How lucky is Judith Collins that media are too busy chasing Labour Sex Assault Allegations


How lucky is Judith Collins that the NZ media are too busy chasing Labour Sex Assault Allegations to focus on this…

Fuel firms told to invest at Auckland airport by June or Government should step in

Fuel supplies to Auckland Airport are not sufficiently secure and investment in extra infrastructure is needed “without delay”, a Government inquiry into the 2017 Auckland fuel crisis has concluded.

The fuel crisis began when the 170 kilometre pipeline linking Refining NZ’s Marsden Point oil refinery to customers in Auckland suddenly ruptured, sparking a two-week crisis that saw more than 100 flights cancelled at Auckland airport.

The inquiry report published on Tuesday said a digger operated by a “contractor” suspected of damaging the fuel pipeline in 2014, setting in motion its later failure, was owned by Auckland company Oravida Kauri, which was renamed Kauri Ruakaka the following year.

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David Wong-Tung, the husband of then energy minister Judith Collins, was a director of Kauri Ruakaka until 2017, but is no longer on its board.

Former Engineering NZ president Elena Trout who headed the inquiry, said it understood the contractor sold swamp kauri to Oravida when he found them and was not charged by Oravida for the digger.

…Oravida, how extraordinary. Let’s remind ourselves about Oravida again…

2011Oravida donates $56,600 to National Party.

October 2013 – Judith Collins opens Oravida’s new Auckland headquarters.

October 20, 2013Collins has dinner with Oravida bosses Stone Shi and Julia Xu, along with a senior Chinese border official in Beijing, China, while on a tax-funded trip. She claims it was a “personal dinner” and that no business was discussed.

October 23, 2014 – Collins visits Oravida’s Shanghai offices “on the way to the airport”.

December 23, 2013Oravida makes a $30,000 donation to the National Party.

March 4, 2014 – Collins denies dinner was a conflict of interest.

March 12, 2014 – Collins admits she had dinner with Oravida bosses, but calls suggestions she should resign “ridiculous”. She is put on her last warning by Prime Minister John Key.

March 18, 2014 – Despite Collins’ claims she visited the Oravida offices in Shanghai “for a cup of tea on the way to the airport”, it is revealed the company’s offices are 30km in the opposite direction.

April 15, 2014 – 3 News reveals Oravida  requested help from the Government on Chinese border control issues just weeks before Collins’ dinner.

April 17, 2014Winston Peters alleges the Chinese official present at the Beijing dinner represented the agency that decides whether imported food products are safe.

May 2, 2014 – There are calls for Collins to resign, following the resignation of MP Maurice Williamson for interfering in a police case involving wealthy Chinese businessman Dongua Liu.

May 4, 2014 – Accusing the media of forcing MP Maurice Williamson to resign his ministerial portfolios, Collins takes a swing at TVNZ journalist Katie Bradford, saying the media should be open to the same scrutiny as politicians.

May 5, 2014Collins apologises for attack on Bradford, denies her comment that she could have “recall on all sorts of things” about journalists is a threat.

August 24-28, 2014 – Oravida Kauri Contractor damages fuel line while digging for Kauri to export using loopholes.

So by exploiting a loophole, Oravida Kauri wasn’t just digging up treasured Kauri logs for export, their contractor also had a hand in almost running Auckland dry of petrol?

“I am not a monster”, hissed the Monster.

How is it that Judith Collins can have this level of exposure to a company that seems to blur the lines time and time again (not to mention all the Dirty Politics issues) and yet be poised to strike as the new National Party Leader?


  1. Bang on brilliant Martyn.

    Welcome home Judith.

    Question; when are you coming home to face the “music”???????

  2. So now they know who did it I am sure the bill will go to the right place and taxpayers will not be burdened? Anyone heard the taxpayers union asking for this?

  3. Don’t own a television .. don’t care about Labour’s sex scandal.

    Won’t be voting National or Labour.

    I wonder if New Zealand news rooms have been infested with brain eating parasites ??

  4. You forgot to mention her being kicked out of Parliament in the timeline. (How she got back in remains a mystery).
    Has anyone noticed a pattern here? How so many of the blue brigade are in bed with the chinese government or their agents?
    You are looking at a very dangerous woman. If you think she’s the next PM in the making then you’d better hope we have a natural disaster in this country before then because the outcome of it would be way better than how things would be if she ever got into a position of power and control.

  5. It is truly amazing that there was hardly a peep out of the mainstream NZ media when John Key was ‘too busy’ harassing a waitress on more than one occasion by constantly pulling her ponytail.
    And there wasn’t even a peep out of Paula Bennett to complain about John Key’s sexual harassment of females with ponytails.
    Does that explain now why Bennett has deliberately kept short hair because she knew in an instant John Key would be pulling it, if she had one?
    Right now the woman with the toilet brush hairdo that seems to be looking more and more like she(Bennett)has been to the same barbershop as Simon Bridges is coming across more unstable as ever. She holds little or no credibility and why an office staffer would go to her of all people just beggars belief.
    All in all when it comes to Paula Bennett or Judith Collins they both seem to want to run with the pigs(the NZ National Party and whomever makes donations to the NZ National Party) and grovel in corruption for their own intents and purposes.
    But do either of these two really give a stuff about the victims eg. a parliamentary office worker or Auckland? I would say no. When it comes to ego and lining the pockets albeit of either the NZ National Party, their pockets and their very egos they don’t give a toss about anyone else but themselves. They are a law unto themselves and they arrogantly deem themselves as being way above us lowly NZ voters outside of election time.

  6. So what? Judith Collins has some connection to a company that had some business relationship with a contractor who is likely to have been dumb enough to hit the fuel line while digging around for logs.
    With the 3 degrees of seperation, I’m sure many of us have some connection if we looked hard enough.

    Neither red nor blue is ‘your’ team. Politicians all have their own agenda, just like anyone.

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