Why the massive ice melt in Greenland should terrify you


Greenland ice melt is so extreme, it is happening at worst case scenario rates not expected until 2070.

Just pause and consider that.

It’s melting 50 years faster than Scientists predicted, last week it was reported that the ice sheet lost 11 billion tons of ice – in just one day.

So what you say.

Greenland is melting at a worst case scenario 50 years early, how does that impact the rest of us?

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In a terrifying manner I’m afraid.

The Atlantic Circulation current takes warn water from the tropics and takes it north allowing most of Europe to have a temperate climate, the fresh water pouring off Greenland dumps into the Labrador Sea, which is one of the most important sea pumps for the Atlantic Circulation, if the water around the Labrador Sea desalinates because of the fresh water, the Atlantic Circulation shuts down, warm water stops going north and Europe’s climate becomes catastrophic.

It’s happening now, the Atlantic Circulation is weaker now than it has been for 1600 years.

We are seeing the last canary die in the coal mine. Catastrophic climate change is here, we have run out of time. Our collective denial has made it impossible to stop climate change, our only hope now is radical adaptation.


  1. Sometimes when scientists find that their models consistently fail to predict events they go back and re consider their original theory. Like maybe they are attributing warming to the wrong cause in this case. Might it not be time to do this?
    D J S

    • No, David. Warming is related to increasing carbon dioxide, methane, and other substances we casually spew into the atmosphere. Time to move past notions of “some other cause”. The cause is US, no one or nothing else.

    • Shutting down Oceanic currents with fresh water has been well studied. We don’t often hear about these random discoveries in nature precisely because that’s how climate denial works by drowning them out.

      The idea being and this is just me commenting on human beings creating artificial oceans. So the idea is with these artificial giga structures humanity is creating can cause much more severe earthquakes because they go over all of the fault lines. I just don’t think people truly comprehend how powerful humanity truly is.

      So how should humanity confront nature when humanity is literally a geological factor. How could we possibly confront something that is so crazy and destructive. For example think about what kind of disaster that had to happen millions of years ago so that we could have oil. Nature is literally a long never ending string of disasters.

      So we have to research and develop science & technology. Science and technology maybe causing problems but at the same time they are the solutions. The solution is not to feel more organic with Mother Nature and suppress humanities urges and excesses.

      Our economy should remain open and everyone should keep on working on solutions that differ greatly from America’s and Chinese spend at all cost notions by creating better products & services than there’s.

      • Our disaster will be local shortage of food.
        NZ needs to look more toward self reliance across the regions.

        That is the economy that we can do that does not rely on international trade patterns and events

        • Well I think we should expect violence. Not the kind of state violence we expect but we need a kind of social discipline. I just don’t think the workforce is respected quite nearly enough. To cut this short I am opposed to an insular economy that is to scared to swim in the ocean. I think that’s to mystical.

          The reason I disagree with trade barriers is because it constructs an opposition. Graham T Allison Jr coined the phrase Thusydide’s Trap meaning war is inevitable when a great power is challenged by a rising power.

          When poorer nations see our high standards of living are locked behind trade barriers, that’s when I think our government has a responsibility to move away from Thusydide’s Trap by maintaining the balance of trade and investment though out the South Pacific and wider world.

  2. I continue to expand upon my argument that global sea level will rise 7 meters by 2070, as I originally discussed over 5 years ago in a video. An Arctic Blue-Ocean Event (BOE) that is very likely by 2022 will cause very large Arctic warming. With no sea-ice left to melt, we lose our Arctic “refrigerator” and all that previous “latent heat” will now be “sensible heat” jacking up temperatures. This will further expose Greenland to accelerated, catastrophic ice loss with rapid sea-level rise and abrupt increases in frequency, severity, duration of extreme weather events globally.

    Marcus Carambola from Extinction Rebellion Ōtautahi Christchurch
    talks about the latest climate science and where our planet is headed; options for mitigating the worst effects are discussed and solutions through the study of social movements.

    • Yes, it seems too much of a co-incidence that this idea has suddenly been resurrected right now!
      My guess is that Trump is thinking about the estimated vast reserves of oil and other minerals that are thought to be under all that ice and is thinking that we buy it and WHEN (not if) it melts it will be MINE! ALL MINE! HA! HA! HA! HA!. Americaaaah……Americaaaah…….etc.
      I hope for the world’s sake the Danes don’t cave into American political pressure and actually sell it to them. That would be the same as stamping a receipt for the end of civilised life on earth.

  3. ” our only hope now is radical adaptation.”
    Nah. She’ll be right.
    Our Pale Blue Dot’ll be fine. Water’ll swill about a bit but it’ll all settle down in time to come.
    Having said that:
    I’d be moving away from the tropics tho. And away from the larger, more densely populated areas. And up a bit. And adern’s used a fuckwit to justify having our guns forfeited to the cops… who have guns of their own as well as ours now. You ever been in a fight where you have a girlfriend who holds your arms while shouting “Noo! No! Stop! You’ll get hurt! Stop!” as you get slapped about? If you have a girlfriend like that? Best get another girlfriend.
    ( Or boyfriend etc. No disrespect. )
    But don’t worry. Humanity won’t go crazy and invade anywhere. A starving general humanity will sit and wait until doomsday. It’s the rich bastards now, today, who we should be worried about. They’re ten steps ahead of the rest of us and will already be making plans.
    Survival of the fittest, they’d argue using their soulless, narcissistic logic.
    11 billion tons of ice in one day, you write? Jesus wept.
    What do you mean by ‘radicle adaptation’ ? Could that mean the end to being nasty to real farmers and not keep lumping them in with corporate cowsploiters for the sake of blind hate?
    Did you know?
    My mum, my dad, an aunt and myself ran a 3000 acre property carrying 4000 thousand sheep and about 250 head of cattle by ourselves but for shearing time? Did you know that about me? And that was 27 years ago. None of your fancy cell phonery or interweb nor that there. No quad bikes, no hifalutin 4×4’rs nor that there. Air conditioning? Power steering! Ba hahaha a a a!
    Did you know? My neighbour has 670 acres of beautiful Eastern Otago farm lands which he runs about 3000 sheep and a dozen or so beef cows on?
    There’s by himself, tho a young fellow comes by now and then to help with the shearing, drenching, lambing etc.
    There’s himself, his wife, who runs the house, and his two little school kids, his part timer and they are it. 3000 thousand sheep? Do you know how many pies that is? Do you know how many wooly socks, jerseys and singlets that is? Do you know how much work that is? They literally never have a day off. And he’s a fourth generation farmer in AO/NZ’s conventional sense.
    You want to come on down here a bouts and I can show you many other families who do the same things as my neighbour. Owning large tracts of land upon which they grow vast amounts of food per head of worker for you, and you, and you.
    We grew 500 acres of wheat and oats. We headed grass seeds by the ton and had I known about it? I’d had a big fucking paddock of Pot somewhere. We shore several hundred bales of wool and our black pole steers would feed Helensville for a month. That’s from one small family of three older people and a teenage boy.
    I’ve read books. I done read a book or two about this and that and the one thing that stands out? Is that when a feller gets hungry? That’s all that matters to a feller. Not sexy times, nor the V8 missing on number 5, nor what’s on the tele… None of that. What matters? All that matters, so I’ve read, is one’s hunger.
    I heard a true story once on RNZ about a surveyor who went to the Antarctic back in about 1910. They lost their vital sledge with the food down a crevasse so they started to eat the remaining sled dogs raw. Dog livers contain a certain vitamin that’s less than helpful so those intrepid few died one at a time from madness and a resulting skin condition that drove them scratch it off in feverish desperations.
    There was one hard bastard who managed to get back to the Port they arrived at only to see the last ship sail away before the winter season set in.
    But wait! ? Initially unbeknownst to our erstwhile fellow, a fellow sailor stayed behind just incase there were survivors. They sat out an Antarctic winter together to be rescued the following summer season.
    In time to come? If one must eat Miffy the $2500.00 Labrapoodlespanieldoodle do not eat its liver unless you cook it first.

    • I didn’t read past your first paragraph,because it’s asinine drivel…but remember-Ardern didn’t confictate “all your guns”….only ones with the capacity to be turned into automatic weapons-if you want to defend yourself from the ravening hordes in the future simply have all your shotguns loaded,…you’ll prevail.Nobody really needs an automatic weapon,except a trained soldier in wartime.

  4. We are going to face the reality of war for resources before we die from the actual climate change per se.
    It’s time to stop beating on our farmers – who’s carbon footprint is less than the overseas feedlot cattle which would replace them if they restocked and invest heavily in military technology and strengthen our alliance with Australia and the US. Boats, subs, drones, more sub and ship killer planes. Missile defence.
    Compulsory military service and arm the population.
    Australia should nuclear arm.
    The sight of landing boats coming ashore isn’t going to look any better out the window of your electric vehicle.

    • Get rid of the cattle we don’t need them not their stuffing up our rivers and atmosphere..

      They are equivalent to 90 million humans shitting at will.

  5. With Brexit shutting down British immigration to Europe plus the combination of much colder winters with the Gulf Stream shutting down I expect NZ to get an influx of Poms.

    I wonder when we’ll change strategy from attempting to avoid global warming to recognising that it is inevitable and prepare for the consequences ala Martin’s fortress Aotearoa strategy.

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