Wait, WHAT? Simon Bridges meets with a Nazi sympathiser??? What on earth is National doing?


Look, it was bad enough that National allowed their alleged Chinese spy to organise Simon Bridges to meet the head of the Chinese secret police and then praise China afterwards, but to arrange for Simon Bridges to meet a Philippines politician who is an active Nazi sympathiser and promoter of extrajudicial killings without criticising the politician or publicly speak out against it is just outrageous…

…it’s a privilege to meet this guy…

…who says these things?

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…this shows a jaw dropping lack of standards by the Leader of the Opposition!

Simon said he would hold the Philippines to account for their appalling human rights record, did it happen? Well, the official publication on the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs website said that they only discussed issues on people-to-people relations, trade, investment, agriculture, science, and defence.

So much for standing up for New Zealand’s values Simon!

Imagine if a Labour leader met a foreign politician who was a Nazi sympathiser and who supported extrajudicial state killings and that Labour leader didn’t denounce the politician. Every media outlet in NZ would demand the immediate resignation of that Labour Leader, and never let up.

Will the NZ media start holding Simon to that level of accountability?

You know they won’t.

The double standards applied to Labour vs National in this country are just astounding.



  1. ” What is National – Crosby – Textor doing ?

    Anything that will siphon votes from the very people that are victims of the economic system they support and their donors pay them for too maintain the status quo.

    If you want morals , integrity , compassion , humanity and people who are not bought by big money to put their interests first then don’t vote for these people.

    They call themselves ” Kiwis ” but they gave what that means away when they signed up too be National representatives.

    Every country has its enemies and in this case it is the National party who will never know what it means too feel real compassion for their fellow poor kiwis and enslaved working class and have policies that will make a real difference in their lives.

    That will never happen and understanding what these people are all about is crucial if you want a more fair ‘ just society and state support with strong employment law and a fully funded social system that supports our most deprived communities and a independent non negotiable foreign policy.

    That sounds like a great Tui billboard.

    If only eh.

    • And this is why I keep pushing this website for people to read… Nazism?

      Get a load of this :

      Who Is The Mont Pelerin Society ?

      This looting and destruction of the nation-state of New Zealand was planned and implemented by the London-based Mont Pelerin Society.

      In 1947, Mont Pelerin founder von Hayek lamented that the war had drastically strengthened nation-states, which must be replaced, he said, with the classic, anti-state free trade “liberalism” of eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain.

      Many of those continental Europeans present, like von Hayek, carried the prefix “von” before their surnames, signifying that they came from the noble families which had governed Europe for centuries.

      Mont Pelerin shared the same “conservative revolution” philosophy as the Nazis. It also shared some of the same personnel. For instance, Max von Thurn und Taxis was a sponsor of von Hayek and his new society. Thurn und Taxis’ family had founded another society in southern Germany before World War 1, which was composed entirely of aristocrats, known as the Thule Society. Thule in turn formed a special “workers division” known as the “National Socialist German Workers Party” (NSDAP). The NSDAP, into which an Austrian corporal named Adolf Hitler was recruited, later became better known by the abbreviated version of its name, the “Nazis.”

      In 1989, Max von Thurn und Taxis attended a meeting of his Mont Pelerin Society in Christchurch, New Zealand, to judge, first hand, the results of the “worlds most radical free market revolution.”

      An extract from Hugh Price of Hugh Price Publishers.

      Here’s the website.

      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

      It seems Nazism is a thing some NZ politicians have tacitly lent an ear to over the years in all its various permutations. Most people think Nazism died with World War Two,… but oh no,… there are those today in high circles who actually endorse many of its tenets… if not overtly , certainly covertly.

      So this Filipino chap doesn’t surprise me one bit. Nor the extrajudicial killings. Nor the admiration for certain aspects of Nazism.

  2. Nothing untoward about this. The guy in question is an elected high official of the Phillipines government and previously served as Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations from 2017 to 2018. These are the type of people politicians tend meet when they travel overseas, Labour or National.

    In any case New Zealand politicians, National or Labour, does not have the right to tell coloured people how to run their internal affairs anymore than they would presume to lecture Ardern on New Zealands internal affairs. The wealthiest countries in the world (built up on imperialism) do not have any moral authority to lecture poor countries on human rights.

    As for Hitler, yeah they are stupid comments. But Asians are not aware of European history as those in the West naturally. The genocide Phillipinos should be more concerned about is that committed by American forces at the beginning of the 20th Century.

    As for how the Phillipines deals with their own drug issue is entirely an internal affair. Apparently Duterte’s actions have been met with overwhelming approval by the Filipino people.

    Most people around the world hate drug dealers. They are vermin. Ever since Singapore started hanging them, that place is among the safest places in the world.

    • Well writen Mark. It is a good counter to the hysteria that is normally written by the commentators to these articles.

      • Not really ,… fact is,… we have groups like Amnesty International to report on national practices and genocidal policy’s. We also have world authorities to shame and or pass sanctions on nations that do.

        So those comments about not being able to interfere with nations policy’s of genocide are far from ‘ hysterical’,… they are indeed what takes place against rogue states , even if at first other nations trade with them. The fact that profiteers are happy to see numbers incarcerated for beliefs, tortured, held without charge for indefinite periods and executed because they challenge the authority’s as they may practice a faith is not acceptable to most of us.

        In fact not only is it a cheap way of scoring political points , it is also an underhanded way of allowing that situation to continue to garner personal wealth despite knowing it is actually a form of ‘blood money’ .

        I think its a very self serving and disgusting attitude , – far from being what one would call ‘ good points’.

        I’m glad it is the minority view and not the rational view of those here in NZ who vote. Not everyone turns a blind eye and ignores the mounting rumblings of discontent about China’s human rights records…

  3. “Imagine if a Labour leader met a foreign politician who was a Nazi sympathiser and who supported extrajudicial state killings and that Labour leader didn’t denounce the politician”


    Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte appeared to liken himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Friday and said he would “be happy” to exterminate 3 million drug users and peddlers in the country.

    Jacinda and Duterte:

    Did Jacinda say anything about the extrajudicial killings?

    • That look on Jacinda’s face, I’ve seen it before, …on someone who uncovered a large funnelweb spider while gardening. (Arachnid had to be dealt with, carefully.)

      What Jacinda did not do is go crowing around about how it is “a pleasure to meet” these guys, and about “the special relationship our two countries share”. (Simon seems to be following Trump, who said he had a “great relationship” with Duterte.) trump-hails-great-relationship-with-duterte

    • Just to be clear, Jacinda did not go to Manila ‘to visit Duterte’, as did Mr Bridges. She was attending the 12th East Asia Summit, held less than a week after her first parliamentary sitting as PM. The Heads of Govt of 18 countries attended that Summit.

  4. What is it about Simon Bridges? I mean if he isn’t sitting in a chair facing a Chinese leader or some guy in the Philippines he almost looks like he is being propped up for a stage show of say Puppet on a String?
    Even the way he sits when meeting other so-called leaders looks so much like he isn’t comfortable but MUST appear interested and focused on someone who, for Bridges political objective(s), is only in the camera view for votes from say the Filipino community and another time from the Chinese community.
    I doubt Bridges has even given a fart thought(excuse my crudeness here)of the times NZ employers have taken advantage of Filipino workers being paid less than the minimum wage even whilst he was a minister in the previous National government.
    There are major problems in the Philippines and in China but why Simon Bridges MUST court these two countries that have a problem with human rights just is so bizarre.
    Is reason for Bridges courting China, as an example is he hopes to bring NZ into say the China Control.? It is starting to look that way.
    And so whilst Bridges sits at meeting looking more like a puppet the more we should know he isn’t Leader material. But then if that is the best National can have as their leader then may he long be their leader. He, like the rest of the NZ National Party, leaves a Hell of alot to be desired.

  5. What is it about Simon Bridges???!!!!

    He now comes across as a person who courts dictators and those who admire the NAZI’s.

    And yet one of his MPs(who we may as well refer to as the Minister of Pies)has a go at our current government for not having a representative at the recent Holocaust event in Israel(a country that also breaches human rights when it comes to the Palestinians).

    And in true mainstream NZ Media mis-information thanks to their masters in the NZ National party the media failed yet again to give the right, true and correct information.

    Way to go National. You failed to condemn Israel for their human right breaches. You have failed to condemn China breaching the rights of those members of the Falun Gong. And you failed to condemn Israel for having the biggest number of nuclear weapons on its very soil even compared to the US.

    May we ask the NZ National Party as to whom and where are paying you to remain silent on matters even whilst you were in government???!!!! Because your lack of a voice of concern truly echoes to us all where you really stand when all things considered.

    • Got held up by engineers reports of the cheap and defective Chinese steel used to build em. So those Nat party people who made the deals cut their losses and reneged on the deal.

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