Nathan Guy – good riddance got bad rubbish


National’s Nathan Guy announces retirement from politics at 2020 election

National MP Nathan Guy has announced his retirement from politics.

The Otaki MP won’t be seeking re-election in 2020 after 15 years as an MP.

Guy entered Parliament in 2005 and became a minister in 2009 when Sir John Key’s National Government came to power. He’s served in a number of ministerial roles, such as Minister of Primary Industries and Minister of Immigration.

Good, I’m glad Nathan Guy is resigning, he was a terrible MP.

He did sweet bugger all to stop farm animals being abused, he bent over backwards for the commercial fishing industry and turned a blind eye to fishing abuse, he voted against same sex marriage and he was the one responsible for allowing International Super Villain Peter Thiel to buy NZ residency.

It’s difficult to imagine an MP who has been more destructive to all that is good in NZ than bloody Nathan Guy.

Don’t fret, I’m sure he’ll get some plum job on a Bank Board somewhere as a reward for his crimes against the weak.

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  1. Good riddance to Nathan Guy he was one of the WORST examples of the last corrupt National government.

    Under his watch Mycoplasma Bovis was spread through a large part of our livestock and caused irreparable damage to the rural community but the farmers ( god bless them ) still support and VOTE this type of incompetence !!!

    He stood for nothing and never intervened in the worst cases of rural animal cruelty , and cruelty to the under class of this country by the policies he supported.

    But that’s ok he is a top kiwi bloke.

    He will no doubt end up in a cushy council job or similar job in the private sector.

    One of the worst examples of the National and the people who vote for and support this party.

  2. Nath is a local legend. He oversaw record migration, failed to complete the Levin bypass, traffic congestion, escalating house prices, didn’t clean up Lake Horowhenua. The Levin business folk love him. I am still looking for ‘The Brighter Future’ that Key promised. National spring cleaning.

    • Yeah… about that brighter future. If you read the billboards properly it actually read ‘blighted future’, and National delivered that in spades. National excel at three things: lying, scapegoating those powerless to defend themselves, and looking after their affluent friends. For as long as I’ve been politically aware, they’ve rarely, if ever, deviated from this track. They are dishonest, self-serving scum and deserve nothing but contempt.

  3. Nathan Guy, better known as Nothin’ Guy. His sole contribution to the farmer ……….. M.bovis.

    Another Chinational trougher gets to ride off into the sunset scot-free.

  4. They all seem to stay just long enough to become eilliable for the politicians pension and all the other perks. That needs to stop, where in this world do we continue paying people if they arent in a job?

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