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I learned how big the world was when I was 7 because it took 8 weeks to sail on an immigrant ship from Glasgow to Wellington, but I didn’t gain my sense of geography – especially where countries were located in relation to each other and who owned what- until I was 11.

Sitting in a cramped Intermediate classroom with 38 other kids (we weren’t called the baby boomer generation for nothing!) I learned world political geography from a map that Miss McConachy pulled down from sprung loaded roller in front of the blackboard. (It looked similar to the one I’ve attached to this post.)

She’d point with her long wooden teacher’s ruler to the many countries coloured in red.
“This is Britain – where the Queen lives” she’d say while tapping on the tiny bit of the map my parents still called ‘home’ ….”and all these countries ” (tap, tap, tap ,tap, tap ) “are the British Commonwealth countries she reigns over”

It took another 20 years for me to understand that Miss McConachy’s map was actually the completed military invasion plan of an operation financed by wealthy UK aristocrats to subjugate indigenous peoples in order to extract the wealth from their lands. A trick they had learned first hand from first the Romans and then the French.

Miss McConachy didn’t tell her class of 1959 about any of this because, back then , history was about the glorification of conquest not the consequences of it.

In fact it was not until I was in my 40’s when I filmed 8 hours of conversation with the late Maori land activist Dame Whina Cooper, for a documentary I made about her life, that I began to understand how Empire building actually involves demolishing someone else’s life and culture.

Two World Wars , some historians argue, impoverished Britain and diminished the power of the British Empire.

But while it’s true the physical Empire that reached its predatory zenith under Queen Victoria no longer exists, there is much to be said for the argument that a Second British Empire has emerged whose rulers are based in The City of London and whose invasion weapon of choice is money.

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Brexit won’t worry these financiers too much because the neoliberal deregulation of banking they engineered in the 1980’s has meant that political borders are no longer as important as they once were.
Just as long as the financial borders are down, and they can still plunder economies and extract wealth at will ,then it will be business as usual.

There are of course other Empires in our modern world.

The Americans have more that 500 bases around our planet. They are there for a reason. Not as “the police of the free world” as the rhetoric would have you believe, but to safeguard the extractive interests of the USA and perpetuate their economic Empire built on the manufacture of armaments. If US bullets and bombs are not expended and exploded somewhere in the world then wealth generation for the American financial overlords would become an intolerable problem.

The Americans are of course not unique in running a war based economic Empire . Much of Russian wealth also comes from the manufacture of weapons.

China is building its own Empire favouring the City of London approach – which is to say they are using money as the weapon of invasion.

Can we build you a road? How are you off for infrastructure like water and sewage? Hey Australia – you’ve got minerals. How about we buy them from you ? Or better still set up joint ventures as we have done in many of parts of Africa to extract wealth from there. Can we help you Pacific Islanders with your fishing ? Or how about some Water Bottling plants New Zealand?

No angry shots are being fired in this new kind of “one road ” Empire building . It’s invasion by stealth.

Miss McConachy’s map of the world became redundant long ago. I’m not sure how I could draw you a modern version .

Yes I can show you where the political boundaries of countries are – what I CAN’T show you is where the financial interests and wealth extraction operations of today’s Empires are located in the way Miss McConachy’s map once neatly coloured in the British Empire in red.

But next time you go to an ATM machine have a look at the list of banks whose cards it takes. The new rulers of the world are closer than you think.


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. Unlike the US, the Chinese are moving large numbers of people (read colonists) to expand the lebensreaum of their ethno-nationalist dictatorship, in addition to the money.

  2. That’s why I keep the thought of the concept of removing the foreign banksters from off our backs so annoyingly out there when I comment. There will be people who will eye roll so enthusiastically they must lean as if about to make a putt.
    “Can’t do without the banks! Preposterous! Be wondering where us billionaires got our money next. Worked a proper hourly rate, night and day, worked hard allllll my bent little life. “
    If we can’t, won’t or shouldn’t purge the foreign banks for any reason then the immediacy of getting rid of them becomes ever more urgent because they’ve psyched us into thinking we can’t function without them. Which, of course, they have.
    NZ/AO is perfectly positioned to do that. There’re only 4.7 m or so of us on a few islands totalling a land area a bit bigger than the UK and what we do best, in that vital sort of way, is grow food. Specifically meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Then we do wool, timber, LPG, electricity and have rich oceans swimming with fish. And our country is stunningly beautiful which always helps to sell anti- foreign bankster patriotism surely.
    And if the banks, by virtue of their terrible reach, try to make life difficult for us Kiwis? Then fuck them! We’ll do fine by ourselves and while that happens, the whole world would stop and watch while it held its breath. I think we Kiwis have an opportunity to do something vast, world changing and extraordinary here by banning the Banksters from our lands and lives.
    I hear that Tauranga, McMansions by The Sea, has banned poverty being expressed by the desperate around retail and their consumers. Surely, Tauranga can now ban the Banksters for creating the poverty that forces people to beg and live rough too. Otherwise? Ya know? Hypocrites?
    Thanks for yet another very interesting Post @ BB.

  3. The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

    There may be 147 companies in the world that own everything, as colleague Bruce Upbin points out and they are dominated by investment companies as Eric Savitz rightly points out. But it’s not you and I who really control those companies, even though much of our money is in them. Given the nature of how money is invested, there are four companies in the shadows that really control those companies that own everything.

    And you can pretty much guarantee that those four companies are all owned by the same people.

    We have monopoly but its private and hidden behind numerous cut-outs and privacy laws.

  4. @ CB – Yes how great life would be without the banks!
    Let’s try it NZ, I’m sure it can’t make things any worse.

  5. China is Rothschild and Rothschild serves the Elders of Zion who in turn are maneuvering to put their messiah into Jerusalem.
    The prophesy that America will fall to a Chinese/Russian invasion is coming closer to fruition every day. Trump is doing his bit and Obama waits patiently in the wings. Order out of chaos.
    The buy up overtly and covertly by China is to bring about the One World Government/Religion/Ruler. And who is this ruler…? The answer is in the KJV and this abomination gets 42 months of playing god.
    Brexit is a worry for the NWO as it means a delay to their plans. If NZers would wake up and demand Government stop deliberately wasting our money we could pay off our debts and get the money lenders off our backs and get them out of the country. Problem is, traitors within our own various Governments have put in place a silent army which could quell any dissension without firing a bullet. Here’s another huge problem…5G. It’s a frequency which the body can’t handle, cooks organs like a microwave and can literally fry the brain. It’s mind control weaponry which Spark is trying to rush through. Do some research into 5G its quite frightening. Protect your children. Barrie Trower is a good go to source.
    And we wonder why the PM and Peters looked uncomfortable with the comments about the influence of the Chinese in the Pacific.
    Well they are the conquering army which reveres the Great Dragon which their legend claims is their father. And we know the treatment given by the children of the Dragon to Christians.
    New Zealanders have good cause to be worried about the mess being made of our country and to us by our government.

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