I was wrong about Judith Collins – what the latest leak really says about the factions inside National



In my evaluation of the endgame of those attempting to undermine Simon Bridges, I concluded it was to help Judith Collins take over.

I now think I was wrong.

While all of the internal leaks are in fact helping Judith Collins, I now believe the actions of the leaker are being driven by the egotistical delusion that they could replace Simon Bridges and it explains some of the madness of the JLR implosion.

Remember how JLR swore black and blue that he wasn’t the leaker? He admitted everything else didn’t he? He admitted the infidelities, the taping of conversations, the donations – he admitted everything EXCEPT being the leaker.

Seeing as the leaker is now still leaking, the shocking conclusion could be that it wasn’t JLR all along after all, and this helps explain why he has gone nuclear against his former allies, because he really is a man who has been framed and set up.

TDB understands there are 3 factions inside National, Faction Simon Bridges, Faction Judith Collins and a third faction. It is this third faction who are leaking in an attempt to destabilise Bridges to take power for themselves.

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This third faction is playing a dangerous game because by undermining Bridges, they risk inadvertently handing the leadership over to Judith Collins. Judith is winning more support in Caucus because she and she alone inside the National Party has a working relationship with Winston Peters which would be crucial if they want to try and win 2020. The faction wishing to depose Bridges doesn’t have that relationship and by framing JLR now risk getting caught in the cross fire of his retaliation.

The word is that if there is to be a move against Bridges, it will be in February. Keep an eye open as to which National Party MP is holding BBQs this summer.


  1. Presumably this mythical “third faction” won’t be any more happy with Judith Collins than they currently are with Bridges. So won’t they simply continue undermining the leadership when Bridges goes? What is their endgame in all of this – i.e who exactly does this “third faction” want in the leadership position?

    • Just have to look across the ditch at the Libral party to see how this squabbling plays out. In the leadership race we had, Steven Joyce, Benifit, Amy Adams and Simon Bridges. We know Simon Bridges and Benifit are like tight as. Maybe I’m just stating the obvious, seems obvious to me, it can only end in tears. Simon Bridges could have been The National Parties first elected Prime Minister and they absolute couldn’t handle it. Something with in the sole of the National Party must just convulse in repulsion.

      • Yep, when I read third faction it was he I thought of.

        Mind you, he’s doing a wonderful job as climate change spokesman. Wonderful as in keeping it away from the main focus of attention.

    • Huh Matthew, wrong there. – ‘Collins’ – is a total liability to Natzional.

      So being logical, I back another ‘dark horse; like Mark Mitchell (john Key’s wonder boy) as he has the connections to the Military complex and ‘intelligence agencies also remember?

      Especially since Maggie Barry has had someone shit in her patch and left her now as a smelly lame duck. (couldn’t happen to a ‘not very nice’ person as she has demonstrated.

      • Yep, doggie man. His pages in ‘Dirty Politics’, are interesting reading, including :

        “Mitchell, their selection candidate, was paying big money for this dirty campaigning, and was well aware of what he was buying.”

        He is drooled over by media ladettes as in the mold of Key, and like Key he didn’t make his millions in the most conventional way – but oh how those girls put money on pedestals.

        There are one or two good people in National, but they may be too decent to behave like slime-balls – and there has to be a reason Bennett’s hair has been literally standing on end ever since Sir Bill chugged off into the sunset.

      • Agree with you Cleangreen re Mark “the mercenary” Mitchell. Wasn’t it him who “sorted” out JLR during the latter’s recent time of crisis? He can play dirty when necessary!

        My bet is on Mitchell being the leaker, aided and abetted by Paula Bennett.

      • Yep, when I read third faction it was he I thought of.

        Mind you, he’s doing a wonderful job as climate change spokesman. Wonderful as in keeping it away from the main focus of attention.

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  2. Latest leak sounds like dated JLR inside information.
    The real issue is self interested Nat voters voting for dogshitt on a stick because it keeps their Auckland real estate portfolio ticking up regardless (46 percent vote Nats with useless leader). When Judith gets leadership we become a proxy state for China.

  3. Thankfully, I don’t care. I don’t care who ‘leads’ national. I don’t care who ‘leads’ labour. I don’t care about the sickly greens. I don’t care about worthless peters and his sad little political machinations. I don’t care about their little sport of politics.
    What I do care about is you and me and us. And we’re fucked.
    Because no matter how the deviant morons above behave or what they do to each other? We’re still fucked. We’re fucked while they get richer. We’re still fucked while they hand our heads on plates to the highest strata’s of the wealthy elite. To get ever richer off us from the slave labour our politicians sold us into after they stole away with our stuff and things then sold them to make their mates richer still.
    RNZ will be very relieved that they now have a terrible story of how a young woman has been murdered to keep us distracted and focusing away from the murderous dysfunctions within our society that bankster greed and its consequential spiritual and financial poverty that, that is enabling.
    The Beehive should be on fire.
    Vive le France !
    Vive le gilets jaunes!

  4. No one seems to be wondering if a bug was left planted in the caucus room, and the leaker wasn’t there at all.
    D J S

  5. Vous pouvez obtenir un gilet jaune à L’entrepôt


    Tune: The Marseillaise

    On the road to life and liberty
    The hour of action has arrived.
    Woe to vultures of greed and exploitation
    Who profiteer from wars and genocide.
    Corporations who plunder the earth
    In privatised and sick abomination.
    We don’t need their rotten DNA,
    We don’t need our earth to waste away.
    We shall regain our birth right.
    Close ranks against the banks,
    The drones, the bombs, the mines , the tanks.
    Oppose, all those, who
    Close down free speech.
    They won’t escape our reach.

  6. If there are three factions, which right wing activists are behind which mp? Cameron Slater ? Simon Lusk? David Farrar?

    Ideally, these ructions will eventually break up the National Party and mmp will finally come to the political Right.

  7. If you’re right then that third faction is going to have to undermine Judith as well. Expect more leaks about dubious business dealings.

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