The brutal, bloody, vicious and deeply counter-productive NZ War on Drugs ends in a defeated whimper


And then it was over.

The guns finally stand spent, exhausted from decades of never ending war prosecuted with contempt by a State furious its workforce weren’t conforming to the needs of capitalist wage slavery.

Drugs alter perception and can leave some impotent for work from addiction. The State hates critics and non-productive units and free thinking that might undermine the accepted norms is to be burnt like witches in the town square.

The enormity of what the Government just passed into law with the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill which now demands all Police consider the drug possession and use a health issue rather than a criminal one is an enormous admission of failure by the State in its War on Drugs persecution.

The lives that have been destroyed because we criminalised drugs rather than saw them as a health issue must run into the hundreds of thousands. Decades of worthless, meaningless and infinitely damaging social policy based on fear and control have been quietly ended with all the humiliation of the US losing Vietnam.

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I raise a salute to all those NZers who suffered at the hands of this cruel social policy and am sorry that there will be no apology given to you or acknowledgement that you should never have had to be treated like that in the first place.

Let’s remember the real victims of this War on Drugs as the State lumbers defeated and shamed from the battlefield they created.



  1. In 2016 drugs and alcohol contributed to 80 fatal crashes in NZ.
    In the same year 9 people died in gun related homicide here.
    The left: “safety first -guns are bad, lets confiscate them from the jaw abiding (criminals are responsible for 99 percent of crimes), but decriminalize drugs.”??

    For the record I’m not against freeing up drug law, all freedoms come with some sort of cost to society, life would be excruciatingly bland if we were wrapped in cotton wool for our own safety all our lives.
    I am dead against rank hypocrisy though.

    • Please be more accurate and stop making what is already a subject full of bullshit and bluster worse than it needs to be.

      The police stated that in 70 crashes ‘a level’ of drugs were found in the drivers system. They also said as they did not know in what quantity they did not know if the drugs had any input into those crashes.

      I also have no problem with freeing up drug laws but it needs to happen within some boundaries, a free for all will undoubtedly end badly.

      • Those are real statistics.
        Not included are other drug related deaths including suicide.
        It’s a cold hard fact drugs contribute to far more deaths in NZ than firearms but urban leftie ideology says one is bad and the other OK

        • Wrong – your bullshit strawman argument about what constitutes “urban leftie ideology” is such a lame, banal meme. Fuck’s sake if you tried there might a valid argument you could make but this is one-eyed drivel.

      • Keepcalm i understand where you are coming from and totally agree that the gun rights issue has been overly politicised.
        The thing is it cant be defined in terms of left or right thinking.
        It is an issue of common sense and both left and right have fallen short at times.
        With the situation at Ihumatao,it is only a matter of time before the State uses deadly force to help Fletchers and this is well known.

        Just like the Americans,we do need the right to bear arms,to protect ourselves from the racist ravages of the State.

        In this world a vote is worthless if it is not backed up with a bullet.

        • I appreciate the support. I’ve never argued the need for guns for self defense, I understand some do.
          It’s a freedom vs risk issue for me. I’m all for peoples freedom to use what they like if it’s done with some sensible controls (age etc).
          Yet we must acknowledge alcohol and drugs do magnitudes more harm than guns ever did in this country.
          I can respect others freedoms and take the small risk of being killed by a drunk or drugged driver as a consequence.
          Yet those who want more drugs are the same who do not show me the same respect for the infinitesimally small risk of death by gun here.
          I think some (not you) seriously need to examine their motivation.

    • Yes – he has caused a lot of pain and misery – and his sanctimony only rubs salt into the wounds.

  2. Yes and lets not forget the grinding inequality fostered by decades of toadying to big business and Socialism for the 1% that led to ordinary people feeling such despair that drugs were in many instances their only release. Lets not forget too that some of those drugs are legal and taxed to death. Nothing like making money off of one kind of human misery whilst persecuting another.

  3. Opoids and mind altering drugs are a luxury vice for the wealthy but when the poor do it, we send the cops in. Time for that rank hypocrisy to end.

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