BLOG WATCH: Liquidators chase Whaleoil and Juana Atkins


After abruptly closing down Whaleoil, the cavalcade of political circus freaks who work for Slater attempted to set up a new blog, The BFD.

It’s a tad galling that they have ripped off The Daily Blog’s entire design which we recently relaunched with but their site is so slow you could actually go out and write your own code before the thing loads properly, so I suppose imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Unfortunately just attempting to waltz off and restart the same business with the same customer data base is frowned upon by the liquidators who in the last 24 hours have stepped in and set this message when you attempt to read the old Whaleoil site

…it will be interesting to see how long their BFD lasts with the Liquidator’s on their tail.

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I know we shouldn’t enjoy this but these people are so awful the schadenfreude is just reactive rather than conscious.


  1. Could the Daily Blog re-post the previous blog on Cameron Slater. I would like to share it with all my Facebook friends

  2. So you are happy with the demise of blog sites that may challenge your opinions or the opinions of your blog . Seems pretty elitist and cynical. Nick

  3. So you are happy with the demise of blog sites that my challenge your views or opinions. Elitist and cynical I’d say!! Would a boring world that would be aye

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