Wow – what NZ First just did to Tracey Martin was the coldest most spiteful political kneecapping in NZ history


Oh my God, NZ First just did a drive by shooting of one of their own MPs and it was brutal.

I have been incredibly critical of the Minister’s response to Orange Tamariki uplifts, but Tracey Martin deserved far better than what Winston Peters did to her over the u-turn on abortion.

Holding back tears, Tracey Martin unleashed her terrible disappointment on legislation she personally believed in during the Parliamentary first reading and it is heartbreaking…

Tracey Martin in tears

NZ First MP Tracey Martin came to tears as she lays out the speech she was going to make on the bill.

She says she was ready to make a personal speech about why she supported the bill, but the context of this week’s news means she can’t.

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Martin was the lead negotiator with Andrew Little on this bill from NZ First as the women’s spokeswoman for the party. She told the media on Tuesday morning that the party would not be seeking a referendum on the issue. But later that morning at a caucus meeting NZ First resolved to attempt to introduce a referendum at committee of the whole house.

This led to a somewhat embarrassing media situation on Tuesday afternoon when it all came out on the way into the House.
Martin is detailing this whole story to clarify things. She notes that some people think NZ First is a dictatorship but it is not.
“Many governments have not been brave enough to take this on. This Government is, this Parliament is.”
She confirms that NZ First will block-vote in favour for first and second readings.


…Jesus wept that’s cold and cruel. NZ Firsts current and sudden attempt to play to social conservatives was enough to throw their most talented MP under Shane Jones provincial values bus was it?

I don’t think i have eve been as disappointed in Winston Peters in my entire life.

How disrespectful to an MP with the mana of Tracey Martin to pull this kind of stunt on her.

What disgraceful behaviour, especially on a day when the best the House has to offer citizens was on display. Listening to such graceful, dignified and passionate debates supporting abortion change in Parliament today moved me emotionally as a human being and filled me with a deep gratitude towards our democratic process.

Watching NZ First play petty politics on that stage was beneath everyones worth.


94 votes to 23 first reading of Abortion Law Reform!

Let’s get this needlessly painful wound removed from our present


  1. I like Tracy Martin and I was very disappointed when she was replaced as deputy , But…
    ” She told the media on Tuesday morning that the party would not be seeking a referendum on the issue.”
    did she have the authority to make this statement? It seems Winston would have to have agreed too though he does usually says decisions of policy are collective, but surely he would have known if a collective decision had been made. Was she trying to pre-empt the party’s position?
    More needs to be known before condemning Winston . I thought I read somewhere weeks ago that he reckoned a referendum was necessary to decide NZF’s position.
    D J S

    • David Stone: “did she have the authority to make this statement?”

      I heard her on RNZ. She said that the issue of a referendum hadn’t come up for discussion at all in the NZF caucus. See this:

      “…senior MP Tracey Martin said nobody in the caucus has asked for a referendum and there are no plans to table any amendments to Justice Minister Andrew Little’s bill.”

      “Ms Martin can’t explain why this bill is different or what way her colleagues will vote.

      “Because we haven’t had any discussion around it I can’t explain it because we haven’t discussed it. It isn’t something that has come up in our caucus at all on this legislation,” she said.

      Ms Martin was reluctant to comment on whether a referendum was off the table because MPs had stronger personal views on abortion.

      “I would be reaching and trying to put myself in the mind of my colleagues and I try not to do that.”

      Ms Martin was tasked to work with Mr Little to get the bill to a point that best met NZ First’s principles of “safe, legal and rare” abortions.”

      It sounds to me as if she did have the authority.

      So: it looks as if Winston – according to some abstruse political calculation of his own devising – threw her under a bus.

      Martyn says: “Jesus wept that’s cold and cruel.” It’s difficult to disagree with that, and on such a sensitive issue, too. I’d thought Winston above that sort of abominable behaviour; but obviously not.

      • “Ms Martin was tasked to work with Mr Little to get the bill to a point that best met NZ First’s principles of “safe, legal and rare” abortions.””
        I guess it all comes down to the process by which she was so “tasked ” D’Esterre. If Winston was involved in this tasking then he has indeed thrown her under a bus, but if he was not then who did the tasking? One would expect Winston to at least know about what she was tasked to do.
        There’s more explanation needed but thanks for the link.
        D J S

        • David Stone: “If Winston was involved in this tasking then he has indeed thrown her under a bus…”

          Knowing Winston’s modus operandi, as we older people do from long years of watching him work, it is inconceivable that he was NOT involved in said tasking. Also in the decisions reached. Martin is a NZF MP: she’d know full well what she was and wasn’t able to say. What Winston says, goes, in that party.

          So. Bus: meet Tracy Martin.

    • I have no idea what it is like for a woman to fend off sexual advance from likely everyone of her male colleagues. A male may empathise with woman but males really have no idea what they (we) look like when we fumble all over ourselves just to pass on the most superior genetic genes. So emotions will run high when woman find a bit of peace and justice. There is still a question on who’s genes are truely superior and could survive climate change.

      • Sam: “There is still a question on who’s genes are truely superior and could survive climate change.”

        Heh! That comment reminds me of Antony Beevor’s book “Berlin: The Downfall”. In it, he observes that, as Berlin citizens endured the final assault on their city, it was the women who risked their lives leaving the cellars to find food, while the men stayed put. I think he also commented on the fact that the men drank schnapps and complained about their situation, instead of doing anything pointful to alleviate it.

        I think we all know that the female of the species is the more likely to devise strategies for survival when the shit hits the fan climate-wise.

    • Jay’s – Paula Bennett’s announcement to the media that R’s behaviour was inappropriate for a married MP was about as nauseating and totally unnecessary as I’ve ever seen – especially in the circs.

    • Jays: “This doesn’t even come close to the worst IMO.
      Marilyn Waring anyone?”

      I vividly remember that period in NZ political history; which incident with Marilyn Waring are you referring to?

  2. Three percent in latest polls, it sends the shivers down some MPs spine that is within NZ First, e.g. Derek Ball.

    They need to regain traction, Tracey is too warm hearted and too close to Labour for them, she is paying the price now.

    So they sacrifice her, who cares, females are a minority in NZ First, take a look.

    • Yep. This is a sign NZ First know their base has evaporated.
      This current stunt is just virtue signaling Peters style, no chance of stopping the bill but might shore up the last 2 elderly people still voting for them who still remember something from church about sacred human life.
      Won’t make a bit of difference other than being yet another (seemingly)
      erratic uttering in the last week. Definitely a pattern developing.

  3. This Winston party will destroy this coalition and deliver us another Nast Natz government.
    Funny i always thought they would go the distance and not be a one term wonder.
    Winston should take Shane and Ron and piss off !!!!!!!!

    • Look at it this way. National cannibalized all of there coalition partners including ACT and they’re only 2 points ahead of Labour in the latest poles and Labour hasn’t had a chance to cannibalize there coalition partners so I’d be doing everything to play there roles and get it correct if I was them.

  4. with friends like these who needs enemies. I hope Bridges goes the same way as John Key and refuses to give this sad excuse of a politician any air time.

  5. Dear winnie. You keep proving my point. Thank you, you little shit.
    winston peters does one thing. And that one thing is to protect the deeper, darker, most ghastly who rob us blind daily. But worse! They ENJOY the frisson of it. Have you ever been beaten up? It’s one thing to get a fucking hiding but it’s quite another thing to get a hiding from a nut who loves to dish it out. That, is why hospitals. And morgues.
    On any pile of shit, there’s a point. The highest point of the shit that’s piled. The altitudinal point of shit, one might say. In Nu Zillind? What with it’s scant few 4.7 mil? I’d be safe in excreting the idea that, that would be one person. There you go. Who, is that one person who orchestrates this most grizzly orchestra that is our AO/NZ tooting away, trying to keep up with the play?

  6. Was she speaking about doing something about Oranga Tamariki? Or she’s discovered the difference between sex and gender? Because until shes learnt the difference between a “man” and “woman” and “Gender”. Her speaking about abortion is as confusing.

  7. If any female members vote for Winston after this they have betrayed the 1 in 3 NZ women who have had abortions.

    Criminalising someone in emotional and physical distress is not justifiable.

    OH SHIT! Winston wants a referendum!
    Problem solved for whom? At what cost?

    Winston. Not Women.
    To hell with the cost.

    Winning winsome Winstone is what matters.

  8. Winston farts about while neo liberalisim burns !!!!!!!!!

    Tracey Martin should think deep and hard about the party and her leader in the next little while.

    I would be seriously pissed off if the man fighting the fire kept pouring gas on it and was supposed to be rescuing me from the top floor.

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