February 2nd – the first real political test of NZ in 2019


February the 2nd will be the first real political test of NZ in 2019.

Quietly, behind the scenes, the New Conservative Party has changed from being the bumbling oddness of Colin Craig’s friendly conservatism into the weaponised hate of Alt-right spite.

Under Colin Craig’s bumbling oddness, the Conservative Party almost crossed the 5% threshold for political representation, under this new highly weaponised culture war version, could they cross that threshold and do far more damage?

We’ve seen the language of violence deployed by New Conservative candidate David Moffett and the same use of social media campaign like the Clarke Gayford smear and the anti-1080 hysteria now being deployed by alt right high vis vest trolls on social media pushing for an anti-UN protest on February 2nd.

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My fear about identity politics wokedom has always been the political backlash by those trying to pay the bills hearing alienating cultural engineering rather than their economic well being articulated.

This could well be that moment.

The NZ Sovereignty twitter account that is organising these Alt-right protests around the country…

…is poorly followed , as is their Facebook Page.

Watching so many NZ alt right trolls using the high vis vest as their symbol when it’s actually a Left French movement is almost as funny as watching Republicans claim Obama was socialism. They are trying to ferment a faux rebellion using the very symbolism of a movement they supposedly detest!

This could just be a tiny group of clowns pretending to have more support than they really do, or this could be the seeds of something far darker.

We will know if woke backlash has found a new political vehicle on February 2nd.



  1. I think we can take for granted that they are a bunch of clowns.
    But clowns that should not be taken lightly, for behind their antics lurk hearts of pure malice that intend to restore the country to its English Dickensian roots.
    If they are anywhere near me when they hold any of their bear baiting festivals, I will calmly tell them to take their warped views and shove them up where the sun don’t shine.

  2. -They are trying to ferment a faux rebellion…-

    Actually I wish they were; it might be a good drink.

    Sadly, I think you really mean “foment”.

  3. Could someone please explain to me (in a polite way) exactly what the Migration Compact means for New Zealand, the Maori and the Pakeha peoples.

    • It means that the UN can choose who and how many refugees/migrants they can send to NZ. There will be no difference between migrants and refugees in that they will all be entitled to welfare benefits, healthcare, education, housing etc. immediately. And many of these guys are illiterate even in their own languages. If the UN continues to choose our refugees who are now not even being processed out of the camps plus the many Africans (mostly muslim) who carry many illnesses e.g. HIV and Aids plus the poor mentally and physically damaged children who are the end product of 1400 centuries of cousin marriage.

      It will be the end of Kiwi life as we know it – most Kiwis are so naïve about what happens in good countries once they introduce this backward culture – just look at Sweden, the bombs, the knifings, the non existant social life of young Swedish girls who dare not walk alone on the once safe streets.

      I have no idea how this Govt .managed to suppress the NZ media into keeping mum about the appalling loss of freedom of speech and safety that this compact will bring because no one wants disharmonious relations (UN speak for racism) those speaking against the lack of free speech can have criminal charges brought against them and even the MSM will be given training on how to handle this to keep the new citizens happy other wise they could lose their funding or ability to publish.

      We have been sold down the river – you are aware of the major problems that these cultures bring with them as seen in Europe, Australia etc. Rape, crime, sexual assaults, female circumcision, corruption, fraud and hatred of our Western culture which they despise. So they secretly set up their own sharia courts to ensure their women are kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to be legally beaten and used as a domestic and sex slave producing a child every year to increase their demographic and power in their host country. Have you ever wondered who controls the UN – 30% of this corrupt institution are Islamic nations.

      The first duty of any Govt. is the safety and security of its citizens. The only word I can think of for the COL is traitorous.

      • It means that the UN can choose who and how many refugees/migrants they can send to NZ.

        That is simply not true, Lorna. Sovereign nations still determine numbers; who qualifies for entry; etc. It does not remove sovereign power at all.

      • Thank you.. I too was a little ignorant of what was really happening..well maybe very… but thank you

  4. If only a handful of neo-nazis turn up, on 2 Feb, we can have a giggle at their expense. Ifvits a significant number, we will weep at where our country is heading

    As for Moffat and his rightwing views, this will put Simon Bridges into a difficult position. The FIRST question any credible journo will ask Bridges is whether he will go into coalition with a far right lunatic, or shun him. Its a simple question but diabolically difficult to answer. Especially if a far right Conservative Party is National’s only potential coalition partner to form a government.

  5. It doesn’t match up with their alliance to the Chinese communist dictatorshit… the inherent contradiction will be their undoing…

  6. If they have Simon Lusk pulling the strings (Moffett is now a WO regular), then I am concerned.

    They will move National to the right by Collins replacing Bridges and try and scare the softer center away from Greens and NZ, into Labour, thus eliminating Labour’s support partners.

    Note the attempts at bridge-building over this issue with ACT? See Moffett also entering into the “climate change hoax” fray?

    Which sitting Nat in a tru-blue electorate seat will be with the Conservatives by year’s-end?

    • They don’t need to scare people away from the Greens. The Greens are doing a great job of that by themselves…

  7. Interesting Times Anti-U.N. view is easily understandable, anti- immigration less so, but then there is the housing crises spreading out from Auckland and driving rents up if you can even find a place.
    Face it no one wants to pay even more for gas, the current level of taxes is extreme and hurts the poor, every where you turn there,s guys and family’s in garages and sleep outs even in rural NZ.
    8 weeks of yellow vest protests and a proxy civil war in Paris show us where this is all heading, coverage noticeably lacking on the fake news.
    The old world order is tumbling and something else grows in its place…
    And something wicked this way comes.

  8. Whoever wrote this twaddle is full of rubbish.
    #1 The french yellow vests are protesting about living difficulties in Macrons socialist France . He is very out of touch with the everyday people. It is a centre-right protest against the hardship of living under high and rising taxes.
    #2 The Aotea square NZ protest on 2 February, potentially in yellow vests, is similarly against increasing socialist ideas in NZ.
    The Migration Pact, a step towards UN control of our migration, towards open borders. The protest, as the New Conservative Party, is centre right. The opposition to an increasingly socialist Labour party under Jacinda, and the Greens. Most of NZ did not vote for these parties, and are happily looking forward to a party with the opposite philosophies coming to power in 2021.

    • Ummmm. You do understand that Macron is a neoliberal, free market French politician who is desperately trying to undo the socialist welfare state in France right?

      I mean if you Scarlisle are one of the intellectual stormtroopers of this movement with such a bewildering lack of basic understanding of the symbols you are attempting to co-opt, this is going to be as amusing as it is sad.

      • This is the confusion many of us are labouring under. Macron is the new poster boy for globalisation. Globalisation is a philosophy that draws its support mainly from left leaning progressive liberals & neo-liberals (new liberals & neo-cons/new conservatives) who place more emphasis of economic liberalism than social liberalism. Funnily enough the new liberals are not new at all as they were the driving force behind the expansion of the British Empire & colonisation.

        But the fact is that social & economic liberals work hand in hand to further the globalisation agenda. As I’ve said before John Key was a master at bridging these two worlds which is why he was so popular. He was a populist political animal who could mince it with social liberals & play hard ball when it came to things like privatisation.

        This is why since the Rogernomics revolution both Labour & National have both been playing the let’s put foreign interests before those of NZ & New Zealander’s game. The differences between such groupings is purely cosmetic, as the truth of the matter is that they’re both working toward furthering the entrenchment of the globlisation worldview.

        The hegemony of which I speak is the rotten liberal establishment who lord over each & every one of us & have the destroyed the very fabric & morale of our nation.

        Globalisation is just another chapter in the long history of the colonisation of minds, bodies & souls.

        More thought need to go into matters such as these before we the people can come together for the purposes of overthrowing of the globalisation establishment & bringing about radical change.

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