SkyCity union members striking this weekend after 50 workers fall ill due to smoke inhalation

SEA-Unite SkyCity workers are expected to strike this weekend after 50 called in sick with symptoms linked to smoke inhalation from the convention centre fire.
“50 of our members have  been ill as a direct result of  inhaling smoke from the fire on October 22” said SEA-Unite union organiser Joe Carolan.
“In the last few days  air quality specialist have conformed that those exposed to the plume inhaled more than three years worth of cancer-causing chemicals in a single day. Our members, and customers, were kept inside the casino complex with the air conditioning sucking in the smoke and recirculating it for hours.”
“SkyCity has been trying to say it was safe and there was little risk. Now we know.”
Striking workers will be picketing at 7pm outside the SkyCity entrance on Federal St today.