Global warming a socialist hoax, transphobia & white pride – The alt-Right New Conservatives enter the culture war


The alt-Right New Conservatives who are organising the anti-immigrant February 2nd protests  have entered the culture war with gleeful abandon.

The New Conservatives are Alt-Right because they hunger for political violence and use divisive language to bolster that rhetoric. There are common alt-Right speaking points which are aggressively xenophobic, transphobic, white pride and claims that global warming are a hoax.

First there is the naked Transphobia…

…then there is white pride…

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…then there is climate change is a socialist hoax propaganda…


…and then there is the hysteria generated over the UN migration pact…

…yes, that’s SpongeBob Square pants burning the UN Global Compact on Migration.

I know. I know.

With many New Conservatives also being fundamental Christians with literal interpretations of the bible, I’m waiting for their school curriculum policy to demand the teaching of Nazis riding dinosaurs…

…peak cray aside, this attempt to inject the spite vortex of culture war directly into our political spectrum seems sadly predictable.

As a class lefty, my fear has always been that the Identity Politics Woke Left would alienate the middle with arguments for social justice that seem smug and trivial to voters who are struggling to pay the bills, feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads. You hold power if you can get to the democratic majority of 51% and yelling, ‘I’m different and you’re wrong’ is no recruitment method.

We do need to discuss immigration without descending into New Conservative  hysteria, we do need to discuss trans rights without the hatred and we do need to talk about the righteous economic grievances of those white working classes who have been left behind by globalisation, but that nuance is going to be trampled by the New Conservatives, in part because when the Woke were in ascendancy they utterly trashed nuance as well in favour of pointless woke call outs and Identitarian semantics.

That fear seems to be becoming a reality with the culture war projection of the New Conservatives.

Identity politics encourages splits into smaller factions focused only on the narcissism of tiny differences while practicing ideological rituals of public virtue signalling, it looks like the New Conservatives are about to politically exploit that cultural backlash.

We need far less divisive identity politics virtue signalling and far more universal benefits that progress everyone. While identity politics is an important personal pathway for understanding how one comes to politics, it is ultimately a flawed model to win the democratic majority. In its most extreme mutation Identity Politics is the very embodiment of white supremacy, and that’s what we are going to see from the New Conservatives.

To counter social injustice effectively in 2019 we don’t need more decent people becoming woke activists, we need more woke activists becoming decent people.

We will know on February 2nd if that hope is too late.



  1. Fundamental Christians!
    Yeah right!
    They are anything but Christians.
    They invoke the blessings of Christ yet they do not practice what Jesus preached.
    Jesus preached forgiveness, charity, peace and the brotherhood of men (although we can assume he meant people, rather than just males).
    What do these “Christians” preach?
    Hatred, revenge, self-indulgence, class society and most of all…..making lots of lovely money and keeping it all to themselves.
    Show me a real Christian and it won’t be one of these worthies!

    • “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind”
      1 Corinthians 6:9-10

      I think NZ went into a frenzy recently when Israel Folau (mis) quoted this part of the Bible

      • That was a passage written by a weird ex tax collector who was responsible for a number of early Christian deaths before he had an change of heart. Not the most reliable or most divine! Christians are not Paulians for good reason he was as flawed as the rest of us and got stuff wrong.

  2. TDB suppressed the following on 1080 thread therefore reposted here

    Dutifully, I have prepared this short analytical list;

    – 1080 campaign: is national, is socialist, is chemical total war
    – TB: Vaccinate the Cows ?
    – Dehumanizing: opponents refused validity, not entitled to “seriousness”
    – Anti Democratic: rights to object on principle? denied
    – Unprincipled: humane principles, animal welfare? denied
    – Elitist: browbeats with scientists, judges, uses police force
    – Religious Bird Iconography: fittingly Reichy all over the money, Forest & Bird imagery, elevated bird significance mind control
    – Ulterior motive: commercial greed unlimited
    – Paradoxical: crafted loophole in Animal Welfare Act is convenient
    – Atlantean: resurrection of great lost birdy land
    – Media/Gov axis of evil: near total media domination & Goebbels method
    – Corporate/Industrial hijack: Political Parties financially dependent on
    – Bullying: uses repetition of taunts, mockery, marginalization
    – Suppression of internet commentary

    In summary, the aerial poisoning regime is a 100% certified NAZI SCIENCE ABOMINATION and the SPCA should be commended for Gandalfing the Balrog. Remember folks you are entitled to object on pure principle, do not yield your discretion to bullies. The correct solution is always, and was always, and will always be INTEGRATED ECOLOGY.

    • He’s tapped into a disconnected white flight. Political power is dangerous in the wrong hands. Pity, Elliot comes from a place of dealing with South Aucklands most vulnerable. He’s got a long way to go before he’s ready for normal public life.

      • “Being ready for normal public life” means becoming one of the PC forelock tugging beta males that we see on TV etc.

        I can’t see that happening any time soon

        • Well we’ve had Bill English producing a budget of around 72 billion and Roberston producing a budget of around 84 billion. Eliot is the Richard Prebble of contemporary politics, couldn’t get in with national so he found a niche instead. Beta Ray Moffett inexperience, and Elliot’s inexperience would raise prison sentences but no one can claim a consensus about how to pay for it.

          National, as soon as they get there grubby hands on the purse will cut services back to austerity levels, so the only real consensus is one off infrastructure spends. Once spent, and then privatised, National can’t slash and burn it.

          Elliot’s just in the wrong party, he needs better guidance. The National Oartt are the ones that really want to smash him in the face.

  3. I don’t get it. Unisex changing rooms are lockable from inside. They’re usually for families with kids, where going into men or women’s sole-use changing rooms would not be appropriate.

    Such rooms exist at public pools such as Upper Hutt’s H20, and at a small beach adjacent to Freyberg Pool in Oriental Bay. All of which are lockable from inside.

    So with lockable doors, what are these people referring to?

    Unless they can provide corroborating evidence, this appears to be nothing more than Trumpian-style mis-information.

  4. Anyway, I have serious doubts that such a far-right, nakedly neo-fascist group, could gain any measure of electoral success in 2020. They’d need a charismatic leader for that.

    If ACT, a mainstream rightwing party, could win only 13,075 votes in 2017, that says a lot about the electoral chances of the so-called “new conservatives”.

    And as someone else pointed out, would Simon Bridges really want to align himself in coalition with a bunch of racist, far-right nutcases?

    • ACT is classical liberal
      Fascism’s roots are from the left. Giovanni Gentile’s philosophy was built on Marxism and other roots

      Anyway NC are clearly not fascist
      They are conservative

        • I’m not defending anyone

          I’m just trying to be a bit more precise with language.
          Being a bit of a nerd and all, you know …

          • White washing more like it, Andy. Act is right-wing, accept it and move on. Their coalition with National is indicative where they sit on the political spectrum.

            “Classical liberal” is a euphemism to mask their odious policies for rich white men.

            • There is no such thing as “right wing”.
              The term appears to cover everything from classical liberals, social conservatives, economic conservatives, libertarians and anarcho-capitalists.

              The only thing that these disparate groups have in common is that they are all against the “social justice” identity politics fueled leftists

              Leftism is a mental disorder. It requires mental gymnastics that enables mutually incompatible ideas, such as open borders and a welfare state, or womens rights and transgender ideology

              There is no place for logic and reason in leftism

                • No “they” don’t. As I have already pointed out, this mythical “right” has many views on borders etc

                  Just because leftists belong to a cult doesn’t mean that the rest of the world does

                    • No they don’t support “open immigration”

                      Wrong wrong and wrong.

                      As far as I know, NZ still has a points system for immigration

                      And also, the statement “NZ’s right is represented by…” is also clearly false when we have a thread discussing another “right wing” party, the NC’s

                    • Actually, the Right does support globalisation, which is open borders for financial services, money, cheap labour, and migration to help artificially boost an economy’s gdp.

                      Stop denying it. It’s been open policy for the last 30 years.

                      It’s been a feature if the RIGHTWING since Thatcher and Reagan.

                      You need to pay closer attention.

                    • I will say this again. Just because *some” people support globalisation and open borders, doesn’t mean that everyone does.

                      Besides, the experience of Sweden and Germany has shown what a disaster this is

              • You say there is no such thing as a “right wing”, but you refer to “leftists” and “leftism”??

                Notice anything inconsistent with your position Andy??

                • I think the terms originated in the French revolution

                  So, not relevant now

                  Maybe we should call leftists “crazed commie lunatics” instead.

              • That is patently stupid, I suggest you go and have a look to see how it is that there are so many nuanced differences between left and right, authoritarian and libertarian. The political spectrum is not a straight line, it is more like a sheet of graph paper.
                And yes, those who find themselves on the left do tend to think more deeply about things. That is a plus, by the way

                • “And yes, those who find themselves on the left do tend to think more deeply about things. ”

                  Oh really, so they ever think about the 100 million people their ideology killed in the 20th Century?

                  • Just in case you weren’t aware, the meaning of “right” in right and left is different from the meaning of “right” in right and wrong.
                    And on fascism, it’s origins are in racism, not any sort of economic policies. Hitler’s Germany was probably somewhere toward the middle in that respect, although I think as time and the regime when on it moved toward more of a plutocracy, but it still remained racist and fascist.
                    I get really fed up with right wingers who try to claim everything they perceive to be right and moral belongs to them and anything they perceive to be otherwise must be left.
                    Right wingers definition of left “I don’t like it, so it must be left”.

                    • Fascism was “invented” by Giovanni Gentile”

                      You can look him up on Wikipedia. It’s partly based on Marxism. It is a collectivist ideology based on a strong state. There isn’t anything specifically racist in Fascism. The German National Sociialist German Workers Party on the other hand, was very racist and promoted the idea of the Ubermensch

                  • Why do you ignore the victims of all other ideologies in thr 20th centyry? Why single out just one?

                    Because it suits your narrative, that’s why Andy.

                    US imperialism and European fascism also added to the death toll.

                    The point is that no one is advocating what you’re complaining about. It’s a straw-man argument from you because your argument is weak without it.

                    • “Why do you ignore the victims of all other ideologies in thr 20th centyry? Why single out just one?”

                      Good question. I ignored the millions killed by the Nazis, but I didn’t think anyone was defending them anymore

                      Which other ideologies other than communism/socialism/national socialism imprisioned, tortured and murdered millions of its citizens?

                    • “Hitler wasn’t a Fascist, he was a National Socialist”

                      You’re re-writing history and splitting minute hairs in the process??

                      You’re nuts. National Socialism wasn’t socialism, it was fascism by another name. You’re the only one who sees a difference which doesn’t exist.

                      Expect a free membership from the Flat Earth Society in the mail, Andy

                    • “National socialism wasn’t socialism”

                      Well apart from the anti Semitism (it maybe not if you are a Corbynsta) National Socialism was socialism

                      Ie in terms of state control of most of industry and culture

          • “I’m not defending anyone”

            Andy, you’re devoting a lot of time and pixels to something you’re “not defending”.

            • Actually I’m not defending. I am attacking. Specifically, Mjolnir, I am attacking you

              Why is this? Because you defend the extermination of 100 million people that perished in various camps, gulags, and at the hands of gangs and thugs in the name of socialism/communism.

              You are completely beneath contempt. Utter leftist filth. The worst kind of human garbage ever to crawl out of the swamp.

              • you just made that up

                You are unhinged.

                But keep it up Angry Andy. You’re showing everyone what kind of crazy person you are.

                • Who are you referring to?

                  If it’s me, then I don’t have any empathy for those that defend the extermination of 100 million people

                  None. What. So. Ever

                  You are welcome

    • At least ACT, which economically was far right, extreme individualism over the collective, they were at least libertarian in their views on personal freedoms. Conservatives can be found on any part of the economic scale (there are communist conservatives in China) however they are at the opposite end of the authoritarian/libertarian scale.
      A source of much humour for me was realising that the person we think of as Jesus Christ would, today, most likely be a leftie libertarian whereas so many of his aficionados can be found in the polar opposite quarter of the political compass of authoritarian right (conservatives).

      • Nah, ACT is part of the scene that created the situation where people are desperate for economic sustenance. It’s this desperation that feeds into facisim and the far right.

        Those desperate people wouldn’t get so pissed of with woke culture if they had enough to get by. Yes they’d be annoyed at having their pronouns constantly corrected but there’s a different kind of rage that comes from being hungry and having your pronouns corrected.

        As I type this I realise the Woke crowd are real leftists anyway – if they were they’d be equally focused on suffering everywhere.

        • ACT has changed since it first appeared and has moved to be more conservative, for sure. Look at Rodney Hide, no matter how you might want to throw stuff at him, he has stuck with the original ACT philosophy, to the point he calls himself a anarchist, which really pisses off other right wingers, as right wingers can’t be something nasty as an anarchist, perish the thought.

  5. There’s something disturbingly American about this New Conservative pitch.
    Its like its been lifted wholesale from some dumbwit US site

  6. The hysteria against transpeople by the bullshit “new conservatives” is made worse by reactionary “radical feminists” who have fuelled andfanned the fires of hatred.

    But wouldn’t it be surprising if the constant vociferous hate-speech by NC leader David Moffat hid something terrible in his own psyche? It’s called “projecting”.

    Remember the downfall of the former leader of the Christian Heritage party and how he used to rail against gays and lesbians?

  7. Sniff the wind guys! There’s a change of weather coming.

    We can see it growing right around the world.

    The election of Trump in the US
    The Brexit vote
    The Yellow Vests in Paris
    The rise of the AfD in Germany
    The rise of a new conservatism in Scandinavia
    It’s a new narrative liberal media cannot suppress
    It’s Jordan Peterson, Milo, Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes, Stephen Crowder and many others.

    This wind is going to sweep all before it. Average working people are sick to death of political correctness, multi-culturalism, uncontrolled immigration, Muslim terrorists, gang violence, welfare queens, breakdown of family, gender wars, Leftists embedded in education.

    Where is the left in all of this?

    Quite simply the left abandoned the workers decades ago. Today the left are bourgeois elitists who attend the ballet and art gallery openings. They are unlikely to have ever gotten dirt under their finger nails. They’re frumpy teachers with a piece of pounamu around their neck who claim to be feminists but who really just hate men. They’re ‘journalists’ with a degree from Vic Uni in ‘communications’ who are earning less than a truck driver. They’re a pathetic young man with tight trousers, a beard and a $5 cup of coffee who lives in his mothers basement or an angry lesbian with green hair, a facial piercing and a massive chip on her shoulder.

    The Old Left eased to be relevant to real people in the previous century.

    • Dream on Andrew. It’s a fad, and it will pass. And you forgotten the left leaning elections in Mexico and New Zealand.

      Once voters realise that far right leaders have no real answers, they will be thrown out. They all have a use-by date.

      • In the UK, the majority voted to leave the EU

        The government, mostly remainers, are doing their best to overturn this

        The speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has a sticker in his car that says “Bollocks to Brexit”

        The revolution is just a heartbeat away …

        • We can no longer seperate trade tensions from military tensions. Russia’s Gazprom rules Europe. All attempts to reroute a gas pipeline through Syria from Persian gulf states have failed. There’s more nukes pointed at the U.S. than the EU.

            • Glad you asked, Andy.

              More than half of Britons (53%) would support holding a referendum asking between Brexit on the terms of the draft deal negotiated by the government, Brexit without a deal or remaining in the EU, while 36% would oppose it…


              In a new referendum, the majority say they would vote to stay in the EU – 53% would vote for no Brexit, 32% for Brexit without a deal, and 16% for Brexit on the terms negotiated by Theresa May (according to figures rounded to the closest per cent).



              A YouGov poll of 3,300 people, commissioned by People’s Vote, found that among the 8% of voters who had had any contact with their MP, six out of every 100 had changed their mind on Brexit. Among those who engaged with some other forum such as a public meeting, radio phone-in or social media, 11 out of 100 were shifting.

              In contrast, among the so-called “private majority” – who are believed to include around four out of every five voters – who had not had any of those public-facing interactions, 21 out of every 100 were having second thoughts on their original vote.


              • Ah an opinion poll. Wasn’t there a similar one that showed Hillary Clinton was going to win the US election?

                Anyway, I expect the establishment will get the result they want in the end. The people will be ignored. I know many who will give up voting if this occurs

                Democracy is dead

                • Clinton DID win the popular vote. It was only their bizarre electoral college system that turned her superior numerical numbers into a “loss”.

                  Democracy is dead only in your fantasies Andy. It may be a messy process and often voters get it wrong, but it beats everything else.

                  Anyway, you asked for evidence, Frank provided it. Stop distracting with other issues.

                  Brits are changing their minds on Brexit. Deal with that fact

                  • So an opinion poll trumps a referendum? Weak even by your standards

                    Isn’t it funny how “leftists” are all very quick to defend globalist corporate power structures like the EU?

                    • You asked fir evidence. You got it. Stop crying about it Andy. You just can’t handle reality when it challenges your fantasy worldview.

                      That’s what you get talking with adults Andy

                    • “Isn’t it funny how “leftists” are all very quick to defend globalist corporate power structures like the EU?”

                      No, you’ve just made that up. You’ve run out of your prejudiced “facts” to throw around so now you’re inventing stuff?? Sad shit Andy.

                    • Mjolnir supports globalist puppets in the EU and UN that are backed by Wall St and Goldman Sacks

                      How brave! How progressive!

              • Frank, after the pre Brexit pre Trump polling versus the real results would you really trust or quote a poll?

      • Mjolnir,
        I take it that you support open borders globalism that will enrich the elites and impoverish the rest of us.

        Am I right?

        • Andy, since when were you opposed to policies and economic systems that would “enrich the elites and impoverish the rest of us”?!

          Your credibility on this issue is zero.

        • No. You’d be wrong. As usual. And when were you last concerned about people being impoverished. Your obnoxious comments on impoverished people are well known. It shows you to be a hypocrite crying crocodile tears.

          • “Your obnoxious comments on impoverished people are well known. ”

            Give me one example. Right now,

            Feel free to make stuff up.
            That’s what you guys do best

            • Yeah well, a far more interesting question is why you’re so against kiwis getting ahead but all you can sell are these woke arguments so I’d thought I’d just help you out with that.

              • “a far more interesting question is why you’re so against kiwis getting ahead”

                When did I say that?

                Please feel free to make stuff up. It’s what you guys do best

                • Couldn’t find anything, actually a quick skim read of the last couple weeks, you’ve actually been pretty engaging. Still, I just want to let you know what you sound like to us lefties, after all the ACT party stuff. Nothing massively over powering. So, thing is we’ve got the new kids on the block, the new conservatives and it’s probably no good replacing one capital punishment (The New Kids) agenda with an end of life (Act) agenda. Any way that’s what you sound like to lefties, not trying to make you catch feelings. You’ve been engaging so far and this is the best apology you’ll get out of me.

                  Now, enough of these bullshit distractions infecting the comment section with Ebola. There’s a war for New Zealand’s biosphere going on.

                  • “Still, I just want to let you know what you sound like to us lefties, after all the ACT party stuff.”

                    What ACT party stuff?

                    Are there voices in your head?
                    You keep accusing me of saying things and then you reluctantly have to concede that I didn’t, but then you thrown in these claims.

                    How do I sound to you “lefties”? Someone who tries to use logic and reason? Obviously “far right” then

                    • What are you then, are you a nothing? Or worse, a voice on people’s shoulders whispering sweet nothings into people’s ears hoping they won’t notice that you are nudging them, and nudging them into a great tragedy of seamlessly regressiveness. It’s not that you are rooted in ignorance, prejudice and fear, though it is; it’s not so much that you project the ugly lies of Israeli settlements, though it is; it’s not so much that you are being dangerously devises and deeply hurtful to many New Zealanders, though it is; it’s not even that you will cripple ourselves in a region wherein lies the jobs and prosperity of future generations of young New Zealanders, though it will — the great tragedy of your lying is that it perpetuates a myth, a fantasy, a lie.

                      The myth of the monoculture, and the lie that we can retreat to it.

                    • Sam says:

                      ” It’s not that you are rooted in ignorance, prejudice and fear, though it is; it’s not so much that you project the ugly lies of Israeli settlements, though it is”

                      Where did I mention Israeli settlements?

                      Please feel free to make stuff up. It’s what you guys do best

                    • Andys ignorance is well known. It’s not difficult to find. A quick Google search “Israel Daily blog” and I just grab the top two here.

                      “Social justice?
                      The Israel haters would destroy the state of Israel and turn it into yet another Islamic hell hole
                      I don’t see much “social justice” in those countries.”

                      47% of British Muslims think that homosexuality should be criminalised (Pew Research)

                      I would rest on my statement on this subject except why would you mention Corinthians and Israel Falua. Trinitarian language is used in the gospels and Pauline epistles, and there’s nothing particularly contradictory about God being one and also being the Trinity. How’s that anything to do with Falua?

                      Another analogy: why not think of the three parts of the Trinity as being like ice, water, and vapour? They are different ways in which the same being can find expression. You are struggling to articulate the view that C02 is different when it is a gas or when it’s solid. They aren’t.

                    • “Says the man in eternal victimhood.”

                      Where did I claim ot be a victim?

                      My problem, Sam, is that I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You comments are mostly meaningless.

  8. Try to get your terminologies right people before you start heaving stuff about that causes hurt, mayhem & violence. Some unpalatable facts & other dumbed down stuff.

    NZ’s New Conservatives will be a rag tag bunch of good wholesome family church going & small government loving types, libertarians & economic liberals & disgruntled salt of the earth Kiwis (mainly white I’ll give you that).

    They will be milder in nature than the neo-con’s in the US of A. What they will not be is extremely racist, neo-fascist or alt-right (alternative right).

    They are also not conservatives in the old sense of the word (Tories) as they drew their membership from all walks of life & unlike today’s extreme neo-con’s, they favoured moderation & tolerance.

    The thing I find most disturbing about them is that Moffett, the most vocal propagandist among them is a bloody pom. As far as I’m concerned he should just fuck off back to where he came from.

    The rise of the alt-right & identity politics in general is also about loss of identity through globalisation.

    First came hunter gather bands ~ then warlike tribes ~ then loose federations of warlike tribes ~ then empires that included many cultures among their number (e.g. Rome & China) ~ then individual nation states ~ then empires composed of many nations states (e.g. Britain, Spain & Russia) ~ then extreme nationalism & internationalism (Germany, Russia & USA) ~ then globalsiation.

    Globalsiation is nothing but a process of erasing all sense of identity & belonging that has gone before in the idiotic hope of establishing some kind of New World Order governed by an untouchable, obscenely wealthy & extremely powerful liberal/neo-liberal elite. The UN, world bank, WTO etc are all part & parcel in this process

    There is nothing wrong with being proud of your ancestral roots (white, brown or black), where you come from or the cultures & societies that have shaped who you are.

    Many on the right are now, like those on the left, becoming thirsty again for personal, collective & localised identity that has been gradually erased by the globalisation juggernaut. This is just as much their right as it is for those at the other end of the political spectrum.

    Anyway, to be honest, all these pigeon holing terms have no real meaning in today’s world which is undergoing a radical ideological realignment or correction, depending you how you choose to see it.

    The real enemy today is the establishment, this is why I personally favour the current Italian approach to bringing about real & meaningful change.

    A broad alliance of radical anti-establishment forces from right across the political spectrum working together to annihilate the globalisation hegemony & then, with the greater good in mind, doing their best to build something new, better & long lasting from the ground up.

    • It’s really not loss of identity.

      That’s right wing spin, because nationalism is meaningless if it stands for nothing but politicising us and them for votes. After the votes what then?

      There is a sense of loss of empowerment to decide, and that is a domestic matter as much as a globalisation one. Because of how government has organisation national policy to be compliant to (corporate led) globalisation without reference to popular consent and compensation.

      About how governmetn is acting nation state to nation state in globalisation arrangfments without referencve to domestic

  9. Will the NC’s pick up the ‘wero’ where Act’s last leader failed to make incest legal between consenting adults legal because there arent enough banjo players in NZ.

  10. And not too far removed from the raving Far Right, is what National laughingly call their, ‘Climate Change Spokesperson’

    Todd Muller, who is supposed to be National’s climate change spokesperson, has lashed out publicly in an intemperate attack, on what he calls a Government “….blinded by Green ideology”.

    As well as attacking the government for being “blinded by Green Ideology” Muller singled out the youth pressure group Generation Zero as a particular target for his vitriol

    ….a pseudo-Green Party campaign machine which claims to represent the youth of New Zealand…..
    Todd Muller

    (I would be surprised if either of these two claims contained in this sentence are true. As far as I know Gen Zero are not the Green Party’s version of the Young Nats, as Todd Muller seems to be alleging. Nor have they ever made claims to represent the youth of New Zealand)

    National takes climate change seriously. That’s why have I been working behind the scenes with James Shaw negotiating a framework for an Independent Climate Change Commission to take the short-term politics out of what is a very long-term issue and guide the response of successive future governments.
    Todd Muller

    This paragraph about sums up Todd Muller’s sleazy manipulative strategy; Paper over the differences in the here and now, on how to tackle climate change, And kick the can down the road twenty or thirty years. So we don’t act now.

    The key difference in policy has been the Labour Government’s ban on oil and gas exploration – a change of direction that the National Party continues to oppose vigorously. This decision was pure politics with the Government’s own officials advising that banning oil and gas would cost our economy billions of dollars and likely lead to an increase in global emissions.
    Todd Muller

    Todd Muller is a dirty liar. Where is his proof that the ban on issuing new oil and gas drilling permits will lead to an increase in global emissions?

    He has just deliberately decided to make this lie up, without any evidence.

    Bi-partisanship is easier said than done, but both parties have to date been negotiating in good faith, and I am optimistic that we can find common ground for the good of New Zealand. We are working towards a framework that all Parties can live with, that will be enduring beyond the next change of Government.
    Todd Muller

    This is probably Todd Muller’s biggest lie of all.

    Todd Muller and Simon Bridges have both said that they will repeal the government’s ban on issuing new oil and gas exploration permits at the very next change of government. What’s bi-partisan about that?


    The big question is will James Shaw publicly stand up to this dirty public attack from Tod Muller, or will Shaw instead decide to stick with his invisible man act?

    Shaw’s public silence, not just in the face of this attack, but generally, is condemning his party to zero public visibility and relevance, which inevitably will result in a struggle to get back into parliament.

    James Shaw needs to demand his right of reply, stand with Gen Zero and the climate movement, and debunk Mullers lies and condemn his manipulative backsliding on climate change action in the here and now. James Shaw needs to say, ‘no deal’ to repealing the ban on new exploration permits, and that for Muller and Bridges to demand this, shows that National are not interested in bi-partisanship at all.

    we can’t ignore the reality that, ultimately, it will be decisions made in Washington, Beijing, Moscow and New Delhi – not Wellington – that will determine the level of warming we will see over coming centuries. Future generations will thank us for working with, and at the pace of, global partners.
    Todd Muller

    This is not leadership, this is the abrogation of all leadership, and handing it over to others. We don’t want our climate policies decided in Beijing, Washington, Delhi or Moscow

    James Shaw, as head of the Green Party, needs to tell Muller that New Zealanders do not want to be obsequious ‘fast followers’ on the world stage. New Zealanders want to be the leaders on the world stage that we were in the past, not crawlers fawning after the likes of Trump or Xi, or Putin, or Turnbull, which is the role that Todd Muller wants for our nation.

  11. Can I ask? Who the fuck is ‘Andy’ ?
    Does anyone know?
    It’s all over this like herpies.
    That’s all, really. If andy was dick? It’d have herpies.

    • Is there any evidence that NC are “god botherers”? They seem to have picked up on the meme war pretty well

      I hardly think that SpongeBob memes are evidence of Christian faith

  12. Jesus. ( Yep. Pun. ) andy’s all over this like pubic lice. Only God Botherers are as witless, humourless and annoying.

    William S Burroughs.
    ” Never do business with a religious son of a bitch but if you do..? Get.It.In. Writing. Never trust someone with God on their side to tell them how to fuck you on the deal. “

  13. The old hoary argument about climate change being a socialist trick is now debunked by just about everyone with at least half a brain.
    Even admits that climate change is real, in a blurb I saw quite by accident a few days ago. This might have been there for some time but I only noticed it now.
    And you couldn’t accurately describe Stuff as “socialist” now, could you?
    I know I am scathing about Stuff and Fairfax a lot of the time, but I have to give them some credit for this.
    It is a small step for mankind.
    However I have noticed that the most adamant climate change deniers still try to confuse the issue by calling it “global warming”
    Global warming is so obviously a red herring, because temperature change is only a part of the problem. Shifting winds, rainfall patterns, acidification of the seas – all of which are vital to life on earth – are not global warming, but they are certainly climate change.
    Another comfort zone for climate change deniers is to confuse “climate” and “weather”. Do they really believe that because they might experience the worst winter on record in their cloistered sanctuary that this disproves evidence that the world is slowly heating up?
    It seems they do.
    Unfortunately there are some people you will never get through to.

  14. “Global warming a socialist hoax, transphobia & white pride – The alt-Right New Conservatives enter the culture war”

    ‘Culture-war’ paradigms set by P2OG ‘alt-left’ neocons.
    Deepsnake Protocol-like oscillations keeping us senile.
    Otherwise know as Barnett ‘fuck-you’ game theory.

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