Statement from Acting PM Winston Peters – New Zealand Government


Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters has expressed New Zealand’s deep concern at the escalation in hostilities following an attack on two Iraqi bases.

“Now is the time for restraint and de-escalation, and for diplomacy to take over,” Mr Peters said.

“It is important to note that the missile attacks did not target Camp Taji and the Government has been informed that all New Zealand personnel are as safe as they can be in these developing circumstances.

“The Government is working actively with our partners through military and diplomatic channels, and we continue to keep the security situation under close review, including implications for our personnel,” Mr Peters said.


  1. Why are we there? we need to get our men the fuck out of that rachet place now and stop arse kissing to America. Trumpet only cares about his own not us and he keeps tramping on this allies and then when the shit hits the fan he asking his allies for support.

    • We are in Iraq under the bosom of the American military because our economy, trade and foreign policy isn’t independent from America. Economics first.

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