We desperately need to get our MPs stoned


Are you sure the last time you smoked weed was at Uni Chris? You look pretty baked here brother.

Wait, what?

MPs reveal when they last smoked cannabis
New Zealand is in line to make a decision on whether it will legalise cannabis, or not.
The Labour and Green Party confidence and supply agreement outlines a referendum on the personal use of cannabis by, or at, the 2020 election.
1 NEWS went to politicians to ask when was the last time they used marijuana. Some of their responses were surprisingly candid – as revealed by the video above.

…some said they had never smoked it, most trotted out some line like ‘back in my uni days’. How the living Christ can these people be trusted to solve a major social issue like cannabis reform if they’ve never smoked it or it’s some dim memory from their distant past?

It’s like asking the Pope for sex advice!

We need to get these MPs stoned! Now! How can they vote on something they have limited experience of?

Let’s organise a smoke in for the MPs and they can make a decision then, how much more chill would Parliamentary Question Time be after a mass session?

Trevor calling orders for more pizzas to be delivered.

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Simon Bridges giggling.

Grant Robertson napping.

Winston Peters freaking out in full on paranoia mode (yes he’s be that one).




  1. My opinion on the marijuanas can be summed up with the “meh”-est “meh” in existence.

    And Mark Mitchell can catch us if he can. It’s lovely to tease people who take themselves way to seriously.

  2. Well, if any of our politicians want to try this plant to use outdoor grown stuff first rather than the strong smelling skunk.
    Consider outdoor weed to be like beer or wine while skunk is like spirits.
    You wont need much, a puff or two is a good start, leave it at that and wait. Listen to music, watch movies, play games, don’t just sit there. Being around others is a good idea too.

    • Apparently there’s like psychotropic which gives the brain a bit of an amp, and sativa which mellows people out but cross polintated ones are supposed to be maxed out or something. But those who desire control won’t like losing it on the marijuanas one bit.

  3. Get them all stoned then boil up a big pot of tripe and unions.
    Then? Show them a documentary on Chinese cat harvesting. Yum. Seriously, it’s a thing.
    I’d recommend an indoor Indica variety boosted with plenty of artificial fertilisers then take them for a rally drive on a tight, gravel, pine forest road to the soft tunes of death metal. After that? Drop them off in Otara just as the pubs get out while wearing Union Jack and Confederate Union flag T shirts.
    They’d remember that, in time to come I betcha.
    Am I correct in thinking Ken Morgan was a National Party politician/candidate who smoked his first joint with his son then became Dakta Green who drove Mary Jane The Cannabus here and there promoting the noble Weed?
    See? Can-nabis be dunne!
    I’ve read that Pot receptors in the brain go back to their original shape after not smoking for a while so one time hardened smokers can get caught out overdoing it.
    And if you feel sick? Lie down. You’ll immediately feel fine. Pot acts like a vasodilator which can loosen up your inner ear which leads to motion sickness. ( Fluid level balance mechanism in the inner ear doesn’t match what your brain registers via your eyes so brain says ” Quick! Vomit now! I don’t know what the fuck’s going on so to be on the safe side! Vomit! ” ) without the motion. Basically, you get car sick without being in a car.
    If you start to freak out? Watch funny you tube clips or kiss someone. Sorted. You’ll forget allllllllllllllll about being a silly ol’ worry wart.
    Oh. BTW. See if you can find some ” Fabulous Furry Freak Bros” comics by the wondrous Gilbert Shelton of Rip Off Press L.A fame. Be warned! You might just literally and actually die laughing.
    Having stoned sexy times while reading The Furry Freak Bros and dying in the process would be the way to go for sure and it’d give your partner/ers something to remember you fondly by.

  4. This is about as sensible as suggesting female MP’s need to get an abortion to be able to vote on Abortion law reform.

  5. Not sure if Chris Bishop is smoking wacky backy, but general impression is he is tripping on something

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