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  1. A new ‘big brother spy network’ is now being actively established in one of the Governments largest public agencies called MBIE.

    MBIE is now a spy agency.!!!!!!!!!!!

    MBIE is now reported to be spending $112 million dollars of public funds secretly wikthout asking the public for approval as it has contracted a consultancy ZX Security company to train MBIE staff on spying on the public through a ‘fake online security dragnet of spies with false credentials and personas.

    Wednesday, 9 January 2019, 1:04 pm
    Article: RNZ
    A government department has hired a security firm to train staff in using fake online personas to gather intelligence and build profiles on citizens.
    This is reported by RNZ / Richard Tindiller

    “The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has signed a contract with Wellington based consultancy ZX Security.
    The contract from December 2017 is published on the Ministry’s website and outlines the details of the social media training course.
    “The service provider will deliver an advanced social media training course to Ministry using false personas on social media for verification and investigation purposes,” the contract says.
    The contract states ministry staff would be trained to automatically “harvest” material from online platforms and other sources with minimal programming knowledge, identify trends, and spot a fake profile.
    They’ve also been taught how to maintain multiple identities using “techniques for creating a backstop (history) for your online personas”, send and receive anonymous text messages and emails, and analyse image metadata for location and other information.
    “During this workshop the attendees will use the skills gained during the course to create a detailed dossier on a group or individual,” the contract says.
    It even includes training on how to identify people based on their usage of language.
    The deal with ZX Security expires in 2021 and is worth $112,000 plus GST. The full or advanced classes were estimated at a cost of $6895 per 10 attendees, plus a fixed $840 fee for training outside Wellington.”

  2. Just been permanently banned by Te Reo Putake on the Standard. He has been trying to rid the Standard of genuine left wing voices for a while. Yesterday he produced a disgraceful hate filled post on Julian Assange. The place is full of regular Cold War warriors and other contributors who defame Chomsky, Hedges, Corbyn and great left wing thinkers and politicians.
    With trp as a moderator the place is going the way of the Guardian.

    • He who banned you is a mere minion, calling the Cheif’s shots.
      The blog is obnoxious and toxic. A two bit faux left rant site controlled by a narcissist in a rather insignificant country in the South Pacific. You are well out of it Ed.

      Congratulations for forcing the mediator to show his true traits of sophistry and dishonest virtue signaling.

  3. The dirty truth about Europe, cheap servant, slave like immigrant labour living in slum like conditions, growing and harvesting the veges and fruit for the better off middle classes:

    Sorry, is in German, and by ARD TV media, but the pictures should speak for themselves.

    We are developing the same BS underclass in NZ Inc, with the Pacific and other migrant workers in the horticulture and farming industries. Do NOT believe the BS propaganda by the ones running businesses and lobby groups, how they ‘care’ about their workers, it is endless BS.

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