Internal Affairs urges New Zealanders to be mindful – Department Of Internal Affairs


Harmful material online – Internal Affairs urges New Zealanders to be mindful

Te Tari Taiwhenua, Department of Internal Affairs, advises New Zealanders to be mindful of harmful material online.

Jolene Armadoros, Director Digital Safety, says footage of the recent attack in Germany has been deemed objectionable under New Zealand law.

“The content of this footage is highly disturbing and harmful for people to see” says Ms Armadoros.

“If you see this video, or any objectionable material online, you should report it to the online platform it is hosted on. Social media platforms and content providers have reporting tools and it is important to use them” says Ms Armadoros.

Internal Affairs urges New Zealanders to think about how they can keep themselves, and their families, safe online.

“It is important to think about what your children are potentially exposed to online – if they come across a video such as the attack in Germany, it can be distressing – our tamariki need to know what they can do if they see it and know that there is someone they can talk to if they are concerned” says Ms Armadoros.

“For parents, have a conversation with your children about their activity online and make sure they know how to report content they see that concerns them. Consider the use of family accounts, child friendly filters and be aware of their social media use to help them stay safe.

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“Set out guidelines and ensure they know if they come across information that makes them feel uncomfortable, they come to you or another trusted adult” says Ms Armadoros.

Sharing and downloading objectionable content is an offence under New Zealand law because of the harm it can cause.

You can find our online safety resources on our website, here.

If you are concerned that something you have seen may be objectionable, contact the Censorship team.