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  1. NZ is so deregulated that it has less strength and integrity than cooked angels hair, pasta that is quickly softened for a nice dish of fast food. We are on the menu to be scoffed with our approach to the dangers known to be bubbling under the seafloor of Whites Island.
    A vulcanaologist warning: One week ago, a government volcano scientist gave a warning that would prove tragically accurate. In a regular bulletin about the island, Brad Scott, duty volcanologist with GNS Science, ended his update with the statement, “observations and data to date suggest that the volcano may be entering a period where eruptive activity is more likely than normal”.
    Another bulletin, a week earlier, had said the same warning: “Whakaari/White Island may be entering a period where eruptive activity is more likely than normal.”

    Older citizens who remember that we were striving to have a good country that aimed to stand high in the world and make both a name and a living as a great place, and one of integrity, before neo lib and the free market turned the sign around so it read – ‘Open for business 24/7 – and we mean business (any sort as long as it makes the business interests happy.’ Can we change the sign back we have said plaintively, now more aggressively.

    We are up against rock-like resolve here; in a recent quiz in a newspaper I read that there are five Mafia families in New York. How many are aiming to be mini-versions in NZ which has a smaller population than the Big Apple (8 million plus)? We need to take control and assert ourselves, get wise, care about our tourists and our citizens and their wellbeing and safety. It’s no time for she’ll be right, unregulated shit happens.

  2. Stuff climate change, it seems we need more oil and gas exploration and exploitation, to keep the ECONOMY going:

    Globally we get much greenwashing and virtue signalling, no real action, also not in Madrid.

    So how high is the percentage of EVs on the NZ Inc market?

    Seems high residential property values allow the better off to buy a few more EVs, but hardly a turning point.

    Seems a tiny percentage of all cars, and there is not much planning to offer other non fossil fuel alternatives.

    Backward as per usual, following the rest of the world years later, NZ Inc.

    And where is the extra power going to come from?

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