The People’s Budget: 8 new Guest Commentators announced for Friday 31st


Had enough of trickle -down economics? Work all week and still struggle to make ends meet? Can Grant Robertson’s neoliberal austerity budgets really improve all our well-being… or not?

Join us for the New Zealand Public Television Town Hall Event of the year 6.30 pm Friday, May 31st Otahuhu Town Hall.

Host: Bryan Bruce with co-host The Daily Blog’s Martyn (Bomber) Bradbury with panelists :

  • Law Professor and Free Trade critic, Professor Jane Kelsey
  • Economist and commentator Rod Oram
  • Head of Greenpeace, Russel Norman
  • Former Green MP,  Sue Bradford
  • Julia Amua Whaipooti – JustSpeak Board member. Senior advisor at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Group
  • Auckland City Councillor Efeso Collins
  • New Zealander of the Year, Dr Lance O’Sullivan

We are also excited to announce Guest Commentators on the night…

TDB Recommends

Kerri Nuku Co-President of Nurses Union 

Economist Ganesh Nana 

Professor Lisa Marriott from Victoria University 

Kyle MacDonald psychotherapist and Herald columnist

Unionist Annie Newman from Living Wage

Ricardo Mendez from Auckland Action Against  Poverty

Professor Wayne Hope from AUT Communications School

Political commentator Chris Trotter

Arrive by 6.30pm (latest )to be sure of a seat and bring your experience and opinions about life our country with you, because we’ll want to hear them.

Register here to attend:

WHAT: The People’s Budget
WHERE: Otahuhu Town Hall
WHEN: 6.30pm Friday 31st May



  1. Here’s a guy to invite along? Invite this guy? How about this guy? Can we have this guy? Here’s a fellow? How about this fellow? Can we hear what this guy has to say? Call him now? He might be free to come by? Call him? Call him up? Give him a ring? Ring him up? Email him? Txt him? Send out a pigeon? Smoke up a signal? Drums of the jungles of the world? Drum them? Drop him a line? Send a letter? Woo him? Pay him? Beg him? Plead with him? Come along to the warped, fucked up, cracked-mirror disaster that this absurd budget will certainly be. Where the rich just get richer, or worse. They get to stay out of jail with our money while we suffer terribly at their feet.
    If he came along? You do know what might happen don’t you?
    All my accusations of systemic corruption spanning many decades might be revealed. My assertions that AO/NZ farmers have been manipulated, exploited and swindled might be proven correct.
    We have, for years, been yapping up the wrong forest. We’ve been manipulated into believing a raft of logical fallacies espoused by those very few super rich here into thinking they deserve our wealth and because we can’t figure them out, hunt them down and drag them to courts then prison? It’s our fault. Serves us right. And when we try? They bully us, further manipulate us, question our minds thus our reasoning and if we get too close they then continue, unabated to exploit us within the tombs of acquiescence they keep us locked away within by using our own MSM and if we get too close? Thompson and Clark are let off their leash.
    We had brilliant minds come here and speak to us re the TPPA. How about this guy now? Please, I’m begging you, quite literally, please ask this guy to swing by.

    Gabriel Zucman: the Piketty-trained “wealth detective” who catalogued the secret fortunes of the super-rich and figured out how to tax them
    Bloomberg’s Ben Steverman offers a long and exciting profile of Gabriel Zucman (previously), a protege of Thomas Piketty (Zucman was one of the researchers on Piketty’s blockbuster Capital in the 21st Century) who has gone on to a career at UC Berkeley, where he’s done incredibly innovative blockbuster work of his own, particularly on estimating the true scale of the wealth gap in the USA and worldwide.

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