National promise to bash dirty filthy beneficiaries if returned to power


No one in NZ politics ever lost votes by bashing the dirty fiilthy bennie, and the party of Cruelty and Spite as social policy, the National Party, are promising a delicious smorgasbord of counterproductive malice masquerading as welfare policy if elected next year

National is looking into fining the parents of young people who leave school early, and don’t go into education or training, up to $3000 if it returns to Government.

This is just one of the policies understood to be under consideration by the party as part of its social policy review, due to be unveiled later this month.

…as if punishing parents with fines for truant children isn’t bullshit stick over carrot crap, look at the way National want to hurt beneficiaries…

• requiring gang members to prove they don’t have illegal income before they receive the benefit

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• a 25 per cent reduction in the number of people on the benefit

…simply throwing 25% of beneficiaries off the benefit doesn’t solve anything! It simply means homelessness explodes, remember? The last time National were in power, that’s what happens. National go all vicious on social policy, people fall over, the social damage compounds.

As for taking welfare off gang members, Jesus wept – all that means is they are going to turn to more bloody crime!

NZ workers have lived for 3 decades in a de-unionised work force and stare at the pittance paid beneficiaries with envy in comparison to the low wage crumbs they manage to gather each week. National exploit this wage envy and beneficiaries are sold as the great enemy, that’s why counterproductive punishment policies are promoted with such zeal and glee by rich National Party MPs. The legacy of those counterproductive welfare policies explodes as the homelessness and deepening inequality we see on our streets each day.

This resentment and rancour pretending to be social policy by National is the lowest political trick in the game and reeks of desperation.

It’s ugly, it’s needless and it’s divisive.

Which of course is a 3 word description that perfectly sums up the National Party.


  1. How low could Simon Bridges go? as the depth of insult goes very deep and he enjoys harming us all see can clearly see now.

  2. That news release is paywalled. This means that the poorest of people, those most likely to be directly affected by such toxic policies in terms of their health, their homes, their families, their children and ultimately their survival, may not be able to read it. How does that serve a democracy? Shame on the Herald!

  3. “Bennie” bashing remains a major NZ sport. Self employed, contractors, middle class on WFF, retired boomers on super, and working poor alike, all seem to enjoy giving beneficiaries a serve in the interests of scapegoating, and “last place aversion”–the phenomenon of people needing to have someone beneath them, no matter how miserable their own circumstances.

    Despite evidence from the Household Labour Force Survey that for many years there have been more people unemployed and underemployed than actually in receipt of a Jobseeker Allowance, and the various accounts of academics, Salvation Army, AAAP, and other long time beneficiary advocates; the dots have not been joined up. WINZ/MSD is a sadistic neo lib punishment maze–not a service of social assistance.

    The Nats don’t care they are just vote herding.

    • Correct Tiger Mountain. And it will work. National’s greatest skills may be in manufacturing hatred. They will quite likely promise to come down hard on crime again too. That’s always a vote winner.

      There is no reason why the coalition govt cannot, with atypical vigour and passion, also undertake to come down hard on crime, while also reducing the prison and recidivism rates; these are not mutually exclusive objectives, and the public discourse should not be continuously left in the hands of the grubby.

  4. One thing you can always rely on with National is that they will always recycle the same sub-Victorian policies that they did last time, the time before that…..and so on.
    Bold and innovative policy is a foreign concept to National.
    Their stock answer to everything is to spin the wheel of misfortune and see which disadvantaged group gets bashed next.

  5. I am one of those whom has an 18 year unemployed teenager at home . He dropped out of school 3 months into his last year as he felt he was no longer learning anything. He has since done a pretrade course in plumbing, work experience and also applied for part time.e work. He has his license and he is enrolled with a trade employment provider but at this stage NOTHING. He has been told that he is unlikely to get a plumbing apprenticeship this side of Christmas and that businesses are not hiring. We live in Hamilton. Now, if I get fined under Nationals scheme does this make me a bad parent,will I be put on a bad parent register and will I continue to be fined until he is employed? I say to Simon there must be a shortage of parked cars.

    • bert – best of luck to you and your son. Plumbing’s a good way to go, so fingers crossed that that all pans out well.

      Ignore Simon Bridge’s threats – they’re empty, just like so many of the Nat heads which went fishing and are still bobbing away lost at sea lacking the ballast to ever make it back to shore again. Good.

      This is little more than a bully boy show off trying to ingratiate himself with the greedies, by intimidating whanau who are perceived as disadvantaged. Pathetic.

      It is hopeless, totally impractical, and it could never be implemented.

      If Paula goes along with it, it is because Paula’s a person with perhaps a predilection for pushing people around. There’s a type of female joins the Nats because they think that’s where the money is, but underneath it all they know that they themselves will never be top drawer people – as it were. Sad.

      Threatening parents is the politics of defeat.

      It is acknowledgement that during the many years of National misrule, the educational and social systems have tragically failed so many of our young people, who deserve so much more than seeing only an empty future, desperation, or far too often, ending lives which bring them too much pain.

      For lack of any original thought, Simon is messing around with English’s hopeless generalisations about young Kiwis, and rather than stepping out boldly and asking how can we do better, he’s admitting defeat, and blaming parents.

      Yep, some parents are shit parents just like some politicians wallow around having fun with faeces, but a blanket whamming of the parents of unemployed youngsters, is just plain downright dumb, and an utter cop-out as policy.

      How low can Bridges go ? How long is a piece of string ?

  6. But after selling off state housing to speculators who just increased the rent to Market Rates then demand that the government increase accommodation suppliment so they can increase rent again and grab the top up. While still moaning about bloody people on benefits.

    • And when they’ve booted that 25% of people off the benefit, they won’t be able to afford NZ’s ridiculously high rents (although they barely can barely afford them now). The government will then need to place those people in emergency accommodation in motels and with shark landlords charging $300/night:

      Therefore all the “savings” made by denying legitimate benefit claimants what they’re legally entitled to will evaporate after the WINZ has shelled out vast sums for emergency housing. It’s real genius stuff.

      • “all the “savings” made by denying legitimate benefit claimants what they’re legally entitled to will evaporate”

        How can there ever be ‘savings’ when the poor and the vulnerable are punished and effectively criminalised, primarily for being poor. Apart from emergency housing, many end up in jail as a result. This costs around $100,000 p/a per person. Thereafter the broken lives and family damage can last for generations. There are also increased health costs, hospital stays and emergency situations, often involving children. Where are the ‘savings’?

          • “in inverted commas”

            Yeah, Simon I got that 🙂
            I was endorsing your comment, underscoring it, and expressing a bit of ‘rage against the machine’

        • National don’t concern themselves with the social cost, just the economic cost. In a perfect world, they’d all live in some massive gated community and the howling morass of peasants would be kept safely on the outside. National regard voters as a resource to be tapped in order to maintain the status quo and keep the machine of state chugging merrily along, and they’ll routinely lie, dissemble and smear in order to get their grubby paws on the levers of power.
          When was the last time National had an original policy idea? It’s always “dirty bennies, hard-working mum and dad investors, criminal scum, feral tenants, those poor, harassed farmers, etc…” If you don’t know whose interests the National Party serve by now, you’ve been asleep at the wheel.

          • “National don’t concern themselves with the social cost, just the economic cost.”

            Nevertheless, if a true breakdown of costs were made in terms of extra admin, extra medical costs, extra police, extra family violence costs, prison costs, accommodation, counselling, etc etc… – the economic cost would surely outweigh any immediate government cash transfers. And they are cash transfers. Payments that beneficiaries receive go out again instantly, within the local economy.

            The social costs, particularly the longer term costs, are disastrous, an absolute tragedy.

  7. What’s the problem here. Martyn is having a rant and that’s nothing new. If any of the population out there don’t like Nationals policy in this area they will choose not to vote for them. Are the general public not intellectually equipped to make that decision. Are those on the left Or right on this forum more mentally capable than those who don’t blog. I’m sure in some cases it will be the other way round. Are those commenters here frightened evil Bridges and his cohorts will manipulate the voters into believing their evil lies. I believe we should let the public make their own mind up which party will offer the best direction this country should go. Like it or not over 40% of the voting public will most likely vote for National. Why is that. It’s not because Bridges leads National and it’s not because they think National is evil. It’s because they believe National gets stuff done. They also believe National is a safe pair of hands. whether you believe that or not is immaterial, but many out there do.

    • The National Party of New Zealand is a joke because economic growth is easy to promise because when the people are not doing well they assume that because the economy is doing well then some one must be doing well? It’s bullshit logic and you’ve got to be heavily indoctrinated to belive it.

      What’s more difficult to do is to grow the value of each person so that every citizen is more conpetitice than the immigrants that are allowed into New Zealand and that’s all about wage growth but of course, The National Party of New Zealand actively has policies that would lower an employers liability to his staff.

      • Sam If the population believe the labour coalition will do a better job they’ll vote them back in. With or without your logic.

        • If the success of Trump and the GOP in the US tells us anything, it’s that people will willingly vote counter to their own interests if they’re promised the world, lied to, bribed with tax cuts or led to believe some foreign ‘other’ is coming to steal the silverware. The “dirty bennies taking your hard-earned tax dollars” line is a National Party ploy so ancient and dilapidated it should qualify for superannuation and a hip replacement. National are dirty players. They fudge the numbers, employ grotesque hyperbole to frighten people into voting for them and make shit up. They’ve decades of form for this kind of manipulative crap and they should be pilloried for it. If you’re at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and vote for National you should at least be aware of what you’re getting. Nine times out of ten, it’s a boot to the face.

    • Well if you believe bennie bashing and general vindictive attitudes to “poor People” is “getting things done”, they will get back in eh?

    • Pensioners take up the majority of benefits, many magnitudes more than any other demographic. If National wanted to combat our completely unsustainable welfare system they would look at that group.

      Instead they seem to be going for loose change behind the couch. #winner. Not.

  8. To pillory the nation’s most vulnerable citizens this way, treating their sad plight as a political game to play with at will, is absolutely shameful to say the least. Unfortunately, it’s something National does best to attract votes from its vile, ignorant, head in the sand, gun toting support base … the disgraceful, heartless specimens of society with no compassion or care whatsoever towards NZers less fortunate!

    With such hate driven toxic policies, National must never be given the opportunity to become government next year! That has to be our aim.

    • That has become National’s calling card Mary. Divisive politics. Anyone who is not a card-carrying National Party member is the enemy. If they are a soft target and bashing them feeds their support base then it’s open season. What a sad divisive party full of hate the Nats have become. Long may they stay in NZ’s rearview mirror….where they belong.

    • That head in the sand, vile , gun toting oh and ignorant support base is over 40% of NZrs. You seem quite ignorant and arrogant labelling them that way. Or have you superior morals.

      • That ignorant and arrogant analogy means that over 50% see it differently too you, thus we have the government the majority want!

  9. Ugly and divisive sums up the National Party perfectly. They are being led by two vile individuals in Bridges and Bennett who are the epitome of ugly and divisive. Even National Party online trolls have sunk to a new low under their “role modelling” which is more appropriately described as Dirty Politics. There is however good news on the horizon. In the next 12 months, the Me Me Me Party via self-interest will no longer be able to ignore they are being led by Latrine Rodents. National will have to rebuild and flush away people like Bridges and Bennett etc etc. In anticipation, I raise my glass to that day in the not too distant future.

    • When you say rebuild, it won’t be a genuine rebuild. It’ll be the party sitting about figuring out which latex mask they need to wear in order to get the peasantry to vote for them again. Beneath that mask, there will lurk the same toxic blend of hubris, entitlement, dishonesty and guile. The National Party of old is dead and buried. The diseased cadaver shambling through the corridors of the Beehive these days is a pale imitation. From observation and conversations with die-hard National supporters, I’ve concluded their reason for routinely voting National boils down to a mixture of habit, familiarity and pure, unadulterated self-interest. Labour are by no means as pure as the driven snow, but they’re a damn sight better than the motley collection of rogues and brigands comprising the National Party.

  10. I am astounded to read the tactic being “considered”. I was horrified when the extent of the so called “P contaminated’ housing situation was revealed to be a hoax….yes, a hoax, which Madam Paula Bennett was “responsible” for. Prof Gluckman’s word was the nail in the coffin for the Nats; shame on them for their callousness and disregard for the ‘lesser’ class. She, who grew up in West Auckland, presumably working class, had the audacity to pick on these State House tenants and fronted on TV triumphant in her “success”. Could I suggest they pursue the overpaid, under performing citizens who seem to have so much leverage on tax issues, avoidance of the law of the land in pursuit of personal wealth….and leave the poor alone. Heaven help us if that lot takes the Govt benches…..having said that, I believe most New Zealanders have more intelligence coupled with compassion.

  11. I am speaking facetiously here but how many dirty filthy beneficiaries became MPs in the NZ National Party????!!! I am sure there is one nasty former beneficiary who sits right beside Simon Bridges and allows him to say the most stupidest of things with her overall support.
    And looking at her track record of beneficiary bashing especially of those who criticised her beloved NZ National Party it does appear she has selective amnesia of the time she was on a benefit and she had a go at the NZ National government of the day(in the 90s).
    But then again lets look at the ENTIRE NZ NATIONAL PARTY MPS and we too can view them as dirty and filthy beneficiaries because they are being paid by the NZ taxpayers(like those on a benefit). They(the NZ National)have the low income NZers to fund their lifestyle and perks of the job.
    And so whilst Simon Bridges again makes himself look like a Village Idiot with his comments about beneficiaries he had better take a serious look at himself considering he is one highly paid NZ taxpayer funded beneficiary who probably hasn’t worked an honest days’ work in his entire political lifetime or even in his previous job.
    Right now I am completely over Simon Bridges and co. Their behaviour to try to appear all so righteous and without sin shows them up for the true hypocrites they truly are. We don’t need these free-loading and self-serving overpaid and underworked beneficiaries called the NZ National Party being funded by low income NZ taxpayers anymore.
    If only the politicians of the other political parties called out these bludgers for what they are. A nasty and selfish bunch of people who do not merit ONE NZ DOLLAR fgrom the NZ taxpayers.

  12. All one needs to do is pay a small amount of attention to the brain pool of both National and Labour to see that its completely depleted.
    Both major wings of Political Party’s belong to the same Neoliberalist Fattened Turkey thats crossing the road in rush hour traffic and getting splattered on the way.
    The system is so broken that none of these Politi-idiots know what to do to fix the impending implosion of any form of a fair based Civilly based Democratic system.
    The haves, hate the have nots, the have nots hate the haves and theres nothing in the form of a Social Norm left to create a balance between fundamental left or right its just hair on fire appealing to hair on fire at each end of the spectrum. The algorythm isn’t the answer Mrs Robertson…
    Hate rules the day in NZ and its no different in any of the other Western Economy’s.
    If you have half a brain its pretty easy to figure out that all ships of State in the West are heading to the same jagged reef dead ahead.
    We’re all being played like the stunned mullets that we are. Division rules and its just a matter of how loud you squeek whether some brave Feux Journalist will pick up and run with your plyte as to whether you’ll be a hero or a zero for the next 20 minutes while you flame out.
    I recommend that everyone learn the old theme song for MASH. “Suicide is painless and brings on many changes”. Try it and if you’re burning bright enough you just might flame on thru to the otherside. Otherwise, dunk your head in a bucket of sand and get a damn grip!
    Life means more than money, or your stupid opinions, or the Bank Managers quota for loan arrears collections.
    There’s a world out there beyond your tunnel vision, – stress kills, family is everything and you can’t take it with you when you’re pushin daisys.
    Politics doesn’t equal good governance, or wise leaders, which is what we herd animals need to survive. Lemmings make great followers…
    Pull finger people and do something that works for intelligent beings. Use ya noodle and pull together in the same direction. We all gotta share this planet – get it?? Good…
    Take care of each other, be considerate & kind for a change. Sheesh what a bunch of fools humans can be! Take a tip from Brian- Look on the bright side of life!

  13. Bashing soft and vulnerable targets has been Nationals M.O for many years. It’s their equivalent of periodically throwing some red meat to their supporter base who for the most part view beneficiary’s as the feral enemy who are little more than oxygen thieves.

    Christmas can be a very sad time for many. It’s a time their personal circumstances are highlighted. Some find it a bridge too far and add their own name to NZ’s horrendous suicide statistics. In December 1990, Jenny Shipley proudly announced the devastating and divisive benefit cuts. Those benefit cuts were not going to take effect until April 1st 1991. Why would any human being announce such cuts to the most vulnerable just days before Christmas when many were already suffering and at a low point? Shipley justified the timing by saying beneficiaries would need as much lead in time as possible to adjust to the cuts. This of course was pure horse shit. You ask any beneficiary today how they will budget in January 2020 and most will have a very confused look on their face as living hand to mouth is their week in week out routine. They simply don’t have the luxury of being able to think about their budget in 3 months time. They are far too focused on how they will pay their bills today and put food on the table for the next three days. So what was the timing of the benefit cuts announcement really all about then? It was the National Party giving their own supporter base a happy Christmas gift. It didn’t matter that the news of the cuts was going to devastate so many vulnerable and disadvantaged people right on Christmas. All that really mattered was again targeting the feral enemy to the rapturous applause of their own supporter base. What has changed with the Me Me Me Party since then? ahhhhh nothing.

  14. The cornerstone of Neoliberal economics is pitting man against his fellow man.
    Divide and conquer (or should I say manipulate?).

  15. Hmmm….how about a new headline:
    “Workers promise to bash dirty filthy National if returned to power”

  16. The one that gets me is the “25 per cent reduction in the number of people on the benefit”. As meaningless as Bridges’ vow to “cut two regulations for every new one”. That’s not policy – it’s just virtue-signalling.

    • That’s because Simon’s on the ropes and all he’s got left is knee-jerk reactionary responses and hoary old cliches badly disguised as policy. They know bashing beneficiaries, hammering crims and wiping out regulatory measures (most of which were put in place for a damn good reason) plays well with their myopic, self-interested support base of corporate pirates, embittered racists, and foreign investors. There’s no detail, just rhetoric. “We’re going to build a regulation bonfire!” Good for you. What regulations did you have in mind? *crickets* Why those in particular? *crickets* Have you considered the flow-on effects of wiping out vast swathes of regulations, and do you genuinely trust big business and property barons not to take liberties once they feel they’re off the leash? *crickets* I mean, they’re such trustworthy souls, aren’t they?

      National have nothing, so they’re essentially trawling for any sort of positive response using bait that’s proven reliable previously. They’re utterly bereft of ideas.

  17. Simon is now keen on the Ozzie approach after their surprise Murdochian victory. Just he’s an idiot for being influenced, and he has a conscience and no charisma. I majorly prefer our Right to overseas. Oz is so near though. So easy to present a bounteous story and clear enemies for people without our braincells. Aussies of course don’t believe in authority, for better or worse, unlike us.

  18. Disgusting as this well-known ‘operator’ knows. And Judith Collins standing off with her inside and out rugby manouevres. Spose it’s a good point she goes to the centre of us. Simon doesn’t have any central ideas. He’s gone a long way on that, but not as long as an another emptyhead.

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