GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Let’s be clear about what the Labour Coalition is refusing to do.


Let’s be clear about what the Labour Coalition is refusing to do.

In the links below please find the Government’s response to the Tax Working Group written by Ministers Robertson and Nash ( click on links at the bottom of this post below)

You will see they are determined not introduce a capital gains tax, a wealth tax or a land tax although they will consider putting a tax on vacant land.

If you look up the initial terms of reference the government set for Tax Working Group you will find it was told it could NOT consider increasing any income tax rate or the rate of GST or innheritance tax.(link also supplied below )

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So let’s be absolutely clear – this Labour led coalition has no intention whatsoever of doing anything significant to reduce the gap between the haves and the have nots in our country which begs the question..

At what point did Let’s Do This! become Let’s NOT do this?

Response 1 

Response 2

Response 3

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. Well I think Bill English ran on the softest fiscal position of any Prime Minister in New Zealand’s history and he deserved the loss.

    It says a great many things about our political morality when the once principled National Party would be committed to unrealistic and vandalise New Zealand’s economic policies.

    Now Simon Bridges, the only man who can who repair The National Party’s credibility has decided to piss his credibility against the wall.

    So we must see some substantial good news. We must see inflation up and deficits down. The maintenance never left the rigour on the policy front.

    Maintaining the kind of strength Labour has maintained on the fiscal side so the system works well so there will be no more surprises on the budget. They’ll bring the budget in at around $80 billion which is entirely appropriate when running a $5 billion surplus and that will mean that we will see government debt subside further and inflation track up.

    In short New Zealanders will see the delivery end of a lot of the restraint that Labour and National Party Finance Ministers and Prime Ministers have asked of New Zealanders for the last 20 years or we will see a repeat in New Zealand of the disastrous leadership squabbles of the Australian Labor and Liberal Party’s. It’s Jacinda’s choice and only her choice.

    • Meanwhile four privately owned banks show combined profits they can’t hide at 5 billion when their increase in mortgage assets exceeds many times that.

      This in not productively earned money but money they “print” using Fiat processes in a cloud of smoke generated by their global parent owners.

      We don’t have a John A Lee nor the public backing to rid NZ of the financial parasites who also control the Robinsons et al within all major parties.

      The last PM is now the CEO of one of these private banks and previously worked for the major criminal bankers on an international scale.

      He did his job ignoring the will of Kiwis and partially privatising our energy network.

      Until Kiwis get their heads clear of bullshit from private “economists” and other paid mouth pieces then the leeching of NZ will continue.

      • Well banks will probably fear just as well under Labour as they would under National so what I’m saying is in a 2 tiered wage system with growing wealth while at the same time a bit of a spread in inequality, then wages will probably run at about the same growth rate as inflation not only because of the minimum wage policy of $20.20 by the year 2020 but also because the wage cuts are behind us. We had substantial wage cuts in certain areas under John Key that went hand in hand with public sector cuts. So I’m saying in New Zealand to maintain competitiveness then we should only forecast the budget and taxes to a year out because of the wage system that is in place.

      • Well said, I have Zero faith in any political party. Unfortunately the problem is ‘people’ don’t care and have no understanding of history – from the truth about the Money Men behind WW1 to Fiat money system………. Its the stupid leading the stupid with a big slice Un-Ethical string pulling from the top.

        If there is a God ……… god help us.

      • Why do commenters always refer back to previous Governments or the opposition. The current COL is the Government we have. They have made the promises. They have had the money from day one and they are the ones letting the country down with their gutless incompetent decision making. That is when they can make a decision. So lets leave everyone else out of it.

        • Well I for one refer back to the previous government to illiterate the fact that Simon Bridges. Ok so Roberston a week or so after being sworn in as Finance Minister and along with the Reserve Bank Governor started increasing the cash rate. If Billy and that other goof the Minister For everything and fuck all at the same time what’s his name would have left it as it was and grind the place to a pulp.

          National would have gone in with no wages policy, no jobs policy and no education policy and investment from abroad would have closed every checked book to New Zealand and then what? We would have had inflation at 3% and falling wages and Billie would have royally screwed up the place and then 1 year latter with all the time in the world, some one, some where on the daily blog says as if the past doesn’t matter or the opposition doesn’t matter and says and I quote:

          “Why do commenters always refer back to previous Governments or the opposition.”

          Ya da ya da ya da. It’s not there fault blah blah, it’s all there fault blah blah.

  2. No shit, Sherlock? Let’s be even clearer… “our” and “country” are both bening increasingly challenged, eroded and called into question.

    Now, what proportion of government MPs don’t own any property? Hmm? *crickets chirping*

    No Zealand is sleepwalking into a civil conflict, because it doesn’t fucking exist 😉

  3. Woke entitled millennial fuck Tards if you wanna property work hard save don’t go on a waste of money oe sacrifice and get ahead!!! Do go on or etc and suffer the choice is yours.

    • um, the ‘fuck Tards’ are being taxed on every dollar they there some particular reason you think people with wealth increasing through property ownership shouldn’t be fully taxed?

      I own my own business, work 6 days a week, pay tax on every dollar I earn. I know people who don’t work, just buy and sell the so called family home and walk away with bags of untaxed cash…let alone people I know with nannies and Mt Eden Villas who hide their wealth in ‘family Trusts’ and can prove they are poor as church think that’s ‘sacrifice’? You think that’s fair?
      Maybe next time you’re sitting in hospital waiting for surgery that might never come, partly because of ‘budget constraints’ thanks to our small tax base, a little light bulb might come on.

      Or maybe not.

    • It’s a bit tricky trying to save for a property when exorbitant rents take up most of your income. And that’s if you’re working.

  4. @ BB.
    The phrase; ” Lets do this!” was never to be taken seriously. It’s just gusts of marketing exec’ pap to salve the anxious ear holes. It’s like shouting FUCK! when you bump your head. It does nothing except it’s what one does.
    I think it should have been “Lets do this! But lets ask permission first?”
    Some Labour mouse is saying…:
    ” Please mr roger douglas? If I cup your testicles, and can I say? What fine testicles you have, can we please have some more bread and dripping. You, of course will be having your usual Pheasant Nipple soup with teenagers blood piped directly into you for your dessert. You’ll need to feel spry, what with carrying them big ol’ testicles around with you allllllll day.” ( The blood thing’s a thing. I kid you not. )
    The blind lunacy that grips us Kiwis that renders us immobile and impotent is as palpable as washing on the line on a bright, sunny day.
    We, us AO/NZ’ers, are floundering in a madness so mad that there seems to be no alternative but to become a part of the collective [it] and flounder too.
    ” What can we do? ” and ” We just have to carry on.” are heard around every TV in AO/NZ. And the moron above, @ Lylkyl who argues the logical fallacy that we must simply work hard and make sacrifices would be, in my humble opinion, a budget priced confederate to deflect and confuse. So, don’t be fooled.
    In AO/NZ?
    Homeless people is politically indefensible.
    Poverty is politically indefensible.
    Sickness and insecurity is politically indefensible
    Child hunger is politically indefensible.
    Our assets now owned by off-shore grifters? Politically indefensible.
    And yet here we are. And like poor old sheep. There’s no one politically who’s prepared to lead an assault on the dogs. They’re still too busy cupping roger douglas’s testicles.

  5. A tax on vacant land?

    Why not a tax on vacant aspirational Hobbits? Guvmint would rake in billions!!

    Seriously but. This is how a proposed tax on vacant land will go down:

    A. Ardern announces proposed tax on vacant land

    B. Guvmint remains silent while debate rages

    C. Land owners and speculators scream hysterically at unfair tax

    D. Simon Bridges screams hystically at unfairly taxing “hard working New Zealanders” who own vacant land

    E. Judith Collins rears her hydra-like head and trots out poor, Maori, part-time working, solo-mum with six handicapped children, who *happens* to own 100 vacant lots dotted around Auckland

    F. Mike Hosking does usual rant at Labour tax-and-spend attacking landbanking mum and dad property owners (who also happen to operate under catchy corporate names) based in tax haven somewhere in the Caribbean

    G. Ardern makes announcement canning suggestiion to tax vacant land owners

    H. New tax proposal

    I. Repeat

  6. The Left endlessly worries about “the gap between the haves and the have nots” but it simply doesn’t pass a test of simple logic:

    TEST 1: If we were all equally poor, there would be no inequality. So would you be happy?

    TEST 2: If the income of all citizens was doubled, in your world we’d be no better off because inequality would remain unchanged.

    What intrigues me is the thinking behind this inequality spiel: Do you actually believe it or is it just a cynical ploy to gain the votes of the mathematically challenged?

  7. Sadly Labour have become bereft of ideas and ability but more importantly bereft of purpose…..other than commanding the treasury benches.

    And the alternatives are no better….what to do?

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