos from ProductiehuisEU. For those who don’t know this is a mindless European right-wing blog operating similar to the former Whaleoil site – licking Tory backsides, making fake news about anyone remotely politically left and refusing to take any criticism.
    I’m assuming that the reference to Jeremy Corbyn is just a continuation of the pathetic right-wing attempts to make a new synonym in the Oxford English Dictionary for Anti-Semitism.
    One thing you can be sure of: Netanyahu will take full advantage of a very sad very ugly chapter of world history to bang his own political drums.
    Seems like its OK for the political right to do that but for anyone else it is treason.
    Business as usual.

    • You feel you can condemn Brownlee without even knowing the facts which are easy enough to get if you can read.
      The Holocaust memorial was held in Israel and it was by invite only ynfortunately our COL could not get their act together to get someone there unlike the other 47 countries.

      • You don’t know the facts yourself, Trevor.
        Memorials were held all over the globe, in many countries.
        I would personally have thought that the one in Auschwitz itself would have been the most telling one.
        Was that an invite only, too?
        You don’t know do you Trevor?

    • … ‘ Seems like its OK for the political right to do that but for anyone else it is treason ‘ …


      And particularly strange that it was the far right who committed those atrocities that they want to commemorate… and then to hear the National party core leadership meet with a Nazi sympathizer then bleat about attending a Holocaust memorial…

      Isn’t it.

      • it was the far right who committed those atrocities that they want to commemorate
        …bears repeating

        National party core leadership meet with a Nazi sympathizer then bleat about attending a Holocaust memorial…

  9. Israel invited our Head of State. Our head of State is the Queen. She wasn’t available.
    Our Speaker and Leader of the House of Parliament was offered as a representative.
    Israel turned Mallard down. Heads of State only was the reply.
    Whose at fault here?
    If anyone? Israel for their lack of knowledge of our political system or NZ for not pressing the point with this arrogant country?

    • People like you always think militarily strong Jews who can defend themselves are ‘arrogant’. You like your Jews weak and cringing, like all antisemites.

      • ROFL !


        Its already been explained to you that ‘Semitic’ covers a broad range of people including Arabs and Jews,- as well as your languages.

        Also- isn’t the right supposed to be ‘sound financial managers?’… and by extrapolation,… those of keen insight and logic?

        I think you have just proven otherwise, little person.

        It is good the fascist John Key and Bill English Mont Pelerin society lackeys have fallen. We need the age of enlightenment, – not the age of serfdom and self appointed ‘ lords’…

        Be off with you , knave.

        • Clearly, you can’t use a dictionary and are ignorant of the etymology of the word ‘antisemitism’. It was first used in Germany in 1879 (no surprises there) as a scientific-sounding word for ‘Jew-hatred’ and has been used exclusively with regard to the Jewish people ever since, as any dictionary will confirm, and no other ‘semitic peoples’ at all. You and others try to alter the word’s meaning to suit your agenda. Be off with you, ignoramus.

          • Most Israelis are NOT Semites Gaby. You don’t know the History or the origin of the people who populate Israel at all. Ashkenazi Jews ( the majority these days of those who claim Jewish ancestry) are from Kazariah and CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th century.
            Seraphic Jews comprise around 20% of those people who claim Jewish ancestry are true Semites just as Palestinians and Lebanese are Semites. Your righteousness trips you up every time you comment. The Jews are not chosen by God. The Hebrew religion is exactly that a religion . Religion poisons minds yours included.
            And according to my own DNA profile i am 1% Jewish and I am a 6th generation Kiwi with mostly Scottish Scandinavian And English DNA.
            What does being a Semite even mean?
            We are all hybrids and the brainwashed idiots like you who believe Zionist propaganda are truly tragic people at this point in human history.

            • Ha!- we are similar in genetics then, – cept I have a good does of the Irish as well mate- and yes- idiots like gaby ( aptly named ) , Marc and a few others are the ones trying to use inverse racism to politically score points .

              Odious characteristics in any ones book.

    • No , no , no… get with the program please !, … its good political points scoring to not go yourself but criticize the govt for doing the same. While at the same time also provides a kind of deflective balm to the fact it was the far right wing that murdered six million men woman and children in the most industrialized and efficient manner…

      Pol Pot was an amateur try-hard by comparison.

      Look,… the National party and many of its leadership have many lucrative trade deals with China,- a COMMUNIST NATION !,… while at the same time meet with Nazi sympathizers in the Philippines.

      Now ,…I wouldn’t call them a whoring party ,… but hey !,… I’ll let you be the judge on where their principles lie ,… if anywhere…

      Lie,… what an appropriate word for the National party,… they cant even lie straight in bed.

    • somonm – The concern of Brownlee:

      “In May 2017, less than a week after being appointed as Foreign Minister, Brownlee was publicly corrected by the Prime Minister, Bill English, after claiming that a New Zealand-sponsored United Nations Security Council Resolution on Israel (about settlements in occupied territories) was “premature”. The Prime Minister said Brownlee was “still getting familiar” with the language used by his predecessor, Murray McCully, who had authorised the sponsorship of the resolution. “

  10. “In 2023, for the first time in NZ history, Gen X + Gen Y + Millennials will be a larger voting block ..”
    “2023 is our date for a real climate crisis revolution comrades ..”

    yes labour hav probably stuffed this time. ihumatao , what voter wants to see 45 $million of taxpayer money covering the cost of this ..
    300,000 licenced firearm owners by now hav had a gutsfull .. a.c.t benefitting from this.
    law and order in not such a great light lately.. – opposition having a free for all on the issues.
    yes mr Bradbury u should , hit the beach a bit more often , as i do alot of the days gone by.

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