Despite Dairy clean river propaganda – look at this


Unbelievable that in 2019 we still have cows in rivers.

These pictures taken just last week as I came down the Whanganui river from Hiruharama to Downes hut on Te Araroa.

Dirty dairying still trashing our rivers.


  1. Yes, a bovine animal species, on the river bank. Millions of cows and cattle, but also millions of humans live in this country, the latter create a lot of crap and urine also, some ending up in treatment plants, other in the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours, same as in some other water.

    We should get rid of excessive human stock also, perhaps?

    • We should get rid of excessive human stock also, perhaps?

      Number one on a sensible agenda.

      How is the number two.

      Meanwhile as we argue about number two we can certainly get rid of at least half out cattle ASAP.


      Adjust them to suit a more equitable and smaller society.

      No sacred cows

    • Yes because as we know shit from beef cattle actually cleans the water – as opposed to the shit from dairy cattle.

    • Ohhhh, BEEF cattle!! So that’s ok then for them to be shitting and pissing in the river then, Ele??? Youve no problem with BEEF cattle polluting our waterways??

      People like you should not be allowed to farm. You spoil it for those farmers who want to do the right thing.

    • Ele, it is unclear why you believe there is any significant difference between faecal matter from a dairy cow as opposed to faecal matter from a “beef cattle”.

      Perhaps you could expand on the difference, regarding the difference?

      I’m not a farmer, but if it looks like shit; smells like shit; I ain’t swimmin’ in it.

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