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  1. “CEAC – Govt’ use rail- ‘busy roads stunt children’s lung growth’ – UK report.
    Wednesday 27th November 2019,
    Public health press release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

    Subject; – CEAC public health notice – Study; – NZTA lack respect of environmental stewardship.

    Quote; “Living near a busy road can stunt children’s lung growth, a UK report has shown.
    Children’s health was found to be affected by staying within 50 metres of the road.”

    Read the press release today below.

    Quote; “Living near a busy road may stunt children’s lung growth – study
    The study also revealed one-third of Londoners are thought to live near a busy road.

    Living near a busy road can stunt children’s lung growth, a UK report has shown.

    Children’s health was found to be affected by staying within 50 metres of the road.

    The study recorded the effect of roadside pollution across 13 cities in the UK and Poland.

    It found 14 percent of kids in Oxford had stunted lung growth, while in London 13 per cent were affected and 8 percent in Birmingham.
    The study also revealed one-third of Londoners, an estimated 3 million people, are thought to live near a busy road.

    According to the research, written by King’s College London and released by a coalition of 15 health and environment non-governmental organizations (NGO) said, living near a road with heavy traffic may increase your risk of developing lung cancer by up to ten percent.

    The new study also showed an increased risk of cardiac arrest, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, bronchitis as well as reduced lung function in children who live near a traffic-ridden road.

    Amongst the report, the coalition of NGOs has been calling on politicians to commit to taking steps to in order to reduce the drastic state of illegal air pollution across the UK to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

    “Air pollution makes us, and especially our children, sick from cradle to grave, but is often invisible. This impressive research makes this public health crisis – which affects people all across the UK – visible, and shows the urgency with which all political parties must prioritise cleaning up our air,” said Dr Rob Hughes, Senior Fellow at the Clean Air Fund in the King’s College London press release.

    This is the first time a wide range of health conditions and cities have been analysed in one report.”

    Again CEAC is asking;
    Why is NZTA not yet advising residents living alongside ‘their busy roads in residential zones’ – to be aware of these public health damaging effects and offering to discuss solutions with residents affected?

    TO NZTA – CEAC finds NZTA lack respect of environmental stewardship

    • CEAC say; – Use rail to reduce busy roads ‘
    • NZTA – must engage in active solutions to busy roads being a threat to public health.
    • NZTA must offer reasonable effective mitigation to protect residents health and wellbeing.
    • NZTA must keep this evidence as a record of residential health concerns to be mitigated by your agency NZTA for our public health and well-being.’

    CEAC encourage to see a Government who is caring, considerate inclusive and responsive to citizens’ health and well-being concerns.

  2. Immediate politics is all stones in your shoes. Dusty. Concentrating on what matters is the path. Or as my great grandfather called it , ‘t’cause’.

  3. Remembering Erebus today on the fortieth anniversary since the accident and the amazing courage of Justice Mahon as his quest for the truth was unwavering.
    An orchestrated litany of lies still resonates since his report was released in April 1981.
    Had Mahon not been so unrelenting the flight crew would have always been wrongly blamed for causing the crash.
    My thoughts are with the families and the emergency crew who endured the most miserable of conditions to bring all the victims home.

    Kia kaha

    • I don’t think it is considered good practice mosa to put up the same comment on another blog. It will be frowned on I am sure. And it isn’t good for someone to have the effect of dominating the space for comments or to dominate any discussion topic. I guess there couldn’t be complaint if one aspect of a topic was discussed so it was different from another comment on the same subject.

    • @Marc, Great to see the satellite families operating in this video and the ‘coloniser’ leaving a leader and a bunch of babies (and probably STD’s and diseases) before they fuck off. Sarcasm. I suspect the video is supposed to be an endorsement of ‘happy’ migration but beneath the surface it is portraying a lot more issues going forward!

  4. Molesters welcome!

    More high needs immigration targets that don’t meet the rules and special justice for jailed foreigners getting residency!

    Not meeting the immigration rules is the new rules it seems, encouraging more non rules migrants to come here and commit crimes and fill up our jails and justice system and immigration residency visas!

    “A judge has declined permanent name suppression for a foreign national who has been sentenced after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a massage therapy student.
    However, the man’s identity remained suppressed after he indicated he would appeal the decision.

    On Tuesday, at the Invercargill District Court, Judge Bernadette Farnan sentenced the man to two years and four months’ imprisonment.”

    “During the sentencing, defence lawyer Hugo Young made submissions for discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression.

    He said the consequences of the sentencing would have an extreme impact on the man’s wife.

    Mr Young said the couple held work visas and were in the process of applying for residency.

    With the conviction, the man’s wife’s options would be divorce and applying for the residency as a single person, or leaving New Zealand after her husband’s release.

    Because of her Christian beliefs, she had made the decision to stay married to him, and feared she would be discriminated against upon returning to home country, Mr Young said.

    Mr Young also requested a discount of 20% on the sentence due to his client’s cultural difference; Judge Farnan accepted a discount of 5%-10%.”


    (wonder why NZ First is on the rocks, aka going against their previous hard line on immigration to actually becoming a pro immigration party lobbing for exceptions like this!)

    There is a world of low wage employers out there who love temp workers because the amount of cheap labour migrating to NZ means that they can avoid any upwards pressure on wages or conditions – lucky our tax dollars seems to be going to help them expand and wipe out other business and of course they shouldn’t be expected to help have insurance in place for their employees who suffer a stroke!!!

    Oh that’s where they get their profits from!

    Cotton On workers accuse employer of virtue-signalling, go on strike over pay

    Meanwhile the money from government has to come from somewhere!

    Closure of Opotiki birthing unit will lead to ‘babies born on the side of the road’ – College of Midwives

  6. 42 people mainly kids have died of measles in Samoa. I cannot believe the media in NZ are now trying to blame New Zealand and in particular NZ First for delays in offering assistance. Winston Peters is subject to
    vindictive media attacks in their campaign to destroy the current coalition government and install a Bridges National faction.
    What the fuck has Winston to do with the measles epidemic? This is not even journalism 101. Its Trump baby talk.
    My party vote for NZ first is getting more likely.

    • @Rodel, Don’t forget Kiwis were to blame for the CHCH terrorist attacks too even though done by an Aussie migrating here for 3 years with legal guns, but had the race relations circling neighbourly in case there was some faux micro aggression operation going on, while major aggressors around the world aka getting bombs, knives, vehicles, guns, fire, you name it and actually going on terror attacks on the public at large are not the main worry for officials and how to prevent them coming to NZ and training and operating here …

      So unvaccinated Pacific Islanders going back to the pacific islands are obviously NZ fault too! Sarcasm. Again better containment is clearly a way to stop international disease transfer by not allowing unvaccinated people to travel internationally, but that might cost an airline company or tourism a $ and be inconvenient to the masses!

  7. How did NZ become such a miserable neoliberal country increasing poverty and pollution, that makes private profits the key stone of any policy, before any social good, and thinks that will create an innovative, socially forward, country?

    NZ being left behind as the world moves on to solve transport issues!

    Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

    Ellen, World’s Largest Electric Ferry, Has Battery Equivalent To 50 Tesla Model S Batteries

    Meanwhile in an alternate NZ future where Hobbits have failed and Lord Sauron rules, the officials in charge of transport seem to be closing down the public transport to build it at snails pace with as much profits and delays to be made while berating everyone for not using public transport that no longer exits in many places.

    They also are guilty of using the petrol taxes to upgrade bus stations in construction capacity and ‘safety’ upgrades not for the new trains. Now the council just banned electric lime scooters so not sure how anybody is supposed to get from A to B!

    When the mythical trains come into force, we can find out 5 years down the track that the rail links only work in a circa 12km radius that was already well served by buses. Then they will close down the city for many more years while they complete the next phase.

    Meanwhile most of the waged workers can’t afford to live in the CBD or pay for the remedial work on their apartments that were waived through by council workers bought in to rubber-stamp on behalf of the city. Great to see (sarcasm) more legal work for their private legal teams, rubbing their hands in glee at the dysfunctional city and their officials to make money off.

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