Dear Everyone, 66-year-old Canterbury bricklayer Colin Wilson has every right to his activism – don’t fall for the trap



Part of me thinks this is a set up, that the 66-year-old Canterbury bricklayer Colin Wilson is  the perfect astroturfed anti-hero you would invent as a Machiavellian black ops trick to get the Right wing elected.

But real life can always be far weirder than cloak & dagger conspiracy.

Personally, I think turning Jacinda Ardern magazines and books around is a childish pettiness that is so juvenile in its spite as to be more a cry for help than political activism.

But we live in a progressive liberal democracy and if this 66-year-old Canterbury bricklayer wants to engage in a peaceful political protest of this nature, he has every right to, as petty and as truly childish as it is.

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The real danger here will now be the tsunami of smug outrage and conflation of his actions to war crime levels, because it will be in the outrage olympics of who can be most offended by this clown that will provoke a Corbyn-esk backlash amongst the working class that identify with Colin Wilson…

Michelle Duff, who wrote the book Jacinda Ardern: The Story Behind an Extraordinary Leader, wrote on the Spinoff that the Turn Ardern campaign was a result of a group of men feeling threatened by a powerful woman.

“Throughout history, attempts have been made to silence women. We’ve been drowned as witches, denied the vote, gaslighted in relationships, had our ideas stolen in meetings, had our voices and views disbelieved and minimised. We’ve been done to, not done by,” she said.

“Seen in this light, #TurnArdern is just another manifestation of this simmering hatred of women that lies just beneath the surface. It’s the kind most of us don’t even notice or have acclimatised to until it bursts into the public consciousness in ways that are impossible to ignore.”

…comparing your book being turned around to witch burnings, segregated voting rights and domestic violence manages to make Trump sound modest and Prince Andrew look well grounded.

The woke over reaction to #turnardern is empowering & legitimising Colin’s spiteful pettiness & risks triggering an unforeseen working class backlash.

Colin is engaging in a peaceful protest, it’s one I believe is petty, but to demonise him the way the mainstream media are risks creating a political Martyr that Simon Bridges will carry on his shoulders all the way to the Ballot boxes.

Bets on that Colin Wilson will be a guest speaker at the National Party Election Conference.

I think if you read Colin’s timeline, you see vile sexist & homophobic language by a person who is clearly out of their mind with ignorance – he is to political insight what cancer is to good health, but allowing the Right to create a hero from woke over reaction is stupid.

He’s not the fucking messiah, he’s just a very lonely boomer bricklayer – let’s not give Simon Bridges a martyr folks.


  1. Not quite sure I agree that it is the threat of a powerful woman. I just think he’s a fairly simple minded bricklayer who has found a simple and entertaining way to protest. It is his right … definitely and we should be enjoying the joke.

  2. A brief stroll through his utterances on Twitter reveals a racist, misogynist, bitter right-wing boomer. This is not a one-off, nor is it light-hearted or whatever other minimisations you might choose. This creep is dangerous. Do not be fooled.

    • Astro. Totally agree. At first glance, he sounds like an older male who sees PM Adern as an attractive younger woman – which she is. It stops there – she’s not a fashion model.She is a smart, quite conservative dresser – especially compared to female Nat MP’s who sometimes wear bizarre gaudy tops in Parliament, which one doesn’t see in UK or other western parliaments. I’ve assumed they shop in cheap Asian markets. Melania Trump is a gorgeous fashion model style woman who knows how to wear clothes; our lot: nowhere near.

      This has descended into an insidious narrative being grabbed by MSM to grubby PM Ardern in the same way as they did with Paula Bennett’s vile sex cover-up accusations – suggesting that she’s fluffing around and neglecting the serious issues like child poverty and homelessness – good choices for cheap headlines.

      Were I Ardern I’d consider stopping doing women’s mag appearances, right now. They’re probably owned by rich right-wingers, and only read by the not- terribly- bright people who support National, and the old ladies who vote for Winston Peters. They’d be no great loss if they go under.

      I’ve not seen Vance’s ‘apology’ for her part in defaming the PM, and I think Duff’s reaction to book/mag turning a bit over-egged, but I think there’s a sickening sexual undertone here with this Colin person, and unfortunately we know that mediocre media will wallow in his inanity and use it for their own purposes.

      • Well said Snow White. Although I agree with this individual’s right to express his protest it is completely toxic and pathetic. Unfortunately it will resonate with like minded simple souls because it fits within their base narrative which is a total distaste for a young woman who leads this country and indeed for all woman who have minds of their own and are not afraid to express themselves.

        This guy would be the type who cannot accept an alternative view or the truth and gets aggressive and angry with those who do.

  3. “Bets on that Colin Wilson will be a guest speaker at the National Party Election Conference.”

    Yep, that’s a certainty. He’ll a be dead-set hit with the over-50’s embittered pale and stale mob that haunt these events (along with their comrades-in-arms from the Chinese Embassy of course). And I’m willing to wager that a 66y.o. Cantabrian bricklayer named Colin might not be the sharpest tool in the box (terribly elitist and woke of me, I know).

  4. Turning a book over!!!!
    Pretty radical eh?
    Jacinda must be shivering in her boots.
    So Colin Wilson wants a PM rather than a model.
    But having a biography published about someone does not exactly make one a model.
    if so we would be be calling John Key a model too, did anyone do this?
    Colin Wilson seems to have an inner hatred of women, but that’s something that might be medically treatable.
    Go to the doctor Colin before you make a bigger ass of yourself than you already have; Oh, and consider that your petty protest action has probably boosted sales.

  5. Agreed. This working-class man (queue the Jimmy Barnes lyrics) seems just a little too manufactured.

    Loves his little woman, someday he’ll make his wife, saving all of his overtime for the one love of his life………well he would if he wasn’t 66!

    Let me plumb the depths of Nationals filthy ol’ Dirty Politics department because I am guessing this is the checklist of their imaginary true Labour voter in their warped imaginations;

    He smokes rollies (of course he does)
    Sips DB draught beer out of a pint glass from a quart bottle at the local whilst sitting on a bar stool with one leg wrapped twice around the other grunting at his mates with his fag dangling from the corner of his mouth.
    Can handle his piss
    Yet drinks tea with about half a litre of milk swilling around in it and 5 teaspoons of sugar at smoko!
    Calls a spade a spade
    Drives a filthy shitheap of a ute with a mongrel he loves on the tray.
    Faded old tat on his forearm of a once naked woman but now a green blob.
    Goes home to his stock 1950’s weatherboard house driving well and truly pissed and mows the lawn every Sunday with his 1960’s vintage 2 stroke Masport in jandals without the flap down and no catcher and then has a roast lunch with the Mrs (aka mum).

    Have I got it right Paula?? Can I work for Nationals fiction department?

    National just cannot stop themselves, can they?

  6. Your all correct, he should be tipping oil over Simons fronts steps, throwing dildos and mud at various National MP’s, then I guess he would be a real hero in your eyes. Tossers.

    • You leave my front steps alone Gary. Actually, not to worry. I live within 200m of a kindergarten, so your parole conditions wouldn’t allow you to come anywhere near my place anyway.

  7. Funny how the left thought throwing dildos at elected members of parliament was a great hoot as a form of protest? But this seemingly trivial protest is now not so funny.

    And Michelle Duff going full on woke, reinforces the perception that the Prime Minister must be protected from all criticism because of her gender and anyone who dares, is just put in the basket of chauvinist (read ‘deplorable’)

    • “protected from all criticism because of her gender”

      Take Ms Duff and ‘the woke’ out of the picture and look at the rest of the statement. There’s a significant difference between criticism or critical thought and serious concerns, all of which are frequently expressed on this site, and crass pop-news weighted with false accusations, both stated and heavily implied. Critical thought is dead and gone when even previously respected journos cannot resist inserting this click-bait attachment when they mention the PM.

    • Thats reprehensible that you demean a womans sex toy and woman like that! It has its purpose!!
      And as well, in mime as I’m sure it was intended on that day when Josie expressed herself in jest.
      Just Joyce’s timing was off … his mouth was closed at the opportune time. 🙂

  8. The problem isn’t with Colin Wilson or Twitter. The problem is with how established media is promoting social media into the mainstream.

    The whole turnArdern thing should have been left on social media. If you gave a shit, it was there for you to find. But, it found its way into the mainstream. And why? It gives the Ardern-bashers something to talk about. You can hear the glee in talk-back radio hosts discussing the topic. They can discuss the mocking of Ardern without having to do the mocking themselves. They are just covering something that is trending. Just like they had to cover Ardern getting booed at an All Blacks match. Perhaps their audiences love it.

    Instead of letting it die, we have to give the story new legs by finding the person behind the campaign. And again, when the author has to speak out. Are the media done yet?

  9. Has Colin Wilson recently been employed by National to get the slime and sludge ball rolling for the 2020 election on the party’s behalf? His oddball “protest” against Jacinda Ardern appearing in too many magazines seems something straight out of the Natz “let’s play dirty politics” book to me, while keeping Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges’ hands clean!

    Funny, I don’t remember any protests about former PM John Key, his wife, son and daughter appearing quite regularly in magazines and msm articles, particularly as an election approached!

    • mary_a “Funny, I don’t remember any protests about former PM John Key, his wife, son and daughter appearing quite regularly in magazines and msm articles, particularly as an election approached!”

      That’s because only low IQ Nat followers buy the women’s mags and salivated over the Keys. Put a non-Nat in and whoops – they can’t cope. They run around turning the mags around. That is so sad. (And hilarious).

    • Well said Mary, this guy Colin’s a muppet and is just scared of a women in power. I too agree he is a fall guy for Bridges and Bennett as the only way to win the election is to ridicule Ardern. Whether it be Vance or Tova, dirty politics will survive. Meanwhile 250,00 will benefit from a minimum wage increase. Health, education and other public servants have more in their pockets to spend at Christmas.
      And please get out and do some work Colin, you have far to much time on your hands.

  10. Michelle Duff is a good example of how deranged and out-of-touch the woke elites in the media and politics are.

    She is claiming a working stiff, a bricklayer, is oppressing the Prime Minister! What power has our bricky. Finally, the emancipation if the working class!

  11. Petty as it may be. The Woke backlash is even worse!
    The Middle Class Woke party is well and truly a White Gang who seriously need to be monitored by the SiS and the Police too. This is how Terrorists are Born!
    First the leader is ‘appears’ as if by a miracle!
    Then a quazi fundamentalism is created and sold to next generation who know nothing, have no sense of history and are only concerned about themselves and their own feelings!
    Then, the ‘movement’ is established and accepted by society’s elites! Stay at home journo’s and Social Mediahacks & Twitter Nazi-Gangs!!
    And then, the virtue signaling starts and they become enraged if one of their own ‘generation’ who’ve they’ve never met, gets attacked! With dangerous words!!


    I had better stop just in case one of the leaders acolytes gets wind of a Maori’s opinion and thinks he’s a rapist or a terrorist and reports me for that … ffs! 🙂

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