“Ok Millennial” – why the Palace drama drama is a delightful new front in the generation war

Wax works minus the work

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s royal ultimatum is the most perfect ‘Ok Millennial’ moment imaginable.

A ridiculously smug sense of importance overshared on social media & driven with all the inflated selfishness of a Boomer.

Millennials who don’t want to bother with all the stress of obligation and just want to be Instagram influencers ‬instead are a dime a dozen, so why is this story so huge and juicy?

Feminists at Stuff claim it’s all sexism aimed at poor wee Meghan, but seeing as Queen Elizabeth is probably the most powerful Matriarchy on the face of the Planet, that seems a tad twee.

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Millennial supporters have shouted on Twitter that poor Meghan faced terrible racism from the Tabloids and was bullied and why should she have to put up with that for one second longer, but that misses the fact that she knew what she was marrying into and blindsiding the Royal family with their social media ultimatum comes across as less like a traumatic intervention and more like Millennial self involvement.

The worst bit about Meghan Markle’s desire to put herself first is that it makes the hateful trash her half sister has spewed out about her being a Machiavellian social climber look far more plausible.

This is a classic millennial vs boomer generation war we are seeing. The idea of obligation, stoicism and duty to tradition are alien concepts for Millennials who are in it for the retweets. As a generation, they haven’t benefited from duty or obligation, they’ve inherited precarious work, soaring inequality and a dying planet.

But that generation war is just part of the attraction here, Families are far more diverse now and they are constantly becoming cultural friction points rather than safe havens. Older women I know spit hate at how they see Meghan has undermined the Queen, younger women I know hiss at the mere idea of being quiet for the greater good while every man I know privately out of ear shot of their wives/girlfriends make jokes about how whipped Harry is.

Personally I don’t care about any of it, they could all go join ISIS for all I care and I still couldn’t give a toss,  but watching the self-righteous justifications and grand pronouncements on why Meghan has every right to pack up her bags and walk because her privileged existence  makes demands on her reminds me that Western culture has become so soft and weak that the simple idea of obligation and duty are too much and require a trigger free safe space with emotional support peacocks.

The sacrifices the Queen made in the face of fascism built a life long dedication to public service, that’s an obligation the Instagram Influencer generation only reserve for their biggest paid sponsor and best free products.

God Save the Queen because Millennials won’t.


  1. The queen is not a boomer, as she was born long before the boomer generation started. She belongs to what I call the “wisdom” generation, which I belong to as well.

  2. Care ? You should be terrified. Someone called Josephine Franks writes today suggesting that this pair come and live in NZ. As if they’d want to. We’re not exactly on the glitzy global speaking circuit – and why NZ taxpayers even donated so generously to the Clinton Foundation still amazes me.

    If damaged Harry, and his possibly over 40 missus, find the royal family asphyxiating , then this country could choke them to death. Slowly. Spasmodically. Relentlessly.

    But hey -we’ve got ready made boxes if things don’t pan out. Harry can climb into the box reserved for white NZ men, who are rightly feeling very put upon now, just for being white men.

    Meghan can join the Greens and wander round wailing, “White people hate us – cunts.” Peter Jackson and anyone else with a private jet can give them freebie holiday trips to…um..Invercargill ? Petone ? Dipton ?

    Goodness knows how Meghan will manage for clothes, but having spent over a million pounds (sterling) on them just since marrying Harry, but she should have a full wardrobe by now.

    One million pounds on clothes in just over a year sure shows a humanitarian lady – without her buying and buying exploited third world machinists’ and seamstresses’ knickers and kickers, they’d be even poorer – and Markle less warmer.

    Australia is breathing collective sighs of relief at not having Harry dumped on them as GG, but bearing in mind that PM Ardern made a secret trip to Markle in London, I’d still be keeping my back to the wall.

    Harry’s friends told the media that Harry flew around Afghanistan shooting peasants; I daresay he was obeying orders. If he’s done it once, he can do it again; if it’s his wife that he’s obeying now, who, among us who is not rich, or a celeb (yuck yuck yuck), or a Dalai Llama, can ever feel safe again ?

    This is about Sussex Royal merching itself as a billion dollar trademarked business – and being the epitome of “greed is ” – you know. I’ll vote for what ever party promises to keep them out of here – and let’s not make this a Treaty issue either.

    • Imagine all the employment the couple living here would create. Sure, not paid jobs, but beneficial to the society. All those people going into dairies making sure the magazines were turned to the front at the right angles facing the optimum directions.

      • D’Esterre – I stuffed up :
        The one-l lama, he’s a priest
        The two-l llama, he’s a beast
        I will bet a silk pajama
        There isn’t any three-l lllama

        Ogden Nash

        But it still works ok…

  3. This utter crap is a diversion from the real disasters we are facing.

    I am all for light relief but this stuff is really just for entertainment value and it isn’t even funny.

    I have long believed that the queen with all her wealth and hangers on should be downsized and if we have too have a monarchy then only one figurehead is appropriate , just one not endless entitled family members.

    The wealth this family has all 536 million dollars of it is a disgrace when so many britons and people of the wider commonwealth are living in enforced destitute lives , the victims of greed , entitlement and plutocracy

    What was not covered by the media was the very small crowds who turned out for Charles and Camilla at their recent New Zealand taxpayer funded visit.

    They are an irrelevance too the daily lives of Kiwis struggling too survive.

  4. Duty and obligation completely destroyed by neoliberalism and it’s across the board of ages!

    Charities the new way to screw over the poor and disadvantaged and make the middle class pay their hard earned money for ‘charity’ to the organisations to do it, while the celebrities who now ‘front’ the charities can both look deserving while not paying taxes and collect money while not having to give much of it to the cause!

    “Former charity boss spent 271 paid working days on the golf course over four years”
    “Ritchie, who was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2015”

    Confirmed: $5.5m For The Clinton Foundation In 2018/19

    “The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

    The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

    The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.”


    Red Cross Built Exactly 6 Homes For Haiti With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Donations

    Why are the Australian firefighters not being paid by the government????

    “State governments, for instance, have long left country (but not city) fire-fighting to volunteers. And have long underfunded the upkeep of public schools, believing parents and citizens can be left to make up the shortfall. But it’s been a particular trick of the federal Coalition government as it struggles to return its budget to surplus when there are expensive, vote-buying tax cuts to be covered.”


    Government systems in NZ are now ‘charities’ that should be an important part of the government social services not a charity aka early care of children, emergency services, increasingly housing… !

    Firefighting, Plunket, ambulance service, rescue helicopter service, suicide hot lines, housing… to name but a few…

    Where is the debate on this!

    Lets go beyond, Harry and Meghan to what tax vehicles they are putting their charities into and how much tax they are paying on their celebrity ventures!

    At least the Queen ‘serves’ and is ‘accountable’ to the public. The current move is away from that to gain maximum freedom while not having to ‘serve’ anyone or be accountable, while also being able to cash in on their name for commercial reasons.

    • No wonder climate change denial is rampant with governments, they have made the public services tasked to fight the disasters largely unpaid and apart from holidaying in Hawaii at the time, not much pressure on governments to ‘serve’ or have ‘obligations’ to prevent, contain and pay for disasters either!

      Instead underneoliberalism, disasters are considered great news, when people lose their houses and livelihoods as there is growth, growth, growth for rebuilding and housing the homeless!

      Australia fires: The thousands of volunteers fighting the flames


      • Kinda nice and cute tho’ eh?
        Elt’s donated a mill, and a few others are now climbing over each other to do the same or better.
        It’s possible we may have got our definitions of ‘wildlife’ that’ve been decimated, and the ‘civilised’, arse about face.
        Please please help me – I’m trying to determine in my inner soul where my sympathies should lay.
        Should it be with the electorate who voted these responsible muppets into power (proportional representation and compulsory voting).
        Should it be with our cuzzies that have suddenly begun to refer to us as bros? and the swathes of queue jumpers and economic refugees we could have to deal with?

        I think maybe the answer might be to go worship at the altar of …..
        I know – I’ll wait till after ANZAC day

    • saveNZ – could be being a bit hard on these two – think their Foundation is modelled on and run by a femme who did the Clintons, and is registered in Nevada, where 5% of the takings go to charity, and these two grifters only get to keep 95% for themselves.

      Think its actually registered as a limited liability business.

      Apparently they’re going to prioritise empowering African women; apparently when they were in this poor, God-forsaken, desolate, crime-ridden country where Meghan whinged about her hard life, she encouraged women who know of other women being abused, to go to the abuser and to tell him to stop doing it – or to tell her to leave. My thoughts are unprintable.

      It’s been long in the pipeline, this foundation.

      • Snow White, +1 – horrible

        “think their Foundation is modelled on and run by a femme who did the Clintons, and is registered in Nevada, where 5% of the takings go to charity, and these two grifters only get to keep 95% for themselves.”

        I have nothing against Harry and Meghan, and understand why they might want to leave the lifestyle of a royal, but if they go down the road of a modern tax free charity to support themselves with tax free money, while promoting over paid corporate greedies and rampant consumerism like Disney, then my sympathies are gone!

    • Not necessarily disagreeing with that but being for or against certain grants and funding seems to be a seasonal or partisan thing.

      The Taxpayers Union wasn’t prominent in its utterances about the Clinton Foundation before National was ousted.
      Noises made since the Coalition came in seemed to be about creating the impression that there were no NZ grants to that outfit pre-2017.

      And some fact checking was done on that foundation:

      • @Peter, does not surprise me that the Natz also gave to the Clinton foundation with NZ taxes, while selling off the state houses to mates and rendering more people homeless…. my point is,

        one, that NZ taxes being given to laughable ‘charities’ for the US politicians is absurd, and seems to be a trend from both political parties by the look of it,

        and two, the vehicles ain’t charities in the traditional sense of giving 100% away to the worthy cause, but more tax vehicles for the rich to screw over their fellow country Men and women, with zero taxes while the MSM pretends they are wonderful people by giving 5% of their ill gotten gains to a legitimate charity (aka less than traditional taxes anyway) and our system gives them knighthoods and more…

        Meanwhile anybody who is a real and traditional charity but gets in big business’s way, gets their charity status attacked, aka Greenpeace, (while the politicians are happy to give to bogus charities like the Clinton foundation, no questions asked).

        Update, Disney (who ‘encourages’ their employees to pay for their ‘charity’ that is essentially lobbying for themselves and helpfully (sarcasm) can be directly taken from he companies pay roll!)

        Disney CEO asks employees to chip in to pay copyright lobbyists
        Letter boasts of beating Aereo, getting TPP—and wants workers’ help in 2016.

        Meghan Markle already signed a deal with Disney amid royal exit: report

        Disney has paid their CEO, Iger $65 million in bonuses… even Heiress Abigail Disney is disgusted…

        “If your CEO salary is at the 700, 600, 500 times your median workers’ pay, there is nobody on Earth, Jesus Christ himself isn’t worth 500 times his median workers’ pay.”

    • You should probably catch the latest 2 part on BobJazeera @SaveNZ. Not a bad look at financial colonisation.
      Thankfully, I have an escape hatch that, with a bit of luck, will enable me to head for the hills (or more precisely, the lower slopes of the Himalyas)
      It seems to me that the only question that’ll need a number of pontificators and media specialists to answer is just how violent they want the dispossessed’s backlash to be. The latest application of sanctions by the Brains of the Universe (on Iran) don’t seem to be that clever to me.
      I think they’ve probably got the mathematics of it all a bit skew wiff (unfortunately NZ’s Labour Party as well).
      But hey! – them’s know better- yes? (Until they don’t and start squeeling like stuffed pigs)

      • @OnceWasTim, I guess the Hagaman lawsuits shows what happens when a politician questions the rich and powerful and government money going to big business…

        Our planet has everything set up for the mega rich to steal from their workers, their country and pay or destroy politicians that don’t agree with that model.

        And the politicians seem to be fine to go along with it. The politicians who care are destroyed or too frightened to fight the mega rich and multinationals, and the lefty bloggers are so busy being angry at the middle class, while they ignore/suck up up to the destroyers of wealth, destroyers of environment and destroyers of community.

        Also noticed that leftie bloggers, even the unions, seem strangely silent on huge salaries driving their workers and subcontractors into poverty aka Theo Spiel in NZ (apparently averaged 5 million per year in salary for approx 8 years while creating the biggest loss of Fonterra. His CEO performance was shown to be what it was, short term profiteering for himself and the medium term effects on everyone else, are terrible on that co operative, which is NZ largest employer).

        Not sure how it will end.

        I guess the surveillance culture is there to make sure no uprisings…

        As well as spy on those who might dent super rich profits…

        I have no issue with rich people but I do have issues on how the richer you are, the dirtier you are to others, the more there seems to be legally to support this model which nobody talks about!

        Especially no lobbying against big business for the new breed of charity for the poor, lunches and corporate cabs and partnerships are the rage!


  5. Supporting Grenfell Kitchen has been Megan’s first solo charity project since becoming a member of the royal family in 2019.

    The Duchess launched the kitchen’s cookbook Together: Our Community to support the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed 72 lives in London and injured more than 70 others.

    On the second anniversary of the fire, the annual financial report for The Royal Foundation announced the cookbook sold 130,000 copies as of March 2019, raising £557,638 (NZ$1.1 million) – more than double its fundraising target. From Stuff today

    Say what you like Markle knows her stuff, and why would they raise their family under the prying gaze of the vile snooping English press? Harry hated the press intrusion of his childhood. They’ve been told there’s no place for them once Charles is in charge.
    Good on them.
    They’re like a breath of fresh air and if they can be self supporting ( laudable aim when you already have over 50 million pounds sterling in personal wealth ….much guffawing )it will be entertaining at least seeing what the Sussex’s deem to be ” work” They don’t want to be cash cows for the British media . All fine by me. Wake up call for a monarchy who they are still prepared to work for… just not all the time.

    • @Shona, In spite of that support which I have zero issue with (if the charity proceeds were not siphoned off), the more pressing problem for the Grenfelll victims is permanent housing.

      Under the private partnership ‘social’ housing models, rather than state houses owned and run by the state, there even with the huge amounts of money being spent by governments and raised by charities, there seems to be a burgeoning of people who now live in emergency housing…

      ” The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea told us that of the 203 households from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk, 83 are now living in a permanent home. 52 are in temporary accommodation.

      68 households are living in what’s classed as emergency accommodation. Of those, 42 households are in hotels, 22 are in serviced apartments, and four are staying with family or friends.”

      “Following the tragedy, 129 households moved out of their homes in the area surrounding Grenfell Tower.

      Of the 129 households who left the surrounding flats, as of 13 June, 15 were in emergency accommodation, staying in hotels, serviced apartments or with friends and family. 75 are in temporary housing. One household has accepted and moved into a permanent home. 38 households have returned to their homes in the surrounding area.”


      • point is NO OTHER Royal bothered to acknowledge these people. I know Charities and Foundations are a giant rort. What is interesting are the issues these two deem to be important. This is a FU to the monsters of the English Press and for that if nothing else I say good on them.Prince Charles has courted the English Press since forever so it’s a middle finger to him too.

  6. All this #WhiteWokeNoise is getting tiring. But hey, its getting quieter because its rapidly becoming unfashionable to promote Green Wash’n Capitalism. They only just realised is, its just another PR GreenPeace and acolytes ‘marketing’ scam.
    Climate Change is real, but it wont be solved by the “WokesGreenies!”

  7. View this couple with generosity and respect – that would be a couple of words that would mean that a lot of the crap that is being written about their move out from the paparazzi and the toxic media and its self-important talking heads, even when writing they aren’t thinking even though that part of their brain is available for use. They are trying to find a way to make a life together at their upper-class level, but doing something about those who haven’t all or any of the ‘trimmings.’ At the back of Harry’s mind is perhaps what his mother, Diana, started to do but needed to have a partner to form a strong barrier against the knockers of this world coming at anybody breaking the consensus, in the public eye, with battering rams. So many things that happen remind me of things in Huxley’s book Brave New World. Prince Harry and Meghan are going to try to direct their own lives. The system questions this.
    Extract from Brave New World:
    Chapter 17: … “But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”
    “In fact,” said Mustapha Mond, “you’re claiming the right to be unhappy.”
    “All right then,” said the Savage defiantly, “I’m claiming the right to be unhappy.”
    “Not to mention the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat; the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what may happen to-morrow; the right to catch typhoid; the right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind.” There was a long silence.
    “I claim them all,” said the Savage at last….
    Mustapha Mond shrugged his shoulders. “You’re welcome,” he said…
    Chapter 18:
    … “Go away!” he shouted. The ape had spoken; there was a burst of laughter and hand-clapping. “Good old Savage! Hurrah, hurrah!” And through the babel he heard cries of: “Whip, whip, the whip!”
    Acting on the word’s suggestion, he seized the bunch of knotted cords from its nail behind the door and shook it at his tormentors.
    There was a yell of ironical applause. Menacingly he advanced towards them. A woman cried out in fear. The line wavered at its most immediately threatened point, then stiffened again, stood firm. The consciousness of being in overwhelming force had given these sightseers a courage which the Savage had not expected of them. Taken aback, he halted and looked round.
    “Why don’t you leave me alone?” There was an almost plaintive note in his anger.
    “Have a few magnesium-salted almonds!” said the man who, if the Savage were to advance, would be the first to be attacked. He held out a packet. “They’re really very good, you know,” he added, with a rather nervous smile of propitiation. “And the magnesium salts will help to keep you young.”
    The Savage ignored his offer. “What do you want with me?” he asked, turning from one grinning face to another. “What do you want with me?”
    “The whip,” answered a hundred voices confusedly. “Do the whipping stunt. Let’s see the whipping stunt.” …

    …Drawn by the fascination of the horror of pain and, from within, impelled by that habit of cooperation, that desire for unanimity and atonement, which their conditioning had so ineradicably implanted in them, they began to mime the frenzy of his gestures, striking at one another as the Savage struck at his own rebellious flesh, or at that plump incarnation of turpitude writhing in the heather at his feet. …

    … That evening the swarm of helicopters that came buzzing across the Hog’s Back was a dark cloud ten kilometres long. The description of last night’s orgy of atonement had been in all the papers.
    “Savage!” called the first arrivals, as they alighted from their machine. “Mr. Savage!”
    There was no answer….


  8. Bomber you have unleashed a brilliant set of posts, starring Snowhite, except for the last few admirers. Did someone mention the simpering Diana as a kind of model? She, who wrecked other people’ marriages. Isn’t it time Harry underwent a DNA test to establish his real father?

    More to the point when I said my bit under Curwen’s blog. Bomber what you said made more sense; responsibility v. self-indulgence. Thank goodness our taxes don’t add to their wealth.

    • Janio – I had the figure that these two cost the NZ taxpayer when they came here to practise being royals on us – but I’ve forgotten it – but it’ll come back. It’s not just the police budget, but they massively tie up police person power and resources – if I were a bit younger and dodgier, I’d be looking at it as a good sort of time to commit a crime.

      Both are, I think Patrons or Heads of the Commonwealth Universities; that’s a kick in the guts from an otherwise fairly harmless Queen, when Harry attended Eton, one of the most prestigious schools in England, and emerged with just two A levels, with a D grade in one, and a B for art, which his HOD faced investigation for helping him with the practical work – the teacher who alleged that the HOD actually did Harry’s practical work got fired.

      Meghan Markle preached in Fiji about putting herself through university with scholarships and grants.
      Her father Thomas Markle said that he paid every cent, and that he has the receipts to prove it; not a nice thing to do to your dad. She tells lies – that’s politician’s territory, not constitutional figurehead’s.

      UK pundits are talking about using Harry and Meghan with a role in the Commonwealth, as if we can be fobbed off on – and perhaps we can, but I’d have more confidence in any two people on any NZ street, than these two, as far as having a realistic view of life, and how it can be lived. Harry’s confreres in Afghanistan are now saying that he was so well protected there that a spider couldn’t have got near him.

      I don’t mind the monarchy, and like the pageantry and the history, but the spectacle of these two indulged privileged persons wanting to have their cake and eat it, may suggest that it is time to reconsider our position in relation to GB – who H’s father is doesn’t really matter – it’s not like we’re WINZ – or even care.

      • Meghan told blatant lies on MSM. Interviewed during the engagement announcement she claimed she was completely ignorant of the royal family and Harry was teaching her about his backgrind. It later emerged that as a tourist she camped outside Buckingham Palace and her bookshelf had a Princess Di biography.

        If Princess Di is a model for Meghan, the “Peoples Prince’s” is his great uncle who also left the senior royals for a North American divorcee. The pair led a sad life on the international celeb circuit, chumming up to Hitler and cheating at golf. Worse for you Snow White, he was also GG in the Caribbean, I think Jamaica. Makes me think of a little ditty that went “Jamaica? No, she did it of her own accord”.

        Ofcourse when you have a cake you eat it. If you didn’t consume it, it would go stale and would lose the point of its creation.

  9. The mean-minded, carping nature of people wanting to carve society into two – the pure and the ignominous rest augurs badly for the future if run by such people dominated by fear of sexual thoughts and a desire for immaculate conceptions.

    We need to be kind to each other and work with reasonable systems of values to see if we can maintain the planet in a living condition and bring ourselves and it evenly and carefully to ground level with an intact society that has fair minimum standards good for everyone. There is no time for people who are serious about leaving something good behind them to be drawn into the high moral obsession that would demand DNA tests for parenthood, and attack Diana because she had difficulties managing to equal the fairy princess in a Disney story.

    • Greywarbler, sorry to have offended you re the princess who wasn’t a fairy. Diana was a philanderer, searching for love. She got enormous public sympathy and an avalanche of public grief when she died. Her husband steadfastly stuck to his love and also did the ‘right thing’ for his ex-wife when she died. No public admiration for him.

      Diana’s story is recounted like a fairy tale. I stand by Liam Gallagher
      whose comment on the public mourning at her death went like this – all these people grieving, many of them wouldn’t go to their own grandmother’s funeral. We witness the power of MSM to engineer our feelings, reveal us as fools taken in by their twisted accounts of people and events.

  10. Greywarbler –

    Matthew Arnold 1867

    “… let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

    Unthinkingly sent my old Ma-in-law a photo of my toddler sitting on the pebbles of Dover Beach with an Indian playmate. The subsequent written interrogation and comment was to establish whether the other child was a doll, or a real human person.

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