Why is National Party MP Matt King being such a climate denial coward?

National Party Alt-Right MP, Matt King. Voted most likely to be caught with a huge unexplained collection of children's shoes in his basement

Northland National Party MP and man afraid of eclipses, Matt King, posted an American Right Wing climate denial mantra onto his Facebook page last week and is still facing the anti-science fall out it has sparked.

The climate denial is so evangelical you get the feeling he has doubts about vaccinations, fluoridation in water and all of the moon landings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fervently believes dinosaurs are a trick by Satan and that the Earth actually rests on four large elephants standing on a giant space turtle.

You should think that someone who is prepared to post this sort of emotive climate denial would at least have the spine to actually front and debate his fringe views so Local Councillor Mike Finlayson has challenged him to do exactly that..

‘Withdraw the rubbish or front up’: Councillor Mike Finlayson challenges MP Matt King to climate change debate

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The Northland MP copped heavy criticism over the weekend for a social media post that claimed climate change “is natural” and accused the Government of unfairly targeting farmers in efforts to lower carbon emissions.

Northland regional councillor Mike Finlayson says an elected official sharing social media messages that go against “90-something percent of climate science” is irresponsible.

“If you’re a member of the public, sure, but he represents thousands of people,” he told Newshub. “It falls short of the standard for local government.”

Finlayson has served on the Northland Regional Council for three years, and says climate change is playing an increasing role in decision-making.

He was “shocked and disappointed” to read King’s Facebook post, which was published to his official page on Saturday.

“He’s battling for farmers, I say go for it, but the rant was plagiarised from an alt-right, petrochemical industry-funded propaganda unit.”

…if you want to spout ideas, all well and good, but when challenged you should need to front and actually engage in debate to defend your views, so what has National Party MP Matt King decided?

Matt King says his controversial Facebook post has sparked much-needed discussion around climate change, but won’t take the conversation further by accepting a councillor’s offer of a public debate.

…what a cop out! Oh, it’s fine to post controversial far right climate denial crap on his Facebook page, but he doesn’t have the spine to actually front and debate the issue?

Give me a C. Give me an O. Give me a W. Give me an A. Give me an R. Give me a D.

What have you got?

Matt King.



  1. All true that is Martyn,

    Matt King is folllowing behind his master ‘Simon Bridges’ who echoes “tarmac king” Steven Joyce.

    So these are the whole stategic backbone of ‘National’s Climate change policy’ wonk.

    What a bunch of losers, with no backbone at all.

    2020 will see voters see this lack of ‘environmental policies’ and leave National in droves, if Labour/NZ First ramp up their ‘environmental policy plans’.

    • Well I am around Tyrion Lannister levels of “truth bending” and I’m not even trying to question physics as Alt-Lord Matt King would.

      It’s probably best to take that into consideration next time I or anyone else’s says something, including this.

  2. Why is National Party MP Matt King being such a climate denial coward?


  3. National have just lost any hope of regaining the Napier seat next year.

    The National Party this week in Auckland committed to (what we describe as) an ‘environmental bonfire’ by vowing to scrap the new labour/NZ First policy of equal funding between rail and road projects, and spend only big public money on roads.

    The RNZ report said; Quote; The coalition government shifted transport infrastructure focus from roading to public transport and rail, but National would be changing the focus back to roading, it said.
    Quote; “The National Party plans to scrap 100 regulations and a number of the current government’s policies if voted into power next year.”


    All this ‘war on rail’ is hardly new news as Simon Bridges has always been an ally to oil companies, and has never shown any environmental considerations or any commitment to rail, and always followed closely followed his hero “The tarmac King Steven Joyce.” For roads, roads, and yet more roads.

    By wanting to spend most of the public taxpayers money exclusively on roads, means Simon Bridges wants the public to subsidise roads for mostly the benefit of the freight truck industry.

    He shows no interested in any future for regional rail freight and passenger services, and this will cause massive truck gridlock on our dangerous roads and increased Greenhouse Emissions that will cost NZ big in carbon credit penalties, while foolishly National are allowing rail to die.

  4. The NZ National Party will not change its bad habits, including installing ex Coppers without a clue on the bigger picture, into provincial seats. The people of Northland need to change the bad habit of voting tory too, driven by farmers, East Coast retirees and SME operators. But the North is becoming younger and browner, and a change will come if not in 2020, them 2023.

    Mr King puts some horrendous crap on his FB page and needs a few public pummellings, as a lot of rural people use social media.

  5. Bradbury, your comment regarding Matt King and “children’s shoes in the basement” has been noted and forwarded to the appropriate authority.

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