The New Zealand Public Television Trust – Great News!


Great News!

1. NZPTV has been accepted by NZ On Air as a commissioning platform. While we still have to meet our own operating costs through donations it does mean that producers can now submit their proposals to us for possible funding.

2. We’ve taken the sign in page off. So now, when you visit you can start viewing some really great programmes straight away.

However you can choose to Become a Friend of NZPTV which means by giving us some details about yourself you will receive newsletters, exclusive updates and special offers

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Please share and tell all your friends especially if they live overseas because unlike our mainstream broadcasters you can watch NZPTV anywhere at anytime.


  1. michael fay’s closing in on becoming a billionaire? He can do a boat race. Can’t he do public TV too? Y’know? Give a little back after taking so much?

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    OUR government should well fund public TV. It’d be the single most vital thing it could do when literally everything important now pivots on fake news, pro bankster propaganda and social media hypno-brain slush.

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