Twelve fun facts about National’s failed housing policies for Parmjeet Parmar to consider




A recent story by Daily Blogger, Martyn Bradbury, raises serious questions about National’s questionable track record around state housing.

National’s List MP, Dr Parmjeet Parmar, has launched a scathing attack on Housing NZ on social media and in a story in the NZ Herald;

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The family was living in a HNZ property that was obviously sub-standard;

The toilet floor had sunk into the ground, making it difficult for Sheraz to use, given his condition.

The shower is also problematic for him as it’s inside a deep bathtub and he needs his wife’s help to use it.

The family has also complained about bugs coming through a hole in the wall of the bathroom.

The hole has been plugged by toilet paper, while a piece of wood was placed to cover the bathroom floor.

Ms Parmar lambasted Housing NZ for “inaction” and called the situation “unbelievable”. Her social media statements were linked to the NZ Herald story,  ensuring maximum exposure gained from the Loun family’s dire circumstances.

But Ms Parmar noticeably glossed over a salient point regarding the state of the NZH property;

Around 8 months of repeated contact and no action.” – Twitter

The Loun family, two parents and three kids, have been complaining to HNZ about rats, fleas, bugs, an unsafe bathroom and an unsuitable shower at the property for eight months.” – NZ Herald

“… they were chasing them for nearly 8 months, yes nearly 8 months and there was no action…” – Facebook

Eight months?

Fun Fact 1: That suggests this problem has been ongoing since before the election of the current government. In essence, the rot set in (literally!) during National’s term in office.

This brings back memories of Emma-Lita Bourne, who was two years old in 2014, when she perished from a brain haemorrhage resulting from a clot. She had been suffering from a pneumonia-like illness. The toddler and her family had also been living in a sub-standard HNZ property that was cold, damp, had mould on the walls and floor, and the roof leaked.

The coroner, Brandt Shortland, said matter-of-factly;

“I am of the view the condition of the house at the time being cold and damp during the winter months was a contributing factor to Emma-Lita’s health status.”



Fun Fact 2: Ms Parmar was a Member of Parliament at the time of the Coroner’s findings into Emma-Lita’s death.

In October 2015, Labour’s Phil Twyford introduced the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill to Parliament. That Bill  – eventually passed in November 2017 – would create a “warrant of fitness” for rental properties.

Fun Fact 3: Ms Parmar was one of National and ACT Party MPs who voted against the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill. The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill would have “changed the current law to ensure that every rental home in New Zealand meets minimum standards of heating and insulation“.

Ms Parmar voted against the very thing she was railing against on social media and the Herald.

Fun Fact 4: In 2008, Housing NZ’s state housing stock comprised of  69,000 rental properties.

By 2014 – when Ms Paramar entered Parliament, the number of state houses had dropped to 68,229 – a loss of 771 potential homes for the most needy families and individuals in this country.

By 2016, that number had fallen to 61,600 (with a further 2,700 leased) – a reduction of 7,400 properties.

And by 2017, Housing NZ’s stock of owned or managed properties had fallen to “approximately” 63,000 homes. The 2017 Annual Report  does not differentiate the number of owned rental properties from “managed” assets. However, the number is still 1,300 owned/managed properties fewer than the previous year (see above).

National’s policy of selling state housing was obviously proceeding at pace despite Housing NZ posting a loss on the sale of properties of $10,781,000 for the financial year (Annual Report, p108);



National’s ideological mania for selling state assets was proceeding unchecked, incurring significant losses for the taxpayer.

By 2018, the new Coalition Government had staunched the loss of properties. According to their 2017/18 Annual Report, Housing NZ owned 61,500 properties, with a further 2,500 leased – 64,000 in total and an increase of about a thousand homes.

This is still a far cry from the 69,000 properties owned by Housing NZ when National took office.

Fun Fact 5: Ms Parmar was part of a government that sold/disposed of 7,500 properties.

Fun Fact 6: During her four year tenure in Parliament, Housing NZ lost 5,229 homes from it’s stock

Fun Fact 7: Whilst the National government – of which Ms Parmar was an eagerly participating member – was busily selling off state housing, the waiting list for people needing a home was steadily rising;



Fun Fact 8: When Ms Parmar entered Parliament in September 2014, there were 4,189 people on Housing NZ’s waiting list.  By the time voters threw out the National government in late 2017, that number had risen to 6,182.

Alongside a covert mass-sell-off of state housing, National was also raiding Housing NZ’s coffers.

Fun Fact 9: The government department tasked with looking after some of the most vulnerable, poverty-stricken families and individuals was stripped of “dividends” of $532 million from 2010 to 2015 – over half a billion dollars. The dividends did not include gst and interest payments from Housing NZ to central government;


2010: $71 million

2011: $68 million

2012: $77 million

 2013: $90 million

2014: $108 million

2015: $118 million

Total: $532 million


At a time when thousands were on a waiting list for a home and entire families were living in over-crowded houses; garages, and cars and vans – National was helping itself to cash that could have alleviated a large measure of homelessness.

(Note: Labour, under the Clark/Cullen leadership, also demanded dividends from Housing NZ. It is nothing to be proud of that Budget surpluses were achieved – in part – off the backs of the poor. At least Labour did not cut taxes, as National did in 2009 and 2010, thereby transferring wealth from the poor/HNZ tenants – to the wealthy/high-income earners.)

Fun Fact 10: Ms Paramar voted for successive National government Budgets  which rapaciously extracted millions from Housing NZ.

The Loun family’s HNZ home could have been properly maintained and ongoing faults repaired with that $532 million.

If Ms Parmar wants to vent her anger, she should direct it at herself and her colleagues. It is National (and it’s minor support parties) that are solely to blame for our growing homeless crisis. At a time when New Zealand most needed state houses, National was disposing of them as fast as they thought they could get away with it, as well as bleeding the corporation of it’s money.

So much for John Key promising no further asset sales in February 2014;



But former Dear Leader Key was not the only one “flexible” with the truth.

Fun Fact 11: A year after entering Parliament, Ms Parmar was caught out attempting to mis-use taxpayer’s money by exploiting an official government housing “roadshow” to promote her personal political profile in the Mt Roskill electorate. The Mt Roskill electorate would shortly be vacated by then-sitting MP,  Phil Goff, who was planning to run for mayor of Auckland.



According to documents released under the OIA, NZ Herald  journalists discovered that Housing NZ officials were attempting to cover up for Ms Parmar;

Housing officials tried to hide a National MP’s attempt to use a Government housing roadshow to raise her own public profile, documents show.

The Labour Party said National list MP Parmjeet Parmar was guilty of trying to use taxpayer money for political campaigning, and officials had been caught red-handed trying to cover it up.

Documents released to Labour MP Kris Faafoi revealed Dr Parmar wanted to co-host a meeting for the Government’s HomeStart programme near Mt Roskill, where a by-election will be triggered when current MP Phil Goff runs for the Auckland Mayoralty.

Parmjeet Parmar has … expressed a keen interest in hosting a roadshow as she is keen to raise local profile in Mt Roskill in case of a by-election,” an email from Housing Minister Nick Smith’s private secretary said.

Supposedly “neutral” civil servants were caught out attempting to suppress Ms Parmar’s plans to use the housing roadshow for her own benefit;

There was also a further twist. The key passages which revealed that Dr Parmar wanted to use the roadshow for campaigning were redacted by housing officials in three other versions of the email released to Labour.

The passages were redacted by officials on the grounds that they were “out of scope” and to preserve “the free and frank expression of opinions by or between or to Ministers of the Crown”, their employees, or departments.

Fun Fact 12: Despite protestations, Ms Parmar did indeed contest the 2016 by-election when Phil Goff resigned from Parliament. She came second to Labour’s candidate, Michael Woodhouse – a result Ms Parmar richly deserved.

It is unknown if any of the Housing officials who attempted to cover for Ms Parmar were asked to resign. It would be surprising if there were any ensuing job losses from this scandal.

If  Ms Parmar wants to use her taxpayer-funded time lambasting Housing NZ, that is her prerogative.

But at the very least, it would be helpful for New Zealanders to understand the fullness of National’s woeful under-performance in the state housing sector and the role Ms Parmar played. At the very least she exhibited no moral courage on behalf on HNZ tenants whilst she was in government.

There is something repellent about a previous government that actively sabotaged and crippled a vital state housing service – only for former Finance minister Bill English to lament about that very same service unable to fulfill it’s duty to house the most vulnerable families in our society;

“Housing Corp has done its best with the policy settings governments have given them over the last twenty or thirty years.

But you’ve just got to drive round the countryside, or round the cities and suburbs to see that it hasn’t always had the best results. So we just want to get more people helping us to solve the problem of serious housing need.”

This is the legacy Ms Parmar shares.





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    • You get into Parliament via the Colour you like, if you like Blue you vote National, if you like Red you vote Labour, if you like Green you vote Greens, and if you like NZFirst you vote Black.

      Only 5-10% of the population would know anything about each Political Parties Policies and generally vote traditionally along historical family lines, influences by friends, ethnicity & religious groups. Also the media has a big part to play, that is why Stephen Joyce was so strategic in the National Party success 2009/12/15 General Elections. Kevin Rudd is trying to get a Royal Commission Enquiry into the political activities and influence of Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire.

      Most New Zealand voters are lazy and do not think logically for themselves IMHO

  1. The big problem we have here in NZ is the cost of construction and the price of building materials, something is inherently wrong with our whole building industry model compared to the efficiencies of Michael Savage’s State House Building Program in the 1930-1960’s.

    Hopefully Twyford is sorting it out.

    • Good luck with Phil sorting it out. National were diabolical with housing but they wanted the housing crisis for political purposed and Labour always fell for their arguments such as thinking allowing a market driven approach to housing while ignoring immigration would work. Labour, Greens and NZ First have their own failed solution.

      No point increasing housing supply at great costs, when you don’t stop demand and increase it, on steroids. Last year we allowed in 129 000 migrants for a population of almost 5 million. That is an astonishingly large amount of migrants and a short term and stupid approach which negatively effects everything from housing to hospitals and government immigration policy causing most of the problems!

      On top of that we have 150 000 international students and workers with temporary work visas and almost 4 million tourists visiting us each year.

      The competition for houses is not some accident, it is a state run exercise of stupidity.

      The state houses are not being increased in any real numbers under the new government, in fact they are being demolished and the state house land sold off, so that a few ‘lucky’ state house tenants get a middle class, brand new, state house at extreme cost, instead of renovating ALL of the state house stock within 6 months which would be a better outcome as well as KEEPING state house land.

      Kiwibuild should be building houses with the state, employing and training locals with hands on training under registered builders, and training school leavers and unemployed while they build them. Why is not Shane jones and NZ First using the massive amount of provincial investment money to do the above in the provinces? Not only creating jobs, and skills but also houses? Instead it’s the Nat Lite increase infrastructure for business and wages for dole approach also favoured by National which they have unsuccessfully being following for a decade.

      Habitat for humanity rely on the actual homeowners to help the build so you don’t need to import in cheap labour when you already have it in NZ in spades and they could be upskilled at the same time!

      The state can then benefit from RENTING out more state houses them to increase the state house numbers which the RENTS will pay for over time while solving the housing crisis!

      While Labour, Greens and NZ First might be attempting to do something with housing, sadly they are taking their advice from the construction industry giving them free public land and social lobbyists who are clueless!!!!

      Also with the outrageous building supply charges, again the commerce commission is doing nothing, our logs/wood/fish/steel are often not processed here into high value goods and in many cases we are virtually giving away our natural assets for little to nothing to multinational companies like sand used in construction.

  2. Parmar blaming HNZ for problems that are provely a direct result of policies made under the last national Government; ditto Melissa Lee blaming RNZ for their recent equipment breakdowns directly caused by National’s funding freeze and refusing to acknowledge it had anything to do with that.

    They both say that publicly, with a straight face, and with (seemingly)such a complete cognitive disconnect from their role in the problem. Do National MPs do a degree in Lying? Are they selected for their sociopathic traits? Do they genuinely believe what they’re saying? Or ‘just following orders?”

    • Following orders probably, Katie. That first news bite’s connection to reality is irrelevant – as is truth. And any attention is better than none – didn’t John Lennon’s murderer say something similar ?

      If Parmar cared half a rupee about the faces of human misery and homelessness, then I don’t see how she could turn her back on the great poverty and need of her own people, to come and try to get herself a political career on the backs of NZ’er’s.

      We in NZ have previously lead the world on social issues, and we can do it again – but it won’t be any thanks to people like Parmar belatedly climbing onto the elephant.

  3. There might be some stuff here for Parmjeet Parmar to consider. Seriously though, do you think one iota of it would make any sense to her, trigger the tiniest amount of shame or embarrassment?

  4. Wow, that was a hell of a demolition job on Parmar you did there Frank. And the thing is that all of it is 100% true. She can’t argue with any of it because it’s all documented.

    It just goes to show the level of hypocrisy from theNational party.
    Well researched.

  5. News headlines we’ll never see:

    ‘National MP opens their own wallet to fix housing safety issue’

    ‘MPs take salary cut and donate difference to the poor of NZ’

    ‘Government builds affordable houses (under $100,000) that even single people with no savings can buy’

    ‘Housing NZ embarks on strategic plan to fix all properties to a liveable and safe standard’.

  6. If Ms Parmar had a shred of ethics or decency she’d be the one apologising to HNZ tenants over the shockingly delapidated state of their homes. National’s sale of state properties, cost cutting and demands for more and more dividends has ended with the inevitable result. For Parmar to now complain about the condition of HNZ homes is the height of hypocrisy. The woman has no shame.

    Excellent citizen journalism, Frank!!

  7. A couple more fun facts about state houses:

    1. No sane person wants to live anywhere near them. They’re neighbours from hell. Druggies, gangs vandalism, noise and violence.

    2. Some new subdivisions in South Auckland have a ‘no state houses’ covenant on them, to keep the scum out. They’re very popular with honest, working New Zealanders because it’s guaranteed to keep the filth out.

    3. The maintenance contractors simply can’t keep up with the damage done to state houses. by the tenants.

    4. Most of the damp issues are self inflicted (they run gas burners indoors with the windows shut) and the rodent problems are because these people are, too often, lazy, dirty and stupid. They leave food in big bags in the back gardens to encourage rats.

    Everyone who deals with these people knows this stuff.

    • You are quite frankly, insane: That makes more plutocracy, not less. There won’t be any push for increased economic equality; there will be an increased push to disenfranchise, criminalize and silence everyone but the wealthy and their supporters.

    • Obviously you must deal with state housing tenants regularly to have such an insight on their issues, Andrew.

      • I do and have for 20 years had intimate interactions with state housing.

        While Andrew is not entirely right, there are some very nice people in state houses, I can assure you a very significant number in state housing are marginal humans. There is also a handful who are utter scum.

        He is also true about the damage. Seen a bit too much damage that is fully intentional.

        Sad but factual.

        Maybe if this forum wasn’t so intensely fixated and utterly obsessed with John Key then some may have more time to open their eyes and take a look at the real world.

        • Grew up in state housing from the 80’s to 90’s. So I saw what it was like pre and post mother of all budgets. What you’re talking about is entirely a political decision. Before the mother of all budgets I saw single mums seek higher education and employment and two parent families went on to buy there own house with in years. After Ruthanasia got her grubby little hands on crown finance, it was like a Piggy bank she couldn’t help but smash with her wonderful ideas of accounting. Next time you hear National are the better economic managers, just reflect on this.

        • I can assure you a very significant number in state housing are marginal humans.

          Please explain the “significant number”, Peter. How many? And where do you get your information from? Do you have specific data?

          Based on the former leader of Christian Heritage Party and some other unsavoury leaders of right-wing/conservative parties and organisations, would it be safe for me to state that “I can assure you a very significant number of leaders of right-wing/conservative parties and organisations are paedophiles, perverts, adulterers, and sexual exploiters”?

          Of course not.

          So let’s apply that standard across the board and not selectively to current and former State house tenants. They are vulnerable enough without people like you calling them “marginal humans” and “utter scum”.

          • I’d say easy 70% of state house dwellers you couldn’t tell from a private house dweller. They are everyday people who just get on with it. In that 70% I do include a gang house, not their office the one for the WAGS so we never see patches but also the area has its own private policing force, which is more effective the the NZ police. These 70% contain some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sure some have no need to be in staties and should be in their own houses but that’s a different story.

            20% treat the houses and area with contempt. They tend to party hard, make a mess in their place and their neighbours, have the police visit a little more than average, put out huge amounts of empty alcohol bottles, don’t seem to work, tend to drive better than average cars. Not likely to do much except just being shit neighbours.

            The last 10% include the weird i.e not to sure what to make of them but they make people nervous, rightly or wrongly. But in that is also the total scum who use the house for firewood, grow rooms, meth factories, brothels, torture chambers and things sub-humans do. These people hurt other people just for shits and giggles.

            We have 11 direct neighbours, 9 of them are state houses and the area we are in is 75% state housing. This is in a suburb many would regard as a bit la de da. We’ve lived there over 20 years and we have seen some things, mostly good but some absolute shockers as well.

            Currently we have one growing pot and another with Mum Dad and 2 grown lads living in it who own a hobbie farm in Coatsville. I’ve been there and it’s 20 prime acres with a 4 bed homestead on it. No idea how that works but as one of NZ few net taxpayers I’m not that happy about it.

            Over the years we have also seen how they get treated by the government at times. There has been no decernable difference. During the recent Akl power cut (and I suspect as we have such a high % of staties) we didn’t get power back for 11 days. The dude next door has major mobility issues so on day 2 I checked he was OK to find he was but living in the dark with no way of even making a coffee so I grabbed a generator from work and out that in to his place for him. He did get 2 visit by the police to see how he was as he’s on some house corp list.

            After that I checked the old lady next door, about 100yo not out, to find her sitting in the dark with a candle in her hand. Gezz that was gut wrenching sad, not to mention bloody dangerous, so I went and brought another small generator and hook it up to her place so she had a light, TV and could make a cuppa. I then went home and hooked a 3rd genny into our house.

            And I know some here HAVE TO say I’m this or that in an effort to cover up the fact they have poor thought process’s and can not face reality. Sad but true. If it helps anyone make themselves feel happier by making shit up then go for it.

            As a FYI I regard anyone who votes Labour or National as being exactly the same, utter dickheads who must love all the poor outcomes NZ has as all of those shit outcomes have arrived under both Labour and National lead governments. Lab and Nat voters prove the definition of insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change. Something Lab and Nat voters would do well to remember next voting booth.

            To deny that is to deny the truth.

            • A lot of anecdotal stories there, Peter and some “numbers”, but precious little in hard facts.

              For all we know, all of it is made up to smear Housing NZ tenants. Your story about the “Coatsville hobby farmers” in a state house is so unlikely that it sounds like you’ve gone OTT with your anecdotes.

              There are holes in that story. Number 1 being, how do you know all tthis? Nah, sounds like made-up bs. Anecdotes is a poor way to proveva point.

              You might deride National and Labour, but you sound like a closet Act supporter.

            • “Peter Barry”, your posts are a concoction of unsubstantiated anecdotes, prejudice, and unsubstantiated “statistics”.

              There is absolutely no way you could find data to back up your opinion that “70% contain some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet”, “20% treat the houses and area with contempt”, and bizarre claim that ” 10% include the weird i.e not to sure what to make of them but they make people nervous, rightly or wrongly. But in that is also the total scum who use the house for firewood, grow rooms, meth factories, brothels, torture chambers and things sub-humans do”.

              Those stats do not exist. Ergo that are an invention from your imagination.

              If Housing NZ does not record “torture chambers” then the only remaining possibility is that you’ve visited every one of 63,000 houses that HNZ either owns or manages.

              Just to find out where these “torture chambers” are. (In which case what are the chances that all 63,000 tenants allowed you entry into their homes looking for these mythical “chambers”? Answer: nil)

              Which is as likely as me winning Lotto next week.

              Your comments sound reasonable and considered. They are not. They are the sort of bigotry that Housing NZ tenants have faced since the State built it’s first state house in 1937.

              It’s like the demonisation of State house tenants over meth contamination – only to discover it was all a bogus scam and a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money.

              Your bigotry is revealed by your use of derogatory terms such as “marginal humans”, “sub humans”, and “utter scum”.

              Personally I think you should crawl back into your ‘Whaleoil’/’Kiwiblog’ hole because you crap falls on deaf ears here.

          • And? The unsaid elements. It is so, so important we enforce the rule that all children go to school with shoes, fed and hungry to learn and enforce the rights of all children. And if you have it at the beginning, things can snowball for you very easily. But if you do not, if you cannot show the right stuff that none ever told you existed, the subtle, innumerable and incomprehensible rules that are natural for someone educated in a certain environment, then you will be ignored and rejected without understanding the reasons. Well, you will understand at some point that children in certain situations do not belong to whatever caste is there, that they are condemned to be an underling, a minion should not be allowed to happen for fear of snow balling. And our best hope is to give all children the right start and the right opportunities at the beginning so they can rebuild kiwi culture.

        • “Sad but factual”

          No Peter Barry, just more bene-bashing prejuduce from you. It’s not factual because there’s no evidence to support your odious smear.

        • I’ve had a more than a few years of dealings with people not in State housing. Believe me some marginal humans are amongst them and there is also a handful who are utter scum.

          You can find them virtually everyday – on Kiwiblog.

          • “20% treat the houses and area with contempt. ”

            Proof? Citation? ANYTHING???

            “The last 10% include the weird i.e not to sure what to make of them but they make people nervous, rightly or wrongly. But in that is also the total scum who use the house for firewood, grow rooms, meth factories, brothels, torture chambers and things sub-humans do. These people hurt other people just for shits and giggles.”

            Now I KNOW you’re making up this shit. How the fuck could possibly know that “10%” include brothels, torture chambers and things “sub-humans” do??

            Torture chambers?? Are you for real??

            Where do you get ten percent from?? Even Housing NZ wouldn’t hold that kind of data

            Fact is, you don’t. You’re making this up to smear tenants. It’s an invention for your own agenda.

            You couldn’t even tell us how many PRIVATE rentals would have issues like thst. No one would

            As for “Meth labs”?? Come on, peter, that old bogeyman???

            You’re full of it. You’re a fantasist.

          • There is zero reason to believe anything you offer us, Peter. Refer to my rebuttal above and your ridiculous claims of “torture chambers”.

            As Mjolnir put it, you’re a fantasist – and a particularly nasty one at that.

      • I have several contacts who all say the same thing:

        A property valuer who spends a lot of time in these places

        Two contractors who works for HSZ

        An investor who owns a house that HNZ have leased from him

        A friend who has had his lifestyle destroyed by HNZ buying the house next door and filling it with an endless stream of ferals.

        • So all hearsay then? No real evidence? Just made-up shit.

          Imagine if you were in a Court of law, Andy, and the prosecutor laid that kind of bullshit against you as evidence. How happy would you be? Not very, I’d say.

    • Gas burners are used in winter, Andrew. Why would any sane person open their windows in the middle of winter? How completely stupid are you to miss that??

      As usual, you blame the poor for the incompetance of the last govt. Quite frankly, you are deranged in your hatred for the poor.

      The rest of your garbage are not “facts”. They are bigotted lies. They are a product of your pathological hatred for those less well of. What a shameful excuse for a human being you are.

      • Mjolnir

        LPG Gas burners generate lots of heat…and lots of water as a by-product of combustion. NZ houses, particularly in Auckland where humidity levels are high, require regular ventilation to avoid damp and mould, even if you’re not using LPG for heating.

        We live year round with bedroom windows open and only heat the living/kitchen/dining area for a couple of hours a day for the 3 winter months.

        • What a load of fucking crap. You OPEN THE WINDOWS when you’re heating your house in winter?? What kind if fucking moron opens the windows in the middle of a New Zealand winter and has their heater ON??

          you may have money to burn like that Andrew, but no sane person does that. Especially low income families who don’t have cash to squander heating their neighbourhood.

          Those families can just afford basic gas heating, not expensive electrical heaters, and you criticise them for not opening windows in winter, letting all the heat out??

          Honestly Andrew, you say the dumbest things and then excoriate others who don’t follow your stupidity.

          You are plain nuts

          • @ MJOLNIR

            Actually you are supposed to open windows every day to air your house unless you have a heat pump or similar which takes fresh air and heats it. Even then, opening windows to ventilate is a good idea.

            They recommend you keep you window ajar just a fraction to let moisture escape during the night.

            If your heating system is just heating existing air which is not ventilated (and the average NZ family produces 8 litres of water a day in the home) and you don’t ventilate your house by opening windows then you are making your house damp because the moisture can’t escape.

            This is worse in modern houses which are more air tight and so the moisture has nowhere to go if it is not released. It will rot you house from the inside out, produce mould and create the damp.

            Opening windows is also free unlike power used in heat pumps and commercial ventilation systems.

            Funny enough we all hear about warm, dry houses a plenty with mechanical means, but not about free ways to ventilate that do not enrich the power companies like opening windows.

            Pretty sure that that the politicised toddler that died in the state house, had a heat pump installed. The problem was that the tenants could not afford or did not want to turn it on. Very little said about that. So I personally hate how the whole story has become twisted and a whole political ideology out of it, based on twisting the facts and not focused on why they did not use the heat pump.

            In the old days everyone knew to open windows to ventilate daily, nowadays clearly it seems to be lost knowledge.

            Like most things avoiding as much moisture in the house is the best plan of attack, then opening windows and having a modern heating system like a heat pump which is better for damp and cheaper to run than most systems.

            BUT you have to be able to afford to run the heat pump so having power charges out of control in NZ and the states blindness to free methods like solar are telling of the political landscape and hyperbole.

            • “Actually you are supposed to open windows every day to air your house unless you have a heat pump or similar which takes fresh air and heats it. Even then, opening windows to ventilate is a good idea.

              They recommend you keep you window ajar just a fraction to let moisture escape during the night.”

              Not in winter you don’t Savenz. People freeze when you do that in the middle of winter.

              Comfottabke middle class families with good incomes can afford to do that. Low income beneficiaries or working poor barely have the resources to make ends meet and put food on the table. And you expect them to heat the whole neighbourhood by allowing what precious little heat they have to dissipare out into the night air?

              When the middle class try to tell the poor how to live despite income disparaties, it’s called “let them eat cake”.

            • Savenz;

              “Actually you are supposed to open windows every day to air your house unless you have a heat pump or similar which takes fresh air and heats it. Even then, opening windows to ventilate is a good idea. “

              In summer – yes.

              In winter – no.

              Remember, Savenz, that there are families living in just one room to save of heating.

              These are low income families/working poor that I hardly need to remind you are the product of 30+ years of failed neo-liberalism.

              Blaming HNZ tenants for housing that has little safe ventilation; poor heating; and limited insulation is like right-wingers blaming poor people for having children because they can’t afford decent food.

              It’s the old technique of blaming the poor for what they have to put up with – thereby absolving the Right from the reality that neo-liberalism has failed in it’s “trickle down”.

              The inference is that if the poor are still poor; are still living in miserable circumstances; still can’t afford good food, shoes for children, healthcare, etc, then it must be down to failings of moral charachter rather than the neo-liberal system itself.

              In this case, mouldy homes “must be the fault of not opening windows” rather than poor ventilation and heating that is so expensive that they either go without, or try pitifully to conserve what little they have.

              If in doubt, consider why affluent, or middle class families don’t seem to have the same problems of mould. (It can’t be that mould spores are class-selective.)

              The difference is standards of housing and income inequality.

              • Weird that Maori lived in Maraes and entire generations raised in non insulated villas and state house for generations, and they all came out their non insulated, non mechanically ventilated houses healthy – not sure they were filled with mould like apparently they are now, possibly because people lived differently and knew how to open the windows and clean a bit better and do repairs?

                Also I’m not sure you are right about people in and overcrowded room refusing to open the window a crack in winter is a good advice… pretty sure I saw some documentary from the energy people saying you should keep it open a little or at least air it especially if it is full of people as they are creating moisture at greater levels in a small space. It sounds counter productive but it isn’t. This isn’t my advice but from the energy people.

                Having a heat pump which I think is one of the best options for heating if you have reliable power, if they can afford to run it will help but also there have been deaths from heat pumps as they can over heat babies who are less able to regulate their body temperature.

                This is not to say that housing NZ does not have a responsibility to repair the houses properly as it seems clear that they are have not been keeping them up to scratch and that may be because the National government took such large dividends (but also because some tenants do have problems and destroy the houses). It’s not one group is worse that the other, they need to be in a symbiotic relationship not this adversarial one.

                I think insulation is great, but it is also a cultural choice as well, and the idea that somehow old houses and uninsulated Marae’s are the source of all woes in NZ by the woke lefties is laughable as the politicians have become robots on the subject.

                In my view Labour only scraped through because the stosh on Jacinda about pregnancy took away the robotic discourse from Labour and Greens about ‘warm dry homes’, of which most people have lived happily in the opposite and have a camping like culture so don’t agree, for long enough for people to tick the labour box.

                Yes, insulation is good, but unfortunately this debate has been hijacked by the construction industry and now healthy houses being used to further Rogernomics by stealth not stop it.

                Healthy houses, is now being used as a means to sell off 2/3 of state house land under Labour for example while ignoring other factors like with expanded low wage population of NZ we are going to need that land very soon or else where will people live?

                The National government created the housing crisis through immigration and then hid it, through blaming mum’s and dad landlords and the tenants themselves with woke lefty meets far righty committees that set the fake Meth level not using independent scientists.

                I’m not blaming the tenants for houses that are in a despicable state of disrepair, but there is also many free things tenants can do that will stop mould and as mentioned it was never a problem, in previous generations with the same houses!

                There is a middle ground on this issue! If the woke lefties will consider other scenarios including they are been hood winked (just like the Meth levels) on other issue effecting poverty in NZ and look at them together.

                Kiwibuild will do nothing to solve the housing crisis, (actually increase it as houses are now more expensive as they are ‘upgraded’) while incomes are going backwards in real terms.

                Hopefully the robotic ‘warm dry houses’ brigade will stop before they make 40% of low income people homeless and the state being hood winked by thinking that a $500k one bedroom apartment 45 minutes by public transport to the CBD in Auckland is somehow an affordable house.

                Seriously we could be building mansions at that price if you already have the land like the state does. Look at this incredible house built for $344K and can be transported to a site and built within a few months.


                P>S> It has double glazed and insulated everything for that price!

                So I’m not sure why the government don’t get firms like that to build houses and then place them on the state house sites.

                Unitary plan ended up increasing the price of land around Auckland (and worked according to plan while being championed by the left and thicko economists as doing the opposite) because all the rich lobbyists wanted that and now the state is virtually giving away/swapping 2/4 land to replace a state house that is there already and could have been renovated cheaply or relocatable houses moved on which would still be cheaper and provide more housing quicker than what they have.

          • Mjolnir

            Read my post again. We heat the living area in the evening for about 3 months of the year and we keep the bedroom area ventilated. There are two doors between the two.

            • Andrew, re your January 14, 2019 at 9:04 am post: it remains a mystery why you think everyone in a HNZ home lives in a house identical to yours. And with your income and other assets.

            • Two doors? Well aren’t you a lucky sod. How does your situation compare to a low income hnz tenant who can barelly make ends meet?? The trouble with you Andrew isn’t you impose your own living circumstances on hnz tenants . The whole point of being a hnz tenants is that these are LOW INCOME people. You don’t seem to grasp that.

              Hnz tenants don’t have money to burn by opening windows to freeze their arses off just so you can feel morally smug and fucking superior. If hnz installed proper ventilation, heating, and insulation, this wouldn’t be an issue. Butbthats too hard for you to accept, eh? Easier to blame the poor for everything rather than the failings of the state and the stripping of cash reserves from hnz by previous govts, eh?

              Until you walk in their shoes, STFU because you know absolutely nothing except how to pontificate. Thats the trouble with you Righties, pig ignorant of life’s realities.

        • “We live year round with bedroom windows open and only heat the living/kitchen/dining area for a couple of hours a day for the 3 winter months.”

          So why don’t you open all your windows in winter, Andrew?!

          Maybe because it’s damned cold?

          You expect poor families to freeze their arses off so you can feel smug in your warm, heated home (with a window open in one room – bully for you!) and to hell with the health consequences for those people?

          You typify the Right, Andrew. Your lack of understanding and empathy, and expectation that everyone shares your standard of living, shows how out of touch you are.

    • sounds like you are putting all the state tenants in one basket andrew and that is not the case. I was state tenant for may years living in a shit hole allocated to me by the racist/discriminative state housing workers
      (all pakeha women) who gave all the nice houses to their own and now they own them thanks to national selling of policy who sold them to them

    • Who’d thought Key and his mum were druggies gangsters and vandals. Who’d thought they trashed their state house?
      The only thing you got right, that Key was scum.

      • Though Andrew likes to get up people’s noses there’s no doubt that what he says is a major reason for the government getting out of state housing . If you’r a politician you have to avoid such straight talk and think of some other reasons for such changes, but establishing ghettos is asking for trouble.
        The trouble was caused in the first place by cutting 5 or 6% of the workforce permanently out of the opportunity to work so establishing a class of rejected permanently unemployed which soon adapts to alternative means of sustenance.
        D J S

    • Andrew, your disdain for the poor is well known. It’s a pathological thing you’ve got going.

      You can’t even accurately represent the article which suggested $15 million worth of damage to state housing. Because you ‘forgot’ to quote this salient piece in the Stuff article;

      Housing NZ communications manager Joy Gribben said much of the damage was unintentional and often someone other than the tenants was responsible.

      The article also fails to differentiate between tenanted state houses and the several thousand left empty for one reason or another;

      About 30 state houses in the New Plymouth suburb lie vacant and have been subjected to ongoing attacks by vandals and thieves targeting scrap metal.

      A drive around Marfell confirms the plight of the houses with the majority bearing the scars of years of neglect with smashed and boarded up windows, doors kicked in and hot water cylinders and copper piping stripped from the inside.


      In fact the article you referenced made mention of metal (mostly copper) being stolen from state houses. The article I located explains it was done to empty state houses long after tenants had vacated.

      But that fact no doubt upsets your prejudiced world view, doesn’t it? That’s why you never went looking for it.

      In fact, your post above doesn’t refer to anything I’ve written. You’ve simply taken the opportunity to voice your bigoted prejudice.

      Instead of considering the points I’ve raised, you’ve simply parroted prejudice. It requires zero critical thinking from you.

      Except… maybe… there is one former state house tenant who is guilty of vandalism. This person did quite a bit of wrecking:

  8. Why Kiwibuild will not work and National was negligent in selling off state houses…

    Tory council spends £90m buying back the SAME council flats it sold off for a fraction of the price under Right to Buy

    “Meanwhile rents for remaining council tenants rose with a new alacrity. By 1991 they were 55% higher, relative to average earnings, than they had been 10 years earlier. “If it were not for the right to buy,” conclude Jones and Murie, “the council housing sector as a whole would have generated huge surpluses [from rental income] and the rise in real rents … would not have been necessary.” Or to put it more directly: home ownership was made possible for wealthier council tenants through discounts paid for by their poorer neighbours.”

  9. An Indian friend told me Parmjeet comes from a high-caste family, which is the reason she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. She’s clearly wrong about that.

    • While the Māori parliamentary seats are entrenched in Aotearoa-New Zealand, people are free to practice what ever religion/belief ect they wish.

        • This is a matter of freedoms of expression outlined in the preamble of the Treaty of Waitangi, one been about migration and the third been about all residents and citizens, with additions in the Bill of a rights act 1990 and the Electoral Act 1993.

  10. Housing NZ was an asset, it was in surplus.

    2010: $71 million

    2011: $68 million

    2012: $77 million

    2013: $90 million

    2014: $108 million

    2015: $118 million

    Total: $532 million

    The government didn’t need to fix anything because before all the government intervention things were not broke, they just needed to use a few years of dividends to upgrade the housing, which they could have done cheaply by actually training school leavers to do under the supervision of registered trades people!

    Instead they have created a massive current and future liability for low cost housing.

  11. The government department tasked with looking after some of the most vulnerable, poverty-stricken families and individuals was stripped of “dividends” of $532 million from 2010 to 2015 – over a billion dollars.

    Since when has 532 million been more than 1000 million?

  12. If Parmar is deliberately obfuscating to deliberately mislead the NZ public, then she should not be in the NZ Parliament at all.

    If Parmar is indulging in cheap grandstanding ignorant of Housing NZ’s historical issues, then she should not be in the NZ Parliament at all.

    If Parmar voted against the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill and is now whinging about homes being unhealthy, she may benefit from having her own health checked out. ASAP.

    If Parmar thinks that the voting public is dumb enough to believe that current housing problems are the fault of the current govt, Parmar is plain hopeless – and she should not be in the NZ Parliament.

  13. Parmjeet Parma Cheese is a hypocrite, I learned this long ago, also having been to a political meeting she held once in Three Kings in Auckland. She has NO credibility, is corrupt and not worthy to hold her office. Only dumb Kiwis and immigrants who do not background check her vote for such an incompetent idiot.

  14. A few years ago my daughter worked for HNZ in Auckland and she said to me quote, “mum some people are wrecking their state houses”
    and I said “really what about the state houses that have been wrecking the people” then I reminded her how our state flat had no carpet was fucken freezing and how she got asthma when she was a baby due to this. We also had no wash house, we had fleas jumping up through the wooden floor boards in summer. We had the tinniest of bathrooms with a toilet in it and we were expected to put a washing machine in this area. when I asked for a transfer racist HNZ said I was adequately housed.
    HNZ and many other government agencies and department have bad track records of racist and discriminative practices.
    People like Andrew have no idea they haven’t lived in a state house or had to deal with these horrid people.

    • For whatever reason, public or private, there seems to be a decent percentage of tenants that like to wreck the houses or not pay the rents (state or private). Sadly that 10 – 20% of tenants wrecking houses or refusing to pay rent are evicted and then seem to move on to another house and wreck or not pay rent in another one.

      Things like carpet are relatively cheap to replace, so it is crazy that the government are demolishing state houses, when they could instead spend $30k per house ( or cheaper if they do it themselves without using private labour) (against the model of building a brand new house and selling off 2/3 of state house land to pay for it) to revamp the insulation, kitchens and bathrooms and heating and decor. The bones of state houses are normally very good for living and for families with nice gardens.

      I think NZ seems to have a higher percentage per capita of rental house wreckers that other countries. The woke lefties seem to be encouraging it, but not understanding it’s taking houses out of circulation and there are cheap and quick options available to them to renovate the state houses and they don’t need to demolish them like the middle class wokies seem to think!

      Also amount the poor in state houses, there are also people who should not be getting one aka if you own another house or on a high income.

      We had friends who arrived from Europe to settle in NZ as migrants 25 years ago. They got a state house in a top area, even thought they were on salaries in the top 10% of NZ. Then they were offered to buy the state house at a discount. We were shaking our heads, when needy people born in NZ apparently could not get one, even in those days. Also you used to be able to pay a bribe and then be put at the top of the housing corp list if you knew the corrupt housing corp officials, so corruption also plays a part.

  15. Can’t see the forest for the trees?
    Let me remind you-

    These are just symptoms of the great Globalisation LIE /Trojan Horse that was sold to us in the 1990’s, out of which sprang the other lies : (“multiculturalism & diversity are good”)
    Only Western nations have been targeted.
    WHY do all western nations suddenly have a huge “homelessness” problem whilst being filled with 100’s of thousands of 3rd world migrants?
    Anyone might suspect that some large powerful hidden entity was trying to destroy us. I think they’ve succeeded.

    Now , we even have non-Kiwis as Politicians. Note I said non-Kiwis. They may have residency but their culture is not Kiwi.
    The other day a different non- Kiwi Politician was featured in Herald -praising the UN Migrant compact to have endless more migration into NZ. Go figure.

    Did you really think things could get better?

  16. Good blog Frank Mac, and it generated some stupid prejudices, also sharp comment. I must be part of the “utter scum” Peter knows, as I grew up in a state house in Taita where less than 5 houses were private housing before the government let tenants buy state houses. Funny thing, in all the years I lived in Taita I never ran into utter scum. I feel lucky to have lived in a socially mixed area that had a great sense of community.

  17. Good effort Frank 66 x Responses topical and enlightening with a sprinkling of absolute RWNJ’s Like +100% always enjoy your posts Frank.

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