If the National Party think burglary of their HQ is ‘sinister’, what’s it called when you have an alleged Chinese Spy in your Caucus?


National Party office burglary a ‘sinister’ start to election year

The National Party says a burglary at its Auckland headquarters is a sinister start to election year.


That’s wha it’s called is it? Burglary of their Auckland HQ is a ‘sinister start to the election year’.

What’s it called when you have an alleged Chinese Spy in your Caucus?

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I call that an unacceptable danger to NZ sovereignty.

If you agree, sign my Petition asking for alleged Chinese spy and National Party MP, Jian Yan, to be removed from the National Party list.


  1. Sinister !!! when it concerns a break in at a National party office when adjoining businesses have had similar break ins and THAT never made the news.

    This burglary fits perfectly with the spin the National party will put on it too harvest votes or scare certain sections of the community on a possible ” possible political motive ” is how the National party handle any transgression of crime that plaques most of the other population on a regular basis but occasionally targets them.

    Crosby Textor principles are at work here when anyone with a quarter of a brain would wait for the full investigation before making inflammatory remarks like those made by Bennett.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been had it been a break in on any party of the ( so called left )

  2. I call it ‘ an unacceptable danger to NZ sovereignty ‘ , – AS WELL AS these far right shitter politicians using their position at our expense to forge lucrative business deals and thus wealth for themselves while at the same time dragging us unwillingly into foreign policy that favours their grabastic arses with no respect for future generations that will have to unravel the typical mess these short term greedy f@ckers create.

    Vote for the coalition in 2020.

    Keep the ChiNational party and their spy sell outs in the opposition .

    Whats that you say?,… one Chinese is worth two Indians?

    Oh,… they are racists as well?

    I’ll let you be the judge.

  3. National have every right to expect us to take this seriously after they showed so much concern about
    Anne-Marie Brady having her office broken into and her laptops stolen.

    Oh that’s right – they never said a word.

    • We can’t upset our Chinese overlords. Once they’ve finished constructing their airbases in the Pacific Islands, they’ll conduct bombing raids on our farms… the few remaining that are owned by actual farmers and not some giant foreign conglomerate. Besides, everyone knows saying anything even vaguely negative about the CCP is RACIST! We can’t be racist. We’ll be pilloried on Twitter by people in cardigans.

  4. Ok. Chinese are very Chinese-like. I admit that.
    The ones I know are polite, pleasant, convivial, genial, GSOH, like walks on the beach etc.
    The round eye, white scum who watched mum die of cancer after they fucked her over, lied to the police and the clearly corrupt and lackadaisical legal administration and generally bullied and intimidated us to get our 3000 free hold acres to sell to a little elbow bending fuck they already had in their pocketsess were NOT Chinese.
    If you really, really want to get rid of genuine conniving, deviant, exploitive, greedy criminal scum let me know? I’ll write up a list of Kiwi-As Blue and White’s longer than your fucking arm son.
    BTW. No disrespect to actual scum.

  5. You’ll need to be storming the Beehive with pitchforks for that to happen, Wokester…

    How about getting rid of the Boomer Chinese spies from TDB… like O’Trottervan and Right-wing Mike?

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