The Nashy solid under Wally Haumaha high ball as report denies NZ media another #MeToo Villain


The Nashy has been solid under the Wally Haumaha high ball. The report demolishes the NZ media’s attempt to create another #MeToo villain and rightfully throws concerns that something Wally said in private decades ago shouldn’t besmirch his chances to become the top cop and that the rash of harassment and bullying allegations are easy to make, but far more difficult to actually prove…

Louise Nicholas concerns not relevant to Haumaha appointment process – Police Commissioner
Police Commissioner Mike Bush is standing by not raising Louise Nicholas’ concerns with the panel that recommended Wally Haumaha for Deputy Commissioner because they were not relevant.

And he says he would still recommend Haumaha for the role today, despite Haumaha’s connections with NZ First, Nicholas’ concerns that it would undermine progress in police culture, and allegations of bullying that are still under investigation.

His comments follow the release of an inquiry, by Mary Scholtens QC, that cleared the appointment process of any wrongdoing.

“There was no available and relevant information omitted from the process … Unsubstantiated concerns and innuendo should not impede an appointment,” her report said.

…I’m no fan of the cops but the medias attempt to manufacture another #MeToo villain here seemed to outweigh their journalistic curiosity as to who was actually leaking all of this to them, and more importantly, why?

Make no mistake, this entire fiasco was leaked maliciously from within the police force leadership team, someone didn’t want Wally for the top job and manipulated the current #MeToo environment to wound his candidacy.

In his guest blog today, Wally in his own words presents his defence…

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I am very pleased that we now have Ms Scholtens QC’s independent report. Her findings on the process for my appointment answer the matters that have been raised. The IPCA’s report is still to come: but she has already found that the appointment process was correctly carried out.

I want to thank all those who have assisted the Inquiry. It has not been easy for anyone, as I know from my own weeks and months waiting for the outcome.

I am especially grateful to my whanau and the many iwi leaders who have supported me and my family. I also want to thank the great number of people, many unknown to me, who have also given us their support.

I have also gained personal insights from this process.

I have worked for 30 years to improve Police’s service to our community, especially in relation to the special needs of our Maori, Pacifika and ethnic citizens. I look forward to the opportunity of continuing this work.

With the investigation now completed I will not be making any further comment on the report.



  1. why didn’t they do the same for john keys appointments the GCSB, & Susan Devoy was shoulder tapped for her job even though she had no qualifications to do this role and if we look a little deeper not much we will find processes weren’t the bests in many of the decisions made throughout there 9 years

    • Oh yes Michelle, they – whoever they may be – had an agenda – whatever it may have been, when Susan Devoy was shoulder-tapped for the Race Relations job.

      And you know, there was at least one pretty ok sort of applicant, yes, actual applicant, who never heard back from them at all:

      “Take Barry Lovegrove, 71, former district court judge, lawyer and academic, previously shortlisted for the position as race relations commissioner and a keen applicant for the position.

      Mr Lovegrove’s CV looks like a pretty good blueprint for a good race relations commissioner.

      He has vast experience in the law at a local and international level, years of community service and engagement with some of our more challenged communities, and a real desire to do the job.

      All factors that seemed in accord with the written guidelines that are meant to govern the appointment. But Mr Lovegrove was told, five months after he applied for the position and had heard nothing, that he didn’t make the shortlist because there wasn’t one. Two weeks later he was told there was a shortlist but he didn’t get on it and despite repeated requests for some guidance as to why not he has heard nothing more.”

      Mr Agenda Man had an agenda.

  2. Funny how it is always harder for our Maori people to get top positions in this country. This issue has been exhausted and exaggerated by the gnats who are desperate and sinking in the polls. And to talk about integrity after how they ruled this country and the lies and deceit they sowed wow!

  3. It is obfuscation to cover the exposure of WH past support and comments about his rapist mates as a #metoo conspiracy lead by the Nat’s. Considering the history and Louise N’s advisory position to the police, her comments are indeed relevant to me and other members of the public, no matter what this report concludes based on whatever HR technicality they can get away with to say they are not.

    • Totally agree Lone Comet, as far as i can ascertain from listening to Louise Nicholas on radio etc, the only grudging apology she received from WH about his statements supporting his rapist mates,was when it became obvious that to not do so could be a problem with his appointment. I am astonished to read here and elsewhere that his attitudes need to be accepted because he is Maori. I would also add that anybody who believes that the covering up police complaints authority is going to find against WH is living in a parallel universe

      • Then one can understand any cynicism from within the police force itself, if those who have to work with him think that he’s not up to scratch.

        Women have had a gutsful of men who devalue us and use us, and it is unfair on good men who can get easily tarred by the same sleazy brush.

        And it is unfair on decent competent Maori if there is a perception that they only got the job because they’re Maori.

        NZ Police need to address the problem which they themselves have created here and not fob the public off with platitudes.

    • Agree.

      These types of abuses only continue because they ate permitted – by others in power. WH will never have my respect.

  4. In the Herald this morning is yet another example, not a good one, of police attitudes to a rape complaint from a teenage girl. And no, this is not another example of a #metoo conflation Martyn. How is someone like WH with his inappropriate history in support of his rapists mates able to bring a higher standard of behavior and cultural shift in the police, who have to understand and deal with complex rape cases? The answer is, he isn’t. And being Maori has nothing to do with the big problem of WH +100% G.A.P and Snow White and Z.

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