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    Women as victims still? Is that what feminism has come to, after all its efforts to bring women up
    from that status to a respected position in society, standing tall, getting respect for their positions as
    progenitors of society and individuals of intelligence and creativity and capability? And a sexual
    revolution that enabled more sexual experience and enjoyment – how has it changed society’s attitudes
    to the eternal attraction of gender being managed better? How is it that we are stuck in 1980’s mode?

  2. I’m sorry for taking up all the room on the Open Mike here stoplping other commenters from putting up their thoughts. Please don’t let me!
    As for the post on Israel-Palestinian matters it is very sad to read about this continuing hegemony without compassion. I am presently reading atbout Hungary’s treatment of Jews from 1944 on, and I can see the sorrow and anger that arose from that. The book is written by a child at that time. The desire to steal everything from the Jews, their jobs, their possessions, their homes, everything that belonged to them that had a market price was thorough. So thorough that the women were internally examined to make sure that they had not hidden any small rings, or jewellery in body crevices.

    For Israeli Jews to have their army continue the very actions that so disgraced the attackers of the innocent Jew civilians in World War 2, should be a great sadness to worldwide Jews. The army has covered Israel in a cloak restained with blood of innocent people; first it was that of Jews, a sacred relic of the blood of martyrs, but then resoaked in revenge and disdain with that of Palestinians of the ‘other’ religion, while Israelis carry on business with the WW2 attackers, mostly Christian. Israelis are in a very strange mindset and all the psychiatrists and psychologists, and Freudians and Jungians and Adlerists, are needed to put the sad souls of Israel back together. If the world said sorry to Israel if they would treat fairly with the Palestinians, could they come out from this debilitating mindset of hate and anger?

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