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  1. Yesterday I heard on Morning Report an example of how great America is.
    A pro-gun rally in Virginia with people chanting “USA! USA! USA!”.
    How sickening.
    Even more sickening is how the pro-gun lobby blamed the media for reporting it as something bad, rather than the wonderfully good spectacle they were sure that it was.
    What a loused-up country this is, and we are supposed to trust them in foreign relations?

  2. Jake Milbank has sent a message of Thanks to his Give-a-little page.

    It was Jake’s 19th birthday. He was working as a Tour Guide on 9th December when Whakaari/ White Island erupted. 80% of his body was burned.

    “To everybody who has been supporting me I would like to say a big Thank You. We are grateful for the kind donations received through the Givealittle page and I am enjoying reading the awesome messages and comments that have come, they’ve really helped me,” he wrote.

    “A few days ago I moved out of ICU and into the National Burns Centre. This is a big step in my road to recovery.

    “So far I have had 14 visits to theatre – sometimes the surgeons are grafting parts of my body and other times they are changing my dressings and checking out the progress of the work they have done.

    “Now that my fingers are no longer bandaged I have been able to use my iPad to catch up with my friends.

    “Thank you so much for your kindness – it means a lot to me,” he concluded. TV NZ link here

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