Wait, What? NZ Spies & cops need MORE terrorism powers? Really? After all that mass surveillance?


Wait, What? NZ Spies & cops need MORE terrorism powers? Really?

Greater counter terrorism powers on the cards

The Government is reviewing the anti-terror laws because of the carnage of the poorly enacted Urewera raids meaning authorities don’t want to use them.

Minister responsible for GCSB and SIS Andrew Little, has ordered officials to fully scrutinise the Terrorism Suppression Act and the Counter Terrorism Act, both passed in the aftermath of the 9/11 and Bali bombings.

They were judged “unworkable” after the botched Urewera raids in 2007, and Little says authorities are now “reluctant” to use them.

While Little wants to remain open to what will happen, police are pushing for greater powers to intervene earlier when they detect suspicious behaviour.

Hold on a bloody second, the Terrorism Laws weren’t ‘unworkable’, the Urewera case fell to pieces BECAUSE the cops and spooks had illegally spied on the activists and as such all evidence gathered illegally was thrown out leaving the cops with a bullshit case that fell to pieces. The way the spooks and cops are trying to frame this is they are frightened of getting into trouble if they intervene in terrorism earlier – this is garbage. If the police and spooks applied the law properly they wouldn’t get into these situations in the first place!

This new attempt to gain more powers is being directly guided by the 5 Eyes Nexus who want Apps to hand over communications that have been decrypted…

Wrestling encrypted data from tech giants and services, like WhatsApp, is also on the table, after the issue was raised at a Five Eyes meeting.

…it’s being sold to the sleepy hobbits as a means for Police to ‘intervene’ earlier. This is a smoke screen to justify spying on your encrypted messages.

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Which leads to my next question, why should we trust SIS, GCSB & Police with more power when they can’t use their current powers legally?

Just consider what we are seeing. Last year the SIS, who effectively get to write the laws they are supposed to follow, was caught out illegally taking data for over 17 years and they have done everything in the power to hide that…

Spies slammed by watchdog for ‘unlawful’ access of database which includes most Kiwis

In a report released today, Gwyn has spelled out her belief that the NZSIS unlawfully access Customs’ data for 17 years.

She details how the service had access to a Customs’ computer terminal, which allowed agents to do a massive trawl of information that “detailed the movement of 11 million passengers each year”.

She said the resulting database would include “data relating to a large proportion of New Zealanders”.

She said the NZSIS had ignored requests for information on how much data it held and she had asked again for it to be provided within three months.

…look at the lengths the Secret Intelligence Service went to avoid scrutiny…

The NZSIS had access to the data since 1997 through a “CusMod” terminal in the service’s offices.

It allowed intelligence staff to create a travel alert for an individual by entering a name and other identifying features, or to search past travels to gather information.

A halt was called to access to the terminal to gather data on November 24, 2014.

“This was the result of concerns identified by various Government agencies involved as to the legal basis upon which NZSIS access occurred,” Gwyn’s report said.

On December 12, 2014, a new law came into effect leading to an agreement that allowed NZSIS access to the terminal under strict conditions. It lasted a year.

The new rules limited to five the number of intelligence service staff who could access the terminal, limited use to counter-terrorism investigations and also restricted the amount of information NZSIS could access.

Gwyn found, and the NZSIS conceded, that the rules were never followed.

Contrary to its undertaking, the NZSIS pulled details “about particular individuals’ travel movements”, never set up access rules around the terminal allowing continued broad use of it and sought data other than for counter-terrorism investigations.

The NZSIS then went on to ignore a Memorandum of Understanding it signed in August 2015, under which it agreed to provide a list of those who would access the terminal.

On June 15, 2016, NZSIS was again told to stop accessing Customs’ data.

Gwyn said the access to the terminal before 2014 was unlawful – but that the NZSIS carried on acting unlawfully even when told what it had to do to stay inside the law.

An investigation by the NZSIS internal team that monitors compliance with the law, took place between June and August 2016, after which limited and legal access to the data took place.

Gwyn said she had no idea how much data the NZSIS had “unlawfully obtained” and how it was intending to handle that data.

She said she gave the NZSIS a report in May 2016 detailing why accessing Customs’ data was unlawful, with a recommendation it report on how much information it held.

She said the NZSIS had not provided her with any information on that. She said the service had also ignored recommendations to talk with her office and the Privacy Commissioner over the “unlawful” access to data.

…they view the law and the rules as a joke they don’t have to laugh at. Remember, this is the same Secret Intelligence Service who colluded with John Key’s Office to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff, months before the 2011 election. They have shown they have no problems interfering with NZ elections and with the extra resourcing and powers they’ve been given, they seem to be a law unto themselves.

How does this mass surveillance and breach of any checks and balances over their power make any of us safer?

It’s not just the upper echelons of our Intelligence Community that is drunk on their own power, look at what the Police are trying to get away with…

1080 threat suspects shocked to discover their house was bugged
A Golden Bay couple suing police for being wrongly targeted in a 1080 blackmail investigation have been shocked to discover their home was bugged.

Rolf and Ute Kleine, who run teahouse and bakery Takaka Infusion, obtained police documents through their lawyer in November that reveal their house was bugged with a surveillance device 20 days prior to a police search of their home in 2015.

The Kleines have lodged a statement of claim with the Nelson High Court and are suing police next year.

They say both searches and their warrant applications were unlawful and illegal, and they had been inaccurately profiled by police seeking those responsible for a threat to Fonterra to put 1080 pesticide into baby milk formula.

…this illegal bugging follows the same tactics by Police spying on prison activists.

I myself have had my civil rights breached by the Police as part of their failed Nicky Hager witch hunt.

We have Police and Intelligence Agencies stepping well outside the law and not getting punished for it, who now want even MORE powers without justifying why we should allow them to keep the powers they are currently abusing with impunity.

This is a deeply concerning slide towards huge Police State powers with no ability to reign them in and not even a rational explanation as to why we should keep feeding them with more and more intrusive search and surveillance powers.

Who is the threat? Extremists or the Deep State?


  1. The threat is clearly the “Deep State” A couple of weeks ago our US fawning security service added their voice to the “Russian Hacking” narrative that incidentally has completely delegitimised the Democratic Party in the USA.
    Now we find the alleged Russian hacking was actually the CIA’s outsourced terrorist operatives going by the name of ISIS or is it ISIL or before that, in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda.
    What ever they are called they were not Russians and our esteemed Five Eyes NZ branch need to wake up and realise they are just being used to further US aggression and the appropriation of the resources of other countries and in doing so they endanger us all by bringing the world closer to nuclear war.
    Their job is to protect NZ. The cops job is to protect New Zealanders.
    Do your fucking job instead of brown nosing the overseas intelligence agencies and security services.

    PS. It is well known the 5 Eyes participants work around laws that forbid them from surveilling their own citizens by using the other 4 partners to do their dirty work. For so called “Intelligence ” Agencies they do not demonstrate much intelligence.

  2. If a criminal now wants to stay ahead of those who love to invade others privacy, they would simply pick up a pen and write a letter and post it. Try accessing that SIS or GCSB.

  3. This is concerning. Just look at what happened to Kim Dotcom and family and Nicky Hager and his daughter .

    Illegitimate spying , illegitimate home invasions and intimidation and harassment.

    These laws will be used by foreigners and corporates against New Zealanders who are fighting against corruption and for their own national democracy and better human rights .

  4. The power sought is for the suppression of resistance to deep state.

    Being part of the seven eyes (Vatican State opposed to secular and or socialist government and the state of Israel seeking to crush under foot all resistance to Zionism) imperial order, means adopting the methods for total population control.

    1. Capacity to identify resistance
    2. Capability to surveillance resistance
    3. Capability to stalk targets
    4. Will to intimidate with threat
    5 – development of the means to war on civilians
    6 – identification and training of people willing to do this
    7 – systems to control operatives and maintain deep state secrecy

    It’s only an apparent irony that the end of the Cold War has led a growing deep state, growth in inequality was enabled by it, and this requires the means to kill off popular resistance to it at its birth.

    And added to that is the growing awareness that the Anglo-Saxon clubs days as supreme global regime is coming to an end with the rise of China. So the gloves are coming off, the democratic populations are to be more firmly ruled over. To secure the nationalist resource for the 1% to reign over and continue to exploit.

  5. The job of the police is not to protect the people. They are employed to enforce “the Rule of Law”. Their employer is The Crown aka Rothschild.

    • Yhe former USSR had plenty of surveillance laws, Dan. Is that the sort of society you want?

      And pray tell, what are you afraid of?

      The state has sufficient powers to monitor potential crooks. They have access to search warrants. They can legally surveil, search, and seize. They just have to follow the same laws we do. If that’s not good enough for them, all the laws in the country won’t be sufficient until we become a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. Neither of those regimes were beacons to attract people. In fact, citizens in those regimes couldn’t wait to escape using any means necessary.

  6. Copied from Suzie Dawsons Twitter feed.
    Framed for crimes they did not commit..
    Experienced Break-Ins…
    Experienced being followed…
    Corruption in courts when they tried to seek justice in courts–
    judges were dirty…
    Lost homes…
    Govt. manufactured evidence to smear them…
    Destroyed finances and family…
    Hm…where have I HEARD THAT, before?
    etc. …
    Elizabeth Mueller
    Wow, peeps. Look at this! #CIA / #NSA #whistleblowers discuss how they were targeted by their own govt. agencies and in some cases framed for crimes they didn’t commit…just like so many #activists…and #journalists…and #Wikileaks-supporters…and #innovators…and #union organizers…and additional #whistleblowers…and the list goes on and on…
    recognize the patterns? Its the world wide surveillance state designed to fuk us all, Give them the finger keep the print, this is the swamp make no mistake we need to drains ours as well, these pricks all think they are above the law

  7. One would have to seriously question the powers of the State here in NZ with the quality of people we have in position of power here in NZ.

    Dangerous people here in position of power with a former PM being a classic example ?

  8. Helen Clarke and the Urewera Terrorist Raids on Tuhoe were a joke and made NZ and the NZ Police look like absolute plonkers.

    Talking to friends in the area Tama Iti couldn’t even organise a clean up at the marae.

    So much for NZ Intelligence Services and the local police joke ?

  9. I’ve long thought there needed to be a full public inquiry into Operation8 (ideally a Royal Commission), the surveillance powers used in it, and the way hundreds of innocent people and their properties were caught up in the raids. Ideally, in a way that would serve as a “first principles” review of all the laws relating to surveillance by law enforcement and spy agencies.

    I the laws are being reviewed as some level, this would excellent time for a public education campaign to remind people that a) privacy is normal, b) encryption is the digital equivalent to drawing your blinds at night to protect your privacy, and c) breaking encryption so cops and spooks can intercept messages from potential terrorists effectively breaks it for any other purpose too. The same sorts of encryption algorithms used by chat apps are also the ones used to secure things like your internet banking sites. They can’t distinguish between cops using backdoors to enforce the law and criminals using them to break it.

    > “If a criminal now wants to stay ahead of those who love to invade others privacy, they would simply pick up a pen and write a letter and post it. Try accessing that SIS or GCSB.”

    The thriving black market in illegal drugs proves that you can hide illicit conversations in plain sight by disguising them as normal conversations, using simple codes. You cannot investigate crimes, including the planning of terrorist attacks, by using dragnet surveillance. You need dedicated investigators, following modern forensics methods, bound by due process so that innocent bystanders don’t get wrongly incriminated.

    > “I want more laws. Protect the innocent.”

    You mean like laws against mass surveillance of ordinary citizens going about their private business? Yeah, I want those too, and I want cops and spooks to actually face jail time when they break those laws. That way there’s some possibility they might actually work within the legally defined limits they’re supposed to.

  10. “Who is the threat? Extremists or the Deep State?”

    I think we are. Once we collectively realise just how fucked over we’ve been by the very same politicians we pay to keep our best interests at their forefront. Our politicians have treated us appallingly. Worse than appallingly. And continue to do so.
    They enabled thieves to steal our shit then they blame us for going off the rails as a result then built bigger prisons for those who fell by the wayside after they and their whanau went mad from poverty induced anxiety. Our politicians are, in fact, arseholes. All of them. They put on suits and frocks, pull up their neck ties, tuck in their singlets and head out the door to fuck us over. They drive to parliament, or fly business class via a fancy restaurant to parliament while they’re paid huge money by us to fuck us over. And they have a long history of fucking us over.
    Our politicians are abhorrent creeps who’s greed and arrogance seemingly know no boundaries. The pout and spit hateful garbage at each other at our expense when parliament is sitting then go off whoring and pissing up when it isn’t. They broker dodgy deals in secret with the scummiest of the scum while some of our whanau live in the dirt in the gutters below a casino, its very presence is because of the machinations of our dodgy mafioso politicians. We’re deeply in debt in a rich country because of them. We are now bottom of the graph for suicide, poverty related diseases and our incarceration rates per head of population is directly connected to our worthless fucking politicians. As I write, they sell us out to rich foreigners while our own kids can never reasonably expect to own their own homes in their life times. And I mean to actually ‘own’. Not to simply continue to pay a mortgage to some foreign ‘investor’. Our electricity, our telecom, our logging trees, our fisheries, our farmers, our transport, our banks, our universities, our ports and our airports are either being sold to off shore interests or are about to be and the only time the greasy, slimy, dirty, filthy, scum politician-fucks come out into the light of day is when they beg to be re elected to continue to fuck us up every orifice known to any pathologist anywhere for the $ix figure$ plu$ entitlement$ and expen$e$ we must, by law, pay them.
    No fucking wonder they need to upgrade surveillance.

  11. Jacaranda & Winston need to clean out and drain the swamp which is NZ Intelligence Services set up under John Key, it is nothing but a Stasi Network for the Corporates & the 5 Eyes Partners ? The main threats I see are the global corporations, the CIA & the USA & China how have already infiltrated our National China Party, these are our main threats not ISIS or any other CIA inspired threats ?

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