The media who spend so much time denigrating men now think men might need help with suicide



Well, well, well. The media who spend so much time denigrating men now think men might need help with suicide…

Health authorities urged to target growing male suicide

Health authorities are being urged to target a growing number of young men dying by suicide. 

Figures released on Monday show 112 of the 685 people to die by suicide in the year to June 2019 were men aged 15 to 24. 

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More than three in every 10,000 young men aged 20 to 24 died by suicide, and men of all age groups made up 68 per cent of suicides.

Victoria University lecturer Dr Chris Bowden said the high rate was due to the “invisibility of men in previous suicide prevention”. 

It appeared health authorities had been hesitant to consider men an “at-risk” group for an upcoming national suicide prevention plan, and men were not a group mentioned in the prior 2016 plan. 

…isn’t that hilarious, we are so structured to see Men as the problem health officials didn’t even consider them when it comes to suicide.

If the graves didn’t groan so heavy with their bodies, this would be the plot of a spoof comedy.

In the post Me Too landscape and in a world of subjective rage feminism, masculinity must be deconstructed and damned. That imprint impacts men whose identity is already damaged by their own internal gender culture issues with other men and isolated by a neoliberalism which robs the collective and only celebrates the individual.

Men know other men are dangerous and damaging, the majority of murder victims are men killed by other men. The vast majority of people in prison are men. The vast majority of suicides are men. Men die sooner, depression and addiction impacts them harsher. Health issues, heart disease, cancer rates all impact men more negatively than women, yet the repeated media focus is only when men are awful to women.

Why has a Māori female waitress who had some men laugh at her and make her feel bad led the news agenda and eclipsed coverage of 685 suicides for the last couple of days? Because newsrooms stacked with young Millennials who source stories from their social media feeds with a focus on micro-aggressions fill newspapers with ever angrier narratives of how evil men are.

At some point that is going to have a wider unintended consequence of negatively impacting male mental health the same way the advertising industry destroys women’s self esteem.

I heard Mike King once say that the most important thing he tells young men around NZ about suicide is that they are loved. It’s a message that is being ignored everywhere else because we have become a broken nation of unloved fatherless sons.


  1. Never were truer words spoken.
    Our system is geared against men as perpetrators, child custody being a glaring humiliating heartbreaking example.

  2. If you want to throw up in your mouth a little, pop over and read the headline at The Standard , the Amazon fires are due to toxic masculinity dontcha know.

  3. what a load of bullshit the media target everyone but mostly brown people get the worst rap in this country we need to value everyone not single certain groups out and put in the knife. We need to stop stereo typing, discriminating and stop the gender roles bullshit and we need to ensure people can find somewhere decent to live and work, let get back to basics

  4. Last night on RNZ Mai Chen hopped on the bandwagon of blaming white men for everything and how we have to harden up and let millions more immigrants come and take all the houses and jobs

  5. Yes Feminism in the modern idiom should really in some instances be called what it is, misandry. Its not representative of the views of most people but a small group who have co-opted genuine concerns that effect women to air their warped hateful world view. The MSM at times plays to this, often to simply have something to say but also as a tool to silence legitimate concerns and dissenting voices. One item in a larger toolbox of oppression called political correctness.

    Indeed men are over represented in suicide, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness and more. Worse still we have an establishment that when it stops to listen often hears those who complain the loudest and most frequently without stopping to consider the value of the message. As a result men are often viewed as the lesser half of humanity, small wonder so many decide they have had enough.

  6. Yes true taht is as a 75 yr old white guy I even feel under fire by these “me too” feminists and I love women and feel disowned so the war is agonst us my wife hates these anti male types too so I am lucky I guess.

  7. Well said Martyn,

    I’ll give two hoots about pay equity, when the govt gives two hoots about the male life expectancy and suicide rates. Because you know if those gender specific statistics were to be the other way round, we’d have people screaming from the rooftops.

  8. Testing, Martyn My blogs have not gone into your posts since two days ago so I am testing to see if this one gets into the list.

    I am 75 and feel disowned also by the feminist movement so I have my wife to keep me feeling normal but we want to feel valued by others also.

  9. It seems timely to revisit this celebrated recent cartoon by liberal American favourite Jen Sorensen:
    Note how (in frame 4) Trump’s maleness is painted as an inherent part of the problem, and Jacinda’s femaleness as inherent to her virtue. Ms. Sorensen’s sleight of hand conflates gender with vice and virtue.

    Contemporary feminism is misandrist – and has an inordinate influence on mainstream culture in the West.

  10. 100% there Martyn, very well depicted so where are these femisist voices highlighting male suicide rates gong through the roof?

    I hear nothing but silience so far. – Sad response from feminists that will hurt their cause if they fail to highlight the sad male suicide rate factor now emerging.

    My brethern are aasadly not being fairly represented in the MSM at all as Mike King and you have signalled we need to see it discussed now.

    Keepit up Martyn please these men need to be honoured.

  11. Jus a few thoughts from my old man in 2019.
    Men have become weak , gibbering fools who are expected to hug everyone they come into contact with and if they don’t they are branded uncaring male beasts or a ice cold chauvinist is my old mans opinion.
    You never show love to another male in case it is considered homosexual and that goes for any son you raise.
    Crying is a show of weakness , you must keep your composure even when it is hard too do so.
    Suicide is a cowards way out.
    A good punch up always sorted things out.
    Feminists are too blame for weakening the males position in society in the last 50 years just look at the decline of male teachers in education.
    Men now are too frightened too have contact with young children in case it is misconstrued as something sinister.
    Men have become the scapegoat for every one of life’s problems.
    The justice system discriminates against men in the family court.
    Boys will respond better when taught by strict male influence including sport.
    A woman’s place is in the kitchen as long as the man helps out , follows instructions and does the dishes.

  12. Where does the End of Life Choice Bill fit into this conversation? Can someone’s grief be considered terminal? Why not? Is the Bill having an effect on how people view life?What about the influence of media on suicide? We have lost some of our rights with respect to viewing certain information (manifesto bad, but children blown to pieces with western-supplied bombs okay) so why isn’t media being subject to such scrutiny as a suicide trigger (movies on topic, insurance adverts – “It’s time to talk about kicking the bucket”, even the weekly celebrity cancer articles on Stuff which implicitly touch on the subject). What about religion, whose writings are jam packed with homo rage, equine air travel and revenge killing? Do we need to censor this material as possible trigger? Will people’s lives and outlook only improve when the government addresses issues such as inequality and poverty i.e. by raising benefits, wages, access and opportunities for one and all. Is it not surprising that people don’t want to live in a world with so much promise but which is out of reach?

  13. Comment: This is certainly going to get some outrage from the Twitteratti, Martyn.
    Another thing to add is that while male suicide has significantly increased, female suicide has increased only slightly.
    Perhaps one way of getting more attention (and presumably action) on this scourge is to stop treating it as a moral issue and treat it has a health issue.
    The same kind of approach did a lot for the issue of abortion recently, and for contraception further back in time. Once you stop treating it as a purely moral issue the religious doomsayers are kicked out into irrelevance and we can have a much more sensible debate with better outcomes.

    • Pffft. I think the WT are a tad busy. I think the Wellington Union bosses suddenly heard about the secret Facebook groups the WT are involved in & what was being said in private and the Wellington bosses came to quickly see those Wellington Twitteratti as a liability and flushed them.

      That last comment is for the players. 🙂

  14. Totally agree. Although I think the left and the woke are some of the worst attackers of men not just the media.

    It has also spread to the courts so that now men are routinely convicted with no evidence classed as ‘unsafe’ around their children and protection orders given out. Weird because sometimes the children are from multiple partners and somehow all the father’s are now ‘unsafe’, so surely you would start to question the mother’s judgement or motives of having multiple protection orders out so that the fathers can’t see their kids and get shared custody which can be inconvenient to the mother or as a control issue.

    Yes there are many violent men out there, but somehow this has morphed into automatically the courts with no evidence apart from the Mother testimony, to gain full custody from the courts and the men are arrested and fully controlled in family situations despite (in the cases I know of) being just as good if not better parents than the other party.

    Sad when the kids think that it is because the father’s do not love or want to be with them that they are not seen by the fathers and fathers are too frightened of what the mother’s might allege next time to challenge the situation.

    There are a lot of fatherless kids out there, and nice men that can’t play the system and lie at the same level as others, are big victims of the system and the child court system seems to be actively allowing kids to be routinely not allowed access to their children.

    When you see that Maori men are also very strong victims of going to jail for things that other Nationalities get off without a conviction aka driving offences, or totally blown out of proportion sentences, it is easy to see how the system can create a narrative based on bias both of race and sex.

    I can totally see why men are committing suicide and it is nothing to do with the millennials (even thought they are a problem) but generally the millennials don’t control the power systems… it works for many to have a dysfunctional family court system, but the victims are not just the innocent men, but the children who lose a parent due to allegations that are not true or overblown to get full custody.

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