PART 3 : The extraordinary nonsense we need to believe for NZDF war crime claims


I’m not even sure how to explain this…

SAS commander says he wrongly dismissed possible civilian casualties due to misunderstood acronym

An SAS commander claims he wrongly said allegations of civilian casualties were cleared because he misunderstood an acronym. 

But this “tangle” of an explanation for the Defence Force’s repeated and outright denial of possible civilian deaths has been picked apart by the Operation Burnham inquiry. 

…so the NZDF are now claiming that Brigadier Chris Parsons, a highly-educated SAS commander, mistook an acronym from a ISAF report that apparently cleared the SAS for any responsibility in killing and wounding 21 Afghan civilians.

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The pure grade A bullshit of this defence ignores that the SAS would have had their own internal reports of what happened that night, so pretending to rely on a secret ISAF report that was apparently mis-interpreted and only turned up 3 years later after being found in a secret safe is beyond any credibility.

The NZDF have had 9 years to cobble together a convincing lie to gloss over their falsehoods and deception in attempting to hide this massacre, and the best they’ve got is one of their Officers misreading a report they had hid in a safe???

If the Inquiry doesn’t find them all guilty of war crimes I will be shocked.


  1. “If the Inquiry doesn’t find them all guilty of war crimes I will be shocked ”

    Bomber this is an orchestrated litany of lies and we are all familiar with that approach in this country with the establishment having too answer for their crimes in this case murder.
    Of course its glaringly obvious that this will just be another Key- English whitewash and there will be no justice for the Afghanis slaughtered in this operation.

    A lot of crimes have been committed between 2008 -2017 with not one conviction.

    Be prepared too be shocked but not surprised.

  2. None of the public inquiries launched of recent have found anyone guilty of anything

    And the likelihood of Palmer sanctioning the military on a mission he voted for as a government minister is about as likely as Trump rejoining the Iran nuclear pact.

    Recall the Clark Labour government placed the troops in Afghanistan based on the biggest lie – 9/11 crime.

    9/11 was done by NeoCons and Zionists and no mainstream commentator, media organisation, government official or MP, nor any academic appear to be able to countenance.

    Nevertheless where one part of the lie is proven so, then the whole house of cards collapses into its footprint.

    World Trade Center building 7 evaluation study draft findings.

    Not enough fire, and;

    All columns collapsed simultaneously.

    That means cutting or demolition charges which means WTC security let them in prior to 11 September 2001.

    One card brings down the house.

    Why did Clark and Palmer send NZ troops to Afghanistan? More here:

  3. Only two years to cobble really: “Hit&Run” was published 2017. By then Mataparae who watched the first night attack in real time, had gotten a knighthood, been governor-general, then made NZ Ambassador to the UK. He watched. Wayne Mapp went to bed. Who knows what was going through Key’s yes head.

    Before Hager & Stephenson, the SAS may have thought they were home and dry. The NZDF officers have shamed us and themselves. We need to apologise to the peasants we terrorised and literally drove out of their village; pay the standard reparations – anything more is unlikely from mean little NZ – and give tuppence each to the the army wallahs – their worth.

    Probably quite a relief now to the NZFD guys sworn to secrecy – it’s a big burden to have been carrying.

  4. We need monetary compensation to the Afghanis. The defence force won’t go down for this at all, that is how it works.

    • They have gone down, Michal. They’ve gone down as low as any man can go on terra firma before they start tunneling away to escape the sunlight. They know that we know what they are like, and really, they don’t matter that much because no legal process could transform them into upright honourable persons.

      This is what happens when mice go to a bigger rodent and ask to lick it’s boots. They get chewed up. They should have read Aesop’s fables before they begged to join in the torture of the awful historical tragedy that is Afghanistan.

      We must apologise, and of course we must compensate as much as we can, but we can never restore many of the peasants’ lives to the way they were before the great satan smashed in by dead of night – and there have been wonderful young people all over NZ beavering away for justice for the Afghanis, and they do
      do us proud.

  5. Jerry muppet pare has lot to answer to why do you think jhonkey gave him those cushy positions and he signed away policy/legislation that hurt his own people all for self advancement and under jhonkey our SAS became a law unto there own (power abuse ) and the great reputation we once had has gone down the toilet

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