GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – My last Christmas in prison?


I trust everyone had an enjoyable Xmas .

This is a day when prisoners line up to make phone calls to family and we think of those that can’t be with us. I think of my children – Tyrone , Kane & Siobhan especially .

Thanks to the many who have sent Xmas cards to me , especially Lindy Loo who sent an A4 sized one !

Corrections doesn’t mark the day in any other way than giving us a scoop of custard at lunch, so the cards definitely help brighten up the cells.

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I’d like to acknowledge Becki , whose good humour helped brighten the day. Offsetting this on Boxing Day was Officer Rihanna who removed all our homemade ice cream from the fridge because it “isn’t allowed” (not true).

It makes me look forward to Parole all the more. Because of the heat , they are giving us an ice block and a 500ml bottle of iced water every evening .

Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights blogger currently inside prison. 


    • Are you trying to prove the saying about there being good in everybody is wrong with your comment Rosielee. Today, people received awards and adulation who, unlike Mr Taylor, have not done a thing to protect the rights of others.

  1. Officer Rihanna sounds like the sort of person who would dig up seeds to see if they’re sprouting.

    The guys make homemade icecream to (hopefully) share and it’s taken away?! Not allowed?!! And we hope people will emerge from prison better than they went in???!!!

    What good social lesson did you just teach, Officer Rihanna?
    Or was it the same old put down stuff…?

  2. What pisses me off most is that this sort of pettiness ‘re the home made icecream’ continues to be meted out with no one putting a stop to it.

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