Cameron Slater drops an atomic bomb on National


If Cameron Slater is to be believed, he has just nuked National.

His astounding claim that the National Party Chief of staff was complicit in the sectioning of Jami-Lee Ross is a page out of Soviet Russia...

Nonetheless, what the phone call revealed to me is that Simon Bridges is scared and that he is lying and covering up.   

When I pointed out the logic and the facts behind their shabby put up hit job using Melanie Reid and Newsroom and I asked him about the involvement of his executive assistant and his events manager, he had the audacity to say he knew nothing about their stories until they were published.

When confronted with the fact that two weeks prior to them being published he had used those same stories to try to push Jami-Lee Ross out of parliament but instead put him on sick leave, he still denied he knew about them.

He seriously expects media and people to believe that two of his closest staff members were talking to Melanie Reid for a year about a front bench MP and they said absolutely nothing to him.

He also lied yesterday when he said he knew nothing about the serious incident on Saturday night that lead to the hospitalisation of Jami-Lee Ross. This, of course, belies the involvement of his chief of staff, Jamie Gray, who directly contacted Jami-Lee Ross’ psychiatrist shortly after 9:15 pm on Saturday night. That was after he’d been informed about a serious risk to Jami-Lee’s health by the very same female MP who wanted Jami-Lee Ross dead in an awful text message. So, a National MP called the police, Simon Bridges chief of staff was involved after 9:15 pm and two of his direct report staff members were involved in the hit job, along with the female MP…and Simon Bridges knows nothing?

…the use of anonymous sources by Newsroom to smear in the age of #MeToo where accusation is the new evidential threshold and due process is dead was bad enough, to suggest that the full story of National Party complicity in sectioning JLR using leverage from that anonymous smear hit job is breath taking in its audacity and malignant cruelty.

Cameron is a fairly toxic fellow who may certainly be playing his own game and the benefactor of all of this politically is ultimately Judith Collins – a point Nicky Hager makes as he salutes those media outlets who have kept that focus above all other narratives (the way TDB has) but regardless of the role Slater and Lusk are playing, the manner in which National destroyed JLR and their implied role in his sectioning is actually deeply concerning for a democracy and requires urgent and critical analysis by the media.

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You can’t simply section someone off to a mental ward because you are frighted of what they may reveal about you politically. That is a dark day in NZ politics if true.

Over this whole stinking pile of hate remains the fact China attempted to buy two MPs. We must focus on this attempt to hack our sovereignty and we must know what role the National Party had in sectioning a dissident MP.



  1. totally, the public has to know about any National Party involvement in detaining a sitting NZ MP

    political dissent cannot be allowed to become regarded as mental illness!

  2. And Mrs Oravida is innocent of complicity with that foreign power? Yeah, Right. something to keep well in mind during the “Darling Judy Show:, coming soon to a creen near ours. Yech.

    • Judith Collins and her husband own Oravida Water Company if I’m right even John Key had his fingers in it too. Taking New Zealand Water for free and Selling it else Where. And Making a good Profit. Shame on them…

  3. I was chatting about all this to a friend on the bus last night and he said, why is it assumed that Jami-Lee Ross is even mentally unwell, at least to an extreme level. He was pretty lucid last week only days before he was incarcerated. All he was doing last week was saying that he had stuff that he was going to reveal. My friend thought maybe he actually was fed up with all the goings on and wanted to make them public.

  4. If true, Slater has uncovered more disturbing information than our much vaunted msm. Perhaps Slater should be reffered to as a journalist after all (as long as he sticks to facts and not fabrications to push an agenda).

    This all just a whole lot more messy for the Nats.

    • MJOLNIR, Slater does have an agenda. Promote Judith Collins as leader of the National Party and push the whole party to the hard right and rehabilitate Jamie Lee Ross so he can be Judith’s hit man.

      • Slater thinks himself as a political master, able to pull strings and influence the agenda. He is up there with Michelle Boag as toxic poison to everyone he touches.

        The fact that he is plugging for Collins, he does not realise, is actually ruining her chances. He was telling everyone to vote Winston before the election, to teach a lesson and keep National honest. Well that worked out for him???

        You have to admit that he has influence, but he seems to believe his own hype, just like Boag

  5. I would suggest that Newsroom and Melanie Reid are extremely suspect and compromised by this whole affair. If this story is a year old – a year in which we had major push back about sexual harassment in the work place and they sat on it until it was advantageous to National, then it says a lot about the journalist integrity of the whole Newroom team.

  6. There’s definitely a conspiracy here. National have been plotting this from day dot in order to get Judith Collins and her Illuminati cohorts into power. The secret societies are pulling the strings here and I wonder what role the Freemasons have played in this.

    The National Party’s endgame is to enslave the poor for the benefit of the 1%. JLR is a pawn in this game and is being used as a means for Judith Collins complete authoritarian control of the National Party and then the Government.

    I suspect that Judith Collins has a bloodline that links her to the shapeshifting reptilian overlords. Wake up people, this is all part of the big picture of the formation of one world government.

    • The enslavement of the poor + grinding down to shorten the lives of undesirables has already been put in place. It is working as designed and is threatened each time one more person recognises it.

  7. And if JLR had killed himself then Whale would be accusing the Nats of murder. They called his psychiatrist which was the correct thing to do. I have read on Whaleoil claims Mark Mitchell was the MP who called the Police. Mitchell and Slater are close. This all screams of Slater trying to avenge the Nats with zero concern for the truth which is that if JLR had died without the intervention he would be the first to scream murder.

  8. Sounds like a New Zealand “Deep State” swamp dweller operation. Just one minor grammatical point, I believe that the use of the word “benefactor” is incorrect, it should be “beneficiary.”

  9. This from Slater today from his WO site … one of his better blogs, not that I am a fan of Whale Oil at all. He makes a subtle threat to Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett when he says …

    “If the National party keeps on lying about their involvement in this and Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett keep on lying then I’m afraid that, like it or not dear readers, I am going to have to tell the truth about them.”

    So as Bridges and Bennett are unable to stop lying because they are in deep shit and to reveal the truth will sink them completely, it seems one way or the other, there will be revelations coming out, either from Ross or Slater.

    • People tell their truth about Trump and his aggrieved base continues to adore him.

      If Slater wants to seriously influence the support base of National he’d better wait until the polls show them sliding into the low thirties or less.

      Right now – the teflon is thick and holding. They won’t listen. They won’t doubt. They won’t even roll over in bed.

      He’s too fringe to be a serious influencer. Simply a muckraker – and easily replaced.

      • I agree Andrea

        National supporters have closed eyes when it comes to morality, as long as they are making big money with their expensive rentals, their house sales, the lack of capital gains tax, they will always vote for the National Party – they only think about themselves.

        Look how the nurses, and the teachers allowed the National Government to ignore their working conditions and pay claims, but will they still vote for National 2020 – Hell Yes – They don’t believe they are workers. Do you think they are out supporting the Bus Drivers on strike – I don’t think so.

        We live in a very selfish society these days.

  10. WOW, first time ever, that I see a TDB blogger link directly to the Whaleoil blog, I can hardly believe my eyes.

  11. John Key’s legacy unfurls.
    “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

  12. Hear Hear . But I bet the media don’t give a Rats arse, but for a brief moment in time did they harass NZ’s favorite Gollum ( i’m surprised Jacksons talent scouts didn’t find him for LOtR . ) Then they got into JLR big time .

  13. Well I will give the Whale Oil Blog a tip of the hat. He seems to really want to burn the Nats leadership to a crisp.

    I hope who ever he helps into the throne are aware of who they have to thank for that.

    • Well Bill English along with several members of the intelligence community were “Rawshark”, so it’s understandable.

  14. Tim Murphy is the editor of Newsroom.
    I remember him from his Herald days and he wrote some appalling editorials about the Clark Labour led government at the time.

    He is a naaaaaaaaaaasty piece of work.

  15. Cameron Slater plays dirty but I am convinced that he is genuinely outraged at the treatment of Ross. And it is outrageous.

    Perhaps my sympathies are too broad for my own good.

    He also wants to destroy the National Party, but then, who doesn’t, really, after what they have been up to? They won’t exist next election cycle, Mark my words.

    Prepare for a cray++ shitstorm that will make even this incident look tame.

    Peter Goodfellow and co have been acting like gangsters for a long time, and, in some cases, have actually facilitated transnational crimes. They have also Ok’d actual hit jobs on people. Not just journalistic ones, either.

    This is going to come out, and Goodfellow is going to spend a good decade in chains, if there is any justice in the world.

  16. One issue with the whole #metoo movement it is is very prescriptive. Obviously, no one and especially men should abuse women. But making an off comment being enough to distract from a major scandal of much deeper and wider proportions?

    Not so long ago, the state used accusations of homosexuality to silence dissenters – some of whom, were homosexual, of course.

    Alan Turing comes to mind. The man who turned the tide of World War II, and was, by all accounts, an anti-social weirdo, quite apart from being gay.

    I feel like the #metoo movement is just the left wing version of sexual conservatism, at least in respect of less serious behaviours by eccentric or uncontrolled individuals, and that it has already been weaponized by the state and the agencies. Look at bloody Clinton and her comments about bombing Libya for the sake of women’s rights….

    We need a few more Marquis de Sades and Oscar Wildes out there amongst the puritanical, uptight and the same time supercilious writers of the Spinoff and co.

  17. It has to be said about accusations being the new threshold, couched or legitimized by #Metoo. Not good enough. National sure has piled on and then acted out the threats to JLR, certainly giving lie to the assertion they cared about his mental health. Amazing what damage an orchestrated attack can do and then they seemingly weaponised his publicly known previous breakdown to have him committed by some willing participants after who knows what aggregation. Very ugly playbook if that is how it played out and this isn’t an even deeper plot, mentioned in another blog post by you. Guess time will tell, and JLR.

  18. David Fisher in today’s Herald paints Cameron Slater as delusional in his version of events.

    Colour me surprised.

    In my opinion Slater is a nutcase. a Narcissistic sociopath and a failure. I wouldn’t ever believe anything he says without a signed affidavit from Jesus backing him up, and even then I’d double check with a panel of saints.

  19. Imagine a prominent blogger who had experienced mental health issues and understood how to use this to his advantage in public, advising JLR to play that card and then the National party play the same suit? If there were serious concerns about his safety he would still be sectioned. If this was the case this person could choose to play victim at any time and make it really difficult for their adversaries. Who knows? Such is the dark doing of dirty politics, which is now embedded in the DNA of National.

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