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    • Good to see you again AFEWKNOWTHETRUTH
      I have missed you since months ago when I spotted your writings.

      yes we humans are one of the first to be extinct I fear.

      The planet is nearing the end as the Ross Sea ice shelf is about to disappear and our sea levels will rise dramatically.

      The oxygen content in the atmosphere is sinking every month now so how long can we survive without oxygen in our air?

      We daily see brand new trucks on our roads all hauling freight that used to go by rail, increasing the carbon levels as we speak, so we are a menace to ourselves alright.

      Rapid melting of the world’s largest ice shelf linked to solar heat in the ocean
      April 29, 2019
      University of Cambridge
      An international team of scientists has found part of the world’s largest ice shelf is melting 10 times faster than the overall ice shelf average, due to solar heating of the surrounding ocean surface.

      Not much hope for our children now but to flee to a “survival bunkers” like they are probably building up high on the safety of the te-ureweras up in the hills when the end comes.

    • Who cares, humans are ‘superior’, especially the ‘highly innovative’ species living in large urban centres. They will not need the many bugs and other species that roam the planet, they will create their own cyberspace world, with artificial, nice looking animals on their screens, roaming through artificially created, graphic lush grass and trees.

      And for food, we will simply get out our 3D-printer and print the food we need, be this bread, a cake or what else comes to mind. The AI equipped robot will do the laundry and tend the garden of herbs on the balcony.

      Do not worry, we will have ‘all the answers’ and ‘all the solutions’, enjoy life now, and ‘trust’ in human ingenuity.

  1. More corruption also explaining why there is so many accidents occurring on our roads…

    Driver testing officers took bribes in exchange for licences

    Even if convicted they get such a light sentence, so no wonder the practise in now rife in NZ and anything to do with transport and identity fraud here is increasingly corrupt and broken.

    In NZ it is like boiling a frog, government have done so little to stop the practise of corruption for drivers licenses and vehicle maintainence here, we now have a major issues of both safety and identity of people living here.

  2. As usual beuqacratic rather than fair and practical approach to solving a problem!

    Aka crap solution to make ‘accredited employers” so solve migration, ah yes, like the accredited visa people who are now busted for taking bribes and fake paperwork and accredited fake degrees that are not worth the paper they are written off with NZ degree on them… government need to go back 30 years to having a detailed language test, detailed tests to make sure the person will not be a burden on NZ in the future (aka most people coming into NZ on wages under $100k who need taxpayer top ups from day 1) and a 10 years before accessing permanent residency and welfare here, so that if people ‘change their mind’ as increasingly happens in NZ they don’t get to get permanent residency and citzenship forever after fucking off once gaining the above and then coming backwards and forwards into NZ (while only being tax resident to claim benefits) to create frauds here with drug businesses, counterfeit businesses and immigration fake businesses here.

    Opinion: Sensible immigration will allow rural communities to flourish

    And as for our ‘labour shortage’ maybe the rural community might need to foster ties with local youths and community as they used to do, to get the labour back.

    NZ didn’t have scab labour 30 years ago they used local people on farms and restaurants to do our own dirty work and paid them appropriately out of employers pockets not tax money top ups that should be going for existing taxpayers welfare not employer scams!

    Horticulture might even have to tie up with prisons and iwi and students to find the workers, what a novel idea to help those get a hand up into employment!

    • The ‘shortage’ of workers in some industries is simply the result of shortages created by pursuing ecologically and even economically unsustainable growth.

      The kiwifruit plantations, the vineyards, the dairy farms and forests, the aquaculture here and there, it is all geared to maximise production by sucking the maximum in resources and minerals out of the soil and water. Soil degradation, erosion and other issues will be the result.

      They may scream out for workers now, one day the soil and water will simply not provide the environment anymore to produce the quantities of products now produced, as it is all on borrowed time.

      And much of construction going on is going up with lots of waste, with materials that are also made from unsustainable and not easily recyclable materials, some with toxic qualities.

      One day our tips and landfills will be filled even more with the waste from buildings built now, that will in some cases end up being the slums of tomorrow, before they get torn down.

      All that plastic, particle board, composite materials and what else there is, it is insane what goes on nowadays. Wood is hardly used now, only for some framing and so forth, the rest is all kinds of stuff.

      And while we import ever more ‘new workers’, they will all want to be fed, want to be housed, transported, clothed, supplies with water, electricity and food, and eventually expect to be provided health care and retirement support.

      Has anybody done the costings, for a world with less or no fossil fuels that are the basis of our present economy?

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