UPDATE: Labour are now as compromised to our Chinese Overlords as National are


The great relief to National being little more than a business front for Chinese interests was that at least we had Labour who wouldn’t fold to our Chinese Overlords…

…well, we can no longer have that hope. Labour are now as compromised to our Chinese Overlords as National are…

Labour MPs vote against allowing China expert Anne-Marie Brady to speak at justice select committee
Labour MPs on the justice select committee have voted against allowing China politics expert Anne-Marie Brady to make a submission on foreign interference in elections.

National MPs supported Brady, a professor at Canterbury University, giving her view on the issue which is a focus of the committee’s inquiry into the 2017 general election and 2016 local elections.

The eight-strong committee is evenly split between National and Labour MPs and today’s vote against means Brady cannot appear.

…Brady has claimed  Raymond Huo is the Chinese plant inside the Labour Party…

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“Raymond Huo霍建强 works very publicly with China’s united front organizations in New Zealand and promotes their policies in English and Chinese. Huo was a Member of Parliament from 2008 to 2014, then returned to Parliament again in 2017 when a list position became vacant. In 2009, at a meeting organized by the Peaceful Reunification of China Association of New Zealand to celebrate Tibetan Serf Liberation Day, Huo said that as a “person from China” (中国人) he would promote China’s Tibet policies to the New Zealand Parliament.

It was Huo who made the decision to translate Labour’s 2017 election campaign slogan “Let’s do it” into a quote from Xi Jinping (撸起袖子加油干, which literally means “roll up your sleeves and work hard”). Huo told journalists at the Labour campaign launch that the Chinese translation “auspiciously equates to a New Year’s message from President Xi Jinping encouraging China to ‘roll its sleeves up’.” …… Xi’s catchphrase has been widely satirized in Chinese social media. Nonetheless, the phrase is now the politically correct slogan for promoting OBOR, both in China and abroad. ……. In 2014, when asked about the issue of Chinese political influence in New Zealand, Huo told RNZ National, “Generally the Chinese community is excited about the prospect of China having more influence in New Zealand” and added, “many Chinese community members told him a powerful China meant a backer, either psychologically or in the real sense.””
– source, ‘Magic Weapons’ – aka the Brady Report , September 2017.

…so who blocked her from speaking? Well, well, well – Raymond Huo…

Justice committee chairman Labour MP Raymond Huo said the decision to decline Brady’s late request was purely procedural.

The closing date for submissions was over five months ago on 23 September 2018 and the date was widely publicised by committee staff in the usual way, he said in a statement.

The Committee had asked the Security Intelligence Service, the Government Communications and Security Bureau and the National Assessments Bureau to appear.

“As committee chair, I am satisfied that the correct procedure has been followed and that the agencies will keep the committee well informed about any issues of foreign interference that may arise,” Huo said in a statement.

…this claim of it being only a procedural issue is bullshit because Andrew Little, the Minister of Justice, wrote to Huo AFTER submissions closed and asked for the issue of foreign influence to be addressed, and seeing as Brady is the expert in that field, blaming procedure is a pretence.

How can Raymond Huo be able to wield this amount of self censorship?

Do our Chinese Overlords really have the power to simply stop  evidence being heard in a New Zealand select committee? It would appear they do.

Labour should hang its head in shame.


UPDATE: Labour have been spooked by the backlash and u-turned this decision. Again, as with the lack of CGT political foresight, who was on top of this stunt by Raymond and knew he was pulling it?

Heads should privately roll. Again.


  1. What does the words “Independant Foreign Policy” and “International Rules Based Order” even mean any more when we deny our own the sovereign rights to speak and be heard of possible manipulation and influence that benefits a forign power.

    So many lesser qualified people are able to make submissions in person on every price of legislations and Brady can’t even speak in her field is just bullshit.

    • +1 Sam

      Bear in mind also that some migrants have come to NZ to escape their governments… so having someone in such a prominent position like Justice committee chairman Labour MP Raymond Huo who is also so supportive of the ‘soft power’ arm of the CCP via united front… is not just an affront to Kiwi’s born here but also those Chinese migrants who don’t share the CCP agenda or have come to NZ because they did not agree with their home country policy…

      Only to find out, that NZ politicians have already been bought… and so cheaply too! What a bargain NZ is for foreigners wanting to buy policy and control here.

      • Well. Looks like it will just have to be taken to the electorate instead. On weekend thought he probably came off the list. This wouldn’t be such a pain if China was still developing and wasn’t so inwards. It wouldn’t be so bad if the defence force wasn’t being cut for political and ideological reasons but it is. I just look at it and shake my head.

      • Understanding the Public Service culture in China and the normalised corruption in that vast service goes a long way to realising that, yes indeed, many have escaped the government, but not because they oppose the CCP agenda. Mr Xi’s crackdown on Public Service corruption and tax fraud/evasion since his elevation to power, may also be an explanation for the arrival of many in Auckland (NZ).

    • “International”: Between at least two nations. But that means nothing, many ‘international’ relations or circumstances may exist in varying forms at the same time.

      ‘Independent’: Not dependent on at least one other, but not ruling out to be somewhat dependent on someone else, perhaps?

      Or ‘independent’ meaning, we pick and choose from various positions, whether based on truly independent formation of them or not.

      • Well there’s no guarantee that our closet and most important ally, America, will ride to the rescue during hard time. They can barley even support us in peaceful times to disarm nuclear arsenals and guarantee the long term survival of humanity. So y’know, while the sun is shinning we just better make hey. Every day I find new appreciation for Winston Peters style of managing New Zealand forign policy which isn’t slapping for sale signs on everything so to speak.

      • Another side arm of ‘internationalism’ is governments cheery picking new nationals for either cheap labour, skills they can’t be bothered planning for under neoliberalism (in NZ it seems laughably chefs, restaurant managers are top contenders for the essential skills here 2016-2017) and western governments new insatiable interest in short term money and donations, is the disregard governments now show for those born in their country and the little protection they give to their nationals.

        They also don’t think too far ahead when they do immigration drives and fail to plan for what might happen next with people who will die for their beliefs with different religions or feel they are superior culture and in their new country to exploit opportunities there not because they actually like it or the people who actually live there.

        In the case of Shamima Begum a former UK citizen is now stateless whose baby son died in a refugee camp after her citizen being renounced.

        When the governments become so outward focused by both immigration and foreign money, they lose sight or interest in their own nationals and an alarming type of morality and division is being played out.

        Patriotism is a two way street. If a government does not look after it’s own and treat them well or integrate them, they are open to being recruited by others even generations later.

        Could more sophisticated governments as a type of strategy be sending out soft power agents to live in overseas countries as citizens there, but actually working for their birth government. The Cold War is not over yet, apparently, governments just now turn a blind eye or encourage it to take the foreign cash, and have different players?

        Now even the terrorists are recruiting disgruntled nationals. There is a price to pay, for globalism and the removal of nationalism where increasingly ordinary people have mixed allegiances to their country of birth or country of residence.

        Are governments, like China and have a ‘social’ rating for movement of residents?

        So some of our choices we face in NZ is do we want a government like China or Russia or even the US? Do we want to have a society more Asian than Western with the levels of poverty, corruption and divide that those countries have, because that is where NZ is heading….

        The government seems blind to the issues, and noticing that people are getting poorer in NZ and our social services are grinding to a halt, by ideas taxing the honest more in NZ, to ‘redistribute’ will make things worse while ignoring clamping down on the dishonest living here under multiple passports as a growing problem, and both legally and illegally making a living off not paying or grossly underpaying taxes and outside the NZ income tax system for the most part. .

  2. Having Raymond Huo block Brady has turned it into a meaningless farce. Also not having Green or NZF representation on the committee. We already know that the Natz sell their list MP’s for $100k so why would they give that up?

    Another waste of Government time and money on another committee rigged to give the ‘right’ result. Pathetic!

  3. “Now”? They always have been… it was Goff and Clark who stitched up the Han Chinese Lebensraum Free Slave Agreement

    The civil war is coming…

    • Yes Ross, but you’ve never been ahead of the pack now have you? If you are unaware and uninformed on the way the PRC operates in NZ you should be brought up to speed. And Chinese wholesale manipulation of the the real estate market in Vancouver in the 90’s thru to early 2000’s is a case worth researching. Provincial government level PRC interference in British Columbia is also worth researching. Every where in the world Chinese money goes corruption bullying and racism ( on China’s part) is in the vanguard. Kiwis are thick as.

      • At least in Canada they are not such puppets to give new migrants new residency within in 2-5 years. In NZ our politicians love criminals and even if they are in jail or have questionable ethics they give them the NZ residency and citizenship for ‘compassionate grounds’. Pity there is less compassion for the victims of their crimes who are screwed over and left penniless or worse.

        Anyway totally agree with the Canadian system of charging a stamp duty of foreigners buyer up Canadian assets, however in NZ we can’t wait to give away our passports and make money laundering easy as pie, so most of the people deemed as foreign in other countries are now able to identify themselves as a Kiwi because by the time the plods arrest the people they are already Kiwi citizens or permanent residents.

        Increasingly it is looking like a significant percentage of first generation migrants are breaking NZ law and claiming welfare which in the significant numbers of people we are importing into NZ, no questions asked, is going to stall NZ and bring them into 3rd world status pretty quick, we are already sliding down the OECD in all the tables….

        Even worse, as the criminals have more say in voting on councils and central government, we are going to get more and more corruption here.

        • In NZ we have three problems,

          1, Foreigners trying to infiltrate and empower themselves or influence policy in the Pacific via foreign donations.

          2, first generation migrants, students or what have you that are now in very significant numbers, Kiwi citizens or permanent residents. This is as an issue that has ballooned out of control in a decade and now many Kiwis on paper only have gained significant political power. However they still identify with their original country and work for them. Or just do what they do in their original country here, with little to any interest or even ability to change aka not speaking the language, and now wiping out NZ business with the cash and illegal economy.

          3/ first generation migrants who are given citizenship for political reasons and just to conduct business more easily in the pacific under the NZ citizen banner. The famous case is Thiel who bought his way in within 11 days while saying he was never intending to live here. Why then was citizenship granted?

          The issue is not just about China, because every national under the sun seems to be able to call themselves a Kiwi under our pathetic immigration laws and short timeframes!

          It’s undermining being a Kiwi when scammers or people with a certain agenda from around the world are now sporting the Kiwi passport when it suits them and of course helps them win business contracts and launder money when they have so many passports and identities to choose from and can effectively play the ‘local’ card in every hemisphere, which those in NZ business can’t do. Aka walk into the EU, US, NZ and OZ and call yourselves a local with local rights, donate to political parties even if it is banned for foreigners…

  4. “In 2014, when asked about the issue of Chinese political influence in New Zealand, Huo told RNZ National, “Generally the Chinese community is excited about the prospect of China having more influence in New Zealand” and added, “many Chinese community members told him a powerful China meant a backer, either psychologically or in the real sense.””
    – source, ‘Magic Weapons’ – aka the Brady Report , September 2017.

    …so who blocked her from speaking? Well, well, well – Raymond Huo…”




    • Yes CLEANGREEN…it will be interesting to see the next poll

      …there are a few former Labour voters who are quite disgusted

  5. To be honest, this is not just something NZ Inc and its institutions, incl. government, are faced with.

    Look at the Huawei turmoil now, and how that corporation tries to take the US government to court.

    It is a huge corporation with some cutting edge technology in the tech sector now, one of few on the planet.

    China’s other corporations are working overtime to overtake western and other corporations, so to get a lead and firm hold on various tech and other sectors.

    We will become technologically dependent on Mainland Chinese, government supported corporations, and without their technology lose ‘competitiveness’ eventually.

    The free trade with China should never have been allowed to happen the way it was started decades ago, the joint ventures and other endeavours have ended in much technology getting into Chinese hands, and they develop it all further quickly, so to overtake others and to one day dominate the world economy and more, same as the US now still tends to do.

    But relax, climate change is speeding up, we will have many major cities drowned by oceans soon, we will have vast devastation, droughts, floods, storms, it will be highly risky and difficult to farm, and humanity will kill itself off and we are all doomed. So it may not matter who is ‘master’ for the latter days of humanity, we are stuffed as it is, prepare for the END!

    • China’s other corporations are working overtime to overtake western and other corporations, so to get a lead and firm hold on various tech and other sectors.

      So you saying only Western companies should be allowed to lead, but when the chinese try to lead, there is something wrong with that?

      • Maybe you fail to realise, that western corporations are not having as close links to voted in governments in western countries, as Chinese corporations have with their government.

        And while democracy in western countries is a bit of a mockery at times, as we know, China has NO true democracy at all, as it is a one party state, where the CCP has the say, full stop.

        What would you prefer, perhaps at times a bit corrupt and here and there well connected western corporations doing their ‘business’, or Mainland Chinese corporations, doing their thing, which will ALWAYS be things that the government of Mainland China will approve or at least tolerate, nothing more or less?

        It is a choice between two evils, I would definitely choose the lesser version.

  6. I have spoken to many people over the last few years who are from, or have lived in China, who maintain that nearly all Chinese international students and business people in other countries have some kind of spying agenda for the central Chinese government. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been given permission to leave.
    While that is probably an exaggeration, it may not be great.
    The Chinese government does not sponsor people going overseas purely out of the goodness of its heart – it expects payback for its investments.
    But we should question two things: Why Dr Brady was not allowed to give a submission after the deadline when other select committees receive late submissions for a myriad of reasons.
    The other question we should ask is: Why is the National Party suddenly so keen to support Dr Brady now? They weren’t interested before when they were in government.

    • The answer to your second question is probably because they’re grasping at straws and any rock to hurl at Labour is a rock they’ll willingly pick up. Soimon’s popularity is in the toilet and National aren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

      It has to be said — this is not a good look, and Little should probably be asking uncomfortable questions of Raymond Huo.

  7. I’m not sure this has turned out how Raymond Huo or the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘United Front Work Department’ would have liked. By blocking Professor Brady’s testimony he has taken what would have been just another point of view at an obscure parliamentary select committee and turned it into a raging debate about foreign influence on New Zealand politics – splashed all over the front pages of every media outlet in the country.

  8. “Why is the National Party suddenly so keen to support Dr Brady now? They weren’t interested before when they were in government.”

    It’s obvious Nick Smith is only raising this issue to embarrass the government, not out of any great sense of duty to the country. That may come back to bite National on the arse when they (God help us) return to government. Lots of people, including myself, won’t have forgotten Nick’s full-throated endorsement of free speech on this occasion.

  9. When will the announcement that the government is to roll out or engage in talks with a “Hong Kong” based Smart Cities (surveillance and supply chain control) Consortium? Any day now. Will it be through Opendata, InternetNZ – through what vehicle and how will it be dressed up for local conditions?

  10. This is disgusting.
    NZ First should make political capital here sponsoring a bill to ensure our sovereignty

  11. This really pisses me off. Total vote loser from labour. This is one thing they could smash National with in the court of public opinion but they’ve blown it and look just as dodgy or worse now.

    This is fertile ground for Winston to boost his polling numbers.

    Bizarre for National to claim high ground here but they have form for accusing labour of doing what they themselves are guilty of and getting away with it.

  12. The data cables between NZ Inc and other neighbouring territories, continuing into the wider world, they are able to be tapped and monitored. Perhaps TDB better prepare for some unusual activity on its server soon, or hiccups with connectivity and what else may happen?!

  13. Snakelike behavior from Raymond Huo , it seems?

    An old boss of mine , – ex NZ Army- once stated ”all these chinese students here – and they will be monitored by chinese communist party members who are also students ”…

    He was dead right.

    But its gone one step further than just that . Its now leeched its way into our highest offices in the land, – our own parliament. Now we are entering danger territory. In both our major political party’s.

    Sandwiched between having a FTD with china and being one of the 5 eyes spy network.

    Only in New Zealand.

    Huo needs to be ejected for ‘conflicts of interest’… as does the other chinese ‘ex’ spy mutt in National. These individuals are becoming political liability’s. Overt ones hiding in plain sight and using our democracy as their shields. And that’s despicable and snakelike.

    There are many markets than just china. Winston Peters is right. The Russian markets beckon. A nation far from the South seas who are geographically isolated from any sphere of influence.

    The snake is not native to New Zealand.

    And when found are swiftly dealt with to protect our own best interests.

  14. This Raymond Hua, is he a good guy or what? Is he in my country as my guest or my conquerer, a good honest kiwi resettled for a new life, or a sneaky fucker strung out on meth snooping on the country? Does he understand our cultural nuance and values, willing to swear allegiance to this country alone? Tell me his only mission in life is not to feed off a country like a parasite, diverting money, information or influence back to a bloated, communist/capitalist machine. Does he have the interests of real New Zealanders at heart, the indigenous people and the families that have lived here for generations (not those foreigners who flew in last night seeking citizenship after buying a property online)? This Ray Hua, does he know his place? Does he know that he talks when the New Zealand public tells him he can talk? This hua, is he one of us?

  15. if they open the door to one late submitter then they have to let anyone make a late submission and the process becomes a nightmare. Perhaps she should have put her name forward on time like everyone else. Sensational headline but a nothing story with a false opinion.

  16. The Chinese Labour Party perhaps ?

    What is Liabour afraid of, it needs to be said and investigating the Dragon’s activities here in NZ, or is the Sparkling Pony and Aunty Helen scared of enraging the Dragon ?

    • I saw it in 1970 when the Chinese had “ringbarked the hole City of Nairobi in Kenya when the chinese had been allowed into that country and set up shops all around that city selling very cheap stuff and eventually killed off the Local african traders entirely.

      As I left Africa one year later the race riots were going strong and then when i got back to Canada the Kenyan Government expelled the Chinese to save the peace.

      US warned us of the dangers and did we listen?

      Yes it will happen here make no mistake here.

      Chinese Communist party will perhaps introduce some plague or horticultural insect plague to ruin your industries here and bring us to our knees.

      Today we are dancing with the dragons and tomorrow may be devoured by them.

      • Your story sounds like bullshit

        The Chinese are very popular in Africa, perhaps more so than any other place in the world. Most Kenyans have a very positive view of China: “Majorities or pluralities in 12 countries give China positive marks, with favorable attitudes most prevalent in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia”

        In any case, here is a plan for all China haters and sinophobes.

        Why don’t you round up a few of your mates, write up some anti-china, borderline racist anti-asian placards, anti-investment etc and parade down queen street, and get yourselves in the papers. Create a bit of a movement, get in the papers, and I guarantee Chinese trade will dry up super super quick.

        The Chinese will simply walk away. Chinese don’t force other countries to engage with them at the point of a gun – unlike what Anglo Saxons did to them in the very recent past – afterall in the lifetime of my parents, an Englishman could murder a chinese (and often did) inside China with full impunity, under the notion of ‘extraterritoriality’

        • As I’ve told you before if you want to rubbish Anglo Saxons / the NZ democratic way of life then leave mate. Go live in china.

          Go back to china and ask officials what they think of the invasion of Tibet , organ harvesting of Falun Gong , detention without proper trial of democracy protesters et al.

          Then march down the main street of Beijing carrying placards protesting the above’s plight. Back it up with statements from Amnesty International.

          I’ll give you one day before you’re arrested, detained, whisked off to an internment camp and interrogated. You might be lucky to leave after 10 or so years after having been ‘corrected’ in your thinking every day by groups of interrogators.

          How China’s trillion-dollar trade initiative helped forge a humanitarian …

          Don’t around come here living off the milk of the land under our democracy then abuse it and start extolling the virtues of a communist state you don’t even live in.


      • @ CLEANGREEN well you have put out the warning hope people read and do their research. I suspect the takeover to be much more subtle. Just as with the water, it may well be a slow takeover of some roads and certain strategic ports…no goods in or out allowed. New Zealand is already marked on the global map for the Belt and Road Initiative.

  17. Isn’t it time for Mark/Win/Wei or whatever he’s calling himself today to ride to the CCP’s rescue?

  18. NZ’ers need to get real about this issue. All great powers, including China, try to influence other states. China is particularly skilled at the subtle soft power aspects of this which we see being played out here.

    Huo should not be in parliament as he’s obviously a fifth columnist serving the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. Same with the National-buy-me-a-Chinese-MP-Party.

    Also, at the most fundamental level…foreigners are not Kiwi’s, have no right to live here, and have no right to vote. Why the f**k are foreigners then allowed to donate to political parties? This is obviously unnecessary and an invitation to corruption.

    • And what the fuck do you think the West has been doing and still try to do to China for almost two hundred years?

      And what about all these US think tanks, Voice of America, CNN, relentless Western cultural propaganda and norms being foisted not only on the Chinese but on all non-Western peoples around the world?

      We have Western leaders streaming up to China lecturing on how Chinese should run their own affairs. What would most Pakeha New Zealanders feel if Xi Jinping remonstrated with Ardern over the seabed and foreshore issue?

      • You think the chinese are the only ones who have been invaded, mate?

        Try Tibet.

        Maybe its their repressive anti democracy communism we don’t like. Or maybe its their human rights records that make us recoil. Among the worst in the world . Do you really think we want to follow THAT example ???

        Or maybe its their attitude to people of other nations in pouring vast amounts of finances to buy out land , farms, technology.. a kind of ”we don’t give a flying rats arse about the people of that country just our own celestial homelands interests”…

        Yes , yes , yes, we are all well aware about Nanking, we are well aware about Manchuria and the Japanese. Yes they had it hard. And do you still think hardships exclusive to china? What do you think the Bosnian war was all about? A walk in the park? World war one and two? Or any other conflict you can name 100, 200 , 300 years ago ??

        So is the sentiment that because china had it hard by the West 100 years ago your going to continue to carry that round your neck and want to justify your logic by seeking some kind of passive aggressive revenge on Anglo Saxons hereafter?

        What about Manchuria and the Japanese?

        Too hard a target are they? Uncle Sam in the background ???

        Yeah… far easier to target a small country like NZ and try and shame and bully people into letting china walk all over us because of a Free Trade deal…

        Aint gonna work mate.

        How China’s trillion-dollar trade initiative helped forge a humanitarian …

      • I agree with you Mark, China has been screwed over by the west and has a very good history of not invading other countries unlike the west.

        China’s history is more peaceful, and their governments have taken a very successful strategy of getting into super power status based on taking advantage of other (mostly western) governments greed and stupidity around neoliberalism.

        I guess though in sleepy NZ, our lack of competitiveness is a huge advantage for the environment and our social systems here. People are less exploitative and our country is still a lot more pristine and not overpopulated than others. So I get tired of all the rah, rah about how terrible Kiwis are.

        NZ can’t be that bad, if so many want to come here and our beaches are not sewers and people not counterfeiting food from the gutters! Even our criminals have second thoughts and not very competitive. (And that is an advantage!)

        Sadly migrants coming here and being rude about Kiwis and exploiting them is now the norm . With so many no-questions- asked migrants from across the globe, turning up in NZ and working here we are increasingly turning into a low wage, high cost, exploitative bureaucratic society.

        With climate change around the corner, maybe instead of saying how bad Kiwis are (our own government seems to want to punish Kiwis while giving endless grants and benefits to first generation migrants from free health care to free student fees, a joke when you look at the history of what they did to Kiwis on student fees and loans) it’s time to work what type of society does NZ want?

        So lets NOT dismiss NZ less competitive culture and lifestyle and work out why, so many want to live here and why we still have assets to plunder here!

        Aka another name for non competitive could be not greedy!

        When it got out of control and stated destroying NZ lives and making more and more people redundant or on drugs from that lucrative side line so many foreigners like to pursue here, our government, have done nothing to stop it.

  19. So they’ve (maybe?) changed their mind according to stuff and might let Ms Brady speak, but the mask has slipped as far as I am concerned.
    What a rotten conflict of interest having Huo anywhere near this let alone running it.
    This has shown us all Labours terrible management and the fact they are also under Chinese inluence like National.
    Some one save us from these dirt bag traitorous political parties.
    Jesus wept

  20. It looks like a lot of paranoia and sinophobia to me.Of course Brady should be banned .Her paper Magic Weapon was supported by Taiwan influence-hard power. It says it all. Reading the paper contains mainly statements rather than proof and not much definition of terms. I’ve tried to be influential wherever I go. So what? Isn’t this why this site is in existence even if it just announces paranoid ideas? China comes out of being exiled for being difference -and after being infiltrated by Europe earlier on-hard power. It wants to be recognized-why not? Lets speak first about 400 military basis aimed at Chine . Lets look at the naivety of Canadians and Americans when a few people got arrested for breaking the law in China. Opps didnt we arrest someone from China who didn’t break the law? Unfortunately Brady and Bradbury never mention any of this which would put it in context.Spying – didn’t you see before the last elections 2 overseas lawyers Greenwald, Amsterdam and Snowdon and Assuage talking about USA spying on NZ, let alone our own spy agencies? Brady has to mention this in her work so we know how democratic countries act so we can put into context ‘soft power’ =making friends according to Sartre, Also of course USA has interfered in politics of 45 countries since WW11(hard power) when soft power hasnt worked.

    • Yes but again you are making it sound as if butter wont melt in the mouths of the CCP.

      [ ” Of course Brady should be banned .Her paper Magic Weapon was supported by Taiwan influence-hard power.”]

      Citation? … or subjective opinion…

      Also, – just because something cannot be immediately proven by catching someone red handed doesn’t mean that a crime hasn’t been committed. That’s why the courts recognize circumstantial evidence’.

      In other words- the fruits of the activity’s of individuals / groups.

      Likewise many shady deals going on that favour chinese business interests whilst breaking OUR laws, paying peanuts for the privilege and plundering the natural resources of this country.


      Swamp Kauri and water to name a few.

      How about intellectual property regarding farming practices?

      There’s a few right there.

      The Jamie Lee Ross tapes more than a bit revealing, would’t you say?

      Not to mention the long history of the ChiNational party and its ministers [ particularly under John Key ] and its ‘peculiar’ shadowy relations with chinese business endevours…

      [ ” China comes out of being exiled for being difference ” ]

      Garbage !- it comes out as being ‘different’ because it is a communist country with one of the worst human rights records globally. Go speak to Falun Gong family members who have had loved ones disappear , – only to find out later they were murdered for their organs. Have a chat in the ear of Tibetans and what they think of the CCP ‘S expansionism.

      Tienanmen Square, anyone?

      How about we have you go visit the thousands of pro democracy protesters STILL in prison for speaking out against a one party rule

      Yes , yes , yes and we are all in the know about ‘ Greenwald, Amsterdam and Snowdon and Assuage talking about USA spying on NZ ‘… hell ! – I was even there at the Auckland Town Hall myself on that night cheering for Snowdon !

      And yes under John Key the whole mass surveillance thing was out of control and Key is/was a liar. We all know that. We are well aware of this country spying on country’s in the Pacific who regarded us as their friends. We know all about the USA and NSA using NZ to snoop on china because the USA had difficulty themselves… and we KNOW the head of the NSA was convicted for spying on his own country , the USA…

      And do you think for one tiny minute that china isn’t spying on US ???

      Give us a break, mate.

      Come on.

      The whole premise of your argument is ‘ Brady is a stooge and has nothing to offer’. Statements like ;

      [ ” Her paper Magic Weapon was supported by Taiwan influence-hard power ” ]

      Poppycock. If you think for one minute the Taiwanese stand a chance against the might of china using ‘ hard power’ your delusional. So chinas threats to Taiwan are all fluffy ducklings and boxes of hand made chocolates and soft cooing’s in their ears ???

      Y’know… there’s a reason why Taiwan hasn’t been recognized by many govts – including many in the West… don’t you think chinas saber rattling might, … just might,… have been part of that reason? Or is that OK for you to criticize everyone else but when china does the same thing they are given exceptionalism?

      [ ” Also of course USA has interfered in politics of 45 countries since WW11(hard power) when soft power hasnt worked ” ].

      And, … who supplied the North Koreans, the North Vietnamese? Who fought with India over their border delineations? How often has chinese influenced her satellite country’s by supplying military advise and weaponry ??? – People died because of that – millions of them , – whether by using ‘ soft power’ or ‘hard power’…

      So I don’t think china and its CCP comes clean by any chalk in that regard. Oh , and before I finish… how many died because of Mao Zedong and his megalomania? Or his Great Leap Backwards?

      Quite a few , apparently.

      If your going to criticize the West yet continue to live here and enjoy all the liberty’s of democracy then you’d better present both sides of the story. And if you need to be reminded somewhat , this is for you.

      How China’s trillion-dollar trade initiative helped forge a humanitarian …

  21. One of the big problems with democracy in the age of globalism and social media, is that other governments/businesses/individuals can spend a lot of money and nobody knows where it came from, while it appears to be a ‘grassroots’ campaign.

    The demise of the west and democracy might be being helped along… by enemies of that country.

    Obscure no-deal Brexit group is UK’s biggest political spender on Facebook
    Britain’s Future has spent £340,000 promoting hard exit – but no one knows who’s funding it


  22. New Zealanders are so naive it is not funny, and I am being serious ?

    MSM have got NZ by the short and curlies IMHO.

  23. FFS
    Well been telling you’s that “Voting” is just a scam.
    And there you go thinking that 16 yr old CHILDREN should be allowed to vote as well. ( may as well let them.)

    DON’T Tell me you REALLY believed that Govt is for people.

    Most of your readership here is mental age of 12 year olds.

  24. If not China then the USA. Has been that way for years. The CP-TPP is the latest example. That’s why I don’t support the main parties.

  25. Writing as a [retd] NZ Registered Nurse always concerned about the health/wellness of every NZer, IMO the blog writer & all commenters would do well to go to the website:



    People mostly think anything new is “progress”; too often it’s NOT!

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