How Can Businesses Effectively Engage With Their Customers?


As a business owner, one of the most important metrics that show how successful your company is (or isn’t) is customer engagement. Customer engagement is defined as the relationship that you have with your customers, so a high level of engagement would be customers who see you as their first choice in the industry whereas a low level of engagement may suggest that customers only have a passing interest in your business.

Customer engagement is hugely important and the evidence is in the numbers. According to Gallup, in the consumer electronics sector, engaged customers make 44% more trips to a retailer each year and spend more money compared to actively disengaged consumers. Engaged customers in the restaurant sector make 56% more visits each month than their disengaged counterparts. But how do you turn a casual customer into an engaged one?

Build a Social Media Presence

High customer engagement levels are often seen with businesses whose messages and personality resonates with customers. Seo Agency New Zealand makes your customers love rather than just like your company and makes them feel positive towards you. These are tough questions to answer with just one ad campaign which is why social media is such an effective engagement tool. It gets you in front of millions of potential shoppers or clients.

There are several steps to take to start building your social media presence including figuring out the demographics of your audience and figuring out what platforms they most spend their time on. You’ll also want to post consistently so that you seem reliable, dependable and there whenever your customers need you and communicate one-on-one to address their concerns and feedback.

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Keep Them Safe and Secure

The security and safety of your customers is one oft-overlooked aspect of an engagement strategy. But, by keeping your customers and their data safe, you can get them to evangelize about your company, celebrating the fact that you go the extra mile to ensure that their data is protected. And this goes for every industry, not just financial institutes. For example, the casino gaming industry deals with money (and also handles data), so industry players work to establish trust within their customers by ensuring that any payment information is kept safe and out of view. This allows players to get on with playing their favourite slots – games like Amazon Queen and Triple Diamond – without having to worry about their info. 

Recognise What They Want

Another step to booting engagement is to actively poll and survey your customers to figure out what they want. Making an effort to figure out what your customers want from you is a surefire way to get them to feel positive about you. It also shows that you take their needs and concerns seriously and aren’t just doing what you do to impress shareholders. Gather feedback from customer reviews and send out surveys, asking simple and easy to understand questions that won’t confuse. Then, follow through on the info you’ve gathered.

Good luck with your customer engagement. Remember to figure out what works for you and use the tools above to make it happen.