Gummy Bears


Vegan sticker activist group Gummy Bears have placed 38 stickers on STOP signs in and around Warkworth and adjacent north Auckland towns, urging locals to ‘STOP WARKWORTH RODEO’, referring to the annual event on public land managed by Auckland Council.

“We are asking the Auckland council and the public to stop supporting the new year Warkworth rodeo,” says Gummy Bears spokesperson Dr Michael Morris.

“Scientific research confirms common sense observations that rodeos are stressful. Four horses and a bull were killed during the last rodeo season, and we don’t know how many other deaths and injuries have been covered up by the industry. Footage from last season has shown a number of illegal practices, such as the use of electric cattle prods and spur scarring.”

“We are proud to support the SPCA, Direct Animal Action and the New Zealand Anti-Rodeo Coalition in calling for Auckland Council to stop allowing the rodeo on public land,” said animal rights activist and Gummy Bears member, Deno Stock.

Mr Stock added: “There is increasing evidence that when children witness violence to animals they are more likely to abuse humans and animals themselves. Marketing glorified animal cruelty as ‘family entertainment’ for children is socially irresponsible.”

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  1. The Gummy Bears have a good point.
    Rodeo is Barbaric and needs to be Outlawed.
    It has been sold as a Skill, Macho & Tradition but its Animal Cruelty in disguise.

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