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  1. This Government needs to open up fully with “transparency” now.

    Above on this site; – We hear this morning on RNZ news that Chis Hipkins has release details on Labour policy to have all their MP’s now release all the details on whom they have met during their activities of the term of their Governance of NZ, so this will assist us all to observe if our own “community NGO’s” public representatives also are receiving the same level of meetings with these same MP’s as the business interests are obviously receiving now.

    This Minister is doing some good finally as Labour has been absent since taking over last year in giving our community groups any solid levels of consultation as they promised they would provide us that “voice to be heard”

    Go Chris!!!!!!

    • Yes CLEANGREEN….and there needs to be total transparency as to donations to political parties also …no matter how small

  2. No the mainstream neo-Mcarthyist media:

    ‘France goes yellow’

    “What does the rise of the Yellow Vest movement in France tell us about the state of the neoliberal order in Europe? Are the protests in France – the largest since 1968 – just about a hike in fuel prices? And is Emmanuel Macron the right person to be president to address the problems so many in France have?

    CrossTalking with Bruno Drweski, Luc Rivet, and Louis Chauvel.”

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