The crucifixion of Julian Assange


Julian Assange being arrested in the UK is a low point for civil rights and holding the powerful to account.

Assange matters because he is one of the greatest investigative journalist whistleblowers on the planet, and his continued confinement is akin to torture.

As for the allegations of sexual assault against him, the defence to those allegations are here

* the women involved said they weren’t raped. One of the two women complained that she was railroaded by police, didn’t want to charge Julian with anything and that the police “made up the charges”

* despite this, Julian was never and has never been formally charged with anything

* Sweden gave him permission to leave Sweden after he volunteered to be interviewed
* the first investigating prosecutor in Sweden said there was no case to answer and dropped it. A second prosecutor with political connections to the Deep State then was assigned to reopen the case
* Sweden then refused to interview him in London for years, even though it was routine for them to interview people in the UK and they had done so in dozens of other cases
* The group ‘Women Against Rape‘ and longtime anti-rape advocates like Naomi Wolf wrote publicly about how it was clear the rape allegations were politically motivated smears to punish Julian
* At the time of the rape allegations, there was already a Pentagon manhunt underway for Julian in retaliation for publishing the Afghan War Logs revealing war crimes by the US, and Manning had been arrested and was being tortured in a cage in Kuwait
* The Swedish police leaked the investigation to the entire world press before Julian had even been interviewed
* After years of stonewalling their own investigation, Sweden finally dropped it in 2017. Now the US via the UK is openly persecuting him

He is being crucified because he exposed war crimes and abuses of political power, the charges are trumped up.

No one else managed to expose state secrets like he did, their wrath will be unforgiving.


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Cheering the demise of Assange is a cacophony of the woke hecklers veto, little different to the jagged shriek of a lynch mob or thump of the book burning storm trooper. All hail the new treasons as the worst with micro aggression policing & virtue signalling our new Gods.


  1. “The 5 yrs +Statute of limitations plays big here so Assange can win a case based on the charges are from 2010 or nine years ago, so don’t bank on him being sent on a trumped up charge nine years old sending him for rough justice in the USA.

    • It’s a stitch up. In this case the propaganda worked. The woke believe that allegations is the new evidential threshold.

    • Yes he has been treated shabbily.

      This speaks more of the sick minds that run this planet rather than Assange. That these sick minds are truth adverse.

  2. Apparently a ‘Spanish connection’ was involved in spying on Assange closely to gather evidence to construct a trumpet up charge to evict him while he was inside the embassy, and if it is true then they need to look at who in Spain was response for illegally spying ad breaking anyone’s individuals rights under human right to privacy.

    Apparently George Soros a billionaire and activist has been engaged in overturning the Trump election and runs the biggest company in Spain as a global polling company, so they need to investigate Soros’s activities.

  3. A sad day for Whistleblowers and justice that the UK arrested him. Apparently exposing illegal actions is now considered a criminal act if the illegal actions are from government agents!

  4. Now we have a chance to see what kind of government we have elected. Will they roundly condemn this for the appalling travesty of justice it is or will they sit on the fence?

    • Sitting on the fence is their favourite position, also with Saudi Arabia, with whom we are still trading, despite of a dissenting journalist having been ‘removed’ from existence in a Saudi embassy or consulate in Istanbul months ago.

      Also are words about human rights abuse in China spoken, but apparently in a way that it cannot upset the Chinese government too much, thanks Jacinda, what exactly did you say about the Uigurs being held in concentration camps, and about the ethnic cleansing of Tibet?

      We will never know, diplomatic confidentiality, I suppose.

      Trade and dealing with Mammon comes first, and foremost as an interest for NZ Inc. one of the most corrupt countries when it comes to such matters, hypocrisy galore.

    • @Sean, ha ha we all know where they stand, they stand with power interests and hate whistle blowers!

      Like the weasel words of the embassy, our government will wring their hands about not allowing torture and the death penalty for Assange, but quite ok with a whistle blower who disclosed some of the worst human rights abuses of multiple governments armed forces, being persecuted for years and trumped up charges being bought by the US in particular.

      • David Stone: “Thats great maternal support there…”

        Isn’t it! I’d expect no less, of course. I’ve just recently pointed out to a relative that the only person from whom one can expect unconditional love is one’s mother.

  5. And the mailed fist of the U.S.Nazi Empire Fourth Reich moves to crush another voice dedicated to Freedom of Speech! The grovelling U.K U.S.Empire vassal state had Assange pre-judged by the judge in front of whom he was arraigned within hours of his seizure. Make no mistake.The U.S. will not tolerate anyone who exposes their crimes. And the U.S. Nazi Empire Fourth Reich will be supported in this by the cringing vassal states: The EU and Australia , New Zealand, the U.K. and Canada.
    How long before the suppression of dissent which is occuring as we speak, is followed by the criminalisation of criticism of the Empire.When the Nazi Empire declares we have breached U.S. law, and applies to N.Z for our extradition to face trial, will Jacinda defend us , or throw us to the wolves, like Australia has just done to Assange, an Australian citizen!!!

    • And while we are talking about extradition from N.Z. on behalf of the U.S.Empire,let us not forget about the attempted extradition of Dotcom!

      • Historian Pete: “…let us not forget about the attempted extradition of Dotcom!”

        Indeed. That case is still trundling through the courts, I believe. Not sure where it’s at right now.

        • Yes , Kim Dotcom,… another one we need to look out for and defend.

          Keys gone and so has ObomBa.

          So why is the man not taken off the hook after Keys ILLEGAL POLICE RAID AND ARREST ?

          Mr XKEYSCORE Key. And his mate SPEARGUN John.

    • Historian Pete: “When the Nazi Empire declares we have breached U.S. law, and applies to N.Z for our extradition to face trial, will Jacinda defend us , or throw us to the wolves, like Australia has just done to Assange, an Australian citizen!!!”

      I have family in Australia. I’ve challenged them over the appalling treatment of Assange by his own government. Those I’ve spoken to see nothing wrong with it. In short, they swallow hook, line and sinker the propaganda fed to them by the Oz media.

      Although in fairness, it’s old Australia with which I have talked (my contemporaries in terms of age). I don’t know what younger relatives think. Assuming that they think of anything at all, beyond Fortnite and what’s on social media.

      Unfortunately, I’ve thus far seen no evidence that the Ardern government is likely to be any less pusillanimous that the Oz government has been. In my view, if there are any NZ journalists with the courage to report truths which get up uncle Sam’s nose, we can bet dollars to doughnuts that our government will be supine in the face of US aggression, and hand such people over.

  6. ‘We are all Julian Assange’ by John Wight

    …”For the army of smug liberals, many of them leading columnists in newspapers such as the Guardian in the UK, which exploited Assange when he first came to prominence before ruthlessly turning on and abandoning him, that noise they hear right now is the death rattle of their collective moral conscience. For such people, ideological footsoldiers of a machine that wears the cloak of democracy while practicing tyranny, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden are agents of truth in a time of untruth…

    ‘‘Julian Assange exposed great crimes & now great crime committed against him’ – George Galloway’

    ‘Trump Responds To Assange Arrest: “I Know Nothing About Wikileaks” ‘

    …”Of course, then-candidate Trump praised Wikileaks repeatedly during the campaign after it released several tranches of emails purportedly stolen from the DNC and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta (his son also purportedly exchanged Twitter messages with the group).

    Whatever happens next will be up to the attorney general.

    Meanwhile, Assange supporters took to twitter to remind the president of his support for the organization during the campaign. Sean Hannity, a Fox News host with whom Trump has a close relationship, once even offered to have Assange host his show….

    “Meanwhile, Assange’s lawyer spoke outside Westminster Thursday afternoon to crowd of Assange supporters, who warned that the Assange extradition warrant sets “a dangerous” precedent for journalists.

    “Since 2010 we’ve warned that Julian Assange would face prosecution and extradition to the United States for his publishing activities with Wikileaks. Unfortunately today we’ve been proven right…we’ve today received a warrant and a provisional extradition request from the United States alleging that he has conspired with Chelsea Manning in relation to the materials published by Wikileaks in 2010. This sets a dangerous precedent for all media organisations and journalists in Europe and elsewhere around the world. This precedent means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the United States for having published truthful information about the United States.”…

  7. Good on you Martyn.
    I’m just over here from the Standard, panting on the roadside after a running battle with some of the most vile commenters.
    Actually I’ve pretty well managed to stay away from the most aggressive, but its truly alarming how venomously against Assange that site is

    • Wow! Are the Standard supporters supposed to be Labour supporters? I go there but they are surely ‘woke ‘or uninformed/misinformed. Only comment on here when I disagree. Otherwise when drifting through I don’t comment if I agree.

      I thought this might be the case re the perspective of the Daily Blog and The Standard. Thanks Martyn.

      • That site is filled with Woke Left idiots.

        Butter does not melt in their mouths. They never get banned or threatened with it, – they are the Far Rights useful tools and proud of it.

        They are the BLAIRITES, the DOUGLAS’S, and the CLINTON’S of this world. And there is a veritable army of them infesting such websites as the one mentioned above.

        Make no mistake , – the Woke Left are equally as insidious and dangerous to democracy as the Far Right.

        THESE are the people that perpetuate NEO LIBERALISM in this country by subverting the Labour party.

        As I have continuously stated : ‘ the Woke Left and the Far Right are compatible wings of the same bow , which , when bent far enough around to meet in the middle become the same thing’…


        • +100 …well said

          ‘Assange & The Unforgivable Sin Of Disemboweling Official Narratives’

          “There is really only one unforgivable sin in the political realm, and that’s destroying the official narrative by revealing the facts of the matter. This is why whistleblowers who make public the secret machinery of the elaborately artful lies underpinning all official narratives are hounded to the ends of the Earth.

          Employees of state entities such as Ellsberg, Manning and Snowden are bound by vows of secrecy and threatened by the promise of severe punishment.Outsiders such as Assange are even further beyond the pale because they can’t be accused of being traitors, as they never took the vows of secrecy required by the Deep State.

          The single most damaging revelation to all the elaborate lies that make up official narratives is the truth revealed in official emails, documents and conversations. This is why virtually every document and correspondence is now “classified,” so anyone releasing even a mundane scrap can be sentenced to rot in federal prison…

    • Good on you Francesca. I cant face the vileness of that site any longer. Its a relief to be at the daily blog

      • The Standard has been subverted by Te Reo Putake, Stuart Munro, Andre and other neocon armchair warriors.
        It has become a cheerleader for war.

        • The rate at which the standard burns through authors is indicative of how left they actually are. Can those at The Standard learn or perhaps social media and live streaming is making us smarter, or stupider.

          In the past left wing theorist talked about a take over of the means of production where by the ruling-elite pays middle class professionals so your typical female cleaner can earn the same as a Wall Street banker which is just stealing under the guise of the state and not being very artistic about it.

          Instead of focusing on money. So one of the things I use to ask former Authors Bill and Weka was, I’d say to them ‘so how are you qualified to show people how to make money when you haven’t demonstrated that you have made a decent amount of money yourselves’ which is an honest question but to some would come across as disrespectful. I think it’s only disrespectful to those who are not confident in there own ability to make money, and that conflict that formed caused me to think and explore more. And so I learned to debate one on one which by far is the hardest way to do it. You can learn in four years how to be a global capitalists in uni or from an online author or something, but you can’t learn how to make money properly at least not in any school I know about.

          My interests are human nature, human behaviour, geopolitics and how the world works politically and social economics which is how people interact with each other and the amount of control they have over there destiny. That’s a very long winded way of saying “how the world works.” I like to help those who deserve to be helped but they don’t have anything and again this is not about money, this is about helping people be happy and fulfil themselves over time. So instead of taking money from the top and redistributing it at the bottom, instead take the opportunities from the top and redistribute it at the bottom.

          • That means you have to take money from the top. Otherwise the top will subvert all opportunity to themselves. As has been proved time and time again.

            As for the right wing trope of “deserving and undeserving poor”.

            • Is that despite BREXIT is is that the best worst case scenario that you can come up with?

              I mean you want to come over here and smear me as right wing because why? Is it because I said mean things about your little hobby club eh?

              The point is that not only do elites pay middle class normies to manufacture messages on behalf of the elites, commercial media has now become complicite in the crumbling of democracym has facilitated the rise of trusted lift wing bloggers and content creators, even I can create my own content here because hundreds of thousands of kiwis are literally turning away from there televisions.

              But you, KJT. Come over all wise and knowing about what is and what isn’t right wing.

    • Francesca,

      Don’t let those ‘bullies’ over on the ‘other side of the road’ on TS bother you, just skip around their vile and push your points and well done for you to.

    • Indeed, the Standard is terrible on Assange (as it is on many other topics). It is not just their commenters, but also those who write articles. I’ve been reading it for a decade now, and it seems to get worse all the time; it is so instantly judgmental. It seems impossible for them to “get” the point that it doesn’t really matter if you like Assange as a person, what matters is 1) the importance of what he has done to undermine imperialism and 2) the need to protect press freedoms.
      But speaking of Assange as a human being…I’ve never met him, of course. I know the “rape” charges against him have been dropped, but still don’t know if his sexual behavior is something I’d want to endorse 100%. But there have been plenty of people I admire who have a somewhat darker aspect to their lives. I don’t therefore say they are worthless.
      Maybe everyone who writes for The Standard is perfect (and thus is authorised to judge others), but I’m not perfect. [oops…will I be banned for admitting that??]

      • In Sweden, rape equates to non consensual sex, whether violence is involved or not.
        Assange did not assault or force himself on either woman, there is contention about a torn condom, and the use of a condom
        This is a bit like the me-too movement whereby an unwanted hand on the knee is conflated with a violent sexual assault.
        As a woman who has experienced violent sexual assault with all its pain and terror, I am furious that that experience is lumped in with a quarrel over condoms, and Assange is characterised as a vile rapist.
        Who amongst us hasn’t done stupid things under the influence of drink and hormones?
        Phew, my age shows here, it’s a generational thing. Like the current battle going on typified by Germaine Greer being deplatformed by the more recent incarnation of feminists
        Yes, I believe in a woman’s sexual integrity , and her right to demand protected sex, but I absolutely resent the mangling of language, and the bigotry of polarising absolutes.
        Rape to me is a form of violence.
        What Assange allegedly did (carrying on with sex when the condom had broken), was not violent,… stupid, hormone driven , disrespectful, yes,but not up to the standard of egregious assault he’s been charged with, and which at any rate he denies.He is also accused of pressing his erect member against the complainants body!! whilst in bed.
        I would like him to have his day in court, with the full assurance that his trial wouldn’t be a Trojan Horse cantering to the dungeons of Virginia.And Assange himself wanted that, willing to appear in Sweden if they gave him full assurance he wouldn’t be extradited.
        Sweden put the Americans “right “to punish Assange over the Swedish womens rights to have their complaints heard in court.If they were really interested in the women’s right to be heard, they would have given him that assurance.

        I could be very very wrong about all this and in need of a deprogramming in a gulag somewhere down south in the ice, but thats my 2 bits worth.

        • Francesca:”I could be very very wrong about all this and in need of a deprogramming in a gulag somewhere down south in the ice…”

          Heh! On the Auckland Islands at least, if not Antarctica. I don’t think that you’re wrong, though.

          This is what Kit Knightley has posted on the Off-Guardian:

          “The important facts of the case are as follows:

          Julian Assange is not wanted for ANY CRIME, except skipping his bail. This carries a maximum sentence of 6 months under UK Law.
          The Swedish authorities have dropped all their investigations of him for sexual assault. Read more on that here.
          Assange has said, many times, that above all else he is avoiding being extradited to the US. US officials have, in the past, referenced the idea of assassinating him, and their intelligence services are known to use “enhanced interrogation” techniques (aka torture).
          The UN has found, multiple times, that Assange’s detention was inhumane and illegal under international law.”

          However. I heard on the news today that Sweden is looking at revisiting the rape allegations. I don’t know enough about Swedish law to have an opinion as to whether it allows authorities to resurrect a case which had been dropped.

      • No,- a particularly jumped up article writer who briefly had a sojourn on TDB is always ready with the ban hammer if you say anything that ruffles his feathers , – or makes his whole premises for his articles and that of his little entourage look stupid.

        That latest at TS is you cant say the word ‘WOKE’… as in ‘WOKE LEFT’. That gets the ban hammer. Pathetic and childish.

        That to me says it all.

        They claim they are not an echo chamber but you disagree with their pet WOKE bandwagons and your for the high jump.

        Real balance , eh?

        So long as you are on their side helping to tip the balance in their favor. And then there’s all the tag- along’s , – who when they have nothing left to refute what you say they resort instantly to puerile school boy insults and put downs, – almost comical if they weren’t such a bunch of hive minded vicious little shits.

        That individual is like the one we used to call the ‘MAD CAT LADY’.

        Well now they have someone similar over there. They are fast becoming a waste of space.

    • Francesca: “I’m just over here from the Standard, panting on the roadside after a running battle with some of the most vile commenters.”

      Hahaha, Francesca, God bless you and keep you in His hand, as my Irish ancestors would have said: going to the Standard, so that the rest of us don’t have to!. I did dip into that post; got as far as the idiot Gabby (what is the POINT of him/her? Gabby, right enough), hastily skipped past, saw with relief your first comment. And – coward that I am – came over here without reading further. Life’s too short….

      Although I admit to engaging in a somewhat tedious to-and-fro with commenters there, on a post about the Muslim prayer being said (or, in the event, not being said) at the Porirua Anzac day service.

      Given that the Standard holds itself out thusly: “it’d be fair to say that all of us share a commitment to the values and principles that underpin the broad labour movement….” some authors and commenters express views at considerable variance to those of the labour movement I knew many years ago.

      I’d expect authors and commenters there without exception to be supportive of Assange and horrified by his treatment at the hands of the UK authorities. Pieces like that by TRP astonish me.

      It scarcely needs to be said that the Russophobia expressed there doesn’t fit with the values of the labour movement I knew, either. They’re a weird mob over there….

      • Thanks D’Esterre, I longed for you to appear over there
        TRP is beyond the Pale.(..heheh.. the Irish genes in you would get that)

    • The Standard is not a hive mind
      .Note, as one of the standard writers i have been opposing the witch hunt.

      It is only a couple of the regulars, and one writer, TRP, not for the first time, who seem to have totally lost their sense of proportion in this instance.

      I am disapointed in them. But they are not, “The Standard!

      • So TRP isn’t making everyone play from the same woke playbook? Don’t come over here and try and make everyone here look like fools. We are not that stupid. This is why the concerns of other online message boards shouldn’t concern us. We have no interest in your little hobby horse.

        • KJT is OK , Sam, he really has opposed Te Reo Potato quite rigorously , he has an opinion similar to here.

          I thank him for it.

          But we can see how and why people get pissed with dictatorial little shit authors like Te Reo Potato,… and that does nothing for TS.

          • Well both groups can’t go on denouncing each other which is why it’s important to be unconcerned with the concerns of other online message boards. I think if people want to bring up the standard then they should take it up with them over there.

            Over here we appreciate good journalism.

    • +1 Francesa – Personally I have completely given up on TS.

      Some authors that post on TS have some extreme lack of objectivity and bias going on, seemingly related to hatred of everything Trump. Hatred and complete lack of objectivity towards anything Russia is also strong with said authors. Personally I think Trump is vulgar, but a useful tool to certain interests (ie his backers) – mostly a symptom of the failure of the US electoral system.

      This bias appears to lead to unequivocal ‘hook, line, and sinker’ consumption of woke US MSM propaganda. HRC and the Dems are good, right about everything (and never did anything wrong), RussiaGate is real, Putin ‘stole’ the 2016 election from HRC, and pertinent currently – Assange is GUILTY and should be extradited to the US to face ‘justice’.

      The TS used to have mostly objective posters, I enjoyed reading and occasionally engaging in the debate of the day. Not do in recent times however, very sad I must say.

      Thankfully Martyn, TDB, and TDB posters maintain objectivity, and integrity that TS now lacks.

    • +1 – Some of the TS authors (not all) hold some pretty extreme bias’, and by all appearances completely lack objectivity.

      The last post about Assange was the last straw for me..

  8. Good on you Martyn.
    I’m just over here from the Standard, panting on the roadside after a running battle with some of the most vile commenters.
    Actually I’ve pretty well managed to stay away from the most aggressive, but its truly alarming how venomously against Assange that site is

  9. So shall we support the ban on semi automatics, due to one extremist madman with racist and supremacist and anti Muslim views having committed an atrocity?

    Shall we support the disarming of people, so the powers that be have more power that the police, SIS, GCSB and so can use against the ordinary people?

    I have more questions than ever, once I thought I would never have had to ask them.

    The protests, petitions, comments made, they do not seem to work much, do they?

    The system and the ones behind it (elite, neoliberal lobby and interest groups, vested business interest holding people, deep state) are ‘winning’, as the bulk of the population is kept dumb and busy, working, studying, striving, saving for a home and retirement, forgetting they are being manipulated at a massive scale.

    Sleepy Hobbits lead the way, most would not even know Assange, less so care what he stands for.

  10. Julian counts among his supporters people such as John Pilger, another true investigative journalist. At the other end of the spectrum we have all manner of sellouts coming out of the woodwork. Jehan Casinada on TV One’s The Breakfast this morning (which Bomber quite rightly described as What Now for consenting Christian adults) called Assange a ‘tyrannical toddler ‘ let loose in the halls of the Ecuadorean embassy (now an outpost for the 5 eye countries). Julian, with the help of Chelsea Manning, broke the story of psychopath American military in ‘Collateral murder’. Here we have a journalist exposing the sickest that humanity has to offer, the killing of innocents including reporters. What the fuck has Jehan ever exposed apart from his ugly bald head and scrawny body?

  11. Bradley Manning offered her evidence of U.S. Empire war crimes to the New York Times and the Washington Post.They refused to publish it ,and then Manning offered it to Wiki Leaks.
    However, revealing war crimes is now a crime against the state .
    And Truth is a crime in the Empire of Lies!!!

    • And the Mueller report found evidence of Russian collusion with Trump. It’s in the report under “conspiracy theory.”

    • Kerry: “He’s partly responsible for president trump!! Hang him!”

      There are two responses which could be made to that assertion.

      Firstly, it’d be good to have a proper argument presented by you as to why you believe this. Bald statements of this sort butter no evidential parsnips.

      Secondly, were this claim true, Assange deserves an award. You may think Trump awful, but dear god, his opponent in the presidential race was orders of magnitude worse! All of us ought to be thanking our lucky stars that la Clinton (and that old goat of a husband) didn’t get to the WH. Had she done so, we might well have been just a pile of radioactive ash by now.

  12. The usual woke zealots over at The Standard are damning Assange for unproven crimes against women. Seems he needs to become Tasmanian, change his gender on his birth certificate (recent law change), become black and Islamic and maybe then, just maybe he will become acceptable.

    As it is, like or dislike Assange, Manning and Snow they are really in the gun for speaking truth to power. It’s as if the Deep State after Watergate looked at journalists and said “never again”.

    • Thing about the woke de woke de is they can not articulate there economic arguments. If they did articulate an economic argument then they would have to acknowledge that the Patriarchy doesn’t exist because it’s nothing like a true suppressive regime like you typical ISIS summer camp.

      So the woke believe that politics is down stream from culture to avoid those pesky low wage workers and other class based workers. And just focus on naughty ideas. And when they fail at arguing against false ideology which with out that economic component is like every time they open the waha, well they lose. And when the woke lose they just go after the person that holds those ideas and ban and deplatform and so on.

      This idea that causing others pain can not heal is kind of interesting to me because the more outrage the woke left experience the higher Labours polls swell and there pain kind of makes me happy inside. Sorry not sorry.

    • … ‘ The usual woke zealots over at The Standard are damning Assange for unproven crimes against women. Seems he needs to become Tasmanian, change his gender on his birth certificate (recent law change), become black and Islamic and maybe then, just maybe he will become acceptable’…


      Abso – bloody – lutely !!!!

      That place is toxic.

  13. Yep , – this is my home website . It certainly doesn’t have all the vitriol that others do , – so a shout out to Martyn and his website .

    Even though he reckons Sasquatch don’t exist and doesn’t like Trump.

    He , and his contributors state clearly and respectfully their case with an under-girding sense of what a social democracy is supposed to be all about. Frank McKasy , Chris Trotter, Gerard Otto , Mike Trent Curwen Rolinson and many others.

    We learn and we are enlightened by this site.

    It is no wonder the remnants of the John Key govt had it in for Martyn.

    He ( and others ) showed them up for what they are and spoke the truth. Assange is a flashpoint in civil liberty’s to which we should all be wary off…

    This from Greywarshark over at TS….


    ‘ Daniel Ellsberg commenting on Assange – possibly going to be kept in isolation for the rest of his life – reminds me of The Man In the Iron Mask. Back to the dark ages with the USA. He says that the break with precedent in doing things against the First Amendment and the lack of respect for journalists and also for anyone seeking asylum affects anyone the world over seeking safety from an oppressor ‘.


    And this also from SPC , also from TS…


    “A person close to Wikileaks, who has been residing in Ecuador, was arrested this afternoon when he was preparing to travel to Japan,” Ecuador’s interior ministry tweeted late on Thursday. He has been detained simply for investigation purposes”

    Ola Bini, a Swedish software developer has lived in Ecuador for several years and has frequently travelled to the country’s London embassy where Assange had been staying.


    To which I replied,…

    … ‘ Right. So this is now about more than just Julian Assange and more about Wikileaks. -and by simple extrapolation , whistle blowers in general,… but of course, … the Woke Left don’t want to see that , – they just hate Trump’…


    In other words, – the vitriol on the Woke Left is so strong that they would rather see a man wrongly imprisoned in America with a 200 year sentence on a trumped up computer hacking charge ( code for espionage thus treason ) than admit they were WRONG about Russian collusion in the American elections. They would blame anyone but themselves for being who they are – the NEO LIBERAL WOKE LEFT and accepting responsibility for their OWN deceit causing their OWN downfall.

    They find themselves strange bedfellows with the likes of the corrupt James Clapper – the mass surveillance guy directly working against traditional left wing values and civil liberties.. why?

    James Clapper – Wikipedia

    Because THEY , – are the NEO LIBERAL wing of the pseudo Left… the WOKE LEFT.

    The FAKE LEFT, – those who would seek to support laws oppressing workers , the Far Right’s glove puppets. Those who major in IDENTITY POLITICS , – but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for social conditions , infrastructure or fair taxation or even Human rights.

    Otherwise they would not be railing against Julian Assange.

    They are full of shit and are every bit as dangerous to democracy as the Far Right Neo Cons.

  14. This was never going to end well and Asange was at the mercy of very powerful people he was and is up against.
    What happens from here will determine his fate and that of courageous , honest journalism.
    At the very least HE should be a candidate for the Nobel peace prize.

  15. ‘Hillary Clinton shows signature style as she chuckles over Assange’s arrest’

    “Hillary Clinton didn’t hold back her glee at the arrest of Julian Assange, mocking both the publisher who she blames for her failed presidential run and the man she lost to in a single “we came, we saw, he died”-level one-liner…

    …”Clinton infamously delivered the line “We came, we saw, he died” in reference to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was brutally murdered during the NATO invasion of Libya that was one of the highlights of her tenure as Obama’s secretary of state.

    …WikiLeaks published thousands of incriminating and embarrassing private email messages stolen from former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee in the run-up to the 2016 election, exposing extensive corruption and malfeasance on the part of the Clinton campaign. Many – including Clinton herself – believe the leak cost her the election.

    While Assange faces extradition to the US on charges he conspired with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning to hack into a Pentagon computer in 2010 – charges totally unrelated to the 2016 DNC and Podesta leaks – Clinton clearly believes the later leaks are a more serious crime.

    The DNC – which the leaked emails revealed she controls financially – filed a lawsuit against WikiLeaks last year, accusing the publisher of colluding with Russia and the Trump campaign to “undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency” – but never denying the emails’ contents were genuine.

  16. I have deep and humble admiration with gratitude to Julian, a man with moral courage and who puts himself at risk for the greater good, but relies on us supporting him.

    The monster in the room is dressed up like the US but contains many players in that masquerade.

  17. I think we all knew that this day would eventually come, but what has
    made me almost physically ill is the local response from media repeaters
    and commentators. These people who have the audacity to call themselves
    journalists,many of whom were quiet happy to reprint wikileaks truths,
    were heard today commenting “oh i always thought of him as a narcissist,
    he deserves to spend the rest of his life in some us govt. hell hole
    etc.” With the exception of approximately nine or ten genuine
    journalists in this country the other joke repeaters of govt, and us
    handouts would not understand the meaning of investigative if it jumped
    up and bit them in the face. How dare this man let us know that the
    bringers of democracy to all oil bearing countries, murder torture and
    bomb back into the dark ages innocent men woman and children?
    The only light point of this is that the mainstream so called news
    outlets had apparently been tipped off ahead of time and had written
    there front pages etc. with “Assange walks out of embassy”, and had to
    quickly reset them when RT filmed Julian being carried out. Most of our
    so called news media needed no reminding, as they already happily play
    along with the game, people looking ridiculous in flak jackets and
    helmets following some stooge around (shonkey anyone) usually at least a
    hundred ks from the nearest live ammunition. I honestly believe that
    today we are witnessing a major set back in the reporting of any news
    adverse to the empire. To say that i am angry about today’s events is a
    major understatement.
    ps sorry if this shows up twice, having trouble with emails

  18. ‘Assange in custody’

    “It has finally happened – WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has been arrested within the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. It is widely expected he will be extradited to the US to stand trial over an alleged computer hacking conspiracy involving Chelsea Manning. This is truly a dark day for journalists and journalism.

    CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Ray McGovern, and Sara Flounders.”

  19. And here’s the hypocrisy.
    Assange publishes irrefutable evidence of US war crimes
    Assange is the one who ends up being prosecuted by the criminal state, and journalists the world over cheer and jeer with infantile talk of shit and kitty litter
    :// involved the CIA’s alleged mistreatment of detainees. The judgment said: “According to the prosecution, there is a reasonable basis to believe that, since May 2003, members of the US armed forces and the CIA have committed the war crimes of torture and cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape and other forms of sexual violence pursuant to a policy approved by the US authorities.”

  20. I guess this arrest became urgent with a snap election looking likely in the UK which might well have put Corbyn in charge and ended Assange’s confinement , and not that long away to a US pressdential election that could possibly put Gabbard in charge leading to his immediate pardon.
    It’s an unintended sacrifice he is making but this arrest is doing more for world public awareness and concern about journalism and free speech than anything free speech advocates can do. Isn’t the nature of Government in our so called democracies exposed!
    We do all still have elections. We do get far more widely sourced information than ever before. We need to use it to choose our leaders.
    And perhaps some different kind of people need to take on that political role to truly represent democratic principles rather than leave politics to those who chose it as a career rather than because they want to improve it.
    D J S

  21. Simple for me ; there were rape allegations. That means there were victims involved who deserved to be heard. He should have fronted them instead of hiding in the Equador Embassy smearing pooh on the walls and not feeding his cat. Then I might still think he was a hero. I feel completely differently about Chelsea Manning.

    • The rape allegations never meet EU standards for rape. What happened to the two alleged victims is total entertainment for the wakes sake. John Pilger has documents proving that the allegations was just a tool of American security officers to have Assange extradited. As soon as extradition proceedings began the plan was always for Assange to make his way to the nearest Ecuador Embassy which you guessed it, was in London. That’s if he couldn’t make it to mainland Ecuador.

      • John Pilger needs to release those documents and do it all over again.

        That’s exactly what I’ve been saying over at TS, – how do we know those charges were not contrived ? We don’t even get the name of those women. And why such massive hullaballo over what , essentially is a [ very peculiar] allegation of rape? How do we know they were not just paid to make those allegations? They were only ‘volunteers’ in the organisation. Not full timers.

        They could have been anybody.

        The whole thing stinks of American CIA type entrapment with their stinking lying ‘plausible deniability’.

        • Their names are in the public arena and have been since 2012

          Read this and apply your own critical faculties

          I’m kind of uncomfortable with calling a woman an out and out liar, but there are some interesting points.Lets just say there re questions
          Swedish trials don’t have juries and use lay judges, and rape trials are conducted in secrecy.Assange pissed Sweden off with some of his revelations, and who opposes the US? Only those with balls of steel and they are few and far between
          A fair trial might be difficult

          • Thanks for that link Francesca. I new the general outline of the story, but that puts thing clearly. As i do not read that blog, i am struggling to understand how after printing a clear and understandable summation of the facts, they can now apparently do a complete reversal and support the rape line???

        • The too alleged victims originally wanted Assange tested for STDs. It was the cops that made it into this convoluted thing about rape and molestation. That’s not to say that left wing people are not law abiding, we are law abiding. In the slither of the left that I occupy rape is rape and any one charged with rape should be charge with rape. Not charged and convicted with extra punishment. Rape should carry its normal sentence. Now the US want Assange charged with espionage because he released information proving that the empire is shit, and that Hillary Clinton is shit. Assange isn’t a sex offender he is a hero.

    • The rape allegations never meet EU standards for rape. What happened to the two alleged victims is total entertainment for the woke sake. John Pilger has documents proving that the allegations was just a tool of American security officers to have Assange extradited. As soon as extradition proceedings began the plan was always for Assange to make his way to the nearest Ecuador Embassy which you guessed it, was in London. That’s if he couldn’t make it to mainland Ecuador.

    • And again and again
      Assange offered to be interrogated at Scotland Yard, and later at the Embassy.In Sweden he did front up and was questioned by the police. The Chief prosecutor said he didn’t have a case to answer and was free to leave.
      A new prosecutor was appointed who overturned that decision
      Assange offered to return to Sweden if he could be guaranteed he wouldn’t be extradited to the US. Sweden refused. The preliminary questioning could easily have been done in the UK to see if there was a case to answer.
      Nope, the Swedes dillied and dallied.Finally they managed an interview at the Embassy…still no arrest warrant issued or charges laid.
      This whole thing has now become so politicised.. the Americans will be champing at the bit for an arrest so they can exert a bit of the good old “arm twisting” Obama boasted of.
      I’m keen for Assange to have his day in court , Assange is keen, providing there’s a fair trial and no extradition.
      This is a quarrel over torn condoms and attempting to begin sex while the other party is asleep .Awful, stupid , disrespectful yes, but hardly in the league of violently focing oneself on another.
      So in short, Assange did front up back then , was willing to front up again if extradition was off the table, and offered to be interviewed at Scotland Yard and the Embassy…repeatedly.
      Its the Swedish authorities who’ve dragged the chain

  22. Comment at a site i follow re. Julian Assange.

    When Exposing a Crime is treated as Committing a Crime you know you’re being Ruled by Criminals.

  23. Darien, please engage your brain before making allegations for which you have no verified evidence. I have heard said in recent days with regards to Folau that words have consequences. So do allegations made in haste. Read the following from a former British diplomat.

    Assange had been allowed to leave Sweden by the original investigator, who dropped the inquiry, only for it to be revived by another investigator with a well-documented political agenda. They failed to mention that Assange was always willing to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London, as had occurred in dozens of other cases involving extradition proceedings to Sweden. It was almost as if Swedish officials did not want to test the evidence they claimed to have in their possession. [..] It was a freedom of information request by an ally of Assange, not a media outlet, that unearthed documents showing that Swedish investigators had, in fact, wanted to drop the case against Assange back in 2013.

    The consequences of shouting rape without fact checking? Rather like Peter and the wolf. You cheapen the response, make it harder for victims of a very real crime. What you do by taking a position that assumes guilt is make a whole lot more people question your motivation rather than put attention on what is a very real crime.

    Is that fair? No. Is it how people think? Yes. Make no mistake if Assange committed the crime I too want him nailed.

  24. I see another toxic post has appeared on the Standard.
    The author Te Reo Putake should have a platform on a right wing blog.

    • Maybe he should, maybe he shouldn’t. Who knows. If it wasn’t for how awful the fourth estate has become with Assanges asylum taken away and now arrest for nothing more than being the best journalist his pears can think of in the last ten years then Bloggers wouldn’t be so popular as they are now. Y’know? Normies catch feelings and reasons while bloggers produce facts and arguments.

  25. Seeing as TRP at The Standard …. has denied me the right of reply to The Al1en I’d like to post a link to a thread …..

    Comments I made in the thread

    People can read what I wrote in the whole thread.

    And whether The Al1ens and TRP s cover for him was up to standard …. considering their moral crusade and rape apologist labeling against Assange.

    I would not be posting this here …. if it were not for TRP …. who has run a personal anti assange campaign …. blocking me there .

    This is the blocked post …. to The Standard


    link to the thread being misrepresented against me by the Al1en

    scroll up to the main points of my post which was hard to write then … which is why I’m glad to find it as it was quite draining and emotional to write … so glad I can copy it …..without attemptpting to rewrite

    Quoting myself ….

    ” In the 1970s there was a commune called center point where mass child abuse / rape was taking place …. a compromised two man inquiery of this produced no charges at the time ( one of the cops was a pedophile )

    IN the 1980s in Rotorua we had pack rapist police men

    2005 / 2006 in the Wairarapa Area we had the police not investigating hundreds of child abuse cases …. with police telling lies and covering up.

    Amid all this very real abuse and rape throughout the decades in New Zealand there was a newly seperated ‘solo mum’ ,,,,, mine.

    Not wanting to go on a benefit ( if it existed then ) she took in a border … for extra money… and to babysit her children as she had taken on a second part time job in addition to her main full time one.

    The Border

    He was released from prison … and I presume he lied to her and said he had done time for some socially acceptable crime in the 1970’s era .. like drink driving or something … she got duped … and I can accept that.

    What I find hard to understand is how his probation officer let a child sex offender pedophile move into a solo mums …. to child mind.

    This particular man ended up hanging himself while on remand in jail for the attempted sodomy of a infant child in another family a few years later.

    I am more than fully fucken entitled to speak about sex abuse / rape …… and I feel like your a right fucking arsehole for forcing me to disclose what I did … te reo putake

    I alos feel like your an arsehole for ignoring the two female rape victims I’ve spoken too …. and their take on the assange allegations …. They’ve been raped but do not feel Assange is a rapist.”

    I think the best way forward should be to have a restorative type hearing …. and see if these women want Julian punished more,… or what else they want to happen …… Its all based on them ….. So what are their feelings?.

    Having them involved in the conclusion or ending of this long long saga would dispel the impression of them being sidelined and used.

    I still think your a arsehole te reo putake ….. you should think about what you post to people ………. I wont tell the two women victims I know of about your rude aggressive dismissive post. ….

    judging by how you made me feel …it would upset them ”

    To which The Al1en posted

    “The Al1en …
    23 July 2018 at 11:20 am

    “Fuck off lying and take you faux outrage with you Philip ure”

    reason …
    23 July 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Is al1ens above comment to me allowed to stand in this thread te reo putake?

    “Fuck off lying and take you faux outrage with you Philip ure”

    perhaps you have missed it ?

    [Given that you’d normally be banned for calling an author an arsehole, I think you should take the same charitable approach to al1en’s reply. Just ignore it. The reference to the esteemed Mr Ure was … presumably … because … you both … like using lots of dots in your comments. TRP]


    That was not an apology from The Al1en …. and its a piss poor excuse … an excuse from TRP to let that garbage stand ..

    and what possible relevance is it … if I was Phil friggin Ure …. does TRP know what happened in his childhood ??

    Is any sexual abuse Phil ure may have suffered …. automatically a lie ??

    Piss poor excuses …..

    However I also note TRP did say I post some good points….

    And I concede now to TRP ,,,, my initial choice of language was lazy to the point of being incorrect …. and my knowledge of what happened is not 100%

    I should have said something like … on a scale of sexual offending …. with Assange being presumably being below 5 on a scale out of 10

    1 being fondling a childs pony tail … with a dreamy look in your face.

    7 – 8 being Isis or Al Nusra sex slavesin Syria or Iraq … or trafficked black woman in Libya

    9 – 10 The very worst … like the two Gadaffi female body guards raped to death …. thanks to Hillary / Cameron / NATO etc …

    And as exposed by Wikileaks …. the warmongering that is

    Anyway a informative link to finish with … from a journalist who has more integrity and morals than almost all of the posts here

    And some very raw humor …. theres a joke to offend every body , multiple times .

    Rugby 16 mins 22 secs
    Laugh at the offensiveness of it all ( the world ) … not the comedian

    very topical and a good breather / reset

    • When ever some one comments about capitalism or the desire to consume or purchase there are several regulars lead by Lprint, TRP and others at the standard who get very irate because they claim it’s used to justify criminal acts which requires some delusional Herculean mental gymnastics to arrive at those conclusions. And of course the implication is you shouldn’t be producing such commentary less some one might find it and miss use it. Off course this is wrong on so many level but it is a theme that is commonly found when analysing the track of vicious psychology that they take so often times those that are hostile to evolutionary biology and I’m interchanging social justice with different gendered concern here, but often times they will say if you study things like child abuse or terrorism, war, infidelity and all sorts of repressive acts then some how you are condoning it and some how you are justifying it, and that you shouldn’t engage in such practices because you are taking down something which is bad, evil or immoral and finding scientific “justification” for it.

      I mean these are absolutely insane statements to make by the woke. It’s the same as saying oncologists who study cancer are FOR cancer and justify cancer through studying it or condoning it. It’s the exact same enology so if you think the cancer analogy is idiotic then certainly to explain war or rape is to condone it, is equally idiotic.

      So again any one who has a visceral hatred for evolution and society are really rooting there arguments on just abject destain for science rather than any valid scientific reason. So to set the record straight, humans are endowed with many different qualities with things like compassion, empathy, altruism love and parental investment, these are all wonderful things. But also humans can be dark and evil and immoral and engage in violence and those things exist. Y’know we can’t just hold hands and sing imagine by John Lenin. And so to the extent that these things exist we have to go through the rigger to explain them. And to explain it doesn’t mean that we are for it, and doesn’t mean that we are justifying it or condoning it. It simply means that we are trying to explain the full richness of the human condition so hopefully at some point this dragon will be slain because it gets very tiresome hearing the same old hostile standardista positions against the left that we keep addressing and yet they never die.

  26. I find the attitude of many of many self-professed leftists to be very strange and contradictory.

    On the one hand, many of these people support prison abolition, and alternative judicial and executive measures and especially in respect of confinement and punishment, including for people who have actually been convicted of rape.

    On the other hand, they seem to support the destruction of a dissident, along with principles like the right to asylum and freedom of the press, on the basis of allegation which even if proved is at the very lower end of the scale when it comes to rape.

    It is extraordinary to watch in our time a campaign to destroy a dissident, and to have watched it succeed as it has in respect of Assange. I no longer wonder how and why it happens in other places and other times because I have seen it happen over the past decade in respect of him. I am shocked the extent to which the left have excused this man’s human rights, and reduced debate around him to his personal hygiene and other trivial matters. There appears to be strong consensus on the left that authoritarian destruction of an individual by the state apparatus is permissible if he is found collectively to be sufficiently unlikable. Extraordinary.

    • Is this the same James who posts at The Standard ….

      Because James at The Standard is a bad faith poster I have accurately described as a one eyed, opportunistic and rape apologist troll.

      at The Standard


      ‘ ….Who used sleazy rape culture posts to diminish the woman involved in the waikato cheifs sexual assault controversy. …. ( a few women left and stopped posting at The Standard because of aggressive rape apologists )

      ….Who uses and advocates for the lawless rapey company ‘uber’.

      ….who advocated for public toilet sex … he did this when defending some other over-sexed rugby player.

      ….who thought it fair enough Oxfam should lose funding ……… for two sacked workers who allegedly used prostitutes

      ….He who who called right wing Brazilian leader and rape celebrator Jair Bolsonaro “charismatic”

      James ….Who ran around with glee …. trying to smear Labour as ‘rape apologists’ …. over a drunk committing assults at a Labour youth event …

      And has run around the Assange thread.. trying to label everyone ‘rape apologists’… ”

      I hope the James here is not the same James

  27. Free speech does not exist at the Standard.
    Now Adrian Thompson is banned for arguing against the hate speech propagated by TRP against Julian Assange.

    • The permanent death of CV by printer should have been the first realization that the Standard isn’t really left wing. They are there own genre.

  28. ‘John Pilger: Julian Assange’s arrest an ASSAULT ON JOURNALISM! ‘

    “On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, who discusses the arrest of Julian Assange after his asylum status was revoked by Lenin Moreno, and his subsequent removal from the Ecuadorian Embassy. He discusses the importance of WikiLeaks’ work, why it is a threat to the United States, the danger the arrest poses to journalists everywhere, and the possibility of extradition to the US.

    Next, we speak to Geoffrey Robertson QC of Doughty Street Chambers on the arrest of Assange, the legality of the revocation of his asylum status, the legality of the UK complying with the US extradition request, and what this episode tells journalists around the world.”

    • Very good Ed
      It’s like the only information journalists are allowed be in possession of is that provided by official sources!
      Ie the State dept

  29. Its an interesting social history to read The Standard on Assange in 2010
    Discussion on rape, condoms,sex in general, and consent is much freer and devoid of shrieks of rape culture! and denunciations of incorrect thinkers
    Can we congratulate ourselves on how far we’ve come since that time , post MeToo etc?
    How tolerant we are of all view points?
    How willing to enter in to spirited and free ranging discussion?

    Here’s a writer perfectly willing to admit to failed condoms, non use of condoms when he should have citing passion as a mitigating circumstance
    A chorus of denunciations does not follow, nor threats of excommunication
    But of course I guess we were all so ignorant then?
    We know better now, don’t we, and as a result society has become so much more peaceful, and relations between the sexes so much more amiable
    You think?

  30. How pathetic is RNZ journalism on Julian Assange compared with this discussion:

    Bullhorns: ‘Assange’

    “On this edition of the program, we discuss one issue and one issue alone: The fate of Julian Assange and the fate of journalism itself.

    CrossTalking with Xavier Moreau, John Laughland, and Alexander Mercouris.”

  31. Another post of mine …. bounced from The Standard

    The excellent Government removing investigative Journalist, Clare Rewcastle Brown,,,,, and her website,,, on which coincidentally she has criticized the corrupt Judith Collins ….

    Well She could now be in danger of being arrested and and her Sarawak report website shut down ,,,, after the Wikileaks precedent.

    I’m not sure if the Malaysian Logging company mentioned in the first couple of minutes of her video …. is one of the four corruption linked ones,,,,, buying land and operating in NZ ( ie Tolaga bay )

    But the off-shore tax Network, that the last Nact government were building here in Nz is emphasised , 6 minute mark ,,,,, and the HSBC bank are mentioned 18 mins 30 secs – .,,,, as are palm kernal cow boys / cow feed ,,, the silent world wide mainstream media ,, etc etc….

    They certainly wanted to arrest her in Malaysia …. and Clare Rewcastle had a large expensive PR company smear campaign launched against her ….

    But To sum up …..1MDB and other things ….. Show New Zealand is now on the side of the corrupt …. Turning this around will have many positive effects for NZ .

    Including proceeds of crime of seized timber / forests …. to build homes with here in NZ …

    ..and kit-set homes / foreign aid back to Sarawak …. as partial restitution and apology for the money we have helped in being stolen from them, by their Kleptocracy

    A good topic for the green party too …. imo

    ANZ bank 31 mins – 35 mins

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