GUEST BLOG: Gerard Otto – Priorities eight days after the massacre


The whole of New Zealand was in shock between 15th March and 23rd March.

These eight days were like no other really in recent history, as 50 of us were murdered in cold blood, mowed down in a place of worship and dozens were critically injured, paralysed or maimed.

This included young children.

What better time to ask New Zealanders about the priorities of the government and Business New Zealand saw it’s chance regarding the Capital Gains Tax.

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Perhaps Kirk Hope was hoping that by commissioning Reid Research to run a poll on the day of the massacre and over the following days that most New Zealanders would not give a shit about some proposed tax – at such a time?

Kirk Hope was probably correct.

Yesterday, almost a month later, Newshub reported that :

“Newshub has been given exclusive access to a Reid-Research poll commissioned by Business New Zealand that shows an overwhelming majority of voters – 65 percent – don’t think a CGT should be a priority for the Government.”

Such a question about priorities at such a time does seem loaded to the average citizen, but not to Newshub.

Tova O’Bullshit did not mention how during the shock of the massacre – capital gains tax – was not a priority for anyone – including the government.

The Coalition put all other business on hold and priorities changed – and so they should have.

But Reid Research did not get told to put a hold on that poll by Business New Zealand…it was instead a time of unblinkered opportunity to exploit this very dynamic.

Some feel disgusted at this raw contempt for the true context of those eight days, and view the business lobby and their henchmen as callous opportunists.

Now we’ve seen the proof of this exploitation from Newshub, in it’s eager story about how nobody wants a CGT, well not directly after a mass murder anyway.

It’s probably never a popular move to raise a tax for anyone directly impacted by that tax, and it’s clear that government policy is still to be decided from a report that laid out options.

There is no policy declared yet, just scare mongering.

Whatever government policy amounts to be – it will be put to the democratic test in election 2020.

That is the true poll.

This other nonsense ( Reid Research Poll ) is skewed by the horrific events in Christchurch and should be yet another reminder to us all – about how unscrupulous, insensitive and downright brazen the Press can be, even during a period of national mourning.

The Reid-Research poll was conducted between March 15-23. It had a sample size of 1000 voters, with a margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Gerard Otto is an activist and a writer.


  1. This has the stink of a previous opportunistic carpet bombing of people in crisis. hekia parata ravaging schools in earthquake fucked Christchurch.
    There must be a covert, deep-state cult of super riche kiwi-as’ers exerting their terrible power to retain steerage of a dying, black economy. The economy that was, and probably still is, being laundered through the Cook Islands or other, similar money washing, tax dodging swindlers paradise. When I read that Dollar-God jonky’s seeping his toxic gasses on RNZ against a CGT I know I can invent crooked scenarios and have a 90% hit rate. And you should know, that a CGT would seriously hurt The Scum.
    Jonky was jp morgan, right? Billionaire jp morgan ceo? In The Guardian saying socialism is a curse? But when The Big Banks shit themselves the Fed dips into the tax payers pocket to bail them out. I.e. Socialism for the riche while the poor get capitalism. And that’s because they’re too big to fail. Such is the reach of Bankster tentacles.
    That’s why, back in the 1990’s, little jimbo bolger had to walk away from his pre election pledges to super annuitants with a promised increase in payments and, instead, increased the age of entitlement from 60 to 65 THEN dipped into our tax system to the tune of around $380 million to save the BNZ from its own greed . The excuse given was that the bnz was too big to fail. If the bnz did fail it was argued it’d take out many AO/NZ businesses lured into debt traps by Aussies playa’s. THEN! In stepped Mr Mincy Panties himself, tricky mickey fay and his Bro little Big davy richwhite of Capital Investments Ltd and bought up the BNZ then sold it to the Aussies.
    You think that shit’s gone away? You think those fuckers are not still in the shadows in their crypts reaching into your pocketses? You think they influence our politics on all levels everyday?
    AO/NZ? Rich-as in ALL vital exportable resources.
    AO/NZ 25 thousand Sq Km bigger than UK.
    UK. Population closing in on 70 million.
    AO/NZ Population at around 4.7 million.
    AO/NZ has a homeless persons crises, we have 280 k kids living in poverty, we have multi million dollar houses in fucking Queenstown and more often than not, owned by absentee ‘business persons’ from Auckland, where the Ferrari’s go to mate and our politicians nickel and dime us for a stipend flipped at us with the same disdain as if we were shit under their shoes?
    While the old Zombie money cultists can hide behind the Big Banksters who have us well and truly fucked by using monstrous mortgages to maintain control of us we may as well vote for a flock of fucking chickens in on 2020. At least they’d lay eggs and be edible. Mind you? Plump, Big jizz brownlee? Yum, yum.

    • Aaaaah , … yes….

      The little neo liberal cabal.

      And the leader of the gang , … roger douglas. Too bad about little jenny , I hear shes having a few difficulty’s lately. My oh my , … ” Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?” … I wonder how little ruthy’s getting on…little johnny hair-puller’s mum.

      My only hope and wish ,…. is that these Scum do not pass away quietly before we get to put them on trial for treason and see all of them finishing their grotesque and sordid little lives inside prison.

      I’d say a term each of 40 years each should do it.

      That ought to ensure they die staring at four small walls and a door that’s constantly locked.

      And as a part of that sentence, … taking every last asset they own including the family dog and selling it all off at auctions , along with their trusts emptied , – and the proceeds given towards housing for the poor they created in this country. Leaving their offspring with no benefits other than the average New Zealander’s that they stole off.

      Let their offspring struggle like the rest of us.

      Let them learn to hate like the rest of us do ,… the very people who did that to them.

      And then let them read who , why , and how they did it ,… by READING THIS:

      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

      Hate speech ?


      Just sweet justice.

    • Jonky was Merrill Lynch, not that makes a jot of difference. Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citibank, HSBC, Barclays, ANZ – they’re all interchangeable evil parasitic corporations that extract ever more wealth for the already wealthy at ever more the cost of literally everything and everyone else. Now The John Key as at ANZ. He knows where the power lies.

    • I don’t envy a single one of them. They pay a high price to be in the world and of the world. Ronald Bernard ex-Dutch banker laid it out for everyone just what they are expected to sacrifice and anyone who has seen the photographs published on Instagram by sirjokey’s daughter under her pseudonym will realize that these truly evil hi-fliers are quite willing to throw their family members into the bonfire they are obliged to keep lit for their god if they hope to retain their worldly goods.

  2. Do people (or AI’s) have consciences?

    There is much complaint about internet damage to ” main stream media”.

    The msm thrive on the spin merchants. Have done so for decades x centuries.

    We are talking about information prostitution.

    The established brothels are very uneasy about the streetwise cruisers.

    Trump loves it! he invented “fake news”.

    It never existed before his arrival. Now people talk about it as a fact.

    Has “fake news” ever been defined authoritatively?

    Crosby (Sir?) textor spin is what msm has thrived on. It sells advertising.

    Business New zealand is a disgusting example of “GREED IS GOOD”, and fuck anyone who disagrees.

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