TWITTER WATCH: National Party Stormtrooper Hamish Price goes full Trump on Pike River Mine


This image from the announcement to re-enter Pike River made me smile and cry, it seemed to sum up everything that is right and decent about this new Government…

…you would be surprised to find any human being who would begrudge the decision to give these families some kind of closure to a hideous accident that should never have happened.

Except that there was, and is, a large group of mainly men who seem to think the cost is unacceptable and risk too great to justify re-entry.

Here’s National Party Stormtrooper and right wing virtue signaller Hamish Price on Twitter this morning…

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…I get you have to generate offensive right wing troll shit Hamish, but Jesus mate, this is honestly beneath you and anyone with a basic nervous system – it’s not a reckless waste of money for the families who were blighted by this and you should have enough basic human empathy to know that, a tad more compassion wouldn’t hurt Comrade.

I also find it incredulous that right wing trolls suddenly give two fucks about the homeless.

I’m guessing the Venn Diagram of people who hate Jacinda’s baby and who believer re-entry into the Pike River Mine is wrong almost overlap entirely.


  1. another nationals party flea trying to suck blood an d life and decency and basically everything. what a scuzzbucket

  2. Obviously Natz and its uncaring, unreasonable support base are scared of what will be revealed as to the cause of the Pike River tragedy? Maybe this is the main reason the mine and the bereaved were neglected and failed by the previous government, with John Key suggesting it be sealed up for good, before any physical investigation could be carried out.

    Natz consider the mine entry money might be better spent on helping Auckland’s homeless??? Really, after the homeless figures grew under the watch of the past Natz government, without any address to the situation?

    If this issue wasn’t so sad and tragic, I think some of the comments from Natz followers and believers, would have me laughing my head off! However, as it is, Pike River is far too serious to take lightly.

    My respects to those persevering over many years to get to this stage as announced by Andrew Little.

    Kia Kaha to all involved.

    • except its a crime scene that natz would rather remain entombed and forgetten you just feel this government will do the right thing and deliver justice there could be a powerful natz in the dock

  3. Do they come any thicker than Hamish ?

    Why has it taken the Pike River announcement for Hamish to suddenly people discover that there are homeless people in Auckland ?

    Did they spring up overnight like mushrooms ?

    Mrs Price’s boy needs to (a) think before he opens his mouth
    (b) thereupon close his mouth
    (c) go to Spec savers
    (d) accept that he’s a moral retard

    Who is Hamish Price anyway ? Never heard of him.

  4. Hamish Price wouldn’t know compassion if it reared up and hugged him
    That’s why he is a member of the National party.
    They just don’t do anything human unless it contains a $ sign.

  5. National couldn’t give a toss about the homeless and quite happily spent $26 m on a bloody flag referendum.
    29 people were killed in that mine and no one was held accountable, just shows what National thinks of blue collar workers,absolutely nothing.

    • I still see the odd flagpole outside someone’s house proudly flying the John Key tea towel – you’ve gotta laugh…

  6. “$26 million to possibly change the New Zealand flag is a reckless waste of money. The same money could’ve been used to shelter Auckland’s homeless. The Govt has made clear its priorities are wrong.” Fify.

  7. It seems the largely right-wing deriders of this enterprise are fixated on it being a hollow gesture purely to give closure to some sad families, which they calculate to be not worth the outlay. If it were simply that and nothing more, they might have an actual point, albeit still very arguable.
    The real reason this is necessary is that the pervasive mystery as to why and exactly how it occurred. these answers are important both for accountability and future prevention of such tragedies and all that. Research in other words.
    I daresay their reluctance to address this actually important point is that one or more of their elite cronies could end up in hot water over it.

  8. The National Party, and their agents, are trolling every spending decision made – but they could have done this … with the money.

  9. In my view the re-entry of Pike River is emotional twaddle. Very poor quality expenditure when there are so many more deserving places where that money could go:

    Most likely nothing substantive will be achieved.

    They’re only going 400m inside so it’s unlikely they will encounter any human remains.

    Not all the Pike River families are in favour of it – the less mouthy but more sensible ones think it’s a waste of time. But the media won’t tell you that because they like the tear-jerking emotionalism.

    • Hi Andrew. Right on cue, well done you. But what about the potential crime scene? You will be all for law and order. If people are culpable, they should be held accountable, don’t you think?

    • “tear-jerking emotionalism” – otherwise known as compassion – Perhaps something that might occur for the like of yourself if one of your investments returned a loss.

    • well said Andrew. Where was Little and his union mates when this mine was working. He is on record for having praised the mine and it’s management. There were mistakes in the follow up and mine management should have been prosecuted with more vigour but I doubt if any light will be shed on the situation by this entry. I just hope no one gets hurt by this futile exercise.

      • Hopium is the panicilian of right wing mania who’s anger swells and impatience grows. There’s no known treatment for this unique affliction other than coalition friends in an MMP parliament.

  10. Yes paying $200,000,000+ for America’s cup is a much better use of tax payers money because billionaire yacht races are a better use of money sarcasm, than working out how 29 workers perished in NZ worst accident (or manslaughter as I think it should be) and justice served to those that contributed to that disaster.

    I suggest they go back and sue the directors for the $36 million and damages to the families as they should have done in the first place.

  11. Spending ‘public’ money to get dead people out of a hell- hole to give their loved ones some peace for the rest of their lives is an entirely human thing to do and is noble and kind.
    Now then? Lets talk about money baby.
    Post neo liberal scum? You know who you are. You’re the ones waking up at 4.00 am rasping ” Oh my God! What have I become?”
    Millions on Media Works, millions on a new look for our hand money, millions on yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien’s flag change debacle, millions on a Hobbit lie, Billions paid into foreign owned banks, the deals of which were done by our politicians, billions going off-shore to foreign investors in what were our assets and capital plant and lets never forget the South Canterbury Finance swindle? And did jonky’s mate on the same street as jonky really make all that money out of a tax payer/corporate swindle?
    You mocking fuckers, like @andrew? Shame on you. Stop it! Those poor people have suffered enough. It’s bad enough that their people died in an awful event. You only make it worse by monetizing it. Have you no shame? No heart? Where’s your unconditional love for your fellow humans? Why are you here? What have you got to gain? What’s your agenda? Should you not be over at ‘Whaleoil’ etc? With the other linear thinking freak show contestants?

  12. Waste of money? How little value rightwing nutters place on the lives of human beings. Perhaps Mr Price’s surname is apt.

    Ironically, it is a promise made by John Key, that Labour are fulfilling. Something that Mr Price might do well to remember.

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