National Party MP goes full Trump on Climate Denial

National Party Alt-Right MP, Matt King. Voted most likely to be caught with a huge unexplained collection of children's shoes in his basement

No. Way…

National MP argues climate change ‘is natural’ in Facebook rant taken from US right-wing source

National MP Matt King has shared the belief that climate change “is natural” after posting a rant, taken from a US far-right source, to his Facebook page on Saturday.

The National MP for Northland attributed his rant to “some words taken from NZCPR website”. The article ‘Setting New Zealand Up to Fail’ was uploaded to the New Zealand Centre for Political Research website last Sunday. It includes an adapted script taken from a 2012 video by Free Market America – but swaps out ‘America’ for New Zealand. 

…this is climate denial madness from National…

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You would’ve thought after the UN conspiracy theory that inspired a white supremacist terrorist, National would shy away from this sort of crank alt-right stuff.

Why rely on overseas crank science when Matt could just invent it himself? Matt doesn’t seem to understand climate science in any way shape or form, and I imagine he gets frightened by eclipses and reading silently without moving his lips.

How does Matt King feel about chemtrails, flat earth and voter fraud?

What he is posting here is real crank science up there with anti fluoridation and anti vaccination stuff. He’s one dinosaur with a saddle away from claiming God made the earth in 6 days.

National have to get much tighter on their MPs social media feeds leading into the election, sure National are a climate denying political party, but you have to pretend to believe the science or else it becomes too obvious to the voting public that you are just paid mouthpieces for big oil and the Dairy industry.

Come on National, pretend better than this.


  1. Physics makes The National Party’s Alt-Lord simultaneously love science then shits himself in one Facebook post (isn’t physics great).

  2. Well done, Matt! All those climate deniers who say you’re the climate denier don’t have a leg to stand on. Just ask them for the evidence that human activity causes dangerous global warming. They won’t have any, because they never have any.

    • Is this the Richard that had the balls to take NZ climate scientists to court and argue that they had falsified temperature records?

      The very same Richard that was such a believer in his own bullshit that started the court case, then quickly set up the New Zealand Climate Science Education Trust, to hide behind and escape liability for $89,238.90 he and his cronies owed to NIWA for wasting their time in court?

      The very same Richard and his cronies that had his arse handed to him by the judge, who noted that much of their evidence was unreliable and their witnesses unqualified to talk to the issues of the case?

      Richard, you really are pathetic. Get over yourself and stop spinning bullshit, we all know you for the gutless liar you are.

      And for any of you who feel I’m being harsh, this fool has spent the past several years spinning lies, trying to trash hard working scientists reputations, and wasted a substantial amount of public resources pursuing his ridiculous lies.

      • nukefacts – Thank’s for this; I knew there was something idiotic with King’s posturing, but I thought he was just attention seeking.

        To me,Treadgold looks and sounds mad. JK did this sort of thing with Mike Joy, and they may be what it’s going to be like grappling with a future which doesn’t need or want them- trashing scientists won’t stop anything – but it’s rotten behaviour.

  3. Climate deniers ae paid by the oil industry to repeat the words “no climate change here” for as long as they are able till hell fezes over it sems while we all see the climate xchanging before our eyes every month that goes by.

    Just ask Aiuckland people how they like the unusual ‘rain every day this month’?

    Half will be climate deniers and they ‘no problem’.

    So what is certain is that only when they are treading water will they actually be ‘awaken to the harsh reality’.

    Guess we should call it the “Poseidon effect” after false notions eh?

  4. If you’re going to publish Matt’s picture can you please take that tacky pen out of his breast pocket, close his mouth – there’s something wrong about it- and maybe blank out his tie – but especially get rid of the pen – it looks awful- that’s if it really is a pen. (He should know all these things – where’s he been ?)

    • He’s been nowhere SW. Grew up on a debt free family farm which he’s inherited became a policeman then a Nat MP. Spent his whole life in Northland. Not very bright. Found being a policeman quite shocking ‘cos of all the violence and stuff. Turns out people away from a comfortable life with a guaranteed full tummy and comy house and everythink aren’t very nice. You know?Who’d a thunk it? So of course this barely literate drongo is the perfect guy to tell the rest of us not so well off types what the truth is!

      • Shona – You’re wonderful, “barely literate drongo”, indeed. More like a little pansy if he quit the police because it shocked him. What about all the cops and firepersons and first responders mentally clobbered day in and day out who don’t have family farms to run off and hide in ? The A & E staff punched in the face helping drunks and druggies ? What a man.

        I didn’t think that even the Nats could have anyone this thick and thought Matt was just kicking up the cow pats trying to get attention. When I saw that he was a farmer I saw why. It’s our country’s future at stake here, not his pathetic profits.

        He’s playing it all wrong – there are farmers who love and respect this land.

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