The real problem with our Cannabis laws that no Politician or Party is actually addressing


Lot of talk, lot of blah, blah on the cannabis referendum…

Drug reform impact lost in politicians’ war of words

A war of words is raging over the war on drugs, as the Health Select Committee reports back on the most significant piece of drug reform legislation in 40 years.

The parties are divided over a single, but significant, clause in the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill, which enshrines police discretion over prosecution, and prioritises therapeutic options when dealing with possession and personal use of controlled drugs.

…you know what I have yet to hear from the bloody politicians in the cannabis debate?

An apology.

An apology that acknowledges the detrimental madness that cannabis prohibition unleashed upon NZ, the way it has crucified Māori & Pacific Island communities by throwing them into prison or deporting them back to the Islands.

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The way it needlessly locks up so many brothers and sisters, the way it allows the bloody pigs to invade our lives and our privacy and our rights.

The way the Politicians green lighted synthetic cannabis (because the real stuff was illegal), only to stumble on implementing actual regulation and then banning all synthetics and driving it underground where it continues to kill and kill and kill.

I want a fucking apology from these politicians, these gutless cowards who have implemented deeply flawed social policy and even now do everything in their power to hold onto the lie of cannabis prohibition.

How dare any of them pretend the current abortion of a law is working.

The politicians were wrong on cannabis all along and watching them bicker amongst themselves while refusing to admit they were wrong sickens me.

When the referendum comes out, even though it’s non-binding and barely what was promised, cast that vote so you can stick it up these clowns with a resounding victory that echoes down the corrupt corridors of power for an age.



  1. Im done with those clowns, 20 bloody years campaigning for medicinal cannabis and Im not allowed to grow it myself or produce edibles? Yet some of these corporations made up of rich people can walk in and after a couple of years gets medicinal cannabis handed to them on a silver platter!!!!
    Im going to continue being a criminal, they can all go get stuffed.

  2. And there latest great idea is? Make all the poor who drive old cars subsidize The Rich to buy new Hybrids, Lol ridiculousness, this is a one term wonder government and they know it.
    This is the Death of Neo-Lib Tard politics

    • Any true greenie should avoid the battery cars, those lithium ion cells had to be hauled out of the ground by those massive trucks and then huge amounts of energy and resources used to separate it and process it from that rock. Then to only have a 10 year lifespan? No thanks.

  3. @ MB. But we don’t really have politicians. The people in our parliament building are not politicians. It’s my personal opinion they’re an abstract cult that’s so weird that not even they realise they’re cultists . And we’re so deeply affected by their cultist ways that we don’t see them as cultists. We see them as somehow superior although perhaps wholly unlikable.
    Their worship of choice is the worship of money. And how weird is that, when one thinks about it?
    What’s money good for other than of being in transition from one to another. The moment money becomes static? It becomes non-money. It becomes a tool to deliver a psychosis. The threat of the ability to release a lot of it has some cowering in fear while others cheer in glee. Non-money when collected in sufficient quantities has started wars, created terrible poverty and cruelties and has brought down entire civilisations. Non-money has had us at each others throats and most of us come here almost entirely because of the effect it has on others by its lacking. Depriving people of transitory money to hoard which then becomes non-money which is then used to control and to maintain that control of us all.
    Do you honestly think that aliens like non-money hoarders who’ve clawed their way into political power are going to allow their target hosts such freedoms are to be able to use their drug/s of choice therefore put their non-money hoarding plans at risk? Have you not noticed? That where ever there’s a population of non-money hoarders there’re masses of people living in actual, emotional and spiritual poverty?
    Our money-cult politicians are never going to let AO/NZ go free. We AO/NZ’ers are the victims of a money cult and while there’s non-money, money to be hoarded? We’re fucked.
    Someone’s telling our politicians not to be for us and by us.
    Could it be the banks?
    My dictionary says;
    cult |kʌlt|
    1 a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object: the cult of St Olaf.
    • a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members: a network of Satan-worshipping cults.
    • a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing: the cult of the pursuit of money as an end in itself.

  4. What no one points out in the current referendum debate is that is so one-sided. Anyone who publicly argues for legalisation of what is presently an illegal substance immediately puts a bullseye on their back for the police and their employer.

  5. It is the medical profession and their BIG Pharma ( cartel) and their vested interests you should be ranting about

    ….Peter Dunne said as much ie the Ministry of Health and doctors representative organisations and advisory boards have opposed people using legalised homegrown cannabis for their ailments even although it has been grown and used as a medicine for thousands of years
    (and people used it legally in the 1920s …it could be got from the local chemist as a herbal remedy)

    ….people should call the medical profession out for what they are …how many people have they killed through prescribed opioids?

    ….now pathetically the medical profession say they will allow medicinal cannabis if it comes only through a doctor specialist prescription…( more hoops and more money for the medical profession…more pain for the people).

    Lets face it …it is a greedy bastard power and control cartel with no ethics that profits from peoples pain and other ailments , especially the elderly

    Politicians ( our democratically elected representatives) need to ask whether NZ hospitals get kickbacks for prescribing opioids?

    …also how many deaths in NZ hospitals can be put down directly to overdosing by drugs opioid?

    ( an Independent Commission of Inquiry needs to conduct audited review and research ….and it needs to be backdated to include the jonkey Nact years )

    ….how many NZers have died who would never been in hospital in the first place if home grown cannabis was legalised

  6. This is a repeat of the CGT syndrome. So many conservative and highly vocal boomers mainly, giving angst re pot smokers syndrome they know nothing about. Pollies running scared….again. Dumb kiwis think they know it all, don’t rock the boat!

  7. We can have euthanasia but not a cannabis referendum that is binding.

    We value state sponsored death over torturing sick people and making them criminals and we watch them in parliament crying and patting themselves on the back.

    ” The way the Politicians green lighted synthetic cannabis (because the real stuff was illegal), only to stumble on implementing actual regulation and then banning all synthetics and driving it underground where it continues to kill and kill and kill ”

    Yeah Bomber that is the lunacy of our lawmakers at work.

  8. Thanks Bomber,my sentiments exactly! I feel better for reading this not just because I agree wholeheartedly with you but because I am sure it made you feel better for saying it. The misuse of drugs act was implemented in 1975!!!!! FFS!Not only is it irrelevant and way past it’s use by date it has become and been a state tool of abuse of the NZ people for over 40 years , it illustrates what a stone age society we are. A backward fascist democracy where our young kill themselves in ever increasing numbers. We are ruled by the inept , incompetent and dysfunctional intellectual midgets who believe Neo-liberal market economics to be the answer to our crumbling society.There are none so blind as those who will not see.I too have had a gutsful of the disinformation from the Police and the Right and the misinformation from this government.

  9. +100 Thanks for that Bruce…that is brilliant!

    ‘The REAL Reason Cannabis Was Prohibited!’

    The violation of Mother Earth and the earths peoples by a USA cartel of corporations with vested interests in petrochemical, artificial synthetic drugs and plastics …who utilised a secret government plot using outright lies to destroy cannabis production first in USA and then world wide …using racism, sexism and puritanical ageism against youth

    Here is another link:

    ‘How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy | Brainwash Update’

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