I’ve come to the conclusion after reading this story about a bikini model sitting on a curved pool tile and the ‘confusion’ that has created that our MMP threshold needs to be desperately lowered


The stupid season is upon us when the millennial graduates are running the news rooms over Summer and the staggering amount of bullshit that has been re-written by the social media ‘journalists’ as ‘news’ is reaching embarrassing levels…

Tammy Hembrow has followers scratching their heads over bikini post
Australian fitness model Tammy Hembrow has left her scores of fans scratching their heads with a racy bikini snap.

The 23-year-old shared a photo of herself posing in a pink two-piece on the edge of a pool — and it has sparked a fierce debate online.

But can you see why people are so confused?

…no, no I can’t see why anyone is bloody confused by a bikini model sitting on a pool tile that curves up. What confuses me is how the Christ this is news.

I’ve come to the conclusion after reading this story about a bikini model sitting on a curved pool tile and the ‘confusion’ that has created  that our MMP threshold needs to be desperately lowered.

Why on earth have I come to that conclusion? Because I believe New Zealand is a terribly closed society.

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We mistake being a small country for being an open one.

We are not open, we are a closed culture that desperately needs new avenues for new ideas because there are none within society, within media or within politics

70% of National voters don’t know anyone unemployed, ethnic ghettos are entrenching in Auckland, we have 2 large media conglomerates where the same free market political opinions are recycled from the same media pundits and we have 5 political parties who all agree with neoliberalism.

We are a gated culture and closed society that is starved for new ideas and we desperately need to lower the MMP threshold because that’s the only way we are going to be able to nurture those new ideas in politics and culture. A lower MMP threshold allows greater diversity of opinions while giving those political movements the oxygen government funding provides so they can get their messages and views out to voters.

‘Confusion’ over Bikini models may seem to be an odd catalyst for wanting a more representative political spectrum, but the only reason the largest daily newspaper in NZ can run this fucking pap is because there are so few alternatives for NZ news.




  1. Is it getting harder to be well-informed, or is it just getting easier to realize how poorly-informed we’ve always been? -_-

  2. Jesus No Martyn. Never lower the threshhold for MMP. This is exactly the reason Israel, which has such a low threshhold (cant remember how low) has a surplus of racists, fascists and fucking right wing fruit loops. All very funny, not if you are Palestinian.

  3. So… A pointless article about a pointless article!
    The point obviously to post a picture of a pretty girl with not much clothes on.
    Fair enough, we all like pretty girls.
    D J S

  4. More political parties will produce more fracturing and coalitions in which minor parties extract concessions out of proportion to their constituencies.

    Fix the so-called “wasted votes” feature of our MMP so that people can rationally vote for minor parties knowing that their vote will affect the proportionality of the parliament. Currently, your wasted vote gets biffed and then allocated according to how people voted for parties that meet the threshold – and we accept this as though it’s normal.

    Where effective democracy is going is towards sortition – citizen assemblies selected by ballot (like juries) where the difficult issues are worked through for the best result in society not for the financial backers of the various political parties. Citizen assemblies can handle knotty issues like immigration, climate change, rehabilitation & sentencing, reform of superannuation as they don’t have to be popular to get re-elected, just analyse and work out what is for the greater long-term good.

  5. re;The National voters link

    “However, National voters were also the most confident that the current Government would make a better fist of reducing unemployment than the opposition.
    Asked if the main opposition parties would do a better job of reducing unemployment, 34 per cent of those surveyed said yes and 31 per cent said no.”

    I’d love to see the actual question, because that makes no sense.

    National voters usually think Labour is all about breeding huge herds of unemployed dope fiends at the expense of Ma and Pa Landlords and other assorted ‘winners’..My guess is National voters subconsciously think National is the current Government, while Labour is forever just the opposition.

    Maybe for National voters each question on the survey needed to be prefaced with the statement “Assuming Labour are infact the elected Government…”

  6. Did she have an affair with the Australian PM or another senior politician, is she a ‘porn star’, or what is the story???

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