GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – the irony of listening to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff on Morning Report today railing against Mayoral Candidate John Tamihere


Oh the irony of listening to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff on Morning Report today railing against Mayoral Candidate John Tamihere who is wanting to sell off 49% of Watercare

Goff says it’s a dumb idea to sell publicly owned assets – and so it is.

But, hang on. Is this the same Phil Goff who served in both the Lange and Clark neoliberal governments and who failed to become Prime Minister when John Key challenged him to “show me the money” and could not find it in his market driven heart to say:

“How much have you got in your pockets John. Let’s start there.”

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So is Goff now a reformed neoliberal?

Or is this just hypocrisy and tit- for- tat politicking?

I see my voting papers have arrived in today’s mail…

…now..where did I put my medication…?


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. The same Far Goff who signed “us” up to the Free Slave Agreement with the Han Chinese dictatorship? Why, yes.. yes it is…

    • That same Traitor,yes.

      Bryan,i am going to War with the Kiwifruit Industry and have uncovered some Government complicity in this Slave Racket.
      I would love to talk with yourself and Professor Kelsey about a Strategy to fast track the long overdue heavy handed Regulation of this Corrupt Industry.
      I am a Supervisor for Garcia Contracting Services in the BOP,i am working with Journalist Matt Shand to expose the rot.
      Check his Undercover Operation report about my Employer,its Gold Guys…
      I am a Whistle Blower,committed to the take down of this ridiculous Neo Con agenda and all who serve it.


      would you like to conduct some ‘bombing runs’ against this Parasite Industry?
      If so ,i have an armoury filled with incendiary information that is capable of bringing this Industry to its knees in short order.
      I just sent Zespri an email that will have the Industry shitting its pants over the next few hours.

      Carmel Sepuloni’s Office staff have responded to my generic email to a number of Coalition MP’s,
      Including Kelvin Davis and Iain Lees-Galloway,
      looks like im headed for a meeting with some Ministers this month.
      I also have a meeting with the Labour Inspector,who i have conscripted to help chalk up penalties against the Company in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court.
      Its my intention to chalk up these penalties to a point where the company’s RSE Accreditation can be revoked by INZ,.
      I will be pushing for 12 months.
      The company’s workforce is around 85 percent RSE Vanuatus,peak season numbers are 1200- 1500 persons.
      An 85 percent reduction in the available workforce will cause the Company to cancel many contracts,it will force it to the brink of commercial viability.
      I intend to facilitate other operators to take up these contracts so they are not available to the company when or if it survives the suspension and multiple claimant Court cases.
      I have MSD over a barrel guys..they will be trying to sweep their complicity under the rug with a payout.
      I am more than happy to discuss where MSD have breached a Duty of Care to their “clients” and to the General Public.
      We need to put these political puppets in their place,they are civil servants,not Sovereigns…

  2. Never mind the “irony”. Yes Phil Goff has a dodgy past but credit where it’s due – he’s on the correct side this time.

    • A plan to secure Auckland’s tap water 50 years earlier than projected is interesting though don’t you think?

  3. +10000 Goff is a hypocrite, through and through.

    God knows why John Tamihere is going with this privatise water policy to win the election where there are literally thousands of bad things Goff and the Auckland council have done or are doing to ratepayers to debate about and he picks this!

    Crazy gift to Goff!

    (Privatisation is not a popular idea, go figure!).

    You really wonder how many of these mayoral aspiring advisors are actually working for neoliberal interests.

    Or are so many leaders in Auckland completely out of touch with public opinion!

    Or both!

    Maybe drain the swamp and work out where the F our money is going might be a more desirable policy for ratepayers!

    Apparently industry are digging the curbs up in Tauranga too. There seems to be no end of council money to burn on slush funds for industry, by chance, now they have wasted millions on this in Auckland!

    • Just remembered Michelle Boag is John T, PR consultant. So I have answered my own question.

      “You really wonder how many of these mayoral aspiring advisors are actually working for neoliberal interests.”

      Sad because if John T had gone with something Aucklander’s actually want (not privatisation of assets) then we might have got somewhere…

      He obviously missed the message that Auckander’s traditionally go with a left leaning mayor.

      Goff is a massive privatisation fan, but he will do it quietly because he knows it is not something that ratepayers want and he wants the baubles of office and to do advance his neoliberal agenda as a loyal solder to the cause, so it’s keep mum on privatisation (remember the redacted underwater stadium swapped for Mt Eden land for developers idea that cost 1 million and not given to his own councillors) and user pays before the election!

  4. Likes how Auckland votes out its mayors. We had the same fellow for 27 years, let alone the present fellow who started referring to himself in the third person. And the obstetrician who insisted on woman tying their knots for an abortion. And a pyramid scheme ‘bloom’. All the ills of the ox-bows of our country’s currents. Capture — only mitigated by our quietly not taking the weirdos seriously. The quietness is the problem.

    A beauty of egomania, the originally a journalist, Harry Barker’s memoirs — now remembered by a reserve, so ironically. In his favour, efficient, but never cottoned no one wanted to be a chairman of a committee. Thought he was the uprise and downfall of the sun. These days it’s always about who can deliver a miracle to Kihipini, and nobody ever does.

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